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i understand why daryl did what he did, i understand the reasons behind his actions, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay. i understand negans actions, but that doesn’t mean i’m not angry that he brutally murdered a character i love.

it’s not okay that he reacted that way at the worst possible moment. it’s not okay that everyone else managed to stay put, even the youngest of the group, and yet he couldn’t. it’s not okay that a poc character died because of the actions of a white fave. that’s not okay. that’s all people are saying.

you can understand a characters actions and still be angry. people have the right to be angry. no one is saying glenn’s death was entirely his fault. negan was holding the bat, negan killed him. but daryl was the catalyst for it.

*is still v new to the Gorillaz fandom* *like only a week*
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Okay. We get it Julie Plec loves to lick the rim of Elena’s arsehole and keeps placing in these shitty memories for Damon to keep fighting? Like bitch, we ain’t watching for Delena. We watching for (bamon, bonenzo, steroline) and genuine interest in the characters currently on the show!!!

Ok. I’m not trying to start a discourse here. Really I’m not. I don’t want to be an asshole. But the truth is that Daryl is directly responsible for Glenn’s death. Negan had done what he set out to do. He had set an example and I’m sure the whole field trip with Rick still would have happened, but no one else would have DIED. Negan warned them, he let the first outburst slide. It was over.
Then Daryl got up and punched him. I’m sure it wasn’t a conscious choice, Daryl didn’t think “I’m gonna stand up and deck him now, and maybe give him a reason to kill someone else” it was instinct. Daryl acts on instinct more often than not. But he DID it. And that’s why negan killed Glenn, he couldn’t let that slide.
The whole thing isn’t on Daryl’s shoulders, negan did the deed. But DARYL egged him on, despite what had JUST happened. It wasn’t intentional, but he needs to own up to that. And as fans, so do we. Do not excuse him because he’s the fave. Glenn was going to live. And because of Daryl, he didn’t. There is no disputing that. You don’t need to like it. You don’t need to like the fact that *gasp* DARYL FUCKED UP! But just accept it at least.