angry girl band


school themed kdramas: 

  • school 2015+2013
  • reply 1997+1994+1988
  • to the beautiful you
  • Dream high
  • the heirs
  • seonam girls HS
  • playful kiss
  • page turner
  • age of youth
  • orange marmelade
  • angry mom
  • sassy gogo
  • moorim school
  • wlg fairy kim bokjoo
  • heartstrings
  • high school king
  • twenty again 
  • bring it on ghost
  • and to complete the list 2 must watch: boys over flowers+shut up flower boyband.

*some of them don’t necessarily take place in a school but they involve students and their daily life*also its not placed in a special order*

if you think somethings missing just comment it pls!!

I wanna make an angry all-girl pop punk band and live in a trailer and sing about how shitty the world is and fuck shit up and have shows in a small bar and eat pizza at like 4:30 in the morning that is all I want

I’ve been listening to v angry girl punk bands and now I want to form a girl gang, get a leather jacket, and stand outside some place and intimidate the shit out of people