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  • me: notices that kylo has a villainous crush/preoccupation/fixation on rey
  • me: delights in the fact that rey bests him in every one of their interactions together
  • me: thinks it would be beautiful and narratively satisfying to watch that obsession with her turn into love and respect as it would perfectly embody the attraction to and struggle with the light that is tearing kylo apart. thinks how beautiful it would be to watch a one-sided love story where kylo loses in the battle with the light, where he slowly becomes purified by love for rey, where he learns that light is not weakness and darkness is not strength because rey is light and he has felt her strength and power. imagines kylo finding his way back to the light because he learns how to love again, his admiration and love for rey breaking down the walls of his hatred and despair. doesn't expect or demand that rey reciprocate it in any way. wants more than anything to see a character change and grow through the power of love.
  • tumblr: you're an abuse apologist