Good evening, Tumblr. Tonight we are going to be talking about discourse. Because a special someone has certainly pissed me off and I have had enough of this. If you have followed me for the more than a year that I have had this account, you’d know I have never called someone out like this…. This will be to make a point and to address a few things at the same time. And, while I doubt the person will listen, I hope maybe they will at least think about this and I hope maybe this thought will drill itself into peoples minds….

It may not let me tag the person because it says the blog doesn’t exist when I try to tag it but @spinnenblut is another one of the discourse blogs. This one, a particularly nasty blog including not just aphobia but also antifeminism and transphobia as well, tries to excuse their transphobia on the basis that they are trans and they are protecting the “real trans people.”

Who are the “real trans people?” Well, those with dysphoria according to this person. Now, a simple google search, or, you know, thought, proves that the definition of transgender is identifying as a gender that is different than the one you were assigned at birth. But, as Tumblr does, we like to shit on other people and push our siblings down to the fucking ground (as the ace discourse has proved.)

The LGBT+ community is supposed to support each other because it isn’t like homophobes or transphobes are doing it? And all we are doing is fighting over who is trans enough, who is gay enough, etc… Let me tell y'all a little secret here.

A year ago, I was out as a trans man. It would turn out that that isn’t the label that fits me but that isn’t the point. Between the shitty discourse and unsafe situations at home, I went back into the closet. People like you pushed me back into the closet because I was so scared. I almost killed myself because I had to be in the closet and that isn’t a joke. Ask my fucking girlfriend. Go ahead.

You all think you’re some kind of God sent protectors saving the kingdom but in reality you’re hurting people. People who are trying to figure themselves out. People who are terrified to be themselves because they don’t meet your shitty fucking expectations.

People come on this website for support, I know. I am one of them. And do you know how many times I go to my girlfriend, fucking sobbing because of people like you and your shit comments of “you’ve already worsened medical gatekeeping; what more are you going to do to harm us?”

What do you get from making people feel like shit exactly? Hmm? Is something hurting you? I’m here for you if you need to talk but you don’t need to take your emotions out on others. You need to stop hurting other people because of whatever the fuck internal conflict you have inside of yourself and grow the fuck up.

People kill themselves because of shit like this. People hurt themselves because of shit like this. And some of you will look at this and say “stop guilting me!!!” because all you ever think of is yourself!!!

If you don’t agree with someone’s identity why do you go out of your way to hurt them about it anyway? Isn’t that one of the many fucking reasons we trans people hate cis people in the first place? You fucking truscums I’ll never be able to understand… You’re all hypocrites anyway. You only listen to shit when it benefits you.

Our community is supposed to be based on love, not this shit. And that goes for ALL discoursers, terfs, truscum, etc.

the zodiac signs as negative emotions
  • Aries: Anger
  • Taurus: Guilt
  • Gemini: Irritation
  • Cancer: Rejection
  • Leo: Embarrassment
  • Virgo: Pessimism
  • Libra: Fearfulness
  • Scorpio: Loneliness
  • Sagittarius: Shame
  • Capricorn: Apathy
  • Aquarius: Boredom
  • Pisces: Sadness