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Great Moments In Warriors History: Fan Makes The Worst Sign Of All Time

Draymond Green was suspended for Game 5 of the Finals because of his inability to stop hitting people in the balls. His last nut slap occurred after LeBron James stepped over him, basically baiting him into the flagrant foul. LeBron also received a technical for his actions, but didn’t get suspended, probably because he hasn’t spent the playoffs hitting people in the genitals.

Afterward, LeBron complained - not about the slap itself, but that Draymond had crossed the line in his comments. An intrepid NBA reporter dug deep and determined that Draymond called LeBron a “bitch.” Immediately, the least qualified spokespeople for the Warriors weighed in. Klay Thompson took a break from vaping to opine that LeBron’s feelings had been hurt. Marreesse Speights claimed he’d lost the respect he and his mole had for LeBron since high school. And Steph’s Curry’s wife took to Twitter to denounce LeBron as well, always a great sign for a team’s chances. Just ask Tom Brady and Wes Welker!

Warriors fans took their cue from the team, booing LeBron constantly, even during warmups and his walk from the team bus. They made signs, too. One sign asked if it was time for LeBron’s baby bottle. One fan brought an oversized bottle. Another has a sign that read Most Valuable leBaby. Look, if you can’t decide between MVB and “LeBaby,” just include both!

The sign pictured above is perhaps the worst sign in sports fan history. First, it is printed out, and in multiple colors, showing a clear degree of planning. Every terrible thing about this sign was absolutely intentional. The sign suggests LeBron’s nickname should be “Loser Cry Baby James,” which is not even clever enough to be a Donald Trump insult. It sounds like something a drunk Hans & Franz would come up with. And the quotation marks!

“High road” is in quotes, as are “King James” and “Loser Cry Baby James” (imagine if someone didn’t think that was a direct quote!). There’s a parenthetical which confusingly claims LeBron’s feelings were “hurt,” which I guess is quoting Klay Thompson? “Hurt” is in caps, as are 60% of the words in the sign. There’s an ellipsis! Really, if you have to make a lot of decisions about punctuation, rethink your sign.

This sign makes the angry letter Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wrote after LeBron left for Miami look like the Gutenberg Bible. Comic Sans font would make this sign classier! There’s plastic snot coming out of the LeBron photo’s nose! This sign took hours of work, and at least one trip to the store. This is the Battlefield Earth of fan signs, only with even worse philosophy behind it.

Look at that kid, and then look at the proud parent behind him. That dad has never helped with a diorama or a science fair project, but he stayed home from work Monday to help his son craft this magnum opus of suck. If the worst parts of a YouTube comment section vomited on some posterboard, it would still look better than this sign.

And it’s laminated! So this terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad sign could be preserved forever, and presumably framed for display in the family home.

LeBron James scored 41 points and the Cleveland Cavaliers won.