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School Play Part 2

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By popular demand we have these two lovebirds reactions to their very heated make out.

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Adrien was freaking out for two reasons: 1. He liked Marinette and 2. He had more than made out with Marinette in her room. He was more than a little embarrassed in fact he was practically mortified! He was always so good about keeping his emotions in check. He hardly ever let them run away from him like this and if he did it was only when he was Chat Noir. Something had just come over him and that something was Marinette because like it or not Adrien had to admit that the mere thought of her made his heart race. Adrien was so focused on his feelings for Ladybug that he hadn’t even noticed when Marinette weaseled her way into his heart. He sighed into his pillow. How was he going to face Marinette tomorrow? His cheeks burned as he thought about seeing her. Maybe he should fake sick. Marinette must hate me now, I mean I practically attacked her! What is wrong with me? Adrien’s thoughts were not encouraging. Adrien groaned into his pillow.

“Geez kid what’s got you so wound up?” Plagg complained from the corner of Adrien’s bed. Adrien looked up from the pillow at the annoying little god.

“Are you kidding? I totally lost control today with Marinette! What is wrong with me Plagg?” Adrien groaned into his pillow once more.

“Oh that? That’s just animal instinct- comes with being the Black Cat,” Plagg said easily. Adrien sprang up onto his knees looking at Plagg with wide eyes.

“It’s what!?” Adrien balked.

“Animal instinct. You liked the pretty girl kissing you and so you didn’t think you just acted and took it a little too far. It’s a cat thing it happens,” Plagg snickered.

“So you’re telling me on top of being a hormonal teenage boy I now have animal instinct to worry about as well?” Adrien squawked.

“They’re pretty much the same thing.” Plagg shrugged. Adrien ran a nervous hand through his hair.

“This isn’t any time for jokes Plagg- I wouldn’t have hurt her would I- I mean this instinct it’s not dangerous is it?” Adrien worried.

“What? No of course not! You still have some self control! Geez kid get your mind out of the gutter! You’re not going to hurt anyone!” Plagg said disgusted.

“But today with Marinette- I took it way too far.” Adrien slumped down in self loathing.

“To be fair she seemed to be really into it. When she  put her hands in your hair- behind your ears, well Chat Noir’s ears- that’s the spot where most Chat’s let their instinct take over. It’s perfectly natural kid,” Plagg assured.

“How am I going to face Marinette tomorrow after that?” Adrien moaned.

“If it helps she seemed to be as into it as you were.” Plagg shrugged. Adrien quirked his eyebrow up at the kwami.

“How would you know?” Adrien asked suspicious.

“I took a look when you guys were quiet for too long. It was disgusting just so you know but you both looked pretty happy about being disgusting together,” Plagg complained. Adrien’s cheeks turned pink. “Look’s like you’ve got a new crush lover boy,” Plagg snickered.

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Silent Treatment

“I honestly don’t understand why you are being so angry.” Claudio simply huffed and turned off the car and got out. The whole car ride was spent in complete silence. Chiara and Claudio had gone to a party earlier in the evening and ever since the end of it Claudio had not even spoken to her once. She had tried to make conversation with him but so far all of her efforts had been for naught. He simply refused to speak to her.

Chiara followed him out of the car and walked into the house. He had already taken his jacket off and the noise that was coming from upstairs allowed her to realize that he had already probably gone into the bedroom. She followed him up and walked into the master bedroom. He, however, was not in there. She check the bathroom to see if Claudio was in there. That search also bore no results. It was when she heard the shower turn on in one of the guest bedrooms, that she realized that he was in there. It was either him or some creepy intruder, and because they had a really good security system, she guessed that it was probably him.

Chiara was a firm believer that it was always a bad idea to go to bed mad at your significant other. Her mother had always managed to appease her dad before they went to bed if they every got in a fight and Chiara knew that she had to do the same with her husband. No matter how stubborn he could be at times, she knew that she could do it. They had gotten into arguments before and she had always done it, so she just hoped that it worked this time as well.

Chiara understood that communications was important in any marriage. It was important to be able to talk about when something was bothering the other person. She knew that something must have happened to piss off Claudio, even if she couldn’t think of anything in particular at the moment, and that the two of them needed to be able to talk about it in order to be able to work it out. Quite frankly, Chiara didn’t know if she could handle the silent treatment from her husband any longer. With those thoughts in mind to fuel her determination, Chiara walked to the guest bedroom, hopping that when she walked out, her husband would be by her side.

When Chiara walked into the guest bedroom, Claudio was still in the shower so she decided that she would simply wait for him to come out of the bathroom. Hopefully some of his anger would be washed away by shower. She took a seat on the queen sized bed that was in the center of the room and waited.

When he didn’t come out after ten minutes of waiting, she got tired of simply sitting in the bed. She took off of her heels and decided that laying down would be much better. Either way, she was not leaving until this problem was solved.

About another ten minutes passed before she finally heard the shower turn off. When Claudio stepped out of the shower, Chiara sat up and was about to begin speaking, when she stopped half way. Claudio had walked out of the shower with nothing but a towel around his waist. Chiara had seen her husband in less than simply a towel but even just this sight managed to take her breath away. Claudio simply stared at his wife. When he saw that she was about to make no move, he simply walked passed her and to the clothes that was set on the bed next to where her feet were.

As soon as he had begun moving, Chiara remembered why it was that she was in that room. She didn’t have time to be gawking at her husband. She needed to understand why he was so angry. Her tongue finally found the capability to begin working. “Will you please just tell me why you’re so angry?” Claudio simply begin putting his clothes on, completely ignoring his wife’s attempt to get him to talk to her.

“Was it something that I did?” The little tilt of his mouth when she suggested that proved that it was indeed something that I did. She tried to thin back to party. Maybe she had done something that had upset him. When she reflected on it, she couldn’t think of anything that could possibly be upsetting him.

“What did I do, I can’t understand why your upset unless you tell me what it was that I did wrong?” By this time, Claudio had finished putting on his clothes and had walked over to his side of the bed. He pushed back the cover and got into the bed laying down with his back facing her. It was at this moment that Claudio finally decided to speak. However, what he said had not been what she was expecting. “Shut the light on your way out." 

Chiara could feel the tears forming in her eyes. He was completely brushing her off.The two of them had gotten into fights before, but never had he brushed her off. She quickly blinked away her tears. "Y-yeah, sure.” Damn it, her voice had cracked. She got up from the bed and walked over to where the door was. She took one last look at where her husband lay, faced away from her, turned off the lights and headed back into the master bedroom for a sleepless night.


Chiara had barely been able to sleep last night. She was not used to sleeping in her bed alone. The last two years of always sleeping with her husband by her side, locked in his arms, had spoiled her. The bed had simply felt too big to be sleeping in by herself. When she woke up, the first thing she did was check on her husband who was still asleep. He didn’t have training or any games today, so she knew that he would be at home.

When she saw that he was still asleep, she went downstairs in order to make breakfast for the two of them. She really hoped that maybe, they could work things out this morning. She didn’t enjoy this situation between the two of them that seemed to hang over the entire house like a shadow. It needed to end and because her husband was too stubborn to do it, it was up to her.

When Claudio walked down the stairs, she had been setting up the dining table, which was attached to the kitchen. She turned around to face him when he walked into the kitchen. “I made breakfast, go ahead and have a seat.” He ignored what she said and walked to the fridge and simply pulled out the milk. He walked to the cupboard and pulled out a bowl and his favorite cereal. 

This made her mad. First, he completely ignored her and second, he disregarded her effort to at least try to make thing better between them. Fine, if he wasn’t going to try to work things out between them, why should she? She picked up the dishes of the food that she had made and walked over to the trashcan. She dumped all of her hard work and walked the dishes over to the sink. When she got to the sink, she could feel the tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn’t even bother trying to wipe them away. He obviously didn’t care that he was hurting her.

When she finished washing the dishes, she turned around to face him. He had simply been staring at her the whole time. He seemed shocked to see the tears that had been running down her face. “When you get done with your food, wash the bowl. I can’t clean it up for you.” With those words, she walked out of the kitchen and back into the bedroom. She got back into bed and pulled the covers over her head, hoping too shut out the rest of the world with it.

Chiara didn’t realize when she had fallen asleep, but she was shaken awake by someone. When she fully opened her eyes, she saw that it was Claudio. She wanted to believe that he was there to provide some kind of explanation for his behavior if not an apology, but she didn’t want to get her hopes up. At first it was silent, she was waiting for him to speak and he looked like he was gathering his thoughts. When she couldn’t stand the silence anymore she finally decided to break it. “What are you doing here?" 

Claudio took a deep breath and finally opened his mouth to speak to her for the first time since last night. "I’m sorry.” She simply stared at him. After everything that happened since last night all he can say is that he’s sorry. “That’s it. You’re sorry. You’re not even going to try to explain what happened, why you were so angry. You are just going to say you’re sorry.” Chiara was about to get out of the bed when he grabbed her arm to stop her. 

“I’m sorry, I let the anger get the best of me. I shouldn’t have treated you like that. You did nothing to deserve it. There were these guys at the party that were saying these lewd things about you and the way that you were dressed. I took my anger out at you. I know that I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.” Chiara sighed when she heard his explanation. So he had been angry about that. “You know something, you’re lucky that I love you so much. If anyone else were to treat me like that, I would have kicked them." 

You could see a smile forming on his face at soon as those words left your lips. He knew that he was forgiven. "Well then, I suppose it’s really good that you love me. I promise, I’ll make it all up to you. I’ll make you breakfast, seeing as how my foolishness caused you to throw out the breakfast you made.” He had just been about to walk away to go make the breakfast when you stopped him this time. “You can make me breakfast later, but for now, just kiss me, you big oaf.” He didn’t need to be told twice. He leaned down and placed his lips on yours, the argument between you two, long forgotten.

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Claudio and Meg: Thoughts


  • has been upset before due to jealousy issues with Hero (albeit unfounded)
  • thinks Hero cheated on him with Robbie (although she didn’t) 
  • got very angry and upset about this
  • assumed it was true without communicating with Hero
  • got verbally (and a bit physically) abusive about this, in front of a whole bunch of people
  • is being bad-mouthed up and down the tag for this; Hero is getting tons of sympathy
  • has a friend (Pedro) who defended him after he yelled at Hero


  • has been upset before due to jealousy issues with Robbie (admittedly, well-founded)
  • thinks Robbie cheated on her with Hero (although he didn’t) 
  • got very angry and upset about this
  • assumed it was true without communicating with Robbie
  • got physically abusive about this, in front of a whole bunch of people
  • is getting sympathy up and down the tag for this; Robbie is getting bad-mouthed
  • has a friend (Beatrice, from the sounds of things) who commented approvingly after she yelled at Robbie and threw her drink in his face (at a previous party)

Now, having said all this, I know perfectly well that:

  • Hero and Robbie are not the same people; hearing a rumour that Robbie cheated is believable, whereas a rumour that Hero cheated is pretty ridiculous. It is much more reasonable for Meg to jump to the conclusion that what she heard about Robbie must be true than for Claudio to do so about Hero. (Although it’s also worth pointing out that Claudio believes he has witnessed the cheating with his own eyes, whereas Meg’s just hearing about it second-hand.)
  • Robbie certainly deserves to be villainized, because although he didn’t cheat on Meg, he certainly used her, and did so in order to mess up Hero’s life. We as the audience know this even if most of the characters don’t.

However, since the two people who were supposedly cheated on don’t know the cheating was faked, their perspectives are extremely similar to each other. Yet, the judgments being made about them (and their respective “cheaters”) by the audience are very different.

I think this is an interesting contrast that’s worth pointing out. Why are we so angry at Claudio but sympathetic towards Meg?

people have really mixed thoughts and i agree with a lot of different opinions but basically my thoughts are

  • this was in-character for Hero
  • she is an extremely nice and sweet person who forgives people
  • she obviously will not and has not forgotten
  • she is forgiving him for her and not for him
  • by letting go of her own anger she is allowing herself to move the fuck on with her own life instead of putting time and energy into being angry
  • very mature 
  • Claudio is indeed a dick but he is also a seventeen year old and this does not mean that he actually deserves to be drawn and quartered pls calm down he is redeemable (with a lot of character development and changes in overall thinking/behavior don’t get me wrong)
  • im happy with this video