angry alligator

What is POTS?

POTS is spending days on end laying flat because sitting up can cause fainting. POTS is drinking gallons of fluids all day everyday. POTS is wearing the same compression stockings as your grandparents. POTS is nausea so intense that your heart starts racing. POTS is fevers and chills simultaneously. Basically, POTS is more uncomfortable than being faced down by an angry mama alligator separated from her babies (trust me on this one).

The Signs as Things from Ep 17
  • Aries: closing window
  • Taurus: opening window
  • Gemini: angry alligator
  • Cancer: jagged stone's american accent
  • Leo: look at me i am ladybug //pathetically yo-yos
  • Virgo: i. am. antibug.
  • Libra: kissing birds
  • Scorpio: anticharm!! //pulls out SWORD
  • Sagittarius: terrifying closeup of hawkmoth
  • Capricorn: mustache man
  • Aquarius: glittery glitz
  • Pisces: //still throwing everything at chloe