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what did smarm mean by you're doing your job right in response t the poem evoking Angrboda?

It’s not something I talk about often on here but my job for Angrboda is exactly what Smarm tagged it as: My devotional role given to me by Angrboda is to act as Mother of Monsters. 

Hail to you, Angrboda

Mother of the Wolf,

Please teach me how to thrive in this dog-eat-dog world

Mother of the Serpent,

Please teach me how to spit venom at my enemies

Mother of Death,

Please teach me how to accept my own decay

Mother of Monsters

Thank you for guiding this young monster through a human’s world

Praise be to you, the Queen of Ironwood

- a modified version of one of my prayers to Angrboda

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Godfeels for your heartfriend please!! (I can never spell her name right lol)

I am the mother whose children you stole

Because you deemed me unfit to raise my children

Because my love is monstrous and different from yours

But how else could I show my children how much I love them

Than by teaching them how to survive and protect themselves

In a world full of monster-hunters?

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for the head canons, Loki?

  1. Will respond to any and all pronouns, but doesn’t actually think of themself in terms of pronouns at all.
  2. Originally became blood-brothers with Odin in an effort to head off future conflict. (An idea I’m borrowing from Lindow.) This, obviously, was less than effective in the end.
  3. Became pregnant with Hel after consuming Angrboda’s heart (after she was burned to death by the Aesir).
  4. Really did spend nine years in the underworld milking cows. (Oh, and also helping Hel set up her realm. That happened too.)
  5. Is a story-teller before all else, and therefore constantly leaning on the fourth wall.
  6. Usually insults people because they mean to. Usually. (Sometimes, though, it’s a cultural misunderstanding at work.)
  7. Has a very complicated relationship with Odin as a result of the blood-brotherhood, but is genuinely quite fond of Thor.
  8. Has a very interesting relationship with Freyja that most of Asgard isn’t aware of, or completely misinterprets. (They are both, in different ways, exiles, and people who have reason not to be entirely happy with Asgard or with Aesir control of the nine worlds.)
  9. Is initially attracted to Sigyn’s cleverness and flair for storytelling, and is (by the point I left off writing) a lot more gone for her than she realizes.
  10. Theoretically lives as a guest in Asgard in…someone’s hall? Maybe Thor’s? In actuality, spends most nights in animal shape somewhere.
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1. What is one thing you feel good about having done today?

well… the day just begun for me… i should be writing my speech… if i get that done today, i’ll feel good about that XD

2. Convince me to like your favorite character.

wait which character?!? there’s to many! um… i’m gonna go with toph from avatar: last airbender because that’s the last show i watched today. 

ok toph is just incredibly badass and your wrong if you disagree. first of all she’s blind but she can “see” by feeling the earth. she learns to earth bend not from from her dimwitted teacher but from the blind badgermoles which, from what i remember, is how earth benders ancestors learned to earth bend in the first place. her parents thought her weak and fragile and practically suffocated her so she she go out and earth battle and show off incredible god like earth bending. when some bandits kidnapped aang her parents were all like"nooooo she’s weak and blind and defenseless" so she practically tells her parents to shut the fuck up and saves the day. she doesn’t baby aang and she teaches him to earth bend. and best of all she practically invents metal bending. which was thought to be impossible but she fucking did it. she’s the reason that there are metal benders in legend of korra. she started that shit.she’s just all around badass because she did not let her “blindness” stop her from being the total badass that she is. 

3. Do you have an OTP? Why do you think the pair work out as a couple?

i guess it depends on the series… some series i have an otp, and some series i have pairing but not necessarily “otp” and even if i do have an otp, i’m not strict with it. i’ll have, say, my favorite character, and, depending on the people that person hangs with, it could range from friends/brotp/friensbian to actual pairing/otp and they sometimes overlap. depends on my mood… god i hope this isn’t as confusing to read as it was to type XD it’s easier to say who’s my notp rather that my otp… i have far fewer notps though… 

4. What do you think is a misconception people may have about you?

i’m not sure…..  i’ve heard people thought i was mean because i’m quiet but other than that, i don’t really hear much… 

5. Have you ever made a promise to someone, knowing you weren’t sincere?

i might have. i try not to because bad juju and all though.

6. What’s a skill that you’re really proud to have?

my music! i’m not good at it though….

7. Do you trust easily, or are you very cautious of others?

not as easily as i used to. i’m more cautious of others and i don’t easily make attachments like i used to. 

8. What is one major warning you’d give to 10-year-old you?

don’t force yourself to go out with someone just because it’s the “norm” it’s ok to be single for as long as you need.

9. Do you ever see yourself acting like your parents sometimes?

my mother in some ways yea. but my father no. not unless i inherited some sort of personality gene from him but i wouldn’t know…. my mom says that there are certain things i do that are like him but i don’t know…

10. Tell the truth: If you could, would you shack up with your favorite character?

that depends on which of my favorite characters you’re talking about. for example, shikamaru from naruto, yea. totally. scar from lion king, no. that would be beastiality…… and he could eat me…..

11. Have you ever written super-indulgent fanfics? Has anyone else ever seen it?

i don’t write fanfic…. i think i wrote i short little something a long time ago about two of my characters and if i don’t think i showed it to anyone. if i did it would have been one person… sorry, i’m not really into fanfic… 

Ok my 11!

1. play any instruments? if so, which one(s)? if not, would want to play any instruments and if so, which one(s)?

2. what’s your favorite song?

3. you just won backstage concert pass! who are you going to see? (the person could be dead or alive)

4. favorite soundtrack?

5. favorite solo singer?

6. favorite band?

7. favorite genre of music?

8. have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

9. do you know why the caged bird sings?

10. oh look. a movie is being made about you. what 10 songs are on your movie soundtrack?

11. did you notice all these questions are music related?

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mother + what do you think of Legolas?

Send “Mother” & a question and my muse’s mom will answer it

“That is the elf, correct? The one Hel is courting? I have little knowledge on the elves of that realm, but he does not seem a bad match.”

“I… I am wary. Hel may not be my daughter by blood, but I love her like she is my own, and would do anything I could to keep her from getting more hurt. Not to say that I think Legolas would hurt her, but… I am wary of him for now.”

// @hel-inherbones @liftingthecat Fenrir just saw the whole thing of not being afraid of Angrboda in passing and he’s just like 


Oswald has, in verses where he has become the self-proclaimed King of Gotham, two rottweilers who he has raised from puppies.

Their names are Fenrir and Holler, named after figures of Nordic Mythos. Fenrir was the wolf whom Loki and Angrboda sired who took Tyr’s hand, the God of War, and when his chains snap, it signals the judgment-of-powers, the end of days for the gods, Ragnarok.

Holler is noted as the God of Death, Disease, and Destruction, the one who drags the damned to a dark dungeon and delivers whatever he wishes.

In any events where the show’s canon states that Elijah is Oswald’s father, Oswald does not poison Grace’s dog and instead, keeps him, renaming him as Odin, the All-Father of the Gods.

These dogs he will normally call “babies” and they can always be seen napping in the hallway or being at his side during meetings.

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mother + "what do you see as hel's most redeeming quality?"

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“I did not have the pleasure of watching my daughter grow up, there were extenuating circumstances that made it impossible. But from what I have seen of her, there are two answers I could give you. I could either tell you that my daughter has no need to be redeemed - she does not. Or I could tell you that any of her qualities are her most redeeming, her kindness, her leadership, her abilities as the Queen of the Underworld - also true.”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand your question greyface, my step daughter needs no redeeming. She has her flaws, yes, but so do the rest of the Aesir, and the Vanir. We may be gods, but we are not perfect. Hel is a wonderful young woman, and no matter what you or anyone else believes, she has no need to be redeemed.”


He finally had found somewhere to be alone, away from everyone. Everything was so overwhelming….Losing the battle, Rollo’s betrayal, Angrboda’s death still haunting him, Athelstan…It all came to him and–
He had forgotten. Floki always seeked for isolation too.
Quickly, he wiped his years and sniffed. “What do you want?”

He finds Ragnar sitting alone away from everyone, even for him it was a lot to take in. He almost drowned, almost lost Helga. Knowing Lagertha lost her child reminded Floki of the loss of his little daughter Angrboda. Floki sits next to Ragnar with is legs stretched and two horns of ale in his hand “ Here take it, drink with me.” he said with tears in his eyes. “Thank you for saving me.” 

send ☺ to meet a member of loki’s family: hel, daughter of loki

        it is clear the sensitivity she feels towards her appearance, right side shrouded by darkened veil. there was no worse woman to stand before her, though a ghost, cradling a small bundle in her arms. young angrboda has passed of a fever, an illness that claimed her life before she could even speak. it saddened the goddesses still beating heart. “ i am truly sorry. ”

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mother + Sigyn, what would you tell Legolas if you could speak to him?

Send “Mother” & a question and my muse’s mom will answer it

“There are many things I would like to say to him. I would like to thank him for showing my daughter kindness and compassion, both things she was denied by so many as a child. I would like to warn him of what will become of him should he hurt her. He may be a prince, but Hel is my step daughter, as well as Loki and Angrboda’s biological child. Between the three of us there would be Hel to pay.”

“But mostly I think I would ask him to be gentle with Hel. My step daughter comes off quiet strong, but she has suffered too much in her life. It is not easy or natural for her to put her heart in another’s hands, especially when it comes to things such as love, and I would ask that he be understanding of the fact that she will take a while to find her footing - whether or not she shows it, she will not think herself worth him, nor will she have much of an idea as to what she is doing. That he be patient with her on the days when she wishes to be by herself, and on the days where she does not want to leave his side.”

“Hel’s heart is already more scar tissue than it is flesh. I would ask him not to give her another reason to hide herself away.”

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MORE ANGRBODA FACTS!! I'd started thinking "was she Valdrlund-ish?" then Loki mentioned him :S I hope that's not the case. "Once [...] she had seen a hint of it": I had no idea that was related to her. Poor misunderstood Loki, Stjarna's not gonna look down on you 'cos you're into knife play. OH WAIT - the daggers. Some tough coversation to come between Loki and Frigga. I wonder how much time he will remain heartbroken about the coronation. Just heartbroken, not heartbroken AND plotting stuff ;)

I think it’s safe to say that Angrboda is Valdrlund-ish. It’s almost (just almost) like Angie is to Loki what Val is to Stjarna. While Angie is similar to Val in the respect that she is possessive, cruel, and generally unfeeling, there’s also some small differences. Mainly that, unlike Val, as we will eventually see, she doesn’t try to hide it or blame anybody for it, like Val tried to blame his actions on Stjarna’s behavior. She knows she’s fucked up but she likes it. She used and hurt Loki that night in Utgard, but she wasn’t the least bit ashamed of it.

Yeah, that bit in 16 in part 1 when Loki grabbed Stjarna by the neck had to do with Angie. When Stjarna smacked him it kind of brought it out. And by “it” I mean the stuff he described in part 2 – chapter 3, all this horrible emotional stuff he’s kept under wraps. This will all be explained in more detail later when it happens again.

There will definitely be some tough conversation between Loki and Frigga. Especially after the Lokasenna part, which I think won’t be until chapter 5 now. He’s going to inadvertently hurt Frigga.

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What's the first thing you did when you got out of prison?

Other than helping Thor in his… plans. I went to Sigyn for a short moment and Sleipnir. Of course, I didn’t tell Sigyn of my plans but I told Sleipnir since I knew I was the only one able to communicate with him, (other than Angrboda and the mystery person).