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Since Hobi’s apparently doing a solo v live while he’s in America I decided to make a handy guide on things you can say instead of asking for another member!

  1. I love you so much!
  2. Have you eaten?
  3. Thank you for everything you do for us!
  4. I hope you have a great trip!
  5. Stay safe!
  6. You look so healthy today!
  7. Eat lots of good food!
  8. You’re so talented!
  9. You inspire me to be a better person!

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bts in an argument!!

Jin - Scorpio Mercury Cancer Mars

  • has a lot of combative signs
  • so he’s one to get in arguments quite frequently
  • probably because his character was insulted or his pride was hurt
  • sharp tongue that can cut a bitch
  • “u really wanna go there?”
  • will stop everything that he’s doing to destroy them
  • very stubborn and won;t let it go until he’s won
  • has to win
  • and will win
  • always gets the last word in

Yoongi - Pisces Mercury Cancer Mars

  • pisces generally dislike conflict 
  • but they can be quite moody and sensitive
  • probably is arguing because he feels that he’s been attacked and is defending himself
  • “do me a favor and shut the fuck up”
  • avoids saying anything he’ll regret later
  • gets eerily quiet and dark
  • can kill with just a glare
  • doesn’t say much 
  • but the few things he does say are threatening enough to shut the other person down

Hoseok - Pisces Mercury Aquarius Mars

  • as an aquarius he likes to debate
  • an argument would probably arise from a light discussion that turns heated
  • he like to work out conflicts in a level-headed manner
  • as soon as emotions are flared, he’s out
  • “bye. let me know when ur done”
  • he also has a mars square jupiter aspect
  • people with that position typically flee when they’re angry
  • not because he’s scared or threatened
  • but because he has a lot of restless anger that he needs to relieve

Namjoon - Libra Mercury Cancer Mars

  • likes to work things out quietly and typically avoids conflict
  • his virgo sun is analytical
  • while his libra mercury allows him to see two sides of an argument
  • so he’d try to understand why the other person is attacking him
  • if he thinks that they’re being unreasonable, he’s not afraid to speak his mind 
  • makes it crystal clear that he’s right and exactly why
  • “can you stop being an idiot”
  • doesn’t get over emotional
  • uses his wits to form concise arguments
  • due to that, he usually wins 
  • will move on quickly if the other admits that he was indeed right
  • if not, he can hold a grudge

Jimin - Libra Mercury Scorpio Mars

  • libras want peace and harmony in every part of their lives
  • so they despise conflict and avoid it at all costs
  • his libra mercury also means that he’s very diplomatic and often tries to avoid offending anyone
  • calm on the outside but on the inside a ticking time bomb
  • gets angry when people are being unfair
  • has intense outbursts
  • “you’re gonna regret that”
  • bombards the other person with calculated insults
  • makes me think of when he was arguing with tae during bv and said “u pretend to care about jungkook all this time but didn’t help him at all”
  • i felt that one
  • will come for ur whole life
  • never forgets people who cross him
  • can hold a grudge for an eternity

Taehyung - Capricorn Mercury Capricorn Mars

  • capricorns are methodical and plan every word they say carefully
  • and are very good at controlling their emotions 
  • anger simmers under the surface for a long time
  • has little patience with foolish or disrespectful people
  • takes insults towards his work or intelligence very seriously
  • raises his voice
  • “get out. now.”
  • reminds u of a parent scolding a child
  • has a domineering aura that makes everyone around feel small

Jungkook - Virgo Mercury Scorpio Mars

  • virgos, in their strive for perfection, can be quite critical and harsh 
  • is slow to anger but snaps at the smallest thing
  • weapons of choice are sarcasm and flat out insults
  • condescending 
  • talks down on the other person
  • “that’s why i’m better than you”
  • points out ur every flaw 
  • won’t let it go until he’s broken down their entire character 
  • and feels that he’s won
  • and he has to win
  • can reduce someone to tears the quickest imo
  • ruthless
  • Hoseok: Do you ever just want to gently place your hands on someone's cheeks and hold their head there in your hands and look right into their eyes and then violently twist their head at a right angle and snap their neck?:)
  • Yoongi: you're still mad at me.
BTS React to Cat-Calling

Request: Bts reactions to s/o getting cat-called or creeped up on by pervs and him coming to save the day            

Requested by: find-your-seoul


You had lunch plans with some friends, and Jin, having the day off, had decided to drive you. When you told him what neighborhood the restaurant was in he naturally felt uncomfortable. It was known for its high population of young “hooligans” and he was uncertain about leaving his precious partner there. Nonetheless, he agreed to drive you at least.

When you arrive, he gives you a passionate kiss and bids you good-bye. You step out of his car not noticing that he is keeping a careful eye on you waiting until you disappear down the street. This is why Jin notices when a guy begins to follow you on your way.

He immediately exits his car, sprinting towards you to make it just in time. You hadn’t noticed the man, but you did hear Jin’s footsteps behind you and felt his hand when it grabbed onto yours.

“Jin! What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” He says, moving his hand from your hand to your waist. You feel an urge to look behind your shoulder, but he pulls you tighter in his arm, forcing your gaze back on his face. He looks down at you seriously. “Don’t worry, okay?”

You had never seen a look like that in his eyes and if he wasn’t holding you so close you might feel terrified of him. But you knew he was there to protect you and you couldn’t help but revel in the moment.


With Namjoon it was always easy to have serious conversations. So, at one point in your relationship you had mentioned how uncomfortable it was to be cat called and how often it happened. He trusted you but was a little skeptical that it happened so often, since he had never witnessed it himself. At the time, you had assured him that it was simply because he was with you, and most cat-callers would avoid saying anything around a boyfriend. However, this time that wasn’t the case.

He was with you. He was right beside you and he heard it.

There were two guys standing in the corner, whispering loudly to each other and making sure their disgusting compliments were audible. Namjoon felt your body tense and your pace increase, immediately realizing you were trying to pass the corner as fast as possible to run away from the situation. He hated that, even with him there, you felt unsafe. He hated that someone else was making you feel that way.

Instead of causing a scene, he moves to your left so that his body is between yours and the cat-callers. He places an arm around your shoulder and turns his head to face the two men. He is mature enough to not speak up, but his eyes do all the talking needed. He makes sure that those guys understand that he doesn’t appreciate them harassing what he so dearly wants to protect. Once you turn the corner, Namjoon keeps his arm around you. You look up at him, trying to read his expression.

“What?” he says, head not moving but eyes gazing sideways at you. You stare at him for a while, a smile growing on your lips.

“Thank you,”

You look away, cuddling up to him and happy he was there with you this time.


You’d gone to watch one of Yoongi’s rapper friend’s in concert, since he promised you would enjoy it. Yoongi knows the crowd would be sketchy, considering that it was adult only concert and he was already on guard. Towards the end of the concert, Yoongi makes his way back stage. You stand awkwardly in the hallway, waiting for his return. Shuffling around to move out of the way of the passing crew people you end up banging into someone. You bow in apology to him and move into an empty corner.

You sigh to yourself before realizing that, to your surprise, the guy had followed you and was now starring at you, a bizarre smile on his face.

“That’s a nice ass I felt….”

You couldn’t believe it. Who would say something like that?

Evidently Yoongi had overheard…

“You’re in my way,” He said bluntly, not waiting for the guy to respond and grabbing your hand. You both walk towards the elevators, waiting quietly for the next one. Eventually he pulls you towards him and kisses your forehead. You felt a relief that no words could ever bring.


Hoseok was never the confrontational type, but you weren’t sure how he was going to react right this moment.

You were both walking down the street, window shopping, when the traffic light changed allowing only him to cross to the other side. Cars sped between you, him on one side of the street and you on the other, as you smile at the unfortunate situation.

After a minute the light begins to flicker, announcing the soon to come change. Out of the corner of your eye you notice a man sitting on the street bench that happens to be looking at you. A discomfort grows inside and you find yourself wishing the light would change faster. The man licks his lips, still keeping a steady eye on you, and Hoseok notices.

You watch his face contort into an incredulous frown and you begin to dread what he will do. The light changes and before you can move, Hoseok is already making his way towards you. The look in his eyes is vivid and the grip on your hand, once he grabs hold of it, is strong.

To your relief he says nothing to man. But you are dragged away by an angry Hoseok and you couldn’t help but feel a little turned on by the idea.


 The sun was shining on your skin and your mood was positive during this park day with Jimin. It was supposed to be a fun day for the both of you to run around. You weren’t expecting to encounter a cat-caller.

Halfway through the day you got up from your warm seat on the grass to find the bathrooms. Jimin promised to wait for you in that spot, his eyes still closed as he took in the sunshine. As you trudge through the grass your attention is captured by the loud voice of a stranger. You choose to ignore it and not look over to the owner of the voice, despite the constant calling.

“Hey. You should smile, beautiful!”

You hated that, when they asked you to smile. Why would you smile for the likes of them?

You continue on your path only to realize that the stranger had now stood up and was walking parallel to you. You were scared…and you weren’t sure what else to do. You stop in your tracks and turn suddenly to run back to Jimin. Upon turning you bump into a strong chest and a familiar face. Jimin had noticed the loud voice and ran over as soon as he saw the stranger stand up.

You looked at him, his face turned towards the stranger, his jaw clenched in anger and his eyes lit in fury. Without looking away from the cat-caller he hung an arm around your shoulder and walked you the rest of the way to the bathrooms. He didn’t leave your side. He was right there when you finished and came out, a sweet smile on his face.


You both agreed to meet somewhere and he was a little late. It was a typical and simple situation that you expected to be over quickly with his arrival. Little did you expect to be emotionally distressed on a day that was meant to be a good one.

You stood in front of the street light, in your tight jeans and warm sweater, fumbling through your phone. The wind nicked at your fingers, forcing you to constantly pull your sleeves over your hands. You hadn’t realized it would be so cold today. The sky was bright and the sun was shining strongly on the street. This made it easy to notice the shadow approaching you. You looked up expecting it to be Taehyung creeping up on you, but instead find an eerie face looking down at yours. You back up, too scared to say anything. The stranger’s hands remain in his pockets but his face get awfully close to yours.

“Hey there. You look a little cold. How about you let me hold you for a bit?”

What a creepy thing to say. You begin to stumble with your words, unable to formulate a response.

“N-no. I’m okay. Actually my boyfriend-“you start saying when you feel a heavy jacket drop over your shoulders. You immediately recognize the smell and a wave of relief floods over you. Taehyung wraps his jacket around you and caresses your cold cheek, grinning at you.


He pulls you into his arms as his face turns to look at the stranger who had just been harassing you. His grin disappears and a cold look glazes over his dark eyes.

“She’s okay. You can walk away now,” he says coldly, not moving an inch until the man walks away sucking his teeth. He felt guilty for being late, but the least he could do was make you feel warm again. He rubs his hands on your arms in an attempt to do just that.

“Are you okay? It’s my fault, sorry. I won’t be late ever again,”


He knew it would happen. He knew, when he saw you in that dress, that he would feel protective the whole night.

You walk into the room, looking down at yourself as if to make sure that everything was in place. He heard you finally come out of the bathroom and looked up from his mobile game. Upon seeing you, he stood completely.

He sighs. “You look great,”

“Does that make you stressed?”

He gives you an ‘I’m-not-amused’ look and puts his arm around your waist to lead you outside. Once you arrive at your destination, Jungkook leaves you momentarily to talk to the receptionist about your invitations. You are left to fidget with your earrings on your own. Suddenly a wealthy looking man steps beside you, placing his hand on your mid back. You freeze. You are too scared to react and when Jungkook turns around from the reception desk, all you can do is stare at him wide eyed.

He notices the warning in your eyes and swiftly makes his way towards you, grabs the man’s arm and politely says, “Excuse me. Can I help you with anything?”

The man glares at him and shoves his arm away from Jungkook’s tight grip before walking away. Jungkook doesn’t look at you and just places his arm on your back to lead you towards the dinner. You notice that this time his embrace is firmer than before.

I was literally just watching bts photo shoot videos and couldn’t hold back from using these. They look so fierce!

Anyways, hope you liked!

⇁ nudes, not flowers | 02

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

pairing⇁Hoseok x Reader x Jungkook

genre⇁smut || fuckboi!au

warnings⇁voyeurism + exhibitionism, dom!junghope, power play?, dirty talk!!!, jealousy, demeaning names during sex, the threesome, & probably other warnings byE 

word count⇁10.4k 

You’re not supposed to fall for Jung Hoseok and his repertoire of awful pick-up lines—but you do. The problem is: he’s afraid of commitment, and bolts at the idea of settling down. After that, you decide to stay far away from fuckboys, but his friend decides to test your new found resolutions.

or : Jungkook wants to see how far he can push Hoseok until he snaps

 ⇁  01 | 02 (final)  sequel

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interviewer: so guys can i get you to name a song from your new album and say which group member it reminds you of?

hobi: serendipity really reminds me of yoongi

hobi: *starts singing* you are my penicillin

yoongi: well…um…dimples makes me think of hobi

yoongi: *starts singing tone deaf af* those dimples are illegal, illleeeeeeegaaalll!

jin: *shouting* no i thought that dimples suited namjoon better!

jin: *winks at namjoon*

namjoon: *blushes*

interviewer: *internally screams* WTF!!

jung hoseok is human.

jung hoseok can have bad days, he can be sad, and he can have days where he isn’t being loud and filled with joy.

jung hoseok worked his ass off trying to get better at dancing, trying to contribute to this group and you’re telling me that some ugly ass people are making a disgusting trend [#/kickoutjhope]

jung hoseok is not some object that can simply be thrown away or discarded.

jung hoseok is not just “another member” of bts.

jung hoseok is funny, handsome, charming, cute, cheeky, beautiful, lovable, and sentimental. [so many other things as well]

jung hoseok has character and he feels things, he reads the nasty comments and you except him not to be at least a little upset? he’s not just j hope.

jung hoseok is human and it’s about damn time you start treating him like one too.

[#wemissyoujhope #weloveyoujhope]

Another Member Walking in on Them Having Sex: BTS


Oh God, he would become so flustered. But like, not in a way that `Oh shit someone saw us having sex`, it was more like `Oh shit I forgot to lock the door`. Like, he would be proud of the state he put you in, though he will probably beat the member with a spatula to a half-conscious state.


YoonGi would probably mumble something incoherent after giving the member a drunk stare full of dark lust as he’d bite into your flesh, making you moan and yell at the same time. Besides that, he wouldn’t give a fuck.


*quietly closes his eyes*takes in a deep breath* “You’re not angry, HoSeok, you’re not angry…”

Rap Monster:

Oh Boi… He would be pissed. So. Fucking. Angry. You were his, and only his eyes could see you in that kind of way. Only his ears were supposed to hear you making those sounds. He would come up with a severe punishment for that member.


He would just smirk at that member, having no remorse and shame. So what that someone saw you all fucked up, it was because of JiMin and that’s all that mattered to the man.


Will try to cover you up with the bed sheets so that the other member wouldn’t be able to see you naked, but that doesn’t mean that he will stop. If it won’t be in his ability to cover you up, so be it, means he’ll have to come up with a plan how to erase the member’s memory.


Too deep in his zone to actually notice or care, continuing to drill into you at full pace, whispering all the nasties while he still had the courage to do so.