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u can pry this au from my tiny cold dead and  gay hands

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Heeeey baby it’s ya boy Pennywise why don’t u come down to the sewer and float on into this gaping clussy? Stimulate my C spot hard enough and I’ll cum confetti all over your face. You like that baby? You want Claddy to squirt for you? Squeeze my clowntoris, it honks. It’s very sexy. Call me baby. Love and clisses, Penny-chan

well that’s enough Tumblr for today

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I take back every nice thing I ever said about you, here or on discord, because you are literally THE WORST

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  • me: notices that kylo has a villainous crush/preoccupation/fixation on rey
  • me: delights in the fact that rey bests him in every one of their interactions together
  • me: thinks it would be beautiful and narratively satisfying to watch that obsession with her turn into love and respect as it would perfectly embody the attraction to and struggle with the light that is tearing kylo apart. thinks how beautiful it would be to watch a one-sided love story where kylo loses in the battle with the light, where he slowly becomes purified by love for rey, where he learns that light is not weakness and darkness is not strength because rey is light and he has felt her strength and power. imagines kylo finding his way back to the light because he learns how to love again, his admiration and love for rey breaking down the walls of his hatred and despair. doesn't expect or demand that rey reciprocate it in any way. wants more than anything to see a character change and grow through the power of love.
  • tumblr: you're an abuse apologist

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Can I ask why you think it's okay to bully people who experience romantic attraction?

i don’t but here’s some things that are not bullying people who experience romantic attraction which are often interpreted as bullying by oversensitive alloromantics:

• talking about arophobia expressed by alloromantics

• condemning arophobia expressed by alloromantics

• being proud of being aromantic

• being glad to be aromantic

• talking about and condemning amatonormativity

• being romance-repulsed

• criticizing the incredibly common romanticization of emotional abuse

• criticizing the weird possessiveness so often expressed by alloromantics as a function of romantic desire

• not being interested in dating

• engaging in friendships with alloromantics who then develop crushes on us which we can’t reciprocate

• being uncomfortable with expressions of romantic desire from alloromantics

• wanting intimate friendships or platonic partnerships with alloromantics who then develop crushes on is that we can’t reciprocate

• being angry about or at arophobic alloromantics

• being angry about amatonormativity

• being angry about alloromantics who feel entitled to our romantic reciprocation even when they know we’re aromantic

• being allosexual and aromantic and having sex with alloromantics

• being allosexual and aromantic and engaging in long term sexual relationships with alloromantics

• being aromantic at all

anyway calm down we have no obligation to be nice to alloromantics who shit on us.

it’s occurred to me that, even though I love the “Lapis has silver/gold freckles like an actual lapis lazuli” headcanon, I’ve never actually drawn it? problem solved B)

also! this is based on radioactivesupersonic‘s headcanon with Lapis’ skin having freckles and lighter/darker blue parts~