Imagine: You turned your humanity off after finding out Damon cheated on you. And now he’s desperate to get you back.

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The members playing "the floor is lava" at extremely inconvenient times

(I love this so much. If I die today, I want to go out writing this.) 

~ The room was tense. Eyes were darting around the room. At any given second, the stakes could spike up. Noodle was squatting on the table and leaning forward onto her hands. She was ready to pounce at any moment. 2D was on the back of the couch and gripping it so tightly is knuckles were white. Murdoc was hunched on top of the fridge like a cat while Russel was standing in the middle of the floor. “What the hell are y’all doing?” Murdoc hissed in response and Noodle explained. “THE FLOOR IS LAVA HURRY UP AND JUMP ON THE COUCH BEFORE YOU BURN!” 

~ Russel quickly jumped onto the couch and panted, “WHAT THE FUCK I COULD HAVE BURNED?! WHY DIDN’T YOU WARN ME SOONER?!” Murdoc chuckled and turned to face Russel, “Every man for himself, Russ.” With that said, Russel looked at 2D, who was right in from of him. Russel suddenly smirked and grabbed 2D but his shirt and lifted him above his head. “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!” Noodle jumped up and screamed, “RUSSEL, NOOOO!” In slow motion, Russel threw 2D on the floor. Gasps were heard as well as Murdoc laughter.

~ As 2D hit the floor, he let out a fake scream and squirmed around for a few seconds before playing dead. He laid there with his tongue sticking out and his legs and arms straight up in the air. “Russ, why? HE WAS SO YOUNG!” Noodle cried out. “I’m not about to lose to that knuckle head.” By this time, Murdoc was on his back laughing so hard he held his stomach. “OH SATAN! That was too good, Russ.” He sat up and wiped a tear away. “I don’t know why you’re laughin’, Mudz. You’re next.” Russel began to chuckle as a hard force knocked him backwards  onto the floor. “NO ONE KILLS MY BROTHER EXCEPT ME!” Noodle had kicked Russel onto the floor which left her on the couch. Russel rolled around screaming before going silent.

~ “Guess it’s just you and me now, old man.” Noodle snickered. Murdoc looked very offended by Noodle’s words. “Old man?! You better watch your mouth, young lady!” Noodle stuck out her tongue, “Make m!” Murdoc growled and jumped from the top of the fridge to the island counter in front of it. Noodle then jumped from the couch, onto a stool, then on top of the counter with Murdoc. She immediately swiped her foot across the counter taking out Murdoc’s legs. He fell with a dull thud noise and growled again. “I’m not going to play nice.” Noodle laughed, “When do you ever?” They both laughed and while Murdoc closed his eyes, Noodle kicked him square in the chest and watched as he fell to his death into the boiling lava. Noodle started to jump around, “HA! I AM THE CHAMPION!” The rest of the band mates got up and laughed. “You killed your father.” Russel chuckled. “Doesn’t matter, still won.” Noodle giggled as she jumped off the counter.

~ Suddenly the front door opened to reveal a very angry Damon Albarn. “WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT ALBUM I ASKED FOR?!” The band looked around nervously and Murdoc chuckled, “Shit, I knew there was something we had to do today…” 

Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part Three)

Warnings: SMUT so much smut. Very nsfw. Read at your own risk. WEAR A CONDOM.

Summary: Kai Parker comes back from the dead to find that he’s got a daughter. Angst and madness ensues.

A/n: You may all blame @geminioriginalsimagines for the smut.


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After hugging him, you and Kai started talking about when he came back, and the effect it had on Annalise.

“She started siphoning. She doesn’t siphon from other people’s magic, she takes it from the earth, I used to find her in the garden out back getting her hands dirty trying to bring flowers back to life in the middle of winter. She actually managed to make a rose bloom.” Kai looked sad, even disappointed when you told him about how Anna was a siphon.

“She’s never siphoned from anyone else though, even from me, I haven’t really been in touch with my magical side since she was born but she can control it, for the most part. She’s a kid, and when you’re a kid with magic you don’t really control anything but when she knows something’s wrong, she stays far away from trying to hurt people. Anna’s so kind, she’s so… gentle, she’s a ray of sunshine and optimism.” Kai smiles, and you have to smile back. It’s been so long since you’ve seen him smile.

You eat dinner alone with Kai, Anna is still sleeping upstairs, and so you sit in silence across from Kai eating heated up lasagna and drinking wine.

“So, do you care to explain why Damon Salvatore was in my kitchen today?” Kai takes a long drink of his wine before answering.

“He’s trying to get me to leave, trying to get me to go as far away from Mystic Falls as physically possible, but you and Anna live here and I don’t want to leave the two of you again so soon.” You smile, you really had missed him. But your smile falls quickly as your mind wanders on the thought of angry Damon.

“Damon’s dangerous when he’s mad.” Kai stops eating as well as it dawns on him, Anna lived here, and Damon was to the both of you, a monster. He might try to hurt her to get Kai to leave.

“Maybe we should move.” You look down at your plate, suddenly not feeling the need to eat anything. You had lived here for years, all Anna knew was this house and her only friends were the neighbors kids.

“We? No, I’ll leave, there’s no way I’m putting you both in danger.” You reach over and take Kai’s hand as he talks.

“Anna needs you Kai- I need you.” Kai stands up, and you do the same, getting ready to not let him leave, you didn’t want to lose him again- you couldn’t lose him again.

“Kai, don’t- don’t leave again.” You walk around the table to face him. You wanted to hug him, to kiss him, you wanted his hands all over you like they had been five years ago.

He takes a step closer to you and you stay still, head tilting to look up at him.

“I won’t.” He bends down, his lips touching yours and you react immediately, kissing him back. Your arms wrap around his neck and shoulders as he pulls you closer to him by your lower back. You missed kissing him so much.

He doesn’t stop kissing you, not even as your back hits the wall. His hands plant themselves beside the wall as you take in a deep breath through your nose. One of your hands were on his side, and the other was on the back of his head, holding his lips on yours as you kissed.

“Fuck I missed you so much.” Kai whispers as he pulls back. His hand find the bottom of your shirt but he stops pulling it up mid-way.

“This okay?” You lock eyes with him and give him a quick nod. He pulls the shirt all the way off and tosses it somewhere.

His lips are on your neck as soon as the shirt comes off, his hands are working away at your pants as your heart starts to race. When your pants and underwear hit the floor you step out of them and Kai takes his own shirt off. You kiss him again, the kiss is fast, all teeth and tongue as you try to get his pants and underwear off of him. You want him, you need him, and he needs you too.

With the rest of his clothes gone he turns you around. He leaves wide open mouthed kisses all over the back of your shoulders and your neck as his hands run all over you. One of his hands finds your clit and you let out a shuddering moan as he works two circling fingers over your clit. He moans with you, and you try to grind your hips back.

“We’ve gotta be quiet, we don’t need to wake up Anna.” Kai whispers as you bite your lip and whimper.

“I was never quiet with you.” Kai smiles against your shoulder.

“Don’t make me out my hand over your mouth.” You smile back but then gasp as his tip nudges against your entrance, he was completely hard, and it only turned you on more.

He pushes in, his fingers still on your clit and his lips still on your neck. You gasp loudly and reach one hand down to grip his wrist as he stretches you out. You push back involuntarily and the motion makes you moan.

“Oh fuck Kai-” Kai cuts you off with a moan of his own. His hands grab your hips.

“Say that again.” His hips give a thrust and his hips meet yours.

“Kai, fuck, move.” Kai growls low in his theist and starts to thrust his hips. You bite your lip, trying to keep your volume to a minimum. Your hand presses hard into the wall as you try to push back more and more into Kai.

“Kai, Kai, oh god Kai.” His fingers move faster over your clit, as it was very apparent neither of you would be lasting long. Kai found your g-spot with ease and soon he was thrusting into it with every move of his hips.

“Kai, fuck, I’m gonna cum soon. I’m so close- oh fuck- Kai-” You grip his hand tighter as you get closer, and his fingers speed up.

“I’m close too, come on. Give it to me, Y/n, give it to me.” You open your mouth in a silent moan as you cum, your back arching as his hips continue to move, working you through your orgasm as he approaches his own.

Just as you’re starting to come down from your orgasm he stills inside of you and shudders, his own orgasm rushing through him. You let go of his wrist and sigh, heart still racing but completely satisfied. Kai pulls out of you and you straighten up.

“We should shower.” You say as you turn around and press your back to the wall.

“Yeah, we should.” You take Kai’s hand and pull him towards the bathroom.

There’s no round two in the shower, which is because shower sex is complex and hard to do when you’re tired. So you and Kai opt for just showering and then collecting your clothes off the kitchen floor. You change into pajamas and Kai decides to sleep in his boxers and his shirt. Once in bed, you fall asleep in seconds.

Flirting With The Enemy // Silas // requested

Request : Can you please do a vampire diaries imagine on Silas being madly inlove with the reader but she tries to hide her feelings because he’s evil but he gets them out of her 

Requests are closed. xx

( it takes place when Silas was still a vampire )

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Mystic Falls never seems to calm down. First it was Katherine; the evil vampire whore. Then it was Klaus and the Originals; an insane murderous hybrid and his siblings. Then hunters and last but not least - Silas. The worlds first immortal.

Silas was evil. No questions asked. He is a horrible person. Or creature, whatever vampires are categorized under. Yet, no matter how much I tried not to, I found myself falling for him more and more everyday. I knew that he had taken a liking towards me. Even my friends knew.

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Murdoc Niccals: Exist


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Damon Albarn: Exist


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Jamie Hewlett: Exist


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Young Keith Richards: Exist 


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Mutuals, Friends, and Followers: Exist


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Requested, thank you

“He’s a psychotic maniac Y/N” Damon exasperated, eyes wide as he looked at you. “But…” you trailed off when a frustrated huff. “I think I could help him Damon. He was betrayed by his family, locked away for so long. He’s angry Damon, you’ve done some pretty regrettable things when you were angry or emotionless and we forgive you” you explained. “Why can’t we try to help him? Give him a chance, the chance his family never did. They didn’t teach him right from wrong, instead they locked him up like a wild animal. If this all goes belly up at least I can say I tried to help him”

Damon Imagine

@sarcastic-vampiregirl  #23 #25 pls😍 Damon Salvatore

#23  “You aren’t dreaming, look, I’m here, this is real.” 

  #25  “It’s me! It’s me! Calm down, baby, please.” 

*I have exams coming up so other imagines will be updated either slower or just after my exams depending on the stress* (Also sorry if this feels a bit rushed)

*You meet Damon in a bar and become close, but he never tells you that he’s a vampire, so when Klaus, someone you’ve merely heard of, snaps his neck you break down thinking you’ll never see him again.*

“Thanks for the drinks Damon, I really needed a night of relaxing and you gave me just that.” You sighed contently as you strolled down the streets of Mystic Falls, hand intertwined with Damon, a guy you had met a couple of weeks ago and grown close to.

“No problem, hey, before we get to your house, I need to tell you something…” He trailed off as he stopped the both of you before leading you over to a bench near the park, you didn’t mind following him because you trusted him.

“Is everything okay?” You asked seeing how hesitant he was to tell you what was wrong, but just as he nodded there was a gust of wind and suddenly Damon was captured in a headlock by an unknown man, “Hello Damon.” The man spoke in a deep British accent as he smirked at his advantage on Damon, you were frozen to your seat terrified as Damon tried to remove the man’s grip, “Klaus.” He growled angrily, you had never seen Damon so angry before!

Suddenly he calmed down slightly and glanced at you before clearly shouting, “Y/N, Run home and stay inside!” It was as if your whole body was compelled by his voice as you picked yourself up and got ready to run, but before you left you saw Klaus with a fierce look on his face grab Damon by the head and snap his neck.

You screamed before running away as Damon told you to do, and you were immensely relieved when Klaus didn’t follow you. You didn’t stop running until you were in the safety of your own home, where you started crying uncontrollably, 

“Damon.” You whispered in disbelief as your mind kept focusing on his death, you slid down to the floor as you curled up in a ball and cried. You wanted to go out and get him but you couldn’t bring yourself to open the door, Damon’s last words echoing through your mind, “stay inside!”

He had never told you about anyone against him, especially someone so willing to kill him and it made you shake with fear until you grew wearisome and fell asleep.

You quietly gasped jumping awake as you heard a thump coming from the kitchen. You tried to calm down and quieten your breathing as you stood up and slowly walked towards the door that would allow you to peak into the kitchen hopefully unnoticed.

You helplessly looked around for anything that could be a weapon, but the only thing within your distance was pillows and a table.You squeezed your eyes tightly shut, promising yourself that it would be okay before opening them and peaking around the corner, but there was nobody there. 

You let out a sigh of relief as you turned around only to scream. A hand closed around your mouth gently to muffle your scream as you frantically tried to pry the hand off you so you could run, but the intruder also had a hand on your waist.

“Shhh, Y/N, it’s me.”

You blinked upon hearing the familiar voice but shook your head as the man before you removed his hand, “I must be dreaming.” But Damon, who you saw die that night, merely shook his head as he lightly smiled, “You aren’t dreaming, look, I’m here, this is real.” 

He tried to touch your cheek but you moved away growling in anger as you released from his grip. “You’re dead! I saw you die, that man, Klaus, he..he…” You burst into sobs as you wrapped your arms around Damon as he comforted you.

“You’re not really here, I’m hallucinating, aren’t I? Why is this happening to me?” You shook your head and pushed yourself away from Damon only for him to gently grab you and pull you in front of him,  “It’s me! It’s me! Calm down, baby, please.”

“But how?!” You cried pulling away once again before storming over to the couch to sit down and breathe, Damon was hesitant before he also made his way over and knelt down beside you, “You know how I wanted to tell you something tonight, well, it’ll explain a lot, okay, but you have to promise you’ll listen and not scream or hate me until I finished, okay?”

Weakly, you nodded as he took your trembling hands in his, he  looked away before glancing up at you and whispering, “Y/N, I’m a vampire.”

He paused and waited for your reaction as you sat frozen in your spot, you didn’t know what to think so instead you just nodded for him to continue, Damon smiled gently as he calmly rubbed your hands with his thumb before continuing, “That man, Klaus, is one of the oldest vampires, and I have been on his bad side for a few hundred years now, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner and if you want to know anything at all just ask me, I will tell you everything, because you matter to me and I love you.

You gasped as the words left his mouth before finally building up the courage to speak, ”Why-” you stopped yourself and winced, winced at all the information Damon had just told you, and there was still more for him to say but you needed to know one thing,”Why did I feel like you controlled me to run and go home? Ever since I came in before I fell asleep, my body refused to leave the house because your words echoed in my ears…”

Damon nervously smiled, ”That was because I compelled you, it’s a trick we have, but you can prevent it by either having vervain on you or in your system, I have an old bracelet at home that has some vervain in it, if you want, I can get it for you to protect you, I just had to get you out of there before Klaus decided you were worth something, I didn’t want to lose you..”

Even with all of the information you received today you lightly smiled at Damon and squeezed his hand reassuring him, “I understand, but please try not to do it again though, andIwant you to tell me everything, are there any other vampires in this town? How can I protect myself? Can you teach me self-defense?” You asked curiously as you bit your lip. 

Damon laughed at your enthusiasm before laughing and nodding, “Anything you want I will tell you and help you with, especially defence against vampires.” That is when he leant in to kiss you and you met him half way because even with this new information, you still loved Damon, and now, you just had to learn to get used to everything, and you knew Damon was there to help you with it all.


Description: Damon and the Reader use to be together, but they broke up due to his obsession with Katherine. Many years later they reunite and he confesses his love for the reader.

Characters: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Words: 1,634

Requested by anon

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You had fallen in love while you were human. You were convinced that you would marry him one day, and you knew he felt the same. But all of this changed because of one thing. Katherine.

He started to ignore you, never caring where you were, or how you were. She had both him and Stefan wrapped around her perfect little finger. And it broke your heart. You tried to convince him to stay away from her but he couldn’t. Eventually, he forgot about you all together. And he left you. He left you completely alone. And then he died. 

Katherine turned out to be a vampire. She had compelled Stefan and Damon to love her. During the small town war, Stefan and Damon were killed. Well at least you thought they were. During the battle, one of the vampires that came to town with Katherine had taken a liking to you. He decided he wanted you as a pet. So he turned you. After you turned, you killed him and left Mystic Falls for good. 

But a few years later you heard a rumor about the Salvatore brothers. They had survived, well…sort of. Katherine had fed them their blood and they became vampires after they had died. You tried to find Damon, but you couldn’t. Though you did manage to find Stefan. He told you how Damon reacted to becoming a vampire, and he told you how he still loved Katherine, even now. So you didn’t look for him. You gave up. You stayed with Stefan for a while, he even contacted a witch to make you a daylight ring. But after a while you left Stefan and traveled the world. But not before you made Stefan promise to never tell Damon you had been turned, and that you were alive. If you ever saw him again, you wanted to be the one to tell him.

All of these memories cam rushing back as you were standing in front of the Salvatore home. After a long time, you decided to go home, back to Mystic Falls. And when you arrived, you learned that Stefan and Damon were here as well. They had come home too. You decided you wanted to see them. Stefan had always been like a brother too you, and Damon…well, you tried to convince yourself you didn’t love him anymore but as you were standing in front of his home you couldn’t help but feel terrified. Taking a deep breath you found the courage to knock on the door.

When it opened you had to stop yourself from fainting “Katherine” you whispered out. The girl standing in front of you widened her eyes “No! No I’m Elena” she seemed terrified of someone called her Katherine. 

You stared at her in surprise and rage, then you heard a familiar voice behind her “Who is it?” Stefan moved the door and seeing you he looked surprised as well “y/n” he saw your shocked face and realized why “Shes not Katherine, shes a doppelganger”

“A what!?” you weren’t buying it, this was another of her tricks. 

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Caught (Part Two)

Requests: Hii! Could you do a one shot where Damon gets angry at you because of other guys flirting with you so you two fight and end up having angry sex? Thx darling! – Anon. AND hey! could you do a one shot where damon gets dominant in bed? thx! – Anon AND Hi! I love your blog! Could you please write a one shot where Damon and the reader have hot bdsm sex and maybeeeee she sits on his face :D thank you! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, rough smut

Word Count: 3578

So I decided to just do one fic since the requests are similar. No BDSM tho. Sorry, I don’t wike it.

Caught (Part 1)Caught (Part Three)

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You woke up to Damon running his hands through your hair and you hummed your approval. “Good morning, princess.” He said and leaned down to kiss you. “Mornin’, Damon.” You murmured and snuggled back into him. For a vampire, he’s surprisingly warm. “As promised, I’m taking you to a proper date tonight.” He said and you nodded. “Can we at least have coffee and breakfast. My mind is not processing anything.” You said and he chuckled. He nodded and sat up straight.

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“What are you doing here Kai?”, Damon rudely asked.

Kai wondered into the Salvatore house, made himself comfortable on the couch with a glass of whiskey. “I’ve come to talk to you about something very important. And I was advised I should probably ask your permission first”.

Damon stood his ground in front of Kai. Which consisted of having his arms crossed, a distaste look on his face and a heavy stare. “Ask my permission for what?”

Kai paused, most likely for dramatic effect before answering. “I was sorta wondering if I Kai Parker could possibly date your sister. And before you go all over-protective big brother on me, I need to tell you that I can’t stop thinking about her. Which has totally been a new thing for me….you know caring about someone else’s feelings”. Clapping his hands, he added. So what do you say?”.

Damon looked ready to blow, but instead he burst out in laughter which earned him a raised eyebrow from Kai. He stopped to regain his composure, inhaled a breath and went to pour himself a much needed drink.

“You have got to be kidding me? There is no way I’ll ever allow that to happen”.

Kai set down his drink before getting up. “I came here to ask you just to be polite, and also because of Y/N. But Damon, I could give a damn about whether or not I have your permission”. Angry was bubbling in Damon, his eyes gave it away.

Kai patted him on the back and made his way to the front door, he spun back around. “I hope you have a lovely day Damon, because I have a feeling it’s going to be a very good one for me”.

As soon as the door was closed Damon threw the glass against the fireplace wall. Hearing all the noise you raced downstairs. “What’s going on?”, asking your brother who looked ready to punch, well, anything.

“I’ll tell you Y/N, as long as I’m still breathing you and Kai will never be together. And I’m pretty sure that Stefan will back me on that one”. He grabbed his jacket and stormed out of the house.

Smirking, you were a Salvatore which meant you rarely ever listened to rules.

A pair of hands covered your eyes. “Is he gone?”, Kai whispered.

Turning around, you nodded.

“Good, because I was starting to get bored listening to him act all macho”.

Looking around the place was quiet, but most importantly it was empty. “What shall we do to pass the time?”, asking Kai who wondered around the room. Stopping he gave a sly smile.

“I can think of a few bad things which will surely piss off Damon”.

Liking the sound of it already you asked what they were. Kai made his way over and lifted you onto the table, and faintly breathed. “Locking lips with me”.

Pulling him down for that kiss, the danger of the possibility that anyone of your brothers could walk in right now, made this even more thrilling. It might be severely cliche, but there was nothing better than being a little bit bad.


Rumors - Part 8


It was almost a morning when Rebekah and Klaus saw that I’m not home and that I’m not returning their calls, they got to Salvatore’s and Stefan opens a door.

- The two of you again for such a short time, what do I owe the pleasure? “He asked them”.

- Are you just happens to know where would our dear friend Y/N be? “Klaus asked him”.

- Why should I know that? “Stefan said because he really didn’t know here Y/N is”.

- We think Damon did something to her, can we talk with him? “Rebekah said”.

- Oh, I don’t know maybe he did, maybe he didn’t and he’s not here right now; “Stefan said trying to close the door but Klaus stopped him”.

- Where is he? “Klaus compelled Stefan to tell him, when he did Klaus knew just the right person to call”.

- Hello little brother I need your help again and in this case we need to find out where Y/N is. Damon and Elena are looking for Jeremy and Damon knows where Y/N is. Are you still in that town? “Klaus asked him”.

- Yes I’m Nik and I’ll do everything until we find her; “Kol said”.

Kol pretend to be a new friend to Jeremy. 

When Elena saw Kol she said; Damon it’s Kol. 

Before they could get away Kol came and said angry; So Damon I heard you did something to Y/N, where the bloody hell is she?

When Damon didn’t answered him he hit him with a baseball bat.

- What are you doing? “Jeremy asked Kol”.

- Jeremy get back! He’s an Original; “Elena said to Jeremy afraid”.

- No hard feelings, mate. But we’re not buds; “Kol said while he was taking another baseball bat because he broke the first one when he hit Damon”.

- So you won’t answer to my question Damon; “Kol said while swinging the bat to hit Damon again, but Damon grabs it and picks up half of the broken wooden bat and stabs Kol with it”.

When Kol wake up, he knew where will they go next, so he make sure he comes there first and he did, he killed that vampire Mary so they can’t find out what they were looking for and waited for Damon and Elena to come. He was sitting in the dark room while waiting for them and when they came and saw Mary dead he turn on the light and says; Shame about Mary she used to be a blast. Don’t quite know what happen, I fear all the time she spent with my family might have ruined her, she was a bit of an Original groupie.

- And you were her favorite? “Elena asked Kol”.

- You mean did I turn her? I think I did. But no, maybe it was Rebekah. There was also a Klaus period and let’s not forget Elijah affair; Kol said and added; Klaus told me that you’re trying to find out who you descended from. Now you never will.

- So where did we leave off, oh yes you didn’t told me where Y/N is; “Kol said looking at Damon”.

- Y/N who? I don’t know what you’re talking about; “Damon said pretended to be confused”.

- No? Well then; “Kol said while he hits Damon’s leg with baseball bat and continues to hit him”.

When Elena tried to run away Kol rushes over and blocks her way and throws Elena to the ground.

- Don’t touch her; “Damon said while he was holding Kol around the neck”.

- Kol throws Damon off of him and say; Oh dear, I’ve hit a nerve. You snapped my neck, you killed my brother, you humiliated me and then you kidnapped Y/N. Relax darling, I just want us to be even and find out where Y/N is.

Kol started hitting Damon again and said; I think I should just kill you.

- If you kill me you will never find Y/N; “Damon said while he was laying on the ground”.

- I’ll find a way; Kol said and hit Damon again; But oh wait I have another idea. When he said that he broke Damon’s neck and vamp speed with Damon to who knows where.

Kol enters Mikaelson mansion and say;

- Rebekah look what I got; “He throws Damon in front of her”.

- Good job Kol; “Klaus told coming into the room”.

- What is the best way to find out where Y/N is then torturing him; “Kol said smiling”.

- Or we could just drain him off of vervain and compelled him to tell us; “Rebekah said”.

- Yes, we’ll do that; “Klaus said and they clamps bear traps around Damon’s wrist and hangs him from the ceiling”.

Rebekah picks up a knife from the table near the wall, then walks around Damon.

- You pretended to be interested in me and then you slept with me so your trampy friend Sage could steal my thoughts.

- Wait you slept with him? “Kol said surprised and angry”.

- Rebekah just looks at Kol and continues talking to Damon; Ever since then I felt this incessant need to one-up you and when you kidnapped my friend well the feeling grow bigger.

She rips open his shirt and cuts Damon’s chest with a knife.

- We should probably stick to the major arteries; “Kol says and take the knife from Rebekah then cuts Damon’s neck”.

I don’t know how long was I here, but I think maybe half of a day. I heard someone coming and tried to free myself but I couldn’t.

Stefan heard that someone is in a basement so he came down there and looked in the room I was locked up.

- I looked at the door and said; Stefan, is that you?

- Yes, so you were here the whole time? “He asked”

- That’s right, will you let me go; “I said”.

- Oh I can’t do that; “He said”.

- What? Why? “I said angry”.

- Because your friends kidnap my brother and they won’t let him go until they find you; “He said”.

- So you will trade me for him? “I said wondering”.

- That’s good idea you have; “He said and walked away”.

- Thank God I will finally be out off here; “I thought”.

- Stefan calls Klaus and say; So I know where you dear Y/N is.

- Where? “Klaus asked him”.

- I will tell you if you want to trade Damon for her and stakes; “Stefan told him”.

- I’ll be more than happy to do that; Klaus said and added; Now tell me where she is.

- Oh, she is here in the basement; Stefan said and before he could say; funny how I didn’t hear her earlier; Klaus hangs up.

Kol heard where I’m and before Klaus came to tell them he goes to Salvatore’s house.

I tried one more time to free my wrists, using all the strength I got but it was too much of a vervain. I heard a thud upstairs and Kol’s voice.

- Where is she? “Kol screamed”.

- I don’t see you brought Damon; “Stefan said standing up”.

- Let her go now! “Kol said angry”.

A couple of seconds later Klaus and Rebekah came with Damon.

- I screamed; I’m here; so they could hear me.

Kol came for me and free my wrists.

- I’m so sorry I didn’t find you faster; “He said looking at me”.

- It’s okay you’re here now; “I said to him smiling and touching his face”.

- Let’s go from this bloody house; He said and vamp speed us upstairs.

While I was hugging Rebekah Kol grabbed Damon by his neck and push him to the nearest wall saying; If you touch her ever again, I will kill you; and broke his neck, then turned to me, smiled and said; Now we can go. 

Kol vamp speed us to our house, while Klaus and Rebekah stayed so they can get the rest of the white oak stakes.

Kol carried me to my room and I said to him;

- You know I can walk by myself.

- No you can’t; “He said smiling at me”.

When we came to my room he put me in my bed and get to the kitchen so he can bring me a blood bags, so I can feed.

- You’re treating me like I’m sick; “I said when he came into the room”.

- You’re weak, so just let me take care of you; “He said and give me a blood bag”.

- I would rather drink from someone, but blood bag is also okay, I guess; “I told him smiling”.

- Hahah, let’s do that later; “He said kissing my forehead”.

For a couple of seconds Kol was looking at me while I was drinking blood and softly smiling.

- I looked at him and said; Thanks for saving me.

- No problem, always; He said and smiled and added; Well next time I’m gonna kill the person who hurts you.

- Hahah, I don’t expect anything less; “I said with a laugh”.

- Have you been in this situations before? “Kol asked me”.

- Well I’m a vampire what do you think; I said looking at him and added; But they just injected me with a vervain so I escaped and I think they were beginners in hunting vampires.

- Were? “Kol asked”.

- Well not anymore, I kill them all. They pissed me off; “I said”.

- Haha of course you did; “He said with a laugh”.

- We would make a great team; “I said smiling”.

- Yes we would; Kol said and told me; You should sleep now, get some rest.

- Yeah I could do that; “I said and tucked into the bed while Kol was covering me with bed sheets and he was sitting in the chair next to my bed while I was sleeping”.

Rebekah and Klaus came and burned the stakes but Stefan said there is one more only Alaric knows where he hide it.

Klaus came to see how I was and talked to Kol for a while;

- How is she? “Klaus asked”.

- Good, it’s nothing she can’t handle; “Kol said”.

Rebekah entered one room in the mansion and saw her mother standing by the fireplace. It was Esther, Rebekah rushed over to her and grabs her by the throat. Esther said to her that she is dying and why she wanted to kill them. Before she died she took Rebekah’s hands in hers, starts to shake and falls to the ground.

Then Klaus enters the room:

- What’s going on? “Klaus asked”.

- She’s dead; “Rebekah said to him”.

When Esther died she possessed Rebekah’s body, no one knows that until Rebekah/Esther goes with Alaric to find the last steak.


Mercy Bonus Pt 1 Kol M; D. Salvatore; Reader

Song: Like I Would (Troyboi Remix) - Zayn

“Are you ready?” Damon asked behind me as I clasped the last diamond and ruby earring in my ear.

“Yeah,” I breathe. “How do I look?” I turn around, the ruby red dress flaring out around me. It was a simple dress, no glitter or jewels adorning it, but red silk. It was beautiful itself, it didn’t need anything extra for it to shine, that’s what I loved about the dress. It had a trail, but not too long, it made me feel powerful, and confident.

“You look gorgeous, come on.” Damon held out his hand, I smiled and took it. I grabbed my sliver clutch on the way out of my room, praying that this was going to be a good night.

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