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I’ve been having great success using an Emotion Wheel to create NPCs. (by  Higgs_Bosun)

To quote the reddit post:

“An emotion wheel is a tool for building emotional language. It often ends up looking like a color wheel, with broader base emotions at the center, and then more specific, nuanced emotions near the periphery. [Above] is an example of what one looks like.

I first came across this during a counselling session a few months ago, and had it laying out while prepping for D&D. I was looking at a table of NPC emotions, and they were all very close to the center. I checked out the wheel, and updated my existing NPCs. For example: Instead of simply an angry bartender, I now had a bitter and violated angry bartender. It gave me a lot more to play on, reasons for the anger, ideas for ways my players could provoke the anger, but also ways in which they could win the trust of the bartender.

It was ideal. It was easier for me to express the bartender’s emotions to the players, and rather than him simply being angry for no reason, he was simmering and grumbling, but he only truly became angry when someone tried to take advantage of him. And then it became serious, fast.

If you’re having difficulty breathing life into your characters, and you feel like the happy wandering salesman or the sad faerie queen don’t give you enough, find an emotion wheel, and give those feelings some depth.

Anyone else found useful tools like this?”

Would You Like That, ‘Girlfriend’?

Summary: Cas decides to be your fake boyfriend so that a bartender will finally leave you alone.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2200

Warnings: smutty-ish, public dry humping???? (idek lol), language, Cas says the word “fuck” a lot (idk its a head canon of mine that Cas drops the F-bomb a lot when he’s turned on)

A/N: this is for @marksheppardischarming‘s June writing challenge! My prompt was “fake dating” :-)

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You, Sam, Dean and Cas had just arrived back at the bunker from a hunt a state over, and although it was a successful one, it was long and tiring. You couldn’t wait to snuggle into your PJ’s and watch some Netflix.

“You guys wanna go to Mel’s?” Dean suddenly asked, right as you were going to make your way to your room.

You audibly groaned. Mel’s was the only bar near the bunker and the bartender, Rick, was always hitting on you.

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Tequila Shot

Request: After I read Indulge Me, I was thinking will you write one where the reader is the bartender and Derek her customer? I would love to read that! :D

Word count: 2159

Author’s note: I enjoyed writing this so much! I hope all of you my dearest Cinnamon Rolls will like the storyline I came up with for this imagine c: As always, thank you for the request, Anon! Also, let me wish you all you beautiful girls out there a happy Women’s Day with this fic! ❤

Warnings: language

I go to the bar with Cora. She invited me because she’s too scared to come alone, albeit she looks confident on the outside. She is now finally in college, studying what she has always wanted to, and it makes me proud as her elder brother. Not long after we enter the place, Cora spots her friends from campus, and walks over to them, leaving me all alone.

Swallowing back my frustration at having come here unnecessarily, I approach the bar. There are people playing either darts or billiard, but I’m not in the mood to join in to them. I opt to drown my frustration in alcohol, although I know it will have little to no effect on me.

I slide on one of the tall stools, surveying the drinks that are put neatly on display on shelves on the opposite brick wall. The lights above me sprinkle an orangey colour, casting everything in a warm shade – it partially settles my inner world, too.

I’m busy contemplating what to order when a soft voice asks, “What can I get you?”

When I look over to the source, I notice a girl, fixing me with a sweet smile. She’s wearing a raspberry-red button-up shirt with a black bottom apron, a white towel in her hand.

“Whiskey and coke,” I decide in the end. She grabs a glass from under the bar, puts it on the surface and pours out the drinks for me. She drops two ice cubes in it, too.

“Three or more will take away its power, or so they say,” she comments as she reflexively wipes the bar clean with a cloth despite there weren’t any patches. She shoots a smile over at me, this time a sharper one, less sweet and more foxy. Dammit if she doesn’t look positively gorgeous. “And you seem like you don’t fancy being here.”

“I’d rather not talk about it,” I reply, taking a sip from my drink. I nurse it between my fingers, turning the glass a couple times, my eyes trained on it instead of her. From my peripheral vision, I can see her propping her hands on the counter they have behind the bar, her head lolling to the side like a kitten’s.

“Hey, it’s okay,” she says, whisking. “Everyone tells their issues eventually. I’m practically a psychologist, I just don’t have a degree.”

Her comment makes me snort under my breath. I glance up at her from under my lashes, making her smile widen on her attractive features.

“I’m not your typical patient, I’m afraid,” I reply, choosing to play along with her.

“Oh? We’ll see about that,” she winks. “I have an arsenal of drinks, and you only have one brain and one liver to resist me.”

“I don’t think you want to bet me on that one,” I shoot back. I realize with a start that my voice has dropped a tad lower; it’s flirtatious now, without me even realizing it. Am I really going to flirt with this bartender?

She walks away when she’s waved over to the opposite side of the bar by a man. He looks like he’s been here for quite a while, and he’s at least tipsy by now, if the rosy nose and cheeks and dazed eyes are any indication.

“Hello,” comes from next to me suddenly. Tearing my eyes away from the bartender, I whip my head around to find another girl sitting next to me on a stool. The smile she’s sending my way is tentative, afraid. I realize it’s one of the girls Cora ditched me for. “You here alone?”

I briefly consider lying to her before answering, “Yes.”

“You see, your sister has already said a lot about you,” she continues. Apparently my response gave her confidence, like a reassurance that I’m open to possibilities for tonight. Mentally, I curse Cora – why the Hell is she talking about me to her friends? She knows I’m not the type to accept any push when it comes to finding a parter for myself. Besides, I could find someone if I wanted to.

On their own accord, my eyes flick at the bartender.

I shake my head. “Yeah? And what’d she say?” I ask, downing my drink. When the bartender approaches to refill it and my heart flutters, I realize that unconsciously I wanted to bring her closer to me by doing that. What the Hell is wrong with me?

“Can I get you something, too?” the bartender asks. Her smile isn’t as genuine as it was when I was still alone, and I can smell the uneasiness pouring off of her, mingling with the scent of Cora’s friend, which is full of hope, excitement and slight arousal, all of these directed at me. The only problem is that I have no intentions of reciprocating any of them.

“Vodka and orange,” she replies, but she hardly looks at the other girl, who just nods, acknowledging the order and proceeding to prepare it for her. “So, as for Cora, she said she had an elder brother who was smokin’ hot, and I have to say, she wasn’t overestimating,” she compliments. I force a smile on my face.

“Thanks,” I say, before adding a tad lower with the rim of the glass at my lips, “I guess.”

“She said you used to play basketball at high school,” she continues. I shrug, acting indifferent to her interest. “Did you get a scholarship to university?”

“Yes,” I answer simply. I hope my one-word replies will make her realize I’m not in the mood for some chit-chat at the moment. Her scent changes now; it’s alarmed and borders on desperate. She chews on her lower lip.

“Don’t you want to join us? We’re going to play billiard, and we are an odd number.”

I glance over at them, Cora waving for me furiously to accept the invitation, but I can’t find it in me to stand up from the bar. I turn back to the girl.

“Sorry, I’m actually a bit tired now,” I say, gulping down the rest of my drink. “Besides, I’m kinda dared for a bet,” I add, looking over at the bartender, who perks up at my statement. She grins as she turns and approaches me. Cora’s friend gives her a judging look – she smells of slight jealousy and disdain as she sips on her drink. I grin at the bartender with a wide, seductive smile, sliding my glass over to her on the bar. “Will you refill this for me?”

“Sure,” she agrees easily. “But I’m not mixing it for you – you seem to be doing just fine, too fine in fact, and if I’m not wary enough, you will drink me out of my paycheck.”

I chuckle at her snarky comment, allowing myself to get lost in watching her preparing my new serving. As she puts it on the bar, she glances up at me playfully from under her eyelashes. I down the pure whiskey in one go, making her shiver.

“Ugh, I practically felt that,” she says, face contorted into one of disgust. “You must have killed all your nerves in your gullet or something, or you must be a hardcore drinker, because it’s not everyday that I see someone do that with such ease.”

“Oh, I can do this all night,” I shoot back teasingly, lifting the glass and holding it over to her. As she takes it from me, her fingertips brush against my skin, sending a wave of electricity through my body. It throws me for a loop and makes me question the whys of it.

“I should have known better when you so confidently said I didn’t want to bet you on this, I assume?” she asks, putting the refilled glass back in front of me.

“Apparently you’re starting to get to know me,” I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively, moving the glass to my mouth, never letting go of her gaze.

“I wonder how well you’d handle a salt-lime-tequila shot,” she teases.

“Oh, bring it on,” I accept without a second thought. Ice cubes jingle as she drops them in the glass. As she’s shaking the drink, I add, “Although I prefer it with a little twist, to be honest.”

“A twist?” She pours the tequila on the ice. The rim of the glass is covered in a ring of salt, for she has dipped it in the flavouring. “What kind?” she asks, dropping a slice of lime in it for me before sliding it in front of me. She props herself on the counter again, tilting her head like she did when I arrived. I lick my lip at the mental image and try to hide my cocky half smile behind the glass, apparently with not much success, because she says, “Seems to me it must be a good one.”

I’m about to say it is, but she’s called over by that man again. She leaves, and I’m left with Cora’s friend again.

“How do you like to do the tequila shot?” she asks. I almost reply with a “You’re too young” comment, but I perk up when I overhear the man talking to the bartender. I look there to see what’s happening.

“Come on, have a drink with me! It’s my treat,” the guy offers. I frown at him – he must be at least forty, what the Hell does he want from her?

“No,” she refuses. “But thank you.”

“Don’t be like that,” he pushes. “Have a drink with me.”

“I still have a shift,” she points out sharply, about to leave but the man catches her wrist.

“Yeah well, and when will you finish?” he asks, leaning closer to her.

“Hey, douchebag,” I find myself calling out. All of them look at me, including Cora’s friend. “She doesn’t want to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you,” says he, acting puffed up and overly self-absorbed. It infuriates me. I stand, deliberately putting on a menacing stance. As I approach him, I repeat my words. “I said, she doesn’t want to talk to you, you sweaty, fat dick,” I spit out, giving him a despising look. “Now leave her alone,” I finish, now standing directly face to face with him.

“You seriously wanna do this?” he asks as though he had the upper hand here.

“You know,” I growl, eyes nearly flashing scarlet for a second. “I really think I do.”

I hardly finish my sentence before he drives his fist towards me, attempting to punch me in the face, but I catch his fist and squeeze it just this side of too tight. I can hear his bones cracking a bit – the only reason I’m not crushing them to little bits is because I don’t want to engage myself in an explanation later for my excessive inhuman strength.

The guy cries out, and when I release him, he chickens out of the place after leaving the charge on the bar for the girl. She’s fixing me with a stunned look.

“You okay?” I ask, to which she only nods. I sit on a stool again, keeping my distance from Cora’s friend. “Does this happen often?”

“You could say,” she shrugs, trying her best to act nonchalant, but her scent is a give-away for me of the opposite; she’s very worked up. I find myself wanting to soothe her to reset her normal heart rate. As she takes the guy’s leftover drink away, she accidentally spills it over my shirt – her hand is shaking that much. “Holy crap, I’m so sorry!” she apologizes, scrambling to wet a towel and reach over the bar to wipe it off.

“Hey, it’s okay,” I say genuinely, taking her hand gently. “It’s not the end of the world, just my shirt.” She looks at me with a worried expression.

“How can I make it up to you?” I don’t have to consider my answer for too long.

“Serve me the tequila shot with that twist.”

“Will that be enough?” she asks, not understanding why it would satisfy me just fine. I send an attractive half smile over to her, making her cheeks heat up a little.

“Trust me, it will,” I nod. “But I’ll need you to do that when you’re off-shift. When will you finish?” I can sense she’s starting to get the idea by the sharp peak in her scent. She glances at her watch before saying, “A bit more than two hours.”

“I’ll wait for you, then,” I say, leaving no room for budge. “This way I can also scare off all the creeps who try to hit on you.”

“Oh? There is one actually, he’s just promised to wait for me until my shift ends,” she says, teasing me again with her quirky sense of humour. “Such a stalker, isn’t he?”

“The worst,” I agree, grinning. “But he’s the best when it comes to taking tequila shots.”


I’m becoming so fed up with White people.

Learn something new everyday. Apparently White servers refer to their Black customers as Canadians, presumably so that they can talk shit about them out loud without having to use some other widely known derogatory slang.

What the fuck is it with some White people constantly trying to find different slang terms to talk about/define Black people?
Of all words, why are we Canadians??

I’m getting really sick of the underlying racism in shit.

VIXX Theory

UM idk if anyone has addressed this ?!? but ive been thinking about this for a long long time (since like Voodoo Doll era tbh) and the releasing of this last song (Dynamite) sort of just made me decide to go ahead and throw this out there:

I think that vixx’s 10 main singles, in order, all tell the story of one very dysfunctional and terrible love story in the point of view of the guy who’s basically being used and toyed with by this crazy chick 


1. Superhero and Rock ur Body- The “first love story” begins, and it’s all cute and fluffy and sweet and aww. No need to quote lyrics here lol 

2. On and On- he finds out the girl is playing with him and abusing(??) him. “From your touch that holds onto me, I don’t see a single trace of love anywhere.” People warn him about her but he doesn’t listen. “They say she’s dangerous but I don’t hear them.” She hurts and uses him and he just takes it. He’s “ready to get hurt.” It also seems there are other people involved, as in she has at least one other lover. “I’m worried, but I know eventually you will leave me for him.”

3. Hyde- Eventually, he gets fed up with her and tries to leave her. She seems to get upset, but due to the evidence above it’s safe to assume she was only guilt-tripping him. The next day, he “comes to his senses” and realizes that no, he doesn’t want to leave her at all. “There’s no way I said those words, there’s no way I would leave you.” Not only that, but now he’s starting to doubt himself and his feelings for her. Even as he says “I love you,” he follows it up with “No, I hate you.” “Don’t leave me. (Leave me.)” “I know you alone. (No, that’s a lie.)” He also insists that there is a “crazy person” inside of him, (who’s probably the one contradicting him, and his only voice of reason at this point.)

4. Voodoo Doll- It gets darker here. At this point, his voice of reason is totally gone. He swears he will give his life for her, and says she can use him for anything she wishes. “If your heart is aching, call me. Tell me everything. What is it you want? Want me to turn back time? Want me to give you my heart? When you can’t forget, you should take [from me.]” “Even if I can’t have you, I’ll just live for you.” It’s clear that he has become obsessed with her to the point of insanity. Then he says to her, “Trust me and repeat after me: ‘He will come back.’” “I’ll make him cry as much as he made you cry.” It could be that her other lover left her and she is in pain, and he is more than ready to take it all on himself. “Even if I get ruined by the tips of your fingers, I will shed all the tears of the world.” “My body becomes a sacrifice for you; I will sacrifice myself for your happiness.” He is absolutely in love with her. “Just seeing you smile once is enough for me. I’ll do anything you want me to, even if my remaining life decreases.” 

5. Eternity- “I had a nightmare that you left me forever.” “Even you can tell it’s a dream that doesn’t make sense, because there’s no way I would lose you.” He dreams about her leaving him and he’s in denial about it, refusing to let go of her, and insisting that they are meant to be together. When he wakes up he tells her about it and she seems to react strangely. “It’s cold, your mood. It’s strange, but I don’t care.” Is she angry at him? “Thank you,” he says,  “all that matters is that you came back to me. You love me, right?” Even thought he insists it was just a dream, he’s unsure of their relationship again; he’s doubting himself. (Because of her reaction?) “If you want to go, just try to go.Try to leave as you step on my pounding heart for you.” Is she going to leave him? Does she love him? He doesn’t know. He wants her to, because he loves her. But all he feels anymore is doubt. Is it enough for him?

6. Error- In the end, he can’t take it anymore. “My heart was limping and this is the end of the road.” He leaves her. “After making the decision and taking a deep breath, I let out a sigh. I rip her up in my heart.” He had been afraid before of leaving her. He wanted to stick it out because he didn’t want the inevitable backlash. “I was afraid I would get cut by your sharp words… I was a coward; I just wanted to endure it.” However the breakup leaves him helpless and numb and torn between his feelings. On one hand, he’s glad she’s gone, because he feels like he can breathe. “I just need to live, why can’t I? I said it’s okay, this is better for me.” “I don’t want to let go of myself, I don’t want to ruin myself anymore.” “I chose a life that is for me.” However on the other hand, in the end he can’t let go of her. “I saw you again, I cried. Something went terribly wrong, my heart is still remembering.” “There’s nowhere to run from you.” He already left her, but he’s unable to fully let her go. “If I hold onto you, it hurts, but if I let you go, it hurts even more.“ 

7. Love Equation- [BTW- the Korean title means "Official Breakup.”] He questions himself but does his best to go back to his normal life, though he can’t deny that it hurts a lot. “This feeling [of losing you] can’t be described with those typical love songs… But why do tears come when I hear them?” It’s almost like he’s trying to comfort himself, telling himself not to cry because this is for the best and that he will feel better afterward. “I guess this is it. I force a smile and awkwardly hug, I try to be cool as I go home.” “It feels like the same but it’s different; this inexpressible, ambiguous, sad exponent calculation- not even the moon will know this feeling of goodbye. Don’t cry, because you might feel better afterwards.” He feels strange after leaving her; it’s unclear, odd, and indescribable (in a bad way!). 

8. Chained Up- He relapses and tries to go back to her. “I can’t leave you. I’m chained up.” “I relive your touch cause I’m not ready to go; I carve you into me like a scar” “Again… you put a leash on my heart, nail it in place.” “In the past I thought there were no highs and lows in love, but now I am trapped for life.” “I want her, I can’t deny it.” “Like an idiot, I freeze.” “You know you completely own me. To you I’m forever chained up.” He just can’t erase her, no matter how hard he tries to.

9. Dynamite- In the end, she rejects him. (I assume she’s with her other lover/ a new lover as he says “Maybe I’m jealous”. and “I was supposed to be the hero but now I’ve become the villian.” “I want to steal you so don’t leave me.” like he was trying to “steal” her from the other guy and he blamed him.) He becomes angry and starts drinking. “Bartender, one more drink, I need more. Let me get messed up, leave me alone.” He had gotten so attached to the idea of going back to her, that when she rejects him, it drives him insane. He’s in denial about it. "I won’t believe it, something must’ve gone wrong. You don’t know anything, she was supposed to be mine.” “This is all a dream. (Yes, right) Like a nightmare inside a nightmare. Even if I rebel, someone is putting me to sleep; someone is singing me a lullaby.” But he knows very well that in the end, he can’t have her anymore. Even though he wills it not to be so: “Abracadabra, make this all come true, all mine. Abracadabra, make her mind go back.”, he still accepts his fate. “When tomorrow comes, I need to swallow this reality. Though it’s bitter, thought I already know, I’ve got one night, I can’t let you go.” He spends that night allowing himself to break down, knowing this one night is all he has. “I’ve got one night, let’s wreak havoc. I’m gonna be crooked for just tonight. Push, throw, shake, shake it down. Even if I have to change the whole world, girl, please don’t leave me tonight.”

How will this story end up, I wonder? And like was this planned?? (*side glances at Ravi*)

Let me know what you guys think!! I would love to hear other opinions/ideas on this. If any Korean speakers out there have more thoughts since these songs are in your language and I may have misconstrued some concepts or words, then by all means correct me!

(source[s]:,,, and my small knowledge of the korean language.) 

When Winter agrees to go out with Qrow:
  • Winter: (glancing around the rowdy club he took them to) Well, this is... Something.
  • Qrow: Yep- it's one of my favorite pubs in all of Vale. (Flinches as a glass flies past his head, shattering on the wall)
  • Winter: (Looking toward the angry female bartender flipping him off) Uh... Care to explain that?
  • Qrow: (giving her a smirk and shrug) I never said that I was one of their favorite customers.

As we understand many of you are confused by the new Akdong Musician (AKMU) “MELTED” MV and here at K-POP TIMEOUT, along with the help of various netizens who added in their thoughts in the comments section, we have an explanation for you!

The old man looks back on the days he was young, drinking an icy drink as he is now an icy city man.

His pet lizard was shown to further point out his “cold” personality. (Reptiles are seen as cold-blooded, heartless creatures.)

He remembers how he ran away from home to pursue his dream of photography, innocently taking photos of whatever he found interesting.

However, all the adults did not understand him and were cold to his actions & photo-taking.

During his journey we meet a shopkeeper who judges him for paying with so many cents and buying so little to all these sad and unkind people in the streets around him.

For those wondering why the arguing parents are Asian and Black, I believe because in Korea and other predominantly Asian societies, the two races just don’t really get along (same in predominantly African societies) due to racial prejudices. We see their children don’t understand why they can’t play with each other. Their confusion to why their moms are arguing show how pointless these prejudices are and that we should not be having them anyways.

He finally meets this lady whom he thought was “kind”, allowing him to take photos (although after applying makeup not letting him take more pics of the real crying her) and even gives him a ride.

However, she finds some arm candy in a pub and leaves him there to deal with the bill and an angry bartender who seemed pissed off by his own life.

The boy gets beaten up and in the process his camera (symbol of his innocent dreams) was broken.

He then goes to the police for help but they just ignore him because he seemed unimportant (compared to whatever other cases they were dealing with).

He walks away from the city and comes to the countryside. He sees a dog and wants to befriend it but he barks at him.

We see him shocked, losing any of his lingering hope in care/love in the society as he barks back, transforming into a beast like the dog, pushing those around him away from him…

…until a native american man came out of his trailer (a symbol of people of the past/non city people) and gave him food and drink, even showing appreciation of his photography interests (his dreams).

We finally go back to the boy, now a cold city man but his drink no longer cold - the ice has “melted”; from the warmth he felt from the kind native american man he once met, from the kindness that may still be found in today’s society

Was this helpful in understanding the MV?

If you notice anything else, do not hesitate to add it in the comments section below as I may have missed stuff out.

Also for those who want to find out more about the cute actor in the MV, his information can be found here!

New Girl S6 Positivity Post #2: Nick’s Character Development

In response to Nick being dumbed down:

The character has always been wilfully ignorant. There is a thin line between ignorance and dumbness, but it exists all the same. In real life, people’s traits do become more exaggerated as time goes on – for good or worse, is entirely subjective.

For example, two years ago, I was a pun-free machine. Now I’m a pun-hit punder, cracking puns left, right, and centre. People groan. People sigh. People roll their eyes. If I went to Nick’s bar, I’d be a punter. Nevertheless, this part of my personality is only going to progress (or regress, depending on your view of puns).

You could say this about Nick. Whether you choose to recognise it or not, he has undergone a tremendous amount of growth, however subtle it may be.

I see a lot of comparisons to Season 2 Nick. Let’s go back to Season 1.

In Season 1, Nick was an angry bartender who despite his demeanour, seemed perfectly happy to remain in an irritable stagnation for the rest of his resigned life.

I can’t just jump into something if I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I never have been that guy…I’m the guy that, if I don’t know what’s gonna happen, I don’t do something. Ever. I don’t care how bad I want to do it. I don’t do it. Like, if everybody would go into the ocean and jumped in the water, well, I’m the guy on the beach guarding the wallets.”

- Injured, 1x15

But then Nick starts taking risks. He goes to the ocean and jumps into the water, and Jess guards his wallet. He jumps from a safe life with Caroline back into Apartment 4D for Jess – though he may not have realised that at the time. He kisses Jess. He kisses Jess again and they start something and it feels right, and perfect, like it was meant to be, and it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen because he’s so happy and it has to work out, it has to. Things are going right.

I’m all in. I’m, like, weirdly, all in.

- All In, 3x01

(Since when did Nick throw himself completely into something?)

It doesn’t work out. And that’s okay, it was worth it. Nick feels like he’s gained something, and he hopes Jess feels that way too. He’d rather have Jess as a friend than not have her in his life at all.

I don’t deal with exes. They’re part of the past. You burn ‘em swiftly and you give their ashes to Poseidon.

- Exes, 3x15

We are the best ex-couple in the world.

- Cruise, 3x23

He carries on taking risks.

Ending a long-term relationship was a big risk in itself, and so was continuing it as a friendship. At the beginning of Season 1, it was Caroline who broke up with him. I’d wager that his relationship with Jess was his first and only mutual breakup. Jess is most definitely the only ex with whom he has remained on such close and friendly terms.

He becomes part-owner of the bar. Not only does he take another leap, he takes the steps towards it. He could have easily given up when told he and Schmidt didn’t have the necessary funding – he didn’t.

Then the girl he likes goes away, and he prepares a Goosebumps Walkaway™ because he’s never going to see her again – except, he decides that, yeah, he doesn’t want that to be the case, and goes to make a move, although she does beat him to the punch by a matter of seconds.

Now I’m going to drink, ‘cause that’s my move.

- Elaine’s Big Day, 2x25

Months later, they’re barely a day into a brand new relationship when she asks him to go away with her for three months. Nick’s only ever been around her for a month. He hasn’t spent that much time with her, especially romantically. Jess gives him a little confidence, and boom, there goes his next jump.

Now we’re in Season Six.

Nick is a part-time owner of the bar. He is in a committed long-distance relationship. He is in the process of writing a full-length, quality book dedicated to Jess.

It’s a far cry from the resigned bartender who wasn’t over his ex after six months, whose writing consisted of spelling ‘rhythm’ incorrectly 38 times and a word search holding no words.

Some time ago, I read an old discussion in the AV Club comments (I forget which review, sadly), that agreed Nick wasn’t dumb. He was wilfully ignorant, because pretending to be dumb means that people wouldn’t have high expectations of him, and he wouldn’t need to meet them. And honestly, it makes complete sense. It’s not me trying to see the positive in things; it’s what I have observed of the character.

Nick doesn’t need to try lower anyone’s expectations now. He has proved himself to be perfectly capable over six seasons. He’s grown so much.

I think he knows it’s hand sanitizer, not ham sanitizer. I think he plays unaware because it makes life more amusing – it’s more fun to think that letterboxes are robots and that girl’s hair is a wig. I think it’s become a habit, and he doesn’t know how else to act now.

I am certain about one thing: Nick Miller is not dumb, and has had positive character development.

Title: Fuck You

Pairing: Phan (Danisnotonfire/AmazingPhil)

Genre: Smuuuttt

Words: 1,478

Warnings: Smut, and jealousy I guess

Summary: Dan gets jealous and sends out a fuck you tweet to Phil, later he actually does fuck him

A/N: My smut sucks, but here it is. Feel free to judge.

Dan huffs leering at his boyfriend from the bar.
Phil had decided that today would be a perfect day to go to a party on of his old college friends was having and bring Dan along. But so far, Phil had been talking to anyone and everyone but him. Needless to say, Dan was furious.
He sighs turning to the bartender. “Another one, please” He mumbles glancing back at Phil who threw his head back laughing at a comment a girl in a slutty dress had made. Dan’s jealousy, and anger only grew.
The bartender puts another cup down in front of Dan as he tears his eyes away from Phil.
“So, if you don’t mind me asking…. Whats got you so angry?” The bartender asks cleaning the counter.
Dan sighs turning his gaze to the man. “My boyfriend,” He mumbles shifting in his seat so he could talk better. “He brought me to this party, but as soon as we walked through the door, he ditched me, and now he’s talking to some skank.” Dan growls jerking his head towards Phil and the ‘Skank’
The man sighs glancing at the two. “Oh damn, I’m sorry.” Dan just shrugs. “I expected everyone to be all over him, but honestly, I didn’t think he’d abandon me.”
The bartender sighs with a nod. “I know how you feel, one minute you’re in love, the next they abandon you for someone younger, prettier, smarter.” He hisses making Dan assume he had some experience with this.
Dan looks down with a scowl. It’s not true is it, Phil still loved him… right?
He glances over to where Phil was still talking to girl just in time to see her put her mouth next to his ear and whisper something seductively.
Dan purses his lips, tears springing to his eyes. Quickly he takes out his phone, opens twitter and types. “Fuck you @amazingphil” Before standing up and storming out of the party.


By the time Dan reached the flat, he had cooled off a bit, not enough to make him forget about his jealousy, but enough so he wasn’t rampaging through the house and breaking all of their little knick knacks.
He pulls out his phone deciding to check tumblr but instead sees 10 missed calls from Phil, and about 23 messages from Phil.
He huffs clearing them all away and heading to his room.
5 minutes later, the front door slam shut. “Dan? Bear? Are you here?” He hears Phil call. Dan huffs crossing his arms not responding.
Soon the door to his room opens revealing a sad looking Phil, but Dan doesn’t look up.
“Bear, what happened?” He asks sitting on the other side of Dan running a hand through the younger boys hair.
Dan shakes it off.
“Nothing.” He snaps.
Phil sighs shrugging off his coat. “Dan, I know something happened, you tweeted ‘Fuck you’ what is it?”
Dan purses his lips. “Maybe the way you abandoned me?” He growls shutting his laptop and putting it on his desk. “Or maybe the way you danced with that skank, or the way you let her feel you up, or the way you let her whisper seductive things in your ear. What did she tell you Phil!” Dan hisses voice growing louder and louder until he was screaming, letting out all of his pent up frustrations.
Phil’s eyes widen and he reaches for Dan’s hands. “She didn’t say anything” He assures but Dan knew he was lying because his eyes flickered towards the ground.
“Phil.” Dan warns lowly ripping his hands away from Phil and sitting up on his knees. “What. Did. She. Tell. You?”
Phil sighs looking down. “She said she wanted to ride my cock, and she would be the best I’ve ever had.”
Dan’s breath catches in his throat. “I won’t stand for that.” He growls pushing Phil down roughly and quickly straddling him. “I’m going to make you forget all about that skank. I’m going to be the best you ever had”
He quickly kisses Phil, who was still laying shocked. He frowns tasting a fruity taste on Phil’s mouth and he pulls back. “Did she kiss you?” He asks recalling the fruity looking drink in the girls hand. Phil looks away. Dan huffs bending over again and attacking Phil’s mouth with more anger this time.
“I’m going. To make sure. That when I’m done. There. Will be no. Trace of. That skank. Anywhere.” He mumbles between kisses.
Phil moans in response bucking his hips up.
Dan moans also as Phil creates wonderful friction.

“When I’m done with you, you’ll never look at another boy or girl again without thinking of me.” He mumbles unbuttoning Phil’s shirt and pushing it off.

Phil doesn’t respond, but instead begins fumbling with Dan’s shirt as well, desperate to get it off.
As soon as his shirt is off Dan begins kissing down the older boy’s chest until he arrives at the waistband of his trousers.
Ever so slowly he unbuttons them and pulls the zip down with his teeth while looking up at Phil’s lust filled eyes.
“J-Just hurry u-up” Phil squeaks hands fisting the duvet underneath him and bucking up his hips.
Dan chuckles lowly before yanking the trousers past his feet revealing the considerably large tent in Phil’s sonic themed pants.
Phil lets his eyes flutter close as Dan begins mouthing over it. He lets out a rather loud moan, and Dan chuckles as the older boy flushes a deep scarlet.
“Dan. Please.” Phil all but moans lacing his fingers through the Dan’s chocolate colored curls.

Dan nods letting out a sharp gasp as Phil tugs on his hair and quickly slides the pants down over his legs throwing them somewhere by the other discarded clothing.
He slowly lowers his mouth over the shaft, letting the warm air from his mouth wash over it before taking it all in one go fighting his gag reflex.
Phil tightens his grip on Dan’s hair letting out a girlish moan before snapping his lips shut and blushing scarlet. Dan chuckles sending vibrations up Phil’s cock causing his eyes to flutter shut.
Dan begins to bob his head up and down at various speeds before pulling off with a pop. Quickly he slides out of his own trousers, desperate to make Phil forget about anyone he’s ever been with and claim him as his own.
Grabbing the lube from their desk drawer, he spreads Phil’s knees apart and pouring a generous amount on his fingers.
“How many baby?” He coo’s pressing one against Phil’s rim.
Phil blushes again. “T-Two” He stutters looking away. “I-I stretched in the morning”

Dan nods quickly pushing two of his fingers in, beginning to pump them quickly.
Phil whimpers pressing his head against the pillow.
Dan smirks beginning to scissor his fingers revealing in the soft whimpers and moans pouring from Phil’s mouth. “You like that baby, like when my fingers stretch you nice and open? Does it feel good?”
Phil nods his head lolling from side to side. “D-Dan, I’m r-ready” He mumbles
Dan nods pulling his fingers out of Phil and pouring lube over his hard and leaking cock, stroking it a few times before lining up with Phil’s hole.
Phil nods. “D-Don’t hold back. I-I can take it.”
Dan smirks with a nod before pounding into Phil with a brutal force, hard enough to shake the headboard.
Just like Phil requested, he doesn’t hold back immediately thrusting hard and fast enjoying the screams and moans falling out of the beautiful black haired boy’s mouth.
“Bet no one can make you feel like this huh? No one can fuck you so hard you scream. Can they? Tell me who can make you feel like this.” Dan murmurs into Phil’s ear before beginning to nip at his neck.
Phil moans nails scratching down the younger boy’s back, “Only you can” He mumbles.
Dan moans holding Phil close, “That’s right, only I can, you’re mine” He groans.
Phil pulls back looking Dan dead in the eye. “I’m yours”
Dan groans coming undone, Phil following soon after, both of them riding out their orgasms together.
Phil sighs as Dan pulls out. “What got you all crazy jealous anyway? You know I’d never leave you?” He mumbles pulling Dan into his chest.
Dan sighs, “I dunno, I was talking to the bartender about how sad I was that you abandoned me and he said something that made me think you didn’t love me anymore”
Phil pouts holding Dan closer. “I could never not love you. You mean too much to me.”

Dan smiles softly. “I know.” He whispers before grinning impishly. “Hey Phil?”

“Hmm?” Phil responds.

“I really did Fuck You” He smirks referring to his tweet from earlier. Phil laughs. “Maybe next time, I can fuck you instead.”

Yes, Josh is a dream but Greg’s right here in flesh and blood and self-hate.

I died when the tune of What’ll It Be (Hey West Covina) started playing when Greg sabotaged his chances with Rebecca at the wedding.

This song tells us everything about Greg. His hopes, his dreams. He knows what he wants, and he knows he can get it but he deliberately removes himself from the race. Because he’s afraid of failure. He’s afraid of jumping into the abyss of uncertainty and rejection.

So it’s easy for him to think that it’s West Covina that’s holding him back. That he can never compare to Josh. He’s always been the angry, sarcastic, alcoholic bartender. At least that’s what everyone keeps telling him. It’s so easy to slide back into that rut. To settle.

This is why I think Greg is the most human of the characters. And that he deserves more, even though he thinks he doesn’t. I’m so glad we have another season because I can’t wait to see how they develop his character. 

Earth's Drunkest Heroes [Avengers x Reader]

      (Y/N) was currently at the club with her best friend, Nicole and the rest of the Avengers. She was chatting with Bucky because she might or might not have a crush on the brunet. As she turned her head she saw Nicole and Steve dancing… rather provocatively. The (h/c) then saw tipsy Tony walking up to the DJ booth. ’Oh this isn’t going to be good,’ (y/n) thought.

        (Y/N) then heard familiar whistles from her fellow teammates while they were looking towards Nicole and Steve. ’This really wasn’t going to be good’. A few Avengers clapped, and of course, Clint whistled the loudest. The music then paused and Tony’s obnoxious voice could be heard over the speakers. 

        "I’d like to congratulate Capsicle aka Captain America on actually getting Ms. Chang’s attention. Let’s give him some applause!!!“  Tony shouted while the rest of the club clapped and cheered.

        Nicole and Steve stopped dancing, and Steve held cautiously around the brunette’s waist. They both looked rather embarrassed, and both of their faces were tomato red. The music then continued and Tony joined the group again to continue drinking. 

        "Well, the night was fun while it lasted….” Steve whispered to Nicole as a camera flash went off in their faces.

        "Do you think this will be…“ Nicole started.

        "All over the news? Yes,” Steve finished her sentence.

        "Do you want to…“

        "Go home? Yes. I hate parties.”


        Both Nicole and Steve left while holding hands. The two had been dating for two months, and they still managed to keep their relationship for a secret. As soon as the undercover couple left, the REAL chaos began. What a great best friend of Nicole to leave (y/n) with the rest of the drunken team?

9:00 pm/ 21:00

        "Okay. Okay. Listen lady. I am taking a nap on the fucking bar whether you like it or not,” Tony said drunkenly. He could barely walk or talk, and this is why we keep alcohol from Mr. Stark…

        "Mr. Stark, your are NOT sleeping on my god damn bar,“ the angry female bartender said sternly, her hands on her hips.

        "Oh. Here it comes,” Tony blew chunks on the bartender and she gasped. Tony then climbed onto the bar and did indeed take a nap.

        (Y/N) saw the angry bartender changing her black apron & saw a drunk Tony sleeping on the bar a few seats over. She sighed and called Pepper,“ Hey Peps, do you mind picking up Anthony? He’s very… wait no, extremely drunk.”

        "You know news spreads fast. I already knew that he was planning to go to that nightclub. I’m outside in the black car,“ Pepper replied with an irritated sigh.

        "Hey, Bucky do you mind helping me take Tony to Pepper’s car?” (y/n) asked the brunet as he was chugging a beer.

        He nodded and they both stood up. They carried a tired & mumbling Tony outside the club to Pepper. Pepper opened the passenger door with a rather angry look on her face, and (y/n) seat-belted Tony into his seat. Pepper waved goodbye and (y/n) closed the door shut.

        "Maybe we should keep a close watch on everyone else now,“ (y/n) said worriedly to Bucky.

        Before Bucky could reply, the both of them heard Thor yelling about his ‘tarts of pop’. They entered back into the bar to see Thor with a handful of credit cards, and other various rectangular items. The blond was, of course, insisting that people were stealing his 'tarts of pop’. He then lifted a black coffee table, and legit took a bite out of it.

        "Did he just… bite a fucking table?” Bucky asked baffled.

        "Yes. Yes, he just bit a table. What is in that Asgardian liquor?“ (y/n) replied.

        Thor than spit out the chunk of the table and passed out. The employees of the nightclub cleaned up the mess that Thor made, and they looked pretty upset. They were upset because they had to deal with the second idiot of a superhero in the last hour. 

        Bucky and (y/n) then lifted Thor onto a couch so he could sleep his drunkenness off. They then returned all the credit cards, and rectangular shaped items back to their rightful owners. They both sat down and sighed. Nothing else had happened next, so it was all calm. For now.

10:00 pm/21:00

        Natasha sat up from her seat on the white couch and waved (y/n) goodbye with a smile. Bruce stood up with her, and they both headed home. (Y/N) sighed in relief because she did NOT want to deal with a horribly drunk Natasha. Tony and Thor were enough of a mess already. 

        "Wait. Where’s Sam?” Bucky asked worried about his other best friend.

        "I think I saw him go upstairs… to the roof. God dammit!“ (y/n) then stood up and grabbed Bucky with her upstairs. 

        And, there Sam was, on the roof with his arms open at his sides. "Sam!” both (y/n) and Bucky yelled in unison.

        Sam turned around and grinned,“ Hey guys! Ijustwantedtosee if I can fly. I think I can. I’ve done it before.”

        "No! You can fly only when your suit is on!“ Bucky shouted as he pulled Sam away from the edge of the roof. 

        "No, I have my shuit on. I promissse,” Sam said with a slur. He then went back to trying to jump.

        Finally, Bucky lost his patience and grabbed Sam’s arm,“ Hey! Icanfly I promphise!”

        "Sam, you can’t fly. You need to sit down. No more flying for you,“ (y/n) said with a little laugh. No, it wasn’t funny that he tried to jump off the roof, but funny because he was convinced that he could fly by himself.

11:00 pm/22:00

        Pietro wasn’t drunk because first off he didn’t really enjoy drinking alcohol, and second his metabolism absorbed the alcohol too fast. Instead, he was sitting on the white couch watching you guessed it, women in skimpy outfits dancing like flamingos on LSD. Suddenly, a busty blonde appeared out of nowhere and sat next to the speedster. 

        (Y/N) wasn’t interested in Pietro, but they were close friends. She didn’t like when random women came onto him, but by the time she stood up to speak to the blonde, both Pietro and she were walking out of the club. ’If only Pietro kept his dick in his pants…’ (y/n) thought. 

        (Y/N) then looked around for Wanda to see what she might be doing, and then she spotted Wanda. The brunette was attempting (hint: attempting) to dance, and of course (y/n) compared to a flamingo on LSD. She sighed and went up to gather Wanda, and head home since there was only her, Wanda, and Bucky left at the club. 

        The (h/c) stood up with her heels in her hands and headed towards Wanda. She tapped Wanda’s shoulder, and Wanda drunkenly swiveled around to face (y/n) with a drunk grin,” Hey (y/n)! Are you enjoying it here?“ Wanda said with her accent.

        "Yes, I am. But, we need to head home before more of our business ends up on the news. Fury will be furious if he finds out what happened,” (y/n) said while gently dragging Wanda off of the illuminated dance floor.

        "Fury-ous! I see what you did there!“ Wanda said with an obnoxious laugh. Wanda was usually calm and collected, but her drunk self-was the polar opposite apparently…

        The TVs above the bar then showed a stupid tabloid show, and of course "Earth’s Drunkest Heroes” as the title of the segment. 

        "Fuck.“ (y/n) simply said. Fury was going to be hearing about this tomorrow…

“Look, I am absolutely not afraid to punch you in the fucking face. Touch me one more time and see what happens.”

accidents are meant to happen in the emergency room

“we both got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories” au + PruHun

Waiting in the emergency room was a dreadfully unawesome thing. Something that didn’t befit the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt. The awesome, rather intoxicated Gilbert Beilschmidt who was subjected to the punishment of waiting in boredom for his terrible French best friend to get patched up for the broken nose and broken arm he felt complied to bestow said best friend at the bar just 20 minutes ago.

Yes, they were and will always be best friends. (As long as Francis’ face remained undamaged in the long run, he will always be forgiven after a minimum amount of groveling done right.)

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For the ten minute prompts: AU where John Smith meets Rose after she's just had a fight with someone

Stupid Mickey. Stupid, stupid Mickey. Rose scowled as she down her drink in one go, flagging the bartender down for another.

“That looks like angry drinking,” a voice commented as a man sat down beside Rose, and she shot him a look.

“Well I guess you could say it. Just broke up with my boyfriend so yeah. I’m angry.” The bartender set down the drink, and she downed it yet again.

“You’re mad at your ex so you’re taking it out on your liver? That hardly seems fair.” The man chuckled as he ordered his own drink.

“My liver will get over it.”

“Oh I’m sure it will.”

They sat in silence for a moment, sipping their drinks. “So I’m drinking because I’m angry. Why are you drinking?” Rose asked after a moment, curiosity getting the best of her.

“Eh, I’m drinking because my blind date stood me up and I figured since I was here.” He shrugged, and Rose balked.

“Someone stood you up? Seriously?” He was ridiculously handsome. Obviously his date hadn’t seen a picture first.

“Well that’s what I get for trusting Jack’s judgment.” He grinned. “It’s okay, I didn’t really want to go on the date anyways. I just did it to shut my friend up.”

Rose couldn’t help but smile a bit at that. “Well, her loss then.”

“You probably wouldn’t say that if you knew me.”

It was probably the fact that she’d already had four drinks that led her to say, “Well I know you’re good-looking, what more do I need?”

The man raised an eyebrow at her, smirking a bit. “Barkeep I think it’s time to cut off our young friend here.”

“Please,” Rose scoffed. “Don’t act like you don’t know it.”

“Oh I know I’m devilishly handsome. I just don’t know too many people who would flat out say that to a stranger unless they’re completely drunk,” he teased back, and Rose couldn’t help but laugh.

“Well hey, not like I have anywhere to be tonight.”

“Quite right.” He finished his drink, sighing and looking over his shoulder and hopping off the stool, holding his hand out to her. “Well then. Shall we dance?”

That was a bit out of nowhere. “Really?”

“Sure. You’ve got nowhere to be, I’ve got nowhere to be, we might as well do something with ourselves.”

He had a point there. “Right then.” Rose put her hand in hers, letting him pull her onto the dance floor.

Closed Starter

“Give me scotch,” The man grumbled to the bartender, an angry tone to his voice. As the man moved to pour it, the grumpy guy at the bar shook his head and waved his hand. “A double. Best stuff you’ve got. I don’t care about the cost." 

He leaned back in the bar stool, the sour expression on his face not leaving as the drink was placed in front of him. Without hesitation, he grabbed at it and took a sip. Shaking his head, he turned, glancing past the person on his left to look at the television.

The way he held his head as he watched made his messy brown hair cover his eyes. Right hand on his chin, he stroked at his beard.

"Bloody sports.”