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Bucky Barnes Series
-Your attraction to the brooding Winter Soldier is instant, but when you overhear him talking badly about your appearance those feelings of desire quickly turn to hate.

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Part Three

Part 1

The hall was large and full of bustling bodies going about their business, the formalities of greetings and pleasantries not helping to ease the slightly terse atmosphere.

You’d been personally invited to the loosely titled “get together” by Nic Fury, a move that hinted towards a promotion, but you wouldn’t let your mind linger on that thought. Your heels clacked as you walked, an echo of the countless other heels as you made your way towards your friend, and colleague Natasha.

She kissed your cheek in greeting, a hand finding your upper arm as she eyed you up. “So I see you went with the silk number.” She hummed, titling her chin. You winked at her flirtatiousness and nodded. “Just for you, Nat.” She smirked at this and you both laughed, falling into your old pattern and criticising the trivialities of events such as these. She found great pleasure though in the prospect of your promotion and you couldn’t help but narrow your eyes slightly at the devious expression that took over her face once you’d mentioned it.

“What is it?” You probed, gnawing on your bottom lip. Natasha had a bad habit of meddling, especially in matters that didn’t concern her.

“Nothing.” She cooed, taking your hand and leading you through the crowd. “Now let’s go introduce you to some people.” With an uneasy temperament you acquiesced and allowed her to tug you through the sea of people all clad in their expensive clothes, and over to a group of rowdy men and women that all cheered when they saw Nat’s oncoming curvaceous figure.

“This is Y/N.” Nat introduced you, after greeting the group herself. You smiled widely at the small gathering and earned a chorus of hello’s and hi there’s as you stood there, albeit rather awkwardly. Making your way through the people who turned out to be Nat’s teammates, she introduced to you each one in turn. Stark, who you knew from previous SHIELD missions anyway, was as flirtatious and sarcastic as ever, rivalled only by the silver haired Pietro who was joined at the hip with his kind-faced twin sister. You felt a connection between the two of you and when she asked for your contact number you could sense the oncoming growth of a blossoming friendship.

“Y/N this is-”

“Well hello there.” Nat was interrupted by a dark skinned, grinning man who introduced himself as “Sam. Sam Wilson.” But you were allowed to call him Falcon. The waft of alcohol that hit your face as he spoke made you cringe but you laughed at his attempts to flirt, introducing yourself and playing along until Nat grew tired and pushed him away.

“This is Steve.” Nat declared, as if you wouldn’t know Captain America when you saw him. You’d been in Russia for the last three years, not Mars. Smiling politely, you reached out your hand for him to shake and told him your name.

The sandy haired man raised his brows as he smiled. “Pretty name for a pretty girl.” You blushed at this and Nat chuckled, you laughed along and found his tainted cheeks and scrunched up face adorable.

“That was awful wasn’t it?” He cringed outwardly, pinching the bridge of his nose as he turned away. “Don’t blame you for trying!” Nat called at his retreating figure.

You were smiling widely now, the group had been extremely kind and welcoming towards you, perhaps Nat had told them about your last mission. Regardless, you enjoyed their friendliness- and the flirting wasn’t bad either. With a little sashay in your hips, Nat brought you over to the bar as she chewed on her bottom lip.

“I’m just going to go find someone, I’ll be right back.” She told you, her hand cupping your waist and then loosening as she walked off. Allowing your eyes to wander as you waited for the bartender to notice you, you couldn’t help but be drawn once more to the bulking figure of Mr Steve Rogers. His attempts at flirting weren’t lost on you and you blushed again at the memory of his flustered complexion. “Uh, Jack and Coke please.” You ordered quickly, the bartenders impatient brow prompting a speedy payment.

Sipping on your not-so-fancy drink and sitting on a bar stool, you found your eyes lingering on his figure once more. He was talking to someone and the muscles in his shoulders contracted beneath the blazer he wore as he laughed, it was as he stepped to the side you saw who it was he was talking to.

And boy did you stare. His eyes caught you off guard for a moment and you looked away, stealing glances at him that felt all too perverse. How could eyes be so blue? Hair look so soft? He was beautiful and the attraction you felt towards him was instantaneous, and he hadn’t even noticed you. You groaned inwardly, throwing back the last of your drink for confidence as you hopped off the stool.

With a confidence supplied by the alcohol now being pumped through your bloodstream, you sauntered past Steve, making sure to be in his view as you provided him with a view to be remembered. The feeling of more than one set of eyes on you proclaimed a job well done and you retired in the girls bathroom to compose yourself. Annoyingly, all the stalls in the ladies room were occupied and you were on the verge of peeing yourself, so after a few stolen glances and cautional yelps you barged into the boys toilets and locked yourself in a cubicle, almost sighing out loud as you relieved yourself.

The sound of feet entering the bathroom made you jump and you quickly hoisted your dress and feet up so you wouldn’t be caught trespassing.

“She looks amazing tonight.” One voice groaned, earning a few chuckles in assent.

“And her friend too.. oh my god did you see that ass? I almost died, I actually almost died.” A round of laughter filled the toilet as the banter between the men continued.

“I swear,” the same deep voice continued. “All of Nat’s friends are hot. It’s like a requirement of hers.”

“That must be why you two aren’t friends.” One guy retorted, a thumping sound suggesting a blow to the back had been delivered.

“She’s not that hot.” A new voice said, earning a few laughs. “No I’m serious, she’s passable but she’s not anything special. Nat’s friend, I mean.”

“Oh and you’re something special are you, Buck?” A familiar voice teased, with an edge of annoyance to it.

“Special enough to make her want me.” The same voice replied. The sound of zippers being pulled up was followed by the gushing of taps that could barely mask the sound of your blood boiling. There was no possible way he wasn’t talking about you.

“Two bucks says I can get her to go home with me tonight.”

“Buck that’s not funny, she’s a nice girl I think you’ve had a few too many tonight. Do you want me to call you a cab?”

“Yeah man that’s cold.”

The voices all blurred into one as you blinked back angry tears. What a pig. You didn’t know who this man was and you weren’t going to risk peeking through the stall and making a sound, so you stayed put even long after the gaggle of men had left and allowed yourself time to regain your composure.

“I won’t let this ruin my night.” You whispered, massaging your temple as you urged the caving sensation in your chest to leave you. “I deserve a good night.” You reminded yourself, straightening up, reapplying and correcting your makeup and dress as you slipped out, the mask of confidence back on. But you were determined to find that man, and you were going to destroy him.

“There you are!” Natasha called after three minutes of meandering, she had two drinks in her hands, passing one to you. It smelled fruity and her smile was even sweeter. After a moment you realised there was a man with her, the blue-eyed man from before. You bit the inside of your cheek and held back a blush, keeping your eyes low and your face blank.

“Y/N, this is Bucky.” She drawled out, “The guy I was looking for. I feel like you two will get along great you have a lot in common I think you’ll find.” But you weren’t listening to watch she was saying, oh no. All you could see was red. Because this was “Buck.” The misogynistic piece of crap that called you “passable”, that rated your worth at two dollars- and there he was- stood there smiling at you sleazily. Your jaw clenched in anger and you breathed in heavily through your nose to calm yourself.

“I’ll just leave you two to it.” Nat smirked. Good idea, you mentally assented. The less witnesses, the better.


Part Two

Part Three

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could you do msr cuddling for comfort pls? (7 from prompt list)

Set immediately after “Paper Clip”. 

“You don’t have to stay here with me, Mulder. I’m fine.” The words feel heavy on her tongue; just as heavy as his arms around her shoulder. She wants to push him away from her and she wants to cling to him here in the sterile hospital room that’s void of her sister’s presence.

“You need to go home, Scully. Where is your mother? I thought maybe you could stay with her for a while.” Disappointment bubbles up inside of her. She can’t recall the last time Melissa smiled at her, made fun of her. The only picture in her head right now is not of her sister. It’s her mother blinking away angry tears. ‘I need some time alone, Dana’, and all she could do was watch her mother shoulder her purse and leave her other daughter, the one who was still alive, here in the dead room. She had not been there when her sister, her mother, all her family had needed her most. Her punishment now is her solitude; the one she used to fight for all through her childhood.

“She went home,” she tells Mulder evenly, not allowing her emotions outside, “She wanted to be alone.” Right now, Scully imagines, she’s calling her brothers and giving them the news. There’ll be unspoken allegations and questions; Dana’s fault, she can almost hear Bill’s voice in her head. Is this about Dana? Charlie might ask, never jumping to conclusions head first, always ready to give his big sister the benefit of a doubt. This time, though… she doesn’t deserve it. The bullet had been aimed at her and she feels it almost, pain spreading in her abdomen, but someone else had taken it for her. Her sister.

“Let me take you home then,” Mulder’s voice is gentle, yet persistent, “You shouldn’t be here.” He’s wrong, of course. She should be here. It should have been her. Were Melissa here, she would laugh at her. Things happen for a reason, Danes. This crime, though, there is no reason for it. No sense in it. It should have been her, not Melissa. Scully turns to Mulder, her vision slightly blurry.

“I’m fine, Mulder. You go home. These last few days haven’t been easy for you either.” He shakes his head and she feels it more than she sees it.

“I’m not leaving here without you. Come on.” he says but Scully remains frozen, her eyes fixated on the empty hospital bed; she can’t believe Melissa has been here and is gone now. A world without her seems implausible.

“I can’t go home, Mulder.” Her voice is barely above whisper and when Mulder doesn’t react, she fears he didn’t hear her. Then his hand is on her shoulder, strong and certain.

“You can stay with me. Just let’s get out of here, all right?” She can’t. She just can’t. “Please.” He adds, his voice almost breaking and finally she nods.

The drive to his apartment is quiet. She doesn’t have any clothes with her, no overnight bag, nothing. He asks if she wants to take a shower and she shakes her head no, but changes her mind and gives him a nod instead. Mulder rummages through his drawers and finally comes up with a faded T-Shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

“They should almost fit.” His smile is warm, gentle, and she mouths a thank you as she takes the clothes from him. They smell clean and faintly of him. She locks herself in his bathroom, takes off all her clothes and crumples them up. She throws them into a corner knowing she’ll never wear them again.

When she emerges twenty minutes later, Mulder is making up his couch. He gives her an apologetic look and continues trying to make the couch as comfortable as possible.

“Where will you sleep?” Scully asks him. She’s seen his bedroom or rather the room where his bed should be.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m sorry I don’t have a real bed for you.”

“Mulder, you need to sleep, too.”

“Nah, I’ll be fine. Really, Scully. Don’t worry about me.” How can she not worry about him? His face shows exhaustion and something she interprets as sorrow. A look he reserves for his sister usually. This time she knows it’s for her sister, for Melissa. She doesn’t know what passed between these two when she was in the hospital, grasping for her own life. Melissa had merely smiled when she’d asked about it and Mulder? He hadn’t said anything except that he couldn’t believe she and Melissa were sisters.

“Scully?” His voice jolts her back to reality; a reality where she can’t ask her sister for advice, ask her to comfort her, be there for her in return. Tears constrict her throat and Scully refuses to let them fall. It might be easy for Mulder to show her this side of him; this vulnerable man, who is not invincible, who doesn’t know how to handle things and dives in first. A man who sleeps on the couch, lulled to sleep by the sound of fish swimming in a darkness illuminated by their tank, hoping his demons won’t find them in the faint light.

“Mulder, I want you to – could you stay here with me?” His surprised expression soon gives way to an uncertain smile.

“Of course,” he clears his throat, “If that’s what you want.” Scully nods and sits down on the couch. It feels soft and surprisingly right. She stares up at Mulder, who switches off the lights before he carefully lies down behind her. Scully, still in her upright position, feels him there; his warmth a comfort she is not ready to allow herself just yet.

“Just try to sleep, Scully.” But she is afraid to close her eyes. She is afraid that her demons might find her here in this strange apartment. Mulder’s hand comes up to touch her back. When she doesn’t stop him, he begins to gently draw circles there.

“It’ll be all right, Scully. I promise. I’ll be here.” Just as a test, she closes her eyes. Soothing darkness, nothing else. Opening her eyes again, she draws up her legs and lies down. Their bodies barely touch and it’s not enough. Scully scoots back until her back is to his chest. She feels him startle and recover quickly. His arm tentatively comes up and lands on her hip. Scully feels the question in the air; is this all right? She takes his arm, warm and strong, and puts it fully around her. She clasps his hand, whispers a kiss against it, and blinking a few times, she finally closes her eyes for real. Mulder breathes against her neck, the steady rhythm a gentle lullaby.

“You sleep, Scully,” he whispers against her, “I’ll keep you safe.” And she trusts him, lets herself fall. When she wakes up hours later, a nightmare or maybe just a memory, he tightens his arm around her, leaves a kiss on her neck that they’ll never speak about again and promises her to make it all better.

And she believes him.

Embarrassing memories (Young! Remus Lupin)

Request: Could u maybe make a Remus x Reader where Remus meet Reader’s parents? If you do it, thank you so much!


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‘Are you even listening to me!!’ Y/N cried out as she looked at her calm boyfriend who was laying on their bed and humming a song, looking as if he was daydreaming, like she didn’t just ramble for 13 minutes straight about meeting his parents.
'REMUS’ Y/N screamed in frustration as she ran her hair through her hair. Remus looked at her and sighed before getting up and wrapping his arms around Y/N pulling her in a hug, his right arm around her back as his left arm wrapped around her head, playing with her hair
'Calm down love, no need to get so worked up! They’ll absolutely love you!’ Remus uttered as he pulled her in close and kissed her forehead

Nervously straightening her Black Katrina Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Y/N looked at the door in front of her. Looking at his girlfriend, Remus could see the nervousness in her soft eyes. ‘Stop worrying so much’ Remus took her hands in his, as he smiled down at her, and before Y/N could say anything the Lupin’s household’s door opened, revealing a beautiful woman, probably in her middle 40s. ‘Remus, dear, how are you’ The woman, who she knew is Mrs.Lupin due to Remus calling her mum as they hugged, looked at Y/N with a welcoming smile ‘You must be Y/N. You look lovely dear’ Smiling at the compliment, Y/N looked at Remus as he gave her an encouraging smile
‘Thank you Mrs Lupin’
‘Oh, please dear, call me Hope. Now why don’t you two come in.’

Walking into the house, Y/N looked around the living room. There was a brown couch in the middle, accompanied by 2 chairs, one on each side, and two chairs parallel to each of them, and between the chairs a ceramic black table. In the space between, there was a caramel rug, designed with white and brown circle patterns. The walls were white with photos around. There was a door to the right, that was currently open exposing a small hallway that contained a door at the end and a door on the right, probably leading to the kitchen and the guests bathroom. And on the left, there was a staircase, leading to the bedrooms upstairs. Hope Lupin left the two alone as she went to inform her husband of his son and his girlfriend’s arrival. Taking that as a chance to look clearly at the photos around, Y/N moved closer to one with a young Remus sitting on a table with a small cake in front of him and three candles on top of the cake, indicating that he’s three years. The young boy had a big, goofy smile on his face as his hands were clapping together and his parents stood behind him, beaming at him.

‘Go ahead and have a seat you two’

'When Remus was 5–’ Hope Lupin started as she placed the plates in the sink while Y/N picked up things from the table, placing them on the counter 'oh, Merlin’ Remus muttered as he knew where this conversation is going

’–he had this, how do I say it, umm, phase, where he wanted a sister, he saw this pair of siblings is the park, a boy and a girl, he accidentally knocked the girl over while running and the boy, her brother, came and told Remus to watch where he is going–’ and that’s the point where Remus started running every unsuccessful scenario that could get him out of here. The embarrassment that will happen in a few minutes away from this moment is unbeatable. No one could possibly embarrass him more.

'There’s a picture’ oh boy, there is something more embarrassing

Y/N’s laughter filled the kitchen 'I’m sorry, but–’ the girl couldn’t help but burst out laughing again 'I’m sorry, you’re saying that there is a picture of 5 year old Remus. In a dress?’ The girl asked while laughing lightly as Lyall Lupin summoned a photo album while chuckling at the memory along with his wife. And that’s when Remus’ head slammed on the table before him, trying to knock himself out from the incoming embarrassment.

Feeling the heat rush to his neck, Remus bite his lips and closed his eyes so tight, trying to concentrate on anything but the scene happening in front of him. At the moment, his girl - Y/N- was clutching her stomach and leaning on the table for support as tears appeared out of the corner of her eyes.

Y/N always knew that Remus had a lovely home life, he was happy along with his parents, well, as happy as being a werewolf could be. However, nothing prepared her for seeing a 5 year old, smiling while wearing a sparkly, bushy pink dress with halo above his head and a fairy stick in his right hand while his left hand rested on his hip. The sight was so adorable yet it was funny because the boy looked ready to sass someone into oblivion 'oh Merlin! This is gold’ Y/N gasped as she tried to stop laughing, but it was proven nearly impossible as soon as she looked at the photo again, and as soon as she burst out laughing for the second time, Remus got up, snatched the photo and placed it on top of the tallest thing he could reach making Y/N whine and pout.

'Nu-ugh’ Remus said as he shook his head 'not gonna happen, not gonna bring the album. And dad, don’t even conjure it’ the older male Lupin looked at his son and raised his eyebrows, upon seeing his father’s look Remus corrected himself 'please don’t’

'Well, dear, from your reaction I’m going to guess that Remus didn’t tell you anything about that’ Hope Lupin stated as she smiled warmly at Y/N. Looking at the woman that proved to be one of the best mothers to ever exist, Y/N shook her head and giggled 'oh Godric, no. If Sirius, James and Peter hear about this they will not let him live it down a day till the end of their lives’

'Alright, alright. How about we make this fair and I say a story about my 5 year old self’ Y/N said as she helped Hope Lupin place some drinks on the table 'well, I don’t have a photo but when I was younger, I vividly remember that I thought I was a rockstar and I used to crash birthday parties in parks and sing my lungs off’ Remus couldn’t help but chuckle, somehow, he didn’t find this unusual, even for her younger self, his girl is the one to do this kind of thing, his parents smiled at the girl as she let a small laugh escape her lips 'and that’s not all! Once a lady told me to get off the table and I told her “Suck my ass” in a very serious manner’ Remus laughed as he shook his head while Hope Lupin laughed and Lyall Lupin chuckled, but it was clear that he found this so amusing 'oh Merlin! Son, marry that girl’ and with that sentence all laughter stopped suddenly that you’d think they’d all died.

Going back to their flat, Y/N and Remus didn’t utter a word all the way there. The tension between them could be broken in half. Y/N didn’t know if it’s because of what his dad told him or because of what he told his parents. Remus however, wasn’t aware that Y/N heard every word he told his parents, and she therefore, has been thinking about how she can erase his doubts, his fears, his insecurities.

Remus wasn’t normally an insecure person, but when it comes to the topic of his lycanthropy he gets hesitant, insecure and scared. No matter what the people who love him reassure him that it doesn’t change their idea about him, he still considers the society’s opinion on this matter, and the society is cruel.

I’m not good enough for her mum! I turn into a monster every month. Once we leave Hogwarts, I won’t be able to get her what she wants, what she needs! I won’t be what she deserves.

Remus’ words replayed in her mind like a broken record.

Have you seen her dad! How pretty and perfect she is! How could I be what she wants! She is beautiful, gorgeous. She is breathtaking. And me! I am hideous, littered in scars!

Exiting the bathroom, Y/N closed the door gently as she walked through the small hallway to the bedroom.

Remus was standing in front of a full length mirror, looking over at his scars-covered chest. His expression blank, his eyes however, are another story. Showing the pain and horror that he has been going through since his first transformation. The sadness and the weight of the world on his shoulders.

'I heard you’ a voice cut through the room. Looking at his girl standing by the door in a long, red nightgown, Remus blinked at her words, losing the ability to reply to the sentence, for he had no idea what he should say.

'I don’t care-’

'Well, you’re an idiot then’ Remus yelled, trying to get his point across 'you deserve more, better! Look at me Y/N! LOOK AT ME!’

'I AM!’ Y/N shouted right back with tears in her eyes, for she has never seen Remus this angry. Sighing and blinking the tears away, she walked forwards, a few feet left between the couple.

Y/N’s voice softened 'I am looking at you-’ one step closer ’- and what I see is an honest, honorable, smart, handsome man-’ one step forward ’- what I see is the first guy and the only guy I’ve been in love with-’ one step closer, hand pressed against his chest ’- what I see is a boy who was forced upon a hard life at a young age-’ tracing his scars ’- what I see is a small boy that went through so much pain just to become a small cub that can barely howl-’ looking into his eyes as a lone tear fell down her face ’- I don’t need better, because you’re the best. I don’t want better, because I want you’

Wrapping his arms around her, Remus whispered his apology as Y/N relaxed in his arms, laying her head in his chest while wrapping her arms around his back.

'I’m so sorry, m'love’
Kissing her forehead Remus knew how lucky he is, and he will not lead her away.



I hope you liked it and I’m sorry if it’s not up to expectations

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Siren’s Gold, Chapter 3

Author Notes: Alright y’all, here’s some more. Sorry it took so long. This is Chapter 3 of the Pirate AU fic. I hope you all enjoy it! I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a reply or shoot me a message!

Read it on AO3 here
Ship: Pirate McCree/MerHanzo

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[SFW] Reader finds friends at Overwatch

You know, most people probably think bathroom stalls are boring, but when you spend every meal hiding in one you learn to appreciate all the little differences. Like this one at Watchpoint Gibraltar. It’s on the first floor of crew quarters, right off the mess hall. Only someone who’d taken refuge here for days on end would know which stall had the best graffiti. Luckily you were that special someone and it was in the second stall from the left you sat carving, ‘Soldier 76 steals candy from babies.’ Immature? Maybe. But it made you feel better.

While putting the finishing touches on your masterpiece, the door to the ladies room swung open. “I’ll be right there Zarya! I just need to wash my hands.” You peered through the door gap and saw a small Chinese girl with glasses. What was her name? Molly? Max? Oh yeah it was, “Mei!” The scientist perked up when her name was called. You gasped and clapped your hands over your mouth.

“Is that you Dr. Zeigler?” Internally screaming, you flushed the toilet and sheepishly exited the stall. “Nope, not her. Don’t mind me. I’ll just go…” Mei canted her head to the side and look genuinely confused. “Are you okay? Your eyes are puffy. I hope you haven’t been crying.” Shit. After taking a quick glance in the mirror to confirm your sorry state, you stammered, searching for an excuse. “Oh d-don’t worry about it. It’s been a long day and… And… I’m not feeling so well so I’m gonna hit the hay. Just pretend I was never here.” Mei seemed oblivious to your excuses. “If you’re sick then perhaps you should eat! It’s supper time. Would you like to join me? Usually we all eat together anyway, like one big family!”

Your stomach knotted itself up. The past few days had been a lesson in suffering. Overwatch was divided into old vetrans and young talent. You’d had luck talking to Lucio and D.Va. Zenyatta was kind to everyone. But beyond that people’s reactions were limited to passive agressive distrust. Soldier was the worst. He delighted in berrating you any chance he got. Some of the other vets would laugh along with his jabs. Nobody ever spoke on your behalf.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ll grab something once everyone else has gone to bed. I’m really not hungry.” But Mei was having none of that. She took you by the arm and introduced you to Zarya who was waiting patiently outside the door. Mei rambled on about how the two met and became fast friends. You even cracked a smile when Zarya said they’d soon be Overwatch’s hot new item. These ladies seemed nice enough. Maybe dinner was just the thing you needed.

A gruff voice guaranteed you were wrong. “Mei, Zarya. Are you trying to join up with Talon now?” Surprisingly, Zarya clapped back without hesitation, “You wish old man. With us here there’s no room for damaged goods.”

“Damaged goods? Let me hear you say that after I’ve wiped out a room of Talon’s footsoldiers.” Soldier turned his cold gaze to you. “Hopefully I kill a couple of your buddies so you know what side you’re fighting for.” Your eyes blinked back angry tears.

“Jack how could you say such a thing!” Mei was horrified. “I’ve never known you to be such a bully.”

“You don’t know anything! That girl’s Talon through and through. Nobody has ever up and and left them. Winston may trust you but I won’t let my guard down. You’ll never be a part of Overwatch. And if you try anything, if you even think about harming anyone here, I’ll gun you down myself!” Soldier slammed his fist on the table before stomping menacingly back to quarters, shoulder checking you on the way. Your cheeks burned with embarassment and hurt. Mei and Zarya stood in stunned silence.

“I told you this was a bad idea.” You shook your head. “I’m gonna go… Just… Leave me alone…”

“I think not little one. Friends don’t let friends cry alone.” The hulking bodybuilder smiled before snatching you up in a big bear hug. Mei was laughing, happy to clear the air. And you felt the first rays of hope shining down.

“Friends?” Things were starting to look up.

The Devil and the Dead: Chapter Five

Based on @ectoimp‘s absorbing AU sketches (Most of which can be found here!).  

I’m giving credit and kudos to @arthur-tristan-kingsmen, @phantoms-lair, @answrs and of course, the illustrious @ectoimp for some of the discourse which guided the idea from vague AU to the story that does not want to stop running through my head. And for constantly adding new cute headcanons that are promising to make this longer.

Summary:  At first all he knew was darkness— rage, pain and the ultimate sting of betrayal.  And then Lewis opened his eyes…

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Chapter Five: Dead and Gone

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some days all I wanna do is talk about dark Percy for ages on end because let’s be honest. there’s villains, there’s despicable people, then there are monsters. and dark Percy falls into the monster category. he is literally a hurricane on the horizon and an earthquake below your feet with a smile on his face and eyes dark while he tears your world apart and enjoys it. dark Percy is a Percy who has given in and let it all go — there’s a reason the gods are canonically terrified of him. Percy doesn’t need to be the prophecy kid twice over to destroy the planet. he just needs to get angry enough because he literally is only limited by the amount of water nearby ( did you know even the air you breathe contains water ??? well now you do ) because while it’s his weapon it’s also what recharges him. water is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. 

playlist for when i'm angry

Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects // Thanks For Nothing - The Downtown Fiction // You Don’t Mean Anything - Simple Plan // Let Yourself Go - Green Day // Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit // Dogs Eating Dogs - Blink-182 // She Wants To Be Me - Busted // Shut Up - Simple Plan // High School Never Ends - Bowling For Soups // Rumor Mill - We Are The In Crowd // Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance // Fucked Up World - The Pretty Reckless

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TIM AND DAMIAN “Would you mind not setting my stuff on fire every time you get angry?” PLZ I BEG U OMG

I got a few requests for this, so I’m lumping them all into this post. Thanks and enjoy!

Prompt List Here | Ask me Here

Damian was sketching when a shadow fell over the paper in his lap. He continued to push his pencil across the page in an arc. He worked on his picture for another minute before the room’s other occupant cleared his throat. Damian glanced up and found Tim standing over him. Arms crossed, face a scowl.

“Can I help you, Drake?” Damian asked.

His brother watched him for another beat before uncrossing his arms and holding out the charred remains of a hoodie, the smell of acrid burned fabric drifting off it. Damian raised an eyebrow at the hoodie. He had a feeling he knew where the conversation was about to go, but he wasn’t ready to admit to anything before he knew for sure.

“Did you fall asleep with your elbow against the coffee pot again?”

“That happened one time.” Tim said then narrowed his eyes at Damian. “Before you ever even showed up, so why would you know about—” he trailed.

Damian smirked. “An easy guess, Drake. Thank you for the confirmation.” He turned back to his sketch to the sound of Tim sputtering.

“Pay attention. This has nothing to do with my falling asleep anywhere.”

Damian looked back up, tapping the eraser of his pencil against his paper. “I don’t see why. It’s obvious you’ve burned your hoodie. Perhaps by spilling acid? Or you tried to help Pennyworth in the kitchen?”

Tim crossed his arms again, the blackened hoodie flopping against his forearm and smearing his arm with ash. “Then let me make it clear, would you mind not setting my stuff on fire every time you get angry?”

Damian blinked up at him. He hadn’t set any of Tim’s stuff on fire in over a week. Been angry, yes. Took it out on the brother closest in age with him? No.

“Contrary to popular belief I don’t always set your stuff on fire. Sometimes it’s Todd’s.”

“And never Dick’s?”

Damian gave him a shocked look. “Grayson is off limits, even you know that. Now—” He set his sketchbook aside and stood, brushing loose eraser shavings off his pants. “Let’s go find out who burned your favorite hoodie.”

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Misery Loves Company

Fandom: VLD

Words: 1128

Pairing: Mateith (Matt x Keith)

G. Sickfic.


The sneeze is brutal, even if he’s been expecting it for some time. The annoying, tingly sensation on the back of his throat had been a dead giveaway, as well as the itching inside his nose. Matt felt the bastard coming long before it happens.

But even prepared for it, it takes him by surprise.

And God, he hates it.

His temples throb, his throat hurts, and his nose is dripping. Disgusted, he promptly dabs at it with his too abused tissue, thinking that he needs to change it soon. It’s so wet, it’s almost useless.

The sniffing noise he makes then is rather pathetic, if he’s being honest with himself.

“Bless you,” Keith says at his side, voice nasal.

“Thanks,” Matt grumbles, sniffing again. “I hate being sick,” he moans, discarding the sodden tissue and extracting a new one from the box they’ve been sharing.

He blows his nose and relishes the brief moment in which he’s able to feel fresh air entering through his nostrils. It’s over before he can actually enjoy it, though, and he scowls to show the world his misery.

“I know,” Keith says drily, but the tone lacks his usual grumpiness.

In fact, he’s smiling, and Matt thinks he looks beautiful even with a red nose and sunken gray-blue eyes.

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There Comes a Train (Part 1)

Title: There Comes a Train

Pairing: Newt Scamander x fem!reader

Other Characters: Leta Lestrange, Tina Goldstein, Queenie Goldstein, Jacob Kowalski

Word Count: 1872

Warnings: (TRIGGERS) angst, death, depression, hallucinations, suicide

Summary: Leta Lestrange surprises you all when she pushes through the door begging Newt to come back home with her. Threats are thrown and you defend your friends. However, you face some consequences.

A/N: Hello Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter fandom! This gets a bit dark so read the warnings… But enjoy!


She came back for him that night.

You remembered the way her name rolled off his lips; in surprise and want.

Leta barged into the Goldsteins’ apartment after dinner with the sisters and Jacob. She begged your Newt to leave with her immediately, to go back to England and catch up there. She hadn’t had any regard to his new friends, waving them off when Newt had tried to introduce them.

You were flooded with relief when your boyfriend refused, unable to leave you and his friends behind so quickly.

But Leta couldn’t accept that. It was when she pulled out her wand and threatened you all that your blood really began to boil. You were already seething beneath your cool visage, but to put your new family at danger… well, now you were just a force to be reckon with.

Your wand slipped from inside your sleeve and was then obscurely grasped in your clammy hand.

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The Typhlosion blinks as the stranger approaches, brought out of his reverie by their voice. He raises his head, curious and mildly startled, and listens, freezing at the final sentence.

“Stop being weak and weepy.”

Barathon’s expression bends into a snarl, eyes fixating to stare the unusual Leafeon down. He growls- deep and rumbling- as a spark of flame bursts from the vents on his back.

“You’ve got an awful lot of nerve talkin’ to me like that,” he snarls, rising from his spot to tower over the stranger.

“In fact, I’d say you’re lookin’ for a beating. You think I’m ‘weak,’ ‘ey? I’ll show you weak!

Barathon wants to fight!



Questioning the Combinations: Pisces Sun x Scorpio Moon

“Describe yourself in a few random words”

Highly sexual, heartfelt, close friends, passionate, music, cold weather, deep colors, dreams, sweetness, emotional, secretive.

“What do you like best about your personality?”

01. I’m almost a mother to my friends, I can cheer them up or comfort them really quickly. I always listen to their problems and I try to give them good advice. / 02. I like that I can be flirty without being overly possessive or monogamous. / 03. I like that I’m weird around my friends but in a positive way so I think people have fun being around me, I always talk about the strange dreams I have and aliens and strange conspiracy theories, I’m always down for adventures and for talking for hours and hours of philosophy and other deep arguments

“What’s most contradicting about your personality?”

01. I usually take care of others and I love doing so, however I also need to be babied and need someone to take care of me as well. / 02. Sometimes, I really want to care about someone but I just don’t, I can’t force myself to. Other times I care so much, but my way of showing love isn’t always the same. / 03. Everything about me is fire and ice, black and white, on and off. I can go from liking someone to hating them in an instant. I can go from being happy to being angry without blinking an eye. / 04. How I want both privacy and personal connection with others.

This is my favorite by her. Thought maybe you could add it. 


For Franny 

You love each other until the city becomes beautiful. 

Until this gutter becomes a monument to that time you 

needed menthols, in the pouring rain, in the summertime, 

in the middle of the night. Until the street lamps lighting 

the way to sundown become constellations guiding you home. 

You love each other until you build yourself a city. 

The couch is City Hall, the TV set is County Jail, the bed

is an elementary school playground. It is always recess. 

You love each other until the city loves you back. 

Lining up crosswalks with your doorstep, placing

taxicabs on corners. There is a deli with ice cream

up the block, you have everything you need. 

You love the city, when you love each other. 

And when you wake up in a city that you don’t recognize, 

and the traffic lights blink angry, 

it is not because the city has grown cold. 

It is not because your hands no longer fit in his. 

It is because it is someone else’s turn to lean 

out her window into the cold cold morning and say, 

Baby, look at all those traffic lights, blinking their way into dawn. 

This is a Masterlist of all of the Newsies fan fics I have written between February 2014 and February 2015.

For fics written prior to February 2014 look here:

Fics written about the musical are labeled “Musical ‘verse”. The others are all for the movie.

I’m always accepting prompts (even if I don’t always get to them quickly), and I’m always willing to discuss headcanons and prompts pertaining to Newsies. I think it goes without saying that if you like any of these stories (or even dislike a couple) and give me feedback, I’ll be super happy about it.

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