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I see a lot of people getting excited about “all the sketches” Harry will be in. The majority of musical guests on SNL appear in ZERO sketches. Given Harry’s relationship with Jimmy and some members of the cast, he will probably be in one. To the best of my knowledge, it is unprecedented for a musical guest to be in more than one sketch (though he could participate in the opening monologue as well). That’s not to say it’s impossible; anything is possible! It’s just extremely unlikely. 

1D Hiatus: Day 483

* ‘Sign of the Times’ debutes at #1 on Vodafone’s Big Top 40 chart

* Harry meets fans in London

* A picture of Harry with fans in Scotland last week comes out

* Niall posts a selfie on Snapchat

* A pap video of Louis and Eleanor out in LA today is released

* Niall posts a video on The Masters’ Snapchat story

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

It’s Apr 9th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #118

We were just kids who didn’t know what love was (listen here x)


; every atom of me missed him 


01. Lost Boy - Real Friends // 02. The Worst Of Them - Issues // 03. Won’t Be Pathetic Forever - The Wonder Years // 04.  Sweet Nothings - Neck Deep // 05. Stay With Me - You Me At Six // 06. Drown - Front Porch Step // 07. Gold Rush - Knuckle Puck // 08. First Date - Blink 182 // 09. Hold My Hand - New Found Glory // 10. Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears - Pierce The Veil // 11. Deralled - Joyce Manor // 12. Best Night of the Night - Banquets // 13. Life Goes On - Heart In Hand // 14. Alone For Now - Balance and Composure // 15. Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides - Pierce The Veil // 16. Passing Through a Screen Door - The Wonder Years // 17. It’s Cool, We Can Still Be Friends - Bright Eyes 

can people finally accept that mr harry styles isn’t a fucking womanizer? is this too much to ask for or what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you that you can’t let him live? he’s a great artist, one of the kindest and prettiest petals on earth and some people still try to link everything he does to random women - stop this shit, just stop harassing this young, talented man!

This is so rude. We’re talking about Harry, the nicest little ball of sunshine. He’s so loving and kind to everyone, and yet, this kind of things STILL happen to him, rude people making him feel uncomfortable, he doesn’t even say anything, he doesn’t complain about the fact that they are making him lose time or that he had to park so they could take pictures. If you want him to make silly faces you just have to say it, but don’t be rude, don’t give him attitude.

I’m so mad right now, FIGHT ME.

Angry Harry (Harry Styles Imagine)


I flinch as the door behind us slams. “I’m sorry-” I whimper but get cut off by Harry’s loud deep voice which sends my body through shocks because he hasn’t spoken since we got into his car from the restaurant. “You’re sorry?! He was bloody stalking you and trying to take you from me! You never even fucking told me that he was bothering you!” Harry yells at me and my eyes water. People didn’t realize that when Harry was angry it was terrifying - many longed to see his ‘dark’ side but it made me tremble with fear. “I-I was scared”I let out a sob and I see Harry’s fists clench. “Do you know what it feels like to know your girlfriend has been talking to her psycho ex?! You could’ve gotten hurt! Who knows what that psycho gets up to!” he growls and punches the wall leaving cracks. “Please calm dow-” I shriek as Harry throws a vase at the wall next to me. I’m shaking more than ever and tears stream down my face as I stare at Harry horrified.

 It’s almost as if the crash snapped him out of it as his face drops and he watches me shocked “Y/N…I-I…I’m so sorry-” I run out of the house with shaky legs and trip before I reach the sidewalk. I feel Harrys strong arms wrap around me but instead of the safe warm feeling I normally have I’m filled with fear and I start screaming and squirming to get out of his hold but he pulls me tighter and lifts me back into the house. “LET GO! Please! D-dont hurt me” I sob falling limp in Harry’s hold when I realize it’s no use. Harry nuzzles his head between my neck and shoulder “I’d never hurt you” I sob and tremble in fear as Harry holds me close. I loved him so much but I couldn’t help the fear inside of me after seeing such a hostile side of him. “Please Y/N I didn’t mean to scare you - I was just so…worried that he could’ve taken you or hurt you and I wouldn’t have known about anything and I wouldn’t be able to help you.” His voice so soft and gentle compared to before. His arms never relax around me, holding me tight as if I’d disappear any second. I look up and see my reflection in the window, my makeup has smudged and leaked down my cheeks - I looked like something out of a dramatic music video. 

It felt like hours before Harry’s arms relax around me and I calm down slightly. I pull myself out of his hold and walk to the bedroom grabbing a pillow and blanket throwing it out the room before locking the door. I hear Harry sigh before hearing sounds of his shuffling and walking away. I kick my shoes off and lay in the bed clutching the blanket tightly crying myself to sleep. I have several nightmares that don’t allow me to sleep so I get up and walk to the bedroom door slowly unlocking it, I look down at see that instead of taking the couch Harry is on the floor, he glances up at me and his eyes are red and puffy I assume from crying. “I heard your screams and whimpers while you were sleeping…I feel terrible. I caused this and now you don’t trust me…you’re scared of me” his voice breaks and trembles as tears threaten to spill down his cheeks. I kneel down knowing I look like shit with my fucked up hair and smudged makeup, I slowly and hesitantly place my head on Harry’s chest feeling his arms wrap around me and stroke my hair. My hand strokes Harry’s cheek and I fall asleep in his arms. It’d take a while for me to get over my fear but I love Harry too much to lose him.

Harry Styles Imagine|| His best friend kisses you.

You were currently at Harry’s best friend’s house for a welcoming party that his best friend threw for him coming back home from tour. Austin was really friendly, actually sometimes too friendly, he treated Harry like his own brother and you really adored their friendship. You paced the floor impatiently waiting for the boys to walk through the front door as all your friends and the boy’s friends sat down on the couches and chairs.

Austin walked towards you and grabbed your shoulders, letting out a low chuckle. “Seriously Y/N….Chill…Relax. They’ll be here soon” He reassured you and you inhaled deeply before exhaling a shaky breath. You took a quick check ùp on everything to make sure it was all perfect, you prepared the boy’s favorite food and bought them matching Tshirts with their new album printed on it. 

You were absolutely nervous and you didn’t know why, it’s been 4 months since you’ve seen Harry and you really missed him, but you also felt anxious to see him. You heard Austin call you to the living room and you grabbed an apple and bit into it before walking out, you saw everyone crowded around something and you assumed Austin brought out snacks. 

When the crowd started to disperse, you realized what the commotion was really about, you dropped your apple to the floor out of shock. Harry stood there with a unreadable expression on his face,  he wasn’t even smiling, his face was just…plain serious. It was quiet for a moment as everyone stepped aside and stared at the both of you.

Suddenly he gently rested his bag down to the side, standing tall before spreading his arms wide open, welcoming you into his embrace. You bit your bottom lip gently before running towards him, you jumped onto him, wrapping your legs around his waist and latching your arms behind his neck.

He grabbed beneath your thighs to support you, a loud chuckle leaving his lips, you held on tightly to him as you hid your face on his neck, your eyes shut closed. You didn’t want to let go, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. You couldn’t believe that he was here, in your arms,  well technically you were in his arms but you get the point.

“Missed me?” He teased, a sexy, husky chuckle leaving his precious lips again, you pulled away your face from his neck to stare into his sweet emerald green eyes. “Is that even a question?” You huffed childishly while pouting like a 6 year old.

“Just checking” He replied before planting a soft kiss on your lips, You smiled into the kiss, both of your lips moving in sync. As things began to get heated between you both, you heard a couple of clearing of the throats from your guests.

You quickly pulled away and jumped down from Harry, your cheeks were a crimson red and your ears could literally roast marshmellows from how hot it was.  You apologized to the guests and Harry laughed at your cuteness, he smacked your butt and your cheeks turned an even darker shade of red.


Later that night, everyone was wasted and having fun in Austin’s mansion, some people were passed out all over the place. You were currently in the kitchen cleaning up whatever you could to help out Austin’s maid, you weren’t much of a drinker and Harry was with his friends, catching up on whatever they had to catch up on so why not help out a bit.

You felt two arms wrap around your waist and your lips pulled upright into a smile, you felt a pair of lips plant soft kisses on your neck and you tilted your head to the side to give Harry more access. Your hands found their way to his hair, but when you felt the straightness of this persons hair, you immediately knew it wasn’t Harry’s. 

You spun around quickly only to be met with Austin, “Austin….Oh…uhm…I thought you were-” You didn’t get to finish your sentence because he quickly cut you off. “Thought I was Harry? Come on Y/N, I can treat you way better than him. Be with me…..I’ll never leave you alone like he does, I’ll stay by your side always. I’ll be there for you when you need someone…..I’ll never let you feel lonely, I’ll be there to wipe your tears” He slurred and drifted as he spoke, Austin was clearly wasted.

“Austin, stop it. You’re drunk okay. Stop.” You tried to convince him, but instead he grabbed your waist and pulled you close, before you could even gather your thoughts, Austin’s lips were attached to yours. You tried to push him but it was no use, he was way stronger than you so you just stood there with your eyes shut close as tightly as possible. You just wanted him to hurry up and leave so you could run to Harry and be in his arms.

Austin was suddenly ripped apart from you and when you opened your eyes, you saw Harry shoving Austin a couple times. “What the hell is wrong with you Austin?? She’s my girlfriend you idiot. I thought you were my best friend” Harry shouted before grabbing his collar and slamming him against the wall, “Touch her again and I’ll beat you so brutal that you can never kiss another girl again.” He snapped before letting go of Austin.

His eyes then landed on you and your lips parted multiple times, you were speechless and Harry’s intimidating glare just scared the hell out of you. “Harry it’s not what it looks like…..I swear” You tried to explain, but you ended up mentally scolding yourself because when people say that, it’s always exactly what it looks like.

“Well it pretty much looked like you were making out with my best fŕiend” He huffed angrily before walking out of the kitchen, leaving you completely speechless. “Hey….I’m sorry..” Austin slurred in his drunk state while trying to stand straight but instead he just fell to the floor while groaning.

“It’s a little to late now for sorries isn’t it?” You stomped out of the kitchen, fully annoyed now. You spent four months waiting for Harry, only for this to happen? Great, he may not talk to you for another four.

You sat on the couch before having a complete break down, do you know how hard it is to spend four months without your boyfriend and when he comes back it’s barely 24 hours and he’s already angry at you, he may even hate you. Who knows, he might even break up with you later so you might as well mentally prepare yourself.

Wow, you waited four painful months only to be dumped, the thought just made you cry even harder. 

After two hours, Harry approached you without a word then started heading outside,  you already knew he meant that it was time to leave so you got your handbag and the bag with the matching Tshirts. You opened the door to the limo and you climbed in, taking a seat next to Harry.

It was quiet for 10 minutes until you couldn’t take it anymore,  "Harry…what happened back there-“

"I don’t wanna hear it” He replied calmly but the anger in his voice was still there. “Harry please you need to-”

“I said I don’t wanna hear it” He snapped and you felt your heart break, you decided to remain silent as you tried hard to fight back the tears. All of the boys started piling into the limo and they got quiet as they noticed the tension between you and Harry.

“Everything okay?” Louis asked slowly while opening back the limo door. “Did we disturb something?” Liam asked while raising his eyebrow curiously. 

“No I was just leaving, welcome back.” The tears started streaming down your face and you quickly exited the limo, not wanting to be around Harry. You started walking into the other direction and you could hear the boys asking questions, they were obviously confused.

You heard the limo door slam and you heard Harry telling you to wait but you kept walking anyways, you couldn’t face him, not when you were crying so hard. You felt a cold, large hand wrap around your wrist and pulled you back, making you turn around to face the tall figure.

“I said wait Y/N….or did you not hear me?” Harry’s voice was dark and low, it was very intimidating.  "You belong to me. If I tell you wait then you wait, if I tell you stay then you stay, if I tell you to don’t go then you don’t go because you are mine.“ You could swear you heard a angry growl escape his plump lips.

You were utterly shocked by his possessiveness,  never have you seen him this way before. "Harry….I didn’t kiss him. I didn’t…..He came at me Harry I didn’t…” You couldn’t finish your explanation because you broke down in tears again.

Harry sighed before walking towards you and pulling you into his warm and welcoming embrace. “I know baby….I know.” He kissed your temple before wiping your tears,  his hands moved to your cold cheeks as he cupped them gently with his warm hands. 

“I saw the whole thing…..What Austin said….really upset me….so i said things i didnt mean. It got to me….I mean…he’s right….maybe he can treat you better, maybe he won’t leave you alone like I do, maybe he can always be there for you while I can’t and it really got to me…..I mean….baby…of you’re unhappy with me…” He trailed off and you shook your head violently while the tears started pouring again.

“No….No Harry….I’m happy with you….you’re the only person who can make me feel loved, I’m never lonely when I have your clothes and photos, plus we call everyday,  maybe he can treat me better, but he can never treat me as perfect as you do, it will never be enough love as you give to me. I walked into this relationship knowing exactly what I was in for and nothing has changed my mind Harry. I love you okay? I love you I love you I love you.” You kept repeating it, trying to reassure him that he was all that you wanted.

He sighed happily before pressing his lips against yours passionately,  his kisses were so gently and sweet, almost as if he was afraid that you might break, he treated you like a fragile glass that might shatter any moment. He pulled away before resting his forehead against yours, your thumbs found their way to his dimples as you caressed his cheeks.

“I love you too Y/N” He whispered with his absolutely amazing voice which could drive you to insanity. He latched his fingers with yours before leading you back to the limo, when you both climbed in, you immediately apologized to the boys for rudely leaving when they arrived but as always the boys forgave you and squashed you with manly hugs.