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Jungkook Ship Fic Rec 2

Since so many of you asked me for another Kook ship fic rec, here I am! All smut will be bottom Jungkook as always. I’ve gotta admit, it’s really hard to find recently but I’ll pull up as many as I can because I know the feeling of wanting more bottom kook but finding none haha. These will be separated by ship! Oh my god it was so hard to find anything for jikook OTL well to be honest, I don’t know why it was so difficult to find fics this time.


Resonance AO3, Oneshot, I already know it’s good because it’s by Rix. AND IT’S SOUL EATER AU. I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SEE THIS BUT YASSSS. This is actually one of the hottest things I’ve read in awhile. Like O_O wow.

I Just Had Sex (ft. Jungkook) AO3, Oneshot, first time bottoming and Tae is kind of angry because Kook almost missed his bday but things work out. 

Sugar and Spice AO3, Oneshot, Daddy Kink but the love is sooooo real, soft affectionate Kook (I honestly can’t tell who actually has the power anymore between these two). 

Night Winds AO3, Oneshot, Alpha Tae and Beta Kook, they could never work out but they did. 

Suit and Tie AO3, Complete, I’m still not over how good this is, the power struggle of two hot CEO’s, and then the budding cuteness.

I Can Make You (Cry For Me) and Empty Spaces Don’t Talk About It AO3, Complete, Taekookseok with taekook end game, there’s junghope but it’s not as present as Taekook, the second part is ANGST GALORE but it ends well.

Fuck the Rules AFF, Oneshot, Taekook think the new PDA rules are stupid, it’s not exhibitionism in case you were wondering lol.

I’ll be a man (of you, you, you babe) AO3, Oneshot, Tae always bails Kook out of arranged dates.

After School AO3, Oneshot, canon compliant with Tae at the dorm and Kook at school, this is actually kinda cute at the end lol.

Topsy-Turvy AO3, Ongoing, hate to love, stepbrother au.

The Smell of Peaches AO3, Ongoing, THIS IS SO FREAKING GOOD, abo au, taekook are ex’s but Kook gets his heat and they become friends with benefits but with hidden feelings, and oh my god the angst and smut is A++++++. This is my current obsession lol.


it must be fate (or you’re stalking me, who knows) AO3, Oneshot, this was actually quite cute, Jimin is the definition of cutie in the streets and senpai in the sheets (lol I love that tag)

Restrictions and Rewards AO3, Oneshot, Kookie needs the proper motivation. 

See Through (If You Will) AO3, Complete, Mpreg Kook, hurt/comfort, I love the hurt.

Will You Stop Time AO3, Oneshot, Jungkook loved Jimin even if he pushed him away (but he always apologizes at night), the feels were real.

Bloom AO3, Oneshot, First Times, a little bit of angst.

No Strings Attached  AO3, Complete, recently finished camboy Kook au and wow was it good, go read it you won’t regret it. 

In Your Eyes (I’m the Best/I’m the Worst) AO3, Oneshot, fair warning this may or may not be your cup of tea, it’s humiliation kink well more like Jimin legit gets angry at Kook for being a brat all the time and insults him but Kook likes it (?), if you don’t like this kind of stuff, don’t read it. 

power struggle AO3, Oneshot, Omega Kook and Alpha Jimin, i really really love the jealous hurt/comfort.

Becoming Bad AFF, Ongoing, Subscribers Only, Jimin the bad boy taints Innocent Jungkook.

Don’t Hesitate Any Longer AO3, Oneshot, Adult Ceremony dance practice into something more, hyung kink. 

Every Morning (and Night) is Perfect With You That Christmas Evening Eros and Perfectly Imperfect AO3, Oneshot, yes shameless self-promotion but all of them are legit just bottom kook smut with feelings and tiny bit of plot.

Animal House AFF, Ongoing, Members-Only, Jungkook is the bunny cop that meets Fox Jimin, they room together and feelings develop but there’s something evil going on.

The Way You Move It (I Can’t Believe It) AO3, Oneshot, Jungkook is failing his Cha Cha class because his hips are stiff, Jimin shows him how to sway those hips and maybe more.

One Page Pornography Ch. 28 AO3, Oneshot, I was honestly craving hurt/comfort Jikook plus smut and dang did this provide. I loved the angst and it hurt so so good all the way up until Jimin comforted him and then the phone sex and actual sex was A+.


Golden Boy AO3, Complete, VOLLEYBALL AU, also angst and smut (hot smut) but angst, it’s a wild ride. 

House Made of Cards AO3, Oneshot, you’d think it’s just smut but wow the underlying emotion is whew.

Got Me Baited and Bruised AO3, Oneshot, Awkward flirting guys lol.


I’ll Give You Love (You Wanted Nothing) AO3, Oneshot, Junghope discuss marriage and I love the written dynamic here. 

There and Back Again AO3, Oneshot, okay this is really cute, college au.

While You Were Sleeping AO3, Oneshot, Kook has a wet dream and Hobi takes care of it for him while he’s asleep, totally consensual, this it pretty hot. 

Joke AO3, Oneshot, Kook is a complete brat to Hobi (because he’s an extreme tsundere) and Hobi shows him that he is very capable of fucking Jungkook up. 


Bittersweet AO3, Complete, this was a smut/angst ride too, darker themes but wow it’s good, mafia au. 

Sweet Baby Boy AO3, Oneshot, yup just pure smut indulgence.

Tied Up AO3, Complete, I suggest you read the whole series by Rosiex.

White Lines, Pretty Baby AO3, Oneshot, Yoongi is Kook’s boss (well he’s a drug dealer) and they develop an unconventional relationship. 

Good Boy, Baby Boy AO3, Oneshot, Daddy kink, lace panties, you get the idea.

Pretty Boy  AO3, Oneshot, Daddy kink, crossdressing, Kook tries to prove that he’s not pretty using shock factor but it doesn’t really work out.

Whenever You Smile (I Smile) AO3, Oneshot, Hogwarts au, I love this, it was so cute and gahhhh it’s a great example of how fluffy sugakookie can be. 

Mingling AO3, Complete, Werewolf Kookie meets ancient vampire Yoongi that’s actually a huge flirt.

The Assistant AO3, Complete, I honestly love this so much because it’s not just an interesting au with good smut, but the depth of the feelings. It’s a really healthy relationship between Sugakookie of course but also Kook and Jimin’s friendship. 


You’re So Beautiful That I’m Scared AO3, Oneshot, indulgent smut with light dom/sub undertones, soft feelings. 

So Nice and So Cool (So Good and So Hot) AO3, Oneshot, Seokjin the TA accidentally fucks one of his students


Pastel AO3, Ongoing, I think you all know this one by now but just in case you don’t, Kookie likes feeling pretty and he likes being taken care of, his hyungs find out one by one.


Crushed Lungs AO3, Ongoing, it’s kind of a love triangle but without the whole “i hate you” thing which I like. 


a sleepless night again today AO3, Ongoing, I love this ot3 and the relationships are developing right now but it already looks amazing. 


Accidentally Right There AO3, Ongoing, this does have jihope with bottom!Jimin but it explores Jungkook’s one-sided love (it really isn’t that unrequited) and the hurt/comfort is great, Jungkookie is a sub and he wants to be loved, I just really love it okay?


oh baby (what’re you doing to me?) AO3, Complete, there’s a big of angst because unrequited love and stuff but then Jimin and Joon take care of him and the FEELS.


Loving You (Is Not a Mistake) AO3, Oneshot, this is really really good and what I’ve been craving, Valentine’s Day but it’s different, hurt/comfort and oh god the Yoonjinkook ot3ness was amazing.

I Play To Win AO3, Oneshot, Alpha!Yoongi/Omega!Seokjin/Alpha!Jungkook, they all play Overwatch and Kookie sets his eyes on Yoongi (who basically hates him at first lol). I love the clash between fiery explosive Yoongi and Tease of the Century Tsundere Jungkook but things work out because you have Seokjin the peacemaker. Basically Yoongi fucks the submission into Kook.

Yup, this is all I could find for now so happy reading? I’ll update this when there’s more fics. HERE is the first fic rec I did in case you missed some of these. 

More - Sidney Crosby x Reader

@87captain said: We were never just friends prompt with Sid

12. “We were never just friends.”

A/N: first hockey imagine on here yayyy! cute sid fluff and then mean sid I’m awful whoops

Warnings: language, verbal fighting

Word Count: ~665

Originally posted by puckducky

“Sid!” you yell, waving to get the Canadian man’s attention as he exits the locker room. 

He smiles when he sees you, immediately making his way through the crowd of people exiting the locker room to get to you. When he reaches you his arms immediately wrap around your waist and he lifts you off the ground in a hug. 

You laugh and reciprocate the tight hug from your best friend who has just won the Eastern Conference Final game in a shutout. 

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trying to respond to these messages is like trying to fight a hydra…. i answer one message and two more take its place! this doesnt feel real… at first i was angry, but you all are really persistant. its kind of endearing…. (im teasing, if i wasnt in shock id be crying my gay eyes out… i might later once it sets in)

long story short i love you guys and making this blog was the best decision i ever made. its helped me grow as a creator and now, apparently, even saved my life. or more so, you all did. thank you. - will

Breakup Advice from Yours truly

So it’s been about a year since my breakup from my first relationship of 2 years. It was really messy, it got really personal online, but I’m a hot mess so I just try and tone it down. I think I’m in a good place now, I like to throw shade at my ex for fun, but I can have a decent conversation with him when I run into him. I speak from a straight female’s point of view.

1. Don’t feel pathetic or angry at yourself for being sad. It’s normal to get into depressive states and have cry/emotional sessions from time to time. This was about a 1-2 month period for me, but it’s different from other people

2. Talk to someone. My roommates and close friends and family all helped me in different ways. Some were more neutral and more understanding of my ex and some just shat on my ex and both were helpful in a way but felt confusing. I went to free counseling at my school just so a stranger can just listen without putting their personal beliefs into it.

3. Too much negativity just makes you stew in hate. Be as balanced as possible, don’t focus too much on the good cause you’ll miss or idealize the relationship, too much focus on the bad, you’re just going to get more upset over a relationship that’s over.

4. You’re gonna stalk your ex and maybe even their new flame on social media. Don’t feel bad because everyone does it. Just don’t do it, it’s a waste of time and hurts a lot. Block them on FB/use block extensions to stop you from even searching them. So you can focus on what matters, you(and schoolwork lol)

5. Cliché but take the time to focus on yourself, workout, do small things like spa days, having lunch with friends, studying harder. Use the time you would have WASTED with someone who didn’t appreciate you, to appreciate YOU.

6. Don’t resort to petty revenge or violent tactics or anything that just makes you look bad. Don’t post all over his wall, don’t angrily message him with slurs, don’t egg his house or try to ruin his life. I considered some of these things but my common sense or friends stopped me(well not the angry messages…but otherwise I’m golden)

7. It takes a long time to heal. And you never really forget your first love. Acknowledge you loved or dedicated yourself to someone else and realize someday someone else will come along. Don’t pretend he doesn’t exist.

8. One of the best advice my friend gave me was that : Imagine in 5 years, you’ll never see this guy again, he’ll be so insignificant to you, just a tiny memory, and when you run into him, you won’t feel a thing. That’s kind of the goal you want to reach. To not need that person anymore, to have them not really matter.

9. You can be friends again, but not immediately. Don’t place a high importance on them. I know what “I wanna be friends again” means. It means “I want to be in close contact with them with the small chance they’ll take me back.” NO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO. Only when they mean nothing to you romantically, can you try and rebuild that friendship and that may never happen. And who cares?

10. It doesn’t matter who dumped who. I felt shitty and pathetic that I was the one dumped. But who learned the most from that? Me. Who got out of that horrible, suffocating relationship? Me. I learned what works and doesn’t work. And who’s going to really judge someone for being dumped? Assholes, that’s who.

11. Realize you are desirable, interesting and beautiful. It’s a huge blow to the self esteem when you’re dumped. You think “Was I good enough? Pretty enough?” You compare yourself to other people. “Did he choose her, because she’s smarter and prettier than me. Does she understand him more?” STOP THAT NONSENSE. Your ex was not the only person to ever find you beautiful and date-able. After my relationship ended, I noticed that I was a lot more attractive to guys than I had realized. This gave me confidence to date again, even though they were mostly short term.
You do you though. If you wanna have lots of rebound sex and hookups, DO IT. If you wanna go on a casual date with a cute guy, do it. If you just wanna chill and not date for a while, that’s also great. Do what feels right to you.

Edit: When you’re doing rebound sex/casual hookups, please be careful. There are people out there who try to take advantage of heartbroken and emotionally vulnerable girls. If you wish to have casual sex, it’s best to be aware and safe. 

12. And finally, listen to lots of different breakup and happy songs. Ones that are sad, some that are uplifting and some upbeat unrelated songs. I liked Two Door Cinema Club’s Changing of the Seasons, Beyonce’s Irreplacable, Kelly Clarkson’s Since U Been Gone and most importantly Big Sean’s I Don’t Fuck With You.

Good luck and stay strong!

WTNV Ep 100 Headcannon:

Cecil wasn’t going to broadcast the wedding live at first because he knew it might make Carlos uncomfortable. But then he ends up thinking about it a lot and thinks it’s actually a great idea esp because the two have become the celebrity couple in Night Vale and Cecil wants the whole thing recorded on audio so he can remember it forever. So he kind of cautiously asks Carlos if it would be okay if they maybe live broadcasted the ceremony but they definitely did not have to and oh my god was he making Carlos uncomfortable and he’s so sorry he should not have even asked in the first place and he’s so scared that Carlos is angry at him but he kind of confusedly stops when he hears Carlos laughing? And then Carlos kisses him and tells him he’d love to broadcast the wedding live because radio is Cecil’s life and he loves Cecil and plus he wants everyone to know that the two of them are happy and in love and together against all the things that were stacked up against them. Omg I’m just picturing this and it’s making me so happy I love my boys.

Dating Im Jaebum.

- him wanting a tattoo of your name really small and in a concealed place like 6 months into the relationship and ur like “…jaebum”

- if ur ever having a bad day, that boy will be at your house with chips and cake and movies and kdramas and tissues within 4 seconds

- him showing you their new songs before they come out and if there’s one you like the best he goes to the entire production team and begs them to make it the title track

- “jb, you don’t really have power over that decision lmao”

- him staying up until 2 am in the practice room and if you’re there with him, u bet he’ll be trying to teach you every single move to if you do

- jamming to girl group songs with you

- and one of the members catches you guys and jb gets roasted for 3 days

- him wanting to be in charge of everything for your birthday

- so when him and the boys try to plan a surprise party

- “who’s doing the cake?” “me”

- “who’s going to decorate the house?” “me”

- “who’s going to distract her?” “me”

- “god damnit jaebum, you can’t possibly do everything

- “watch me

- he secretly folds up his shirts and puts them in the top of your drawers so that when you come home exhausted, you’ll grab it without thinking

- and he sees you half awake walking out in his big shirt and he just falls in love all over again

- but really, he’s such a cuddle bug

- wanna watch a movie? let’s just do it at home so we can cuddle

- eating breakfast out at a diner? in a booth? too bad you can’t sit on the two sides and look at each other like a normal couple, jb follows you right into the same side and is like, ON you

- the members kind of stopped caring that you sleep over at the dorm like, 80% of the time

- except for the weeks before comeback, in those weeks, all you do is come deliver ice cream and stop any mental breakdowns that happen

- but when it’s all calmed down a bit, you can bet that all 8 of you are going to be relaxing in the living room watching some lame show together

- if any member ever compliments you, jb gets all pouty

- not angry or jealous, just pouty like a 5 year old

- and you always snuggle him and he lets you be the big spoon but SH NO ONE CAN KNOW

- but. this boy can go from cute sunshine to sexy in like 0.02 seconds

- and you’ll just be on your bed laying next to each other and he’s running his hands up and down your back and telling you how much he loves you

- and then his hand sneaks lower and he’s whispering in your ear and jesus cHRIst jaebum

- but the first time he said i love you was after you made him cup ramen

- it just kinda slipped? like “(yn) you’re the best i love you”

- and you like, nearly dropped the damn noodles

- and his mouth kind of hung open and he looked at you with wide eyes and then he was just like “oh… oh my god, i love you”

- and since then, he says it like 4238 times a day

- on the phone? 

- “annyeong, jagi”

- “annyeong, saranghae”

- like “lmao i just said hi? but i love you too nerd”

- and whenever he’s angry or upset or just had a long day, you give him a back massage 

- and 50% of the time it ends with you pulling the covers over him because he fell asleep and he’s snoring aw

- but the other 50% you can rest assured that the result is you underneath him 

- you remember the first time you guys went on a date and he was all nervous and in a nice shirt and jeans and you kind of stopped breathing

- and you were in a little outfit that wasn’t necessarily flattering?

- but he just mumbled about how stunning you looked and u were fucked from the start

- you fell in love with him so easily and he did the same and it’s in the late night conversations about language and aliens and shit that you realize that this is the man you want to grow old with and he feels the exact same bc ur amazing and he’s amazing and ur amazing together

Backstabbing (Hayden Romero Imagine ft. Liam)

Request: Can I have an imagine where you and Hayden used to be best friends and then she left you to be popular. She knows you like Liam, so she purposely makes him fall for her. 

A/n: I changed it a little bit, i hope you don’t mind. And this is more of a Hayden x reader (ft Liam) imagine. Sorry if it sucked. I hope you like it!

Remember to request here x

They told you that even your best friend will backstab you one day. That they will turn their back on you. And that they’ll even change. You never believed those people, best friends are supposed to be loyal and nice and they’ll never hurt you right? Well, you’re wrong. Even the closest friends you have will grab a knife and stab you right in the back. And that’s exactly what you’re so called best friend did. 

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Messages and questions in Eisuke’s birthday

So in JP ver, kbtbb allows you to send messages or questions to characters near their birthday. These were posted on 1/13 in “Through the VIP keyhole” so it is kind of old but still want to share them with you guys. My translation is still rough though.

Happy Birthday Eisuke-san! Please have a lot of promises for this year.

A: Promises? I don’t remember I have any. Hmm. I’ll only discipline as much as you like in body and even in words.

Happy Birthday Eisuke-san! The first place of this year’s general election will belong to Eisuke-san!

Soryu: Ah, this is too much.
Eisuke: I expect nothing less from my woman. It would be a joke if I wouldn’t take first place.
Ota: As usual, you only have that big mouth.
Luke: I won’t sleep to vote for Eisuke. Eisuke’s bones deserve to be number one
Ota: …We are not talking about bones here

Happy Birthday Eisuke-san! I will support Eisuke-san for a lifetime!!!

Baba: What a brave young lady!
Hishikura: You should mind other meaningful things in your life
Eisuke: Not just support me. You should devote everything to me. Both your mind and body *grin*

Happy Birthday Eisuke-san! At first when I play Mischievous Kiss (Japanese name of kbtbb), I was attracted to Ota-kun but now I’m completely into Eisuke-san! From now on and forever will be Eisuke-san ♪

Ota: Huh? What is this?
Eisuke: It is because she finally know how rotten Ota actually is
Soryu: …both of you are equally rotten if you ask me…
Eisuke, Ota: Did you just say something?
Soryu: No…
Eisuke: That is a wise choice coming from you. Don’t turn your eyes on any men other than me from now on.

Eisuke-san, happy birthday! In fact, I was just turn into 29 like Eisuke-san last month and 12 days ago. And now, getting to celebrate Eisuke-san’s birthday, I’m even happier than ever. I hope this will be a good start for our late twenties! Thank you so much! I love you, Eisuke-san!

Baba: Even boss has the same age.
Kishi: Eisuke is actually older than 29 now.
Ota: Now. I thought people should be hurt when they pass their 20s
Baba: Are you still angry about the previous one?
Ota: No way, no way ♪  *smile*
Eisuke: The best kind of happiness… I will give you much more happiness if you give both your mind and your body to me wholeheartedly.
Hishikura: Your greed really has no limit.

When was your first love?

Kishi: This kind of question was asked  quite a lot
Baba: I’m also worry about it too
Soryu: …I have never heard of such thing.
Ota: What?
Eisuke: I only love you now. (OMG!!! He says it!!! ♥♥♥ XD) There is nothing for you to worry about my past.
Eisuke: I must punish you again tonight.
Ota: Hurry… run!!

Who is your favorite and most hated person among the auction managers?

Eisuke: I’m not some kind of friend with the guys who are here
Baba: It’s not like that from what I learn.
Eisuke: …the one I hate is Hishikura
Hishikura: How convenient because I don’t like you either
Ota: The one you like?
Eisuke: I don’t hate the rest with the exception of Baba…
Baba: What? Do you mean you hate me?
Ota: Yeah, Baba-san, cheer up!
Baba: So terrible! Even when I like you so much, boss?
Eisuke: …

Why does Eisuke-san only use honorific to Baba-san?

Ota: Soryu only uses honorific “san” to Baba-san as well.
Soryu: Because it carries a sense of respect that is right for Baba-san.
Kishi: Why don’t I get that kind of respect?
Baba: Mamo-chan is rude! I’m the oldest one here.
Eisuke: Don’t underestimate Baba-san.
Ota: He is the last one you want to make upset.
Baba: What? I don’t remember I’m angry with anyone *smile*
Everyone: …

Do you nervous when you kiss?
Eisuke: Probably not.
Eisuke: I’m not satisfied with just a kiss. I want something bolder and more intense.

Eisuke-san is always confident. Where does that confidence come from?

Eisuke: I’m the man who is on top of all mankind. A man who is on top can’t survive if he has no confidence.
Kishi: What mankind? Count me out of your mankind.
Soryu: It does not apply only to Eisuke…

Why are you so beautiful? There was not a day passed I didn’t think about Eisuke-san.

Kishi: There are many cool things to say.
Hishikura: This is some kind of disease I see.
Eisuke: It’s good that you bring it up here. Don’t forget me even for a minute or a second. I was just born with this pretty face.
Kishi: You are addicted to Eisuke too much, kid.

How many women you went out with up until now?

Baba: I was asked with this question a lot too
Ota: Me, too
Soryu: He used to bring women with a lot of perfume up here…
Eisuke: I have no reason to remember women one by one.
Eisuke: That is my past now. Why should you worry if you know that you are the one I love?

Hello, Eisuke-san always drink delicious coffee I brew but are there any other place that have coffee as good as mine?

Kishi: Oh my, where is the love here? I actually have a lot of place to show you.
Baba: It’s probably because boss is bad with words.
Eisuke: There is no such thing…
Eisuke: You never listen. It seem like I have to teach it again more severely in bed.
Baba: Wow, boss…
Kishi: Next one.

What is the most annoying (laughs) thing Baba did up until now?

Soryu: Likely too many…
Kishi: Not worth to say.
Baba: The respect of everyone for me is so bad.
Eisuke: The time when I first met Baba…
Baba: Oh! I remember! That ~
Ota: Eh, what are you guys talking about? What happen before when I join here?
Baba: Oh dear, I will tell you that later… ♪  

Which part of your body you would like to be kissed from a girl?

Baba: A bold question at the end…
Kishi: I’ve never heard that question from Eisuke’s woman before.
Luke: Collarbone?
Ota: Only you would like that, sensei.
Eisuke: I don’t know. Come to my room because I’ll tell you carefully tonight.
Kishi: Or train you…

platonic - himuro tatsuya

a/n: for the two anons who requested this. omg i tried my best to incorporate all your suggestions. i think i’m getting worse when it comes to writing this i’m so sorry please still love me. thanks.

words: 888

“…I just don’t get it,” you sobbed for the nth time that day. Your heart was still aching as the scene kept on flashing on your mind: him telling you that he’s not feeling the same thing anymore, that all the sparks were gone and holding on would just be one hell of a joke. “I love him so much Tatsuya. It’s not fair.”

And for the nth time, Himuro sighed. It took him three days to get you out of your room; it took him three days to convince you that everything would be okay eventually – not now, but eventually. He didn’t exactly know how hard it was to have a broken heart; all he wanted was to help you ease the pain.

“Well, he’s an asshole for doing that to you. He’s not worth it, really,” he finally spoke up, removing the string of his apron from his waist. He started to get large mugs from the cupboard and a huge bag of marshmallows from the fridge. “You know, (f/n), that boy…he’s blind. He wasn’t able to see your value so he just threw you away. But believe me, he’ll regret that soon.”

“But why did he have to do that? Why did he have to leave me? Was I not enough?”

Oh dear, not again.

Himuro shook his head as he abandoned the hot chocolate he was preparing for the both of you. He made his way to the other side of the island counter, hoping that his heart would stop aching as well. He hated seeing you cry. He vowed to be your guardian angel ever since day one and he’s not having any of these bullshit your ex has given you. Slowly, he pulled you right into his arms, burying your face in his firm chest. His fingers ran through your locks continuously until your sobs started to get softer and softer.

True, you were shocked on what he was doing. Three years ago, after you have gotten yourself in a relationship, the both of you managed to agree on some boundaries in order to keep everything right. At first Himuro hated it – not being able to be close to you was so damn hard. But he understood how much you loved your boyfriend, that’s why he always reminded himself of these. However, considering your condition right now, he knew he had to break down the walls you two built years ago. It was time to bring them down. He couldn’t just let you cry yourself to sleep.

The feeling was quite foreign, yet it was comforting at the same time. Himuro’s warmth enveloped you and made you feel better in some way. His embrace somehow helped you carry the weight in your chest, made you breathe freely.

“I know it’s hard. I know that letting go of something that happened between the two of you is not easy. But (f/n), you should also know that everything won’t just end there. You have this beautiful life in front of you and I’m not letting you be blinded from the people who chose to stay.

“I don’t care if he’s your first love, first kiss, first everything. I don’t care if he was the one who made you see a whole new kind of universe. I don’t care if he’s the one who you confided to of the secrets you never knew you’d spill. I don’t care if he has given you a whole new world. He left you. He broke your heart – my best friend’s heart. I promised to take care of you and seeing you like this makes me angry at my irresponsibility. I shouldn’t have trusted that asshole.”

“Tatsuya, I—”

“Shhh,” he whispered, putting his index finger on your lips. “I’m sorry if I wasn’t there when he left you all alone. I’ll be a better guardian angel, I promise.”

There was something with Himuro Tatsuya that has always made the wrong things seem right. For some reason you couldn’t pinpoint, what he said made you stop crying and made you realize to many things, including the fact that your ex is not even close to being worth the tears. How stupid of you to cry over him for days when he didn’t even decide to look back at you for a second.

With the angst magically lifted up by your best friend, you managed to chuckle, which of course, surprised him. “You sound like my mom, Tatsuya.”

He smiled at you softly, and you swore that you almost lost yourself. It gave you an unusual feeling that made your stomach uneasy, yet it felt good. It made breathing for you easy and hard at the very same time.


And with one last giggle, he placed his lips on your forehead, the warmth brought by the kiss lingering on your skin. It made you want to ask for more the moment he removed them, and he could tell that you grew kind of upset. But he wouldn’t give you another one – he loved to tease you.

“I’ll just pour the hot chocolate in the mugs, okay?”

“How about a movie afterwards?”

“That’s a lovely idea.”

“…and (f/n)…”


“Don’t try to hide the pain, okay? I’m just here to listen. Always.”

“I’m better now, believe me. Thank you, Tatsuya.”

2x09 - Remember Me - Review

Well, to be honest, it’ll be more a Clarke’s evolution in this episode review.

First, I must say I loved this episode but I’m kind of angry at the CW for showing us some of the best parts in the sneak peeks (Costia? The “I can’t lose you too”), but I guess it’s part of the game to lure us into watching - come on, like we need luring?

Favorite moments :

  • Abby : “They’re led by a child!” Marcus : “So are we.” - Marcus is eventually acknowledging Clarke as their leader and I’m proud of him for it, because it shows a real evolution in his character. Abby starts to see it too, but I believe her mind is also a bit clouded by the fact that Clarke killed someone and is grieving at that moment.
  • Clarke : “Love is weakness.” - Note that she is crying when she says it. She is crying because of Finn, because she lets him go but also because she knows she put Bellamy at risk and there’s a chance she might not see him again. Some can’t stop caring just like that - we’re not in The Vampire Diaries with their magic humanity switch. I believe Clarke is following Lexa’s advice because the hurt is too much, and she wants to do what’s best for her people. She sees Bellamy’s point, she accepts it and understands that’s what they need. But I expect Clarke to be there on Bellamy’s departure, and I can’t wait for this scene.
  • Raven : “That’s what they wanted to do to Finn.” - You see Raven’s realization and that’s a very important scene. She’s starting to forgive Clarke at that moment because she knows she couldn’t have borne the sight of Finn going through this death. I don’t believe she’s forgiven her entirely, but she’s on her way to do so.

Clarke’s evolution

In this episode, we see Clarke going from bloody crying, but still very lucid, grieving Finn to a leader willing to sacrifice anything for her people. Even though she may seem a bit heartless at the end of this episode, I don’t think she’ll remain this way. It’s her way of coping with Finn’s death while saving her people from Mount Weather.

Her mother keep reaching out to her, but she doesn’t know her daughter well enough anymore. She doesn’t know the woman, the leader she’s become. Besides, comparing Jake’s death and Finn’s wasn’t a smart move, Abby. But she’s trying, and failing. I think it’s Marcus that will help see who her daughter has become and accept it.

As a Bellarke shipper, I could not set aside the interactions between Bellamy and Clarke. Of course, I spent the last few days fangirling about them and the “I can’t lose you too” and I was just as shocked as the others when she told Bellamy to go inside Mount Weather, that it was a risk worth taking - aka his life. Raven and Octavia seemed about to protest, but said nothing. Bellamy clenched his jaw and accepted it for what it was, but he looked worried. I believe he saw what was happening inside Clarke and did not like it.

Besides, can we note that he does take orders from Clarke now? Yeah, badass princess has become badass queen, if you listen to me.

Clarke/Lexa interactions & parallels

There is a relation of trust that is building between the two women, along with the respect that was already there. Whenever Clarke spoke up, Lexa listened (aside from the poisoning attempt, but that’s quite understandable and I believe Lexa was very much hurt, in her trust for Clarke).

At the end of the day, we see Clarke entering Lexa’s tent and trusting her fully, since she seems to not bring anyone from the Sky People with her. That’s a very important step.

Looking forward to in the next episode

  • Clarke & Lexa going on a mission and their interactions
  • What is this beast Lexa seems so afraid of?
  • GET MY MONTY OUT OF THIS F*CKING CAGE (Miller, I’m talking to you)
  • Bellamy and Lincoln’s mission to Mount Weather (Please, please, don’t kill them <3 Scratch them a bit, so Clarke can stitch up Bellamy later and let show a bit of her feelings)
  • Maybe a reunion between Bell, Lincoln and some others of the 47?

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WS #15 - Vows

Calum: You two stood at the front with each other, coming to the part of the ceremony where it was time for the vows. The two of you had decided to write your own, wanting to have your own little personal touch. “Okay… so I guess I’ll start,” he chuckled. “From the moment we met, I felt like there was something between us, you know? I have always felt something for you, even when we were just friends. You have always been there for me. You were there in the best and the worst times. You’ve put up with a lot (Y/N), and I can never thank you enough for that… You will always be my partner in crime. I promise to be yours for an eternity. Our lives are just beginning again. This is a brand new chapter for us, and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for us. But, no matter what happens, you can always count on me to be by your side, fighting along with you. I love you (Y/N), and I will for the rest of my life.” You watched him and wiped away a couple of tears that threatened to spill. “I don’t know how you expect me to follow that,” you laughed out tearfully, taking a deep breath to compose yourself. “Calum, you are my best friend and the love of my life. I hope you always know that. I will always make sure you know that I love you. I promise to be by your side for anything that life throws at us. I will be there holding your hand, I will be your rock when you need me to be. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I can’t wait to go on so many more adventures with you, and I can’t wait to see what our story will have in store for us. I love you so much Calum. And I promise that those feelings will never go away.”

Ashton: Taking a deep breath, you looked down at the piece of paper you had in your hands, smiling softly and reading the words to yourself for a moment. “Ashton…” you breathed out, and looked up at him. “As I stand here today, I am promising you that I will be your wife forever. Not only will I be your wife, I will be your friend and your everything you need me to be. You can always be yourself around me, happy, sad, and angry and everything in between. I will always be there to help you when you need it, I will always be there and try to make everything okay again. From the moment I first met you, I just wanted to be around you. You are so sweet and kind and beautiful, inside and out. You bring out the best in everyone you meet, and I thank you for showing me a brighter side of life. Thank you for just being with me and letting me love you like you deserve. It will never stop.” Ashton watched you with glassy eyes, smiling widely and biting his lip. It was his turn. “First off, that was beautiful…” he chuckled and you smiled widely, taking a deep breath. “I love you… more than words can ever describe. My vows aren’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how I feel about you. You are everything that I could ever imagine and more. Love seemed so iffy before we got together, but the longer we were together, the more sure I became of myself and our relationship. Everything seemed to fall into place and then I asked you to marry me and… you said yes, my heart just about exploded. I just can’t thank you enough and I promise you as well, that you can come to me for everything and anything. Whether it’s good or bad, I will be there for you. Always.”

Luke: “I’m terrible with words…” he chuckled softly, chewing his lip softly. “So… I’ll be quick. But I love you. That much I hope you know. Even though I don’t show it as much as I should, I just really hope you know that I truly do love you. Love seems like such a strong word, and it is. But I mean it every time it comes out of my lips. I love you and I love you for everything that you are. I admire your heart, I admire your kindness and your spirit. I admire your strength to get through hard situations and everything… I just feel so lucky to be able to have you as not only a wife, but as a best friend. We will go through life together and so much nasty stuff will be thrown at us, but I am ready sweetheart… I am so ready to go through it all with you. We, as far as I’m concerned, are invincible and we are going to do so many amazing things together. I can’t wait for this next adventure baby…” You bit your lip and smiled widely at him, giving his hands a reassuring squeeze. “Luke…” you smiled widely, biting your lip. “Your words are seriously the sweetest. You say you’re not good with words, but so many times you’ve melted my heart into a puddle with your kindness. Even when we’re just speaking on the phone, you have the power to make me feel like everything is going to be okay. You give me strength to be who I am, and never have you ever held me back. You’ve always been full of encouragement and I can’t thank you enough for that. I will never stop you from living your dream. I will be by your side, cheering you on from the sidelines. I’ll be there to wipe your tears or just make your smile bigger. You always have me Luke. I promise you that.”

Michael: “Michael Clifford… my knight in shining armour,” you chuckled softly, rubbing his knuckles gently. “We’ve been best friends since grade school and in love since high school. So many people wish that they could marry their high school sweethearts, but look at us, doing exactly that. I’m definitely one of the lucky ones. And I won’t let you regret this. From this moment on, I promise to be with you for the rest of my life, in sickness and in health, for rich and for poor… all that stuff. I promise that, but I also promise to just be with you when you need someone to be there. I’ll be that person to hold your hand or just stand quietly beside you when rough times hit. I’ll be everything you need me to be. We are united as one and we will beat every obstacle that gets in our way. I love you Mikey. And I always will.” Michael smiled widely at you and took a deep shaky breath. “(Y/N)… I’ll be everything you need me to be too sweetheart. Everything. Whether it’s your sous chef in the kitchen or a shoulder to cry on, I’ll be beside you to encourage you to follow your dreams. We have dreams to fulfill together, and I promise you we will be able to do it. I feel so lucky to have you in my life, as a best friend, girlfriend, fiancé and now wife. I promise to just be with you and support you and be the best husband I can be. I can’t promise perfection, but I can give you the best that I know how. I will never give up on us as long as you never give up on us as well. I know you won’t. We’ve made so many promises before and never has either of us broken them. I can’t wait to start this new and exciting chapter with you sweetheart… I love you so much.”

You were my one.
 That one to build me up and then tear me apart. The one to rip apart my heart and then use your words to sew it back together.
My bad love, my first heartbreak. The one who taught me I could take more pain that I’d ever imagined. You showed me fists meant blood and that it wasn’t love unless it hurt. 
You taught me that angry souls are one of a kind and that I shouldn’t mind the pain because you were doing the best you could.
You showed me that your best still wasn’t enough because you pushed me beyond tough and made me numb. I’d always come crawling back to you because who wants a battered soul to try to hold onto?
You were a man who couldnt own up to his mistakes and put the guilt on my plate when you left this world trying to take all I had left with you.  The coward who left his fate to his own loaded gun.
You were my one.
—  You were my one. -B S

mdecarabas  asked:

Locus was so hilariously frustrated with him. He was like, "Goddamn it, this again? I motherfucking hate you." And the more Felix talked, the more angry he got. It totally sounded like an old married couple kind of argument they had a million times. I half expected Locus to start yelling, "Why do you always do this!? You know it never ends well! THIS IS JUST LIKE THAT TIME YOU RUINED THAT HEIST IN THE VEGAS QUADRANT."

I loved how visibly agitated Locus was getting.  He legitimately got to the point where he started shouting and I think it’s the funniest thing, because of course the first time we see Locus really lose his cool is because Felix will just not shut up.

And the best part is Locus did say something like that, with his “how many times do I have to tell you-???” snap. Because Felix always does this.

Dear Stana,

I’m heartbroken,devastated and angry by the news that ABC fired you and that you will not come back for a ninth season.
This is so not what you deserve.

I fell in love with the show because of you and your character Kate Beckett.
Beckett a passionated person who became a detective at first because her mother was murdered.Who fell in love with a best selling novelist/writer Richard Castle.A lovestory where every girl dreams of.A lovestory that we all followed from episode one and have watched the obstacles and bumpy road to there relationship.4 years of waiting for each other and beckett working on herself to have the kind of relationship that she wants.

Watching her grow was one of the beautiful things i have seen.Accepting no is really perfect.Letting people in.She never really let a guy in heart,she always had one foot out of the door but with Castle wanted to jump in to the deep.Together with him.Because she loves him.

Castle was there for me in times where i needed a friend but no was there.But there you guys where.Every monday on my computer screen at 4 am.Oh how many monday i have wake up at 3.30 am just so that i could see you guys.The show could make a smile on my face in less than in 5 sec.You guys where there during some rough times and through the time when i didn’t know what to do with myself and i will forever and always be gratefull for that.

You and Beckett would be a perfect rolemodel for my future daughter. If i will ever get a daughter and son in the future and the would start watching a tvshow like Castle i would them about the time i watched a amazing show Castle and tell them all about it.

For me there’s no Castle without you in it.

I will forever support you and the projects and things that come on your path.For me there’s only one superhero on the world and that’s you KBex.

Dear Stana enjoy the time you deserved some rest after all that hard work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to fell in love with you as person and your character Kate Beckett.You and the show have stolen my heart and created a special place in it❤️, Bernice

“What Batman said” is kind of the subtitle of this whole series, actually. 

I love this fight and its resolution, because it shows Batman at his level-headed best, and it’s one of the reasons I get frustrated by fanfic (or comics, for that matter) that try to paint Batman as some kind of rage monster, which no. He’s close to impossible to make really angry. Plus, he’s the first who’s able to get a real read on Supes, and figure out that despite every appearance of rage and bloodthirst, this is basically a nice guy who is going to stop the minute you say “please” and explain things properly. 

He is the Supes-whisperer. 

JL vol. 1 Origins (2012)