angry biology

Honestly though

Seeing people like ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SCIENCE’ when the science is there and being shown to you is just showing me that they have no idea how science works.

Science is not static, science is constantly moving it’s observations and hypothesis and gathering data and then sometimes trying things again  and yes guess what we may have said one thing 20 years ago.

But that was 20 years ago. Things have changed. People have researched and found new information. 

Also science isn’t just one field. Science is a whole bunch of different fields working together to provide more information to develop a clearer picture.

I like to spread out my postings because I don’t dive everyday… But look at how angry this Queen angel fish is at me! Made me laugh.

The one grad student was talking about how depressing his office is which is attached to the collection. And I mean it is. But my boss is like it’s worse than in the collection. And I’m standing there like… The collection is my safe place where I feel comfortable & happy for the most part. It’s cozy. Idk maybe I just haven’t been here long enough to have the collection loose it’s charm. But it’s like the one place on campus that if I’m upset going there makes me feel better.

A moment for Mike Brown.

I don’t post politics, as a rule. In fact, I tend to not post ANYTHING that isn’t prompt fills, but right here and now I am a British white female watching the abortion of justice that is Ferguson in this moment and I am so far beyond angry, so far beyond devastated, and it isn’t my country.

It is my world, however. It is yours.

If there was ever a moment for a blog like this to get political, this is it, and I mean it - be angry. Wherever you are in the world, however much you know or do not, know this: a boy was murdered, and his murderer is not facing justice.

There is a chance for the prosecution to continue pursuing the issue, but that is not the point. Protests are pulling communities apart while anybody tries to make sense of a justice system that allows institutional murder on the grounds of racism.

It is racism.

Never, ever forget. Whoever you are, whatever your life has been or is or will be. Never forget the people like Mike Brown who were never allowed a chance, for a quirk of their biology.

Be angry.