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Imagine Negan getting you a cute puppy knowing how much you love dogs

(So i had two similar requests in which Negan finds a puppy for you so i decided to combined them (cause really it was only the breed that was diffrent XD) and in the end not specify the breed XD It’s super fluffy guys! So hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

It was an early morning and Negan and his other men were out making some rounds.

You had wanted to go along with him, as it was your one year anniversary of being together as his only wife, but he had objected to it saying it wasn’t safe.

You thought he might’ve forgotten or something but before you could say anything else, he had left it at that and you were now in the kitchen eating angrily.


As he was out, Negan hadn’t forgotten about the anniversary one bit. He was nervous and kept thinking of how he should celebrate it with you. He knew he was going to give an unforgettable night but it wasn’t going to be enough compare to anything you ever gave him up until now.

He knew why you wanted to come out with him but he just wanted to prepare you a little something special and desperately needed to come up with something.

As he visited one of the other communities, he looked at some of the items they gave, thinking he can make a gift out of any of them but it just made him exasperated.

He kept cursing his frustration out and later just walked away to take a few deep breath. It surprised everyone and they just didn’t know what was going on.

Being curious and brave, Simon followed him and approached him and looking over at his face, said “Boss? Is something wrong? You’ve been acting pretty down since this morning…”

Negan didn’t want to admit anything yet and just brushed him off.

“Down? What am I a kid? There’s nothing wrong with me! There just ain’t shit in this place and we’re leaving! Tell everyone to get ready!”

He then stayed in deep thought for a little while and later crossed his arms like an angry child to walk away to get in the car.


They got to another places and just as the first one, there was nothing worth making a gift for you.

Eventually, he just wanted to beat someone to let his pent up anger out but ultimately just went to sit by some stairs to let out some steam.

Simon still a little worried walked over and sat next to him.

“Negan be honest…What’s wrong? It’s not like you to be this angry and depressed at the same time…It’s really off of you…”

Feeling like he should tell him, he exhaled and said “Listen closely cause I ain’t repeating shit…It’s my first year anniversary with Y/N…and I ain’t got shit to give her…I know she ain’t materialistic but I have to give something special to her so she could remember….You don’t just stay with one woman for a whole year only to offer her a night of intense fucking as a gift…That’s not enough! I have to give something else!”

Simon was taken aback and his expression didn’t hide it at all.

“Oh…a gift…”

He started to stammer and feel somehow as nervous as him. “Well, what does she likes? What has she always wanted?”

Negan shook his head, thinking about everything you ever told him about your past and just couldn’t seem to get a hang of it.


They then drove to another place and as Simon drove, Negan had his head propped on his hand while staring out the window.

He kept thinking about it and suddenly something outside caught his eye. He instantly sat up straight and in a loud voice ordered Simon to stop.

“Step on the break, Simon! Stop the car!”

Simon did as he was asked and was just in disbelief.


Before he could even get an answer, Negan had left the car and walked over to what he had spotted.

As he approached, he wasn’t deceived and crouched down. It was a little injured puppy, looking at it and hearing it whimper, made him weak and he just had to pick it up.

Carefully, approached his hand to it and was cooing at it to convince it he wasn’t going to hurt it.

“Come on, buddy…I’m not gonna hurt you…”

He finally picked it up and inspected it closely. It was a simple scratch on it’s paw and luckily it was something easy to treat.

He smiled of relief and as he pet it, it started to make lick his cheek, making him chuckle.

He then got up and was going back to the car but instead as he turned, he was met with the eyes of almost all his men.

They were all smirking and chuckling among themselves and obviously wanted to make fun of him.

He just stood there looking at them and for once felt a little embarrassed and it only got worst when someone passed a comment on him.

“So like that Negan is actually a softie who loves dogs!”

They laughed even harder and Negan decided to just play along. He laughed mockingly and said “Yeah! And what?! I have a soft spot for dogs! That bothers? Don’t act like this fucking cute ass puppy doesn’t make you just want to hold it!”

They all got silent for a moment and resumed laughing. He snickered at them and looking at the dog, he finally realized the perfect gift for you.

He remembered how much you talked about wanting a dog and how you missed the one you had before all this and knew that the instant he’d give it to you, you’d be more than happy.

He smiled and it made them laugh even more. He then scolded them and said “Yeah! Laugh all you want, at least I know someone at home will be more than happy to see me with this little guy in my hands!”

He put the puppy next to his face and smiled at them, only to than walk back to the cars and making everyone follow along.


It was late at night and after a long day of doing chores, you decided to take a break in your room and waited to give Negan his one-year anniversary gift.

You took a nap and suddenly heard a knock on the door. You sat up and heard it again. As you got up to open, you saw to your surprise Negan facing his back at you.

It was uncommon for him to knock as he’d usually just barge in, so you had a feeling he was up to something.

As he heard the door opening, he chuckled and said your name sweetly.

“Y/N…I’m sorry for being a dick this morning and not letting you go along…”

You chuckled back at him and leaning in the door frame, replied “Negan, you know I love sincere apologies where I can see your face…please turn around…”

He exhaled and still not facing you, continued “Wait you didn’t let me finish! What I was saying was i’m sorry…but I only said that because I didn’t want you to see the surprise I got you…”

It surprised you to hear him saying he remembered your anniversary and you had to let it out.

“Really? You remembered our anniversary?”

He was taken back and replied “Of course I did! How can I forget!

You chuckled hearing his resigned tone and how serious he seemed.

You suddenly got a little more intrigued and stood up straight trying to peak at him.

"Alright…What did you get me? What is it? Show me!”

He kept turning away from you and you both couldn’t help laughing.

“Wait babe not yet! Try guessing what I got you!”

As he said that, you then heard a faint little bark and instantly, you got excited and started to giggle.

“Negan! Did you get me a dog?! Oh my god! Show it to me!”

You made a quick move to catch a glance at him and the dog and finally saw it.

Your expression was priceless and it made his heart melt to see you so happy and excited.

He let you pet the dog and eventually just had to hand it to you. The puppy got all excited as well and was squirming to lick your face.

You both laughed and walked into your room to continue giving affection to the cute little puppy. You talked and talked to one another about the future with the little dog and it made you both smiled.


As you both sat playing with it, you noticed how  happy he was as well and you just couldn’t believe how thoughtful he was.

You looked him in the eyes and in a hush tone, you said “Thank you, Negan…You remembered how much I love dogs and made a memorable gift for our one year anniversary….This is the best…”

He shyly smiled back at you and just nodded feeling so proud of himself. He then pulled you closer to him and kissed you.

He then pulled back and looked at you lustfully and grabbing your waist to pull onto his lap.

“You’re welcome babe…but there’s more than just that…I’m gonna give something else…”

You chuckled knowing what he meant and as you kissed him back, you then told him, “Don’t you want to know what gift I got you?”

He smirked and raising an eyebrow, said “And what special gift do I get for being with you and…only you for a whole year…”

He started to trail kisses along your neck and as it tickled you, you chuckled.

“Negan…The gift I got you…Is…That i’m pregnant…”

He stopped and looked at you in the eyes. You were smiling at him and got a little teary eyed.

His expression soften and smiling back at you, he hugged you tightly and started to thank you.

“Really…You are? This is amazing! It’s the fucking best gift I could ask for!”

As he said that, you hugged him tightly and the puppy barked at the two of you, making you both chuckle.

He looked back at you and said, “Looks like you’re going to have a lot of company, Y/N!”

Hetalia characters at the most basic levels
  • Italy: Pasta is lif
  • Germany: *looks into camera like he's in the office*
  • Japan: the ultimate weeb
  • America: Dude
  • England: Bloody hell
  • France: OHONHONHON
  • China: Old
  • Russia: death with a hint of sunflower
  • Canada: Maple Hockey
  • Prussia: Awesome
  • Romano: *angrily eats tomato*

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook hiding and angrily eating his snacks as he watches you and your friend eating ice cream together.
Friend: “Oh wait, you have something there.” *wipes the corner of your mouth*
JK: hmph *looks away and continues eating*
*impersonated your friend in a weird tone*
“Hey~ I’m y/n’s friend and I’m gonna make a move and wipe the corner of y/n’s mouth even when there’s nothing there~”

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as soon as I get the hang of deleting the extra two posts after I post a photoset, tumblr decides to one-up me and post it three more times after I refresh it a few minutes later as I’m here foolishly thinking i’ve got it under control

My local KFC has been a team instinct high level gym for like a month despite everywhere else in my town being owned by Mystic and Valor and i think thats hilarious like.

Can you just imagine a flock of instincts and sparks just angrily eating chicken and daring any other team to come near?

Meanwhile zapdos looks on forelornly in the distance, betrayed.

i have not once in my entire life been able to open a fruit cup of mandarin oranges without shooting juice all over myself and everything around me