angry finger point


Yes, I think it’s safe to say Malcolm’s strong opinions about fashion are both STRONG and OPINIONATED.

And let’s all take a minute to appreciate how he chooses to convey the message that being WAY too loud  is (all of a sudden) A Very Bad Thing by being VERY VERY SHOUTY at VERY VERY HIGH VOLUME. Like, maybe that’s why your ears are ringing, eh, Malc?

(Poor Nicola.)

Okay, but let’s not forget:

  • Carlos getting a brilliant start and hanging onto P6
  • Checo just calmly cruising to P7
  • Felipe making up TEN PLACES to finish in P8 from P18
  • Jenson in the points again in P9
  • Dany setting the fastest lap of the race and finishing in the points in P10
  • Esteban almost in the points in P11 after starting P16