i’m so fucking sick of people acting all disappointed and losing interest in someone just because they’re ace, like sex isn’t everything you’re gonna throw away a potentially amazing relationship for 20 minutes of pleasure that you can achieve on your own you’re weak af  

Being kind to the "bad kids?"

I am not kind to my students because I have no backbone. I don’t compromise with them because I’m scared they won’t like me. I don’t visit them at lunch because I want to be the “cool teacher.”

I am strategic. I pick my battles. Yet I am firm and consistent. My goal is to come out of a student-teacher interaction with the students feeling motivated and cared for. I couldn’t care less if they like me. I just know that a kid who feels valued and cared for works harder.

I refuse to yell at a class or a kid for misbehaving or making a mistake. Yelling and getting angry is easy. Loving is incredibly hard. Hard consequences can come with love attached to them and the lessons learned will be no less powerful.

Don’t you dare mistake my kindness for weakness.
Comparing Heights

Input the height (and gender) of two (or more, through this secondary link) characters to get a diagram of their heights relative to one another. 

For example, here are my four Dragon Age/WD characters, plus Alistair for comparison using the second link (if the picture won’t enlarge, the heights input are, in order, 5′3″, 5′8″, 5′1″, 5′7″, 6′3″):

(Alistair’s height based on this figure; 12.5in at 1/6 scale = 6′3″ apparently canon height.)

Anyhow, thought this could be a cool reference for anyone who knows what sizes their characters are, but need help visualizing them in relation to one another.

so a Muslim woman in France is forced by policemen to take her top off at the beach, which is a complete invasion of her privacy (yet some news outlets are sharing pictures of her without her top on, which violates her body furthermore by sharing parts of her body she doesn’t want people to see)… and women in hijabs aren’t allowed on beaches in Cannes. i haven’t seen any of this circulating on tumblr, since it’s not a white issue. feminists where are you 👀