angry face

“Heyy c’mon Smile! it’s not so bad hun!”
?:“I feel like i’m about to have a seizure From all of these God Damn flashing Cameras mom..”

Bring Daughter to work day..Sorta. 
This Is Ethabesa Atalin the one of many children of hue. 

age: 8 

H: 4 ft 4.

bio: etha is commonly Very Stern, Sapient, Misanthropy and Cynicism 
Often Berries her nose into books about alchemy and Satan. She also has little interest in anything expected from a normal kid her age. (she’s Alwaysss stays to herself) - (Etha also has 4 other siblings that Which she doesn’t consider family only two she feels …somewhat close to. “i’ll introduce them soon XD”) 
okay that’s it! I hope you like it ^u^ 

I’m not really mad.

Do any other introverts/INTPS out there get an angry look on their face when they are really concentrating?

I mean, sometimes when I’m thinking hard, I don’t even notice other people, even if they’re trying to talk to me.  And people think that my thinking face is really my angry face.

I’m surprised that they are so easily confused by my facial expressions.  My angry face is quite different.

However, I know I can’t be the only one who frowns or gazes off into the distance when I’m thinking.  That always becomes a problem when you’re in a group of people.


The world changes. It is inevitable. Perhaps the only thing that is inevitable.