angry allis

it is really really hard not to be angry at allies sometimes, just for not being trapped in the same situation, even though it’s not usually their fault and they usually mean well.

i just partially read a really nice thoughtful article by a woman in a secure economic position about the housing crisis and I couldn’t finish it because her distance (security) was too too clear.

if anyone was wondering it’s totally legit to be mad at allies/mad at straights for bein str9/mad at me for being white/mad in general. to ask people not to be is kind of like not all men-ing. the anger will come and go but it comes from a legit place imo. hopefully I can get over being mad at this lady for having more economic access and finish the article some day but when something is trapping and crushing you how can you not be frustrated and angry and jealous of the people who can breathe?

I once told a joke about a straight person.

They came after me in droves.

Each one singing the same:

Don’t fight fire with fire.


What they mean is: Don’t fight fire with anything.

Do not fight fire with water.

Do not fight fire with foam.

Do not evacuate the people.

Do not sound the alarms.

Do not crawl coughing and choking and spluttering to safety.

Do not barricade the door with damp towels.

Do not wave a white flag out of the window.

Do not take the plunge from several storeys up.

Do not shed a tear for your lover trapped behind a wall of flame.

Do not curse the combination of fuel, heat, and oxygen.

Do not ask why the fire fighters are not coming.


When they say: Don’t fight fire with fire.

What they mean is: Stand and burn.

—  Stand and Burn by Claudia Boleyn

I want people to be less afraid of autism.

Autistic kids need to be taught that they aren’t broken. Verbal or nonverbal, they can live happy lives and experience everything at the same capacity as everyone else. Autistic kids need to know this so that they don’t grow up into self hating adults, adults who grow up hating themselves for being a burden on their families or on society. 

I want autistic kids that aren’t afraid of themselves.

I want therapy that can teach autistic kids to be the best autistic kids they can be. I want nonverbal autistics to find a way to communicate in a way that’s comfortable for them. I want autistics to learn how to advocate for themselves and I want them to learn to love themselves and show themselves instead of repressing who they are. 

Parents of autistic kids need to be taught that their kid can live a fulfilling and happy life, because the current media representation of autistics is so bleak. The panicking, the feeling that they’ve somehow “lost” a child, is something that can be prevented with education and support. They need to see autistic adults on different ends of the spectrum, doing well and having fulfilling lives even if they aren’t fitting the neurotypical version of happy. I want parents that aren’t afraid of their children. want the anti-vaccine movement to be shut down, both for its poor science and for its ableist attitudes. I want children to survive deadly diseases instead of endangered by the fear of becoming like us.

I want autistic people to be more than “empty shells”, “changelings”, “stolen”, “missing”, “broken”. I want people to stop seeing murders as “justifiable” because they’re so, so afraid of disabled people.

Most of all, I want autistics to be seen as people.

I want a world that’s different from the one we grew up in, where neuroatypical children have the chance to be themselves without fear.

  • Someone from a marginalized community: We really need our allys to be doing work and actively working as much as they can to use their privilege to help us.
  • Allys: I have been attacked... This is true discrimination... dont fight fire with fire... I can't believe you all are so ungrateful...

Cishets take note. 

This is victim blaming and not how you should ever speak to my community. 

This sort of speech puts the blame for LGBTQIAP+phobia on our community for simply being out. 

A basic translation is: 

We will only treat you as human if you pretend to be straight. 

If you don’t think our community has tried everything to stop the hatred and abuse against us then you need to think harder. 

The reason we still face this unacceptable bigotry is not because we refuse to be ashamed of our identities, it’s because of bigots like the tweeter above. 

Cis straight people have the privilege of being able to ‘flaunt’ their identities (aka live their lives without fear of hatred and harm on the basis of that identity) every single day. 

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment cis straight people fear holding the hand of their significant other in public.

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment cis straight people are denied the right to marry. 

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment I stop hearing about friends and members of my community being made homeless by their bigoted cis heterosexual parents. 

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment I stop hearing about members of my community being bullied, beaten, and even killed, for simply being who they are.

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment cis straight people stop calling my sexuality a 'disease’ I need to be cured of. 

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment cis straight people, as a collective, can get their shit together and learn to treat me and my community like human beings. 

Cis straight people made my sexuality relevant the moment they started denying me rights and discriminating against me and my community on the basis of it. 

Dear Trump Supporters

I know there aren’t many of you on Tumblr, but there’s some, and I want to talk. No hate, no bashing, just a talk. You all voted for Trump for many different reasons. I just want to know why. Why did you vote for him?

If you voted for him because you hate how SJWs are becoming the word-police, why aren’t you angry that Trump is attacking a free press?

If you voted for him because you want tougher immigration laws, aren’t you mad at him backsliding as he now says he’ll pardon millions of illegal immigrants?

If you’re just fiscally conservative, how can you justify billions being spent on a border wall or on his weekend holidays?

You didn’t like Clinton’s emails? Have you contacted your rep to complain about Steve Bannon’s use of an insecure Android phone? 

Maybe you care about veterans? Trump is scrapping a programme to help the children of veterans. He’s insulted many veterans on the campaign trail. He needlessly cost a Navy SEAL his life.

You thought Clinton didn’t have the energy after the pneumonia scare? Well, Trump blamed a bad phone call with the Australian PM on simply being tired.

Maybe you wanted him to ‘drain the swamp’. I think even some Bernie supporters would agree with you there. How do you feel about the likes of Bannon and Sachs being involved in his admin team?

You want jobs brought back to America? Do you know all his own company’s merchandise is made in China?

Speaking of China, maybe you’re angry America’s allies are freeloading. Don’t worry about that! They like America less than ever. Instead, the Russian government gets as it wants.

You say Clinton was going to start WW3 over Russia? Trump literally spoke about the nuclear holocaust in his last press conference.

So, I ask you again, why did you vote for Trump?


Remy: Your feelings, your feelings, it’s always your feelings, Allie. Nico has you so f*cking spoiled and self centered. What about that poor little girl, who didn’t have a father until a month ago? And my brother, who hid this from you because he was so terrified of losing you? But nah, it’s all about Queen Allison’s feelings.

Allison: Well, I don’t know how I can forgive him for this. Or you. Or anyone.

Remy: No one’s asking for your forgiveness, cuz ain’t nobody did sh*t wrong. What Nico wants is your understanding. But that’s too much to ask, huh?

Lala: Remy. Allison is very upset and you’re being so harsh. Go sleep in the other guest room for tonight. 

Remy: Ain’t this some sh*t, now you’re under the Allie spell too. I’m going to sleep in the other room because I’m annoyed as hell and I hate being woke outta my damn sleep, that’s the only reason. And never tell me what to f*cking do, understand me, Lala?

Lala softly: I understand. I’m sorry.

Remy storms out, while Allison wipes away angry tears.

Lala: Allie, don’t cry. You’ll make yourself sick. Come. Let’s talk.

When you know you’ve done your job as Mei. 💜

Honestly I love playing Mei and pissing off my opponents, BUT I do make a point of trying not to get in the way of the people actually on my team. If I make my allies angry I will actually feel bad, so fear not, I still have a soul even when I play Mei.

My meeting went so well. I just said that I wanted to make it through the year without telling her that I am really mentally ill but I’m not in a position where I can legitimately say that I’m okay. And she was so supportive and was like well let’s put stuff in place because all I want is for my students to succeed and do well no matter how we get there.
Then after that we talked about if I still at this point want to do research and I said yeah that I want to ultimately do a PhD and she said that towards the end of the year we can discuss that further and if I wanted to work with her still or someone else we can come up with ideas and everything. And then she said that I think like a potential PhD student and that it’s a good thing that I’m willing to do more work than required so that is just the highlight of my life right there