RJ's notes

Tidbits from early RJ’s notes written before TEOTW to be published and presented by Terez on her Twitter account mostly.

Rand was originally supposed to hook up with Morgase, who was a mix of Morgase, Elaida, and Berelain, and who gave birth to Galad. Galad was not only supposed to channel but also turn to the Shadow because of Rand’s affair with Morgase.

Galad was originally intended to start channeling after the Cleansing. And Lan was his father (by Morgase).

Sa'angreal are so rare that they all have names.

There were also supposed to be “natural” angreal scattered around, areas like Stedding where channelers could instead augment their powers.

There were originally supposed to be little Blights scattered around the southern lands in addition to the Northern Blight.

Apparently RJ pictured Birgitte as Xena and Rand as Ben Affleck.

RJ pictured Faile as a young Cher. Fain as Alan Rickman.