A Month of Written Devotion #1 - Who?

(Not much is written in the lore about the deities I honor. So what follows is going to contain a lot of UPG and I suppose some SPG.)

Angrboda is like flame incarnate. She burns with passion and inspiration, being a source of both knowledge and terror. She is fire that destroys but also fire that transforms and nurtures the land it razes with the ashes it leaves in its wake. Her presence is overwhelming and suffocating, like walking into an oven. I feel her in the desert heat as few will venture into the blazing sun and at night, when darkness obscures the land, then creatures come out to roam. And only the hardy survive in the desert. Many of the creatures living in the desert are venomous and much of the flora bears thorns. She is also in the humid swamplands. The mangroves beckon menacingly as the humid air chokes your lungs. She offers knowledge to those who brave the path and seek for things long forgotten and ignored. She is the mother of monsters and enjoys gathering the disillusioned youth, giving them the weapons to monster and thrive. Her love is that of a she-wolf: savage but still love in its own way.

Hel, half-fair and half-rotten, is the daughter of Angrboda. She was taken away and cast into Niflheim where she reigns over the dead. Hel, unlike her mother, is cold. I feel her in the snow storms with gentle flurries that entice people to come out and play even in the biting cold. The air is quiet and still but the children rejoice with snowballs and sleds; their play and joviality ward them from the freezing temperatures for a while but in the end, all become too cold and must retire for the day. Hel is a reminder that life is brief and beautiful. It should be enjoyed while it is available but it is the great equalizer and it comes to all in time. She is neither cruel nor kind. She is fair in her judgements to the absolute.

Wolf, Fenrisulfr, is a cocky punk, to put it bluntly. He is full of defiance and proud to the extreme. Like all youth, he feels a need to prove himself and make his name known, leading to his eventual deception and binding. Unbound, he is id without the ego’s balance. He is gluttonous, lustful, and wrathful. But he is also a bringer of abrupt change when he breaks free at Ragnarok. He will slay the All-Father and punish him for his hubris. Odin and the Aesir believe themselves able to control nature; Wolf is proof that they are wrong. A flood held back only grows in strength until it blasts through the dam. Wolf is retribution and destruction. He is the antithesis of what the Aesir stand for. Whereas they are order and civilization, he is chaos and wilderness incarnate given ripping fangs to deal out his fury. I see him as a rude and crude punk with no true anger in him until his binding. He kept himself apart but he bore no grudges against the gods. I believe he was, in his own way, seeking approval from the deities via his strength before he realized he was feared and distrusted by them all. Then, he learns to hone and guide his strength and rage with purpose against them.

Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent, zie is like the ocean itself. Normally calm, great forces can stir zir to thrashing. Like an ordinary snake, Jorm is ever watchful. Zie observes from afar, rarely interacting directly with the mainland. Zie is…. difficult to put into words for me, even more so than the others. Jorm feels like an eternity. Jorm is in zir own way a guardian of balance. Jorm only rises up when things become so unbalanced they are intolerable. Otherwise, Jorm is content to watch from afar. Like the cat zie was turned into, Jorm is very curious and interested in the goings on of mortals. Zie enjoys learning and seems to take pleasure in finding new observations to remark upon. Jorm is somewhere between Hel and Wolf in temperament. Normally adrift in the sea, Jorm is stirred to joining into the fight at Ragnarok. I believe zir driving motivation is to restore balance and anger at the destruction of nature’s precarious balance.

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1. What is one thing you feel good about having done today?

well… the day just begun for me… i should be writing my speech… if i get that done today, i’ll feel good about that XD

2. Convince me to like your favorite character.

wait which character?!? there’s to many! um… i’m gonna go with toph from avatar: last airbender because that’s the last show i watched today. 

ok toph is just incredibly badass and your wrong if you disagree. first of all she’s blind but she can “see” by feeling the earth. she learns to earth bend not from from her dimwitted teacher but from the blind badgermoles which, from what i remember, is how earth benders ancestors learned to earth bend in the first place. her parents thought her weak and fragile and practically suffocated her so she she go out and earth battle and show off incredible god like earth bending. when some bandits kidnapped aang her parents were all like"nooooo she’s weak and blind and defenseless" so she practically tells her parents to shut the fuck up and saves the day. she doesn’t baby aang and she teaches him to earth bend. and best of all she practically invents metal bending. which was thought to be impossible but she fucking did it. she’s the reason that there are metal benders in legend of korra. she started that shit.she’s just all around badass because she did not let her “blindness” stop her from being the total badass that she is. 

3. Do you have an OTP? Why do you think the pair work out as a couple?

i guess it depends on the series… some series i have an otp, and some series i have pairing but not necessarily “otp” and even if i do have an otp, i’m not strict with it. i’ll have, say, my favorite character, and, depending on the people that person hangs with, it could range from friends/brotp/friensbian to actual pairing/otp and they sometimes overlap. depends on my mood… god i hope this isn’t as confusing to read as it was to type XD it’s easier to say who’s my notp rather that my otp… i have far fewer notps though… 

4. What do you think is a misconception people may have about you?

i’m not sure…..  i’ve heard people thought i was mean because i’m quiet but other than that, i don’t really hear much… 

5. Have you ever made a promise to someone, knowing you weren’t sincere?

i might have. i try not to because bad juju and all though.

6. What’s a skill that you’re really proud to have?

my music! i’m not good at it though….

7. Do you trust easily, or are you very cautious of others?

not as easily as i used to. i’m more cautious of others and i don’t easily make attachments like i used to. 

8. What is one major warning you’d give to 10-year-old you?

don’t force yourself to go out with someone just because it’s the “norm” it’s ok to be single for as long as you need.

9. Do you ever see yourself acting like your parents sometimes?

my mother in some ways yea. but my father no. not unless i inherited some sort of personality gene from him but i wouldn’t know…. my mom says that there are certain things i do that are like him but i don’t know…

10. Tell the truth: If you could, would you shack up with your favorite character?

that depends on which of my favorite characters you’re talking about. for example, shikamaru from naruto, yea. totally. scar from lion king, no. that would be beastiality…… and he could eat me…..

11. Have you ever written super-indulgent fanfics? Has anyone else ever seen it?

i don’t write fanfic…. i think i wrote i short little something a long time ago about two of my characters and if i don’t think i showed it to anyone. if i did it would have been one person… sorry, i’m not really into fanfic… 

Ok my 11!

1. play any instruments? if so, which one(s)? if not, would want to play any instruments and if so, which one(s)?

2. what’s your favorite song?

3. you just won backstage concert pass! who are you going to see? (the person could be dead or alive)

4. favorite soundtrack?

5. favorite solo singer?

6. favorite band?

7. favorite genre of music?

8. have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

9. do you know why the caged bird sings?

10. oh look. a movie is being made about you. what 10 songs are on your movie soundtrack?

11. did you notice all these questions are music related?

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ur goin down, i'm yelling shiver me timbers

Beldr, hel, garm, heimdall, berserker, fafnir, siegfried, sleipner, dis, valkyrie, norn, fenrir, niddhogger, ratotaskr, vidofnir, surt, loki, thor, odin, angrboda, audumbia, brynhildr, dain, dark elf, duergar, dwarf, fjalar, freya, freyr, gullinbursti, hagen, hati, helldog, hermod, hoenir, hresvelgr, hrimfaxi, hugin, jormungandr, kvasir, lindwurm, lynx, munin, muspell, njord, sif, skadi, skinfaxi, skoll, skuld, svadilfari, svafnir, troll, tyr, ur

There’s a few things I don’t like about the Norse myths book by Kevin Holland. It’s the fact that the term evil is put in there and the fact that he assumes Loki didn’t have what he wanted with Sigyn so he went to Angrboda. I mean, idk about everyone else but for me, I feel a deep compassion about Loki and I feel that both of his wives love him the same amount just as he loves them. I don’t think he favors one over the other or doesn’t get enough from one. I just feel like it’s sort of offensive to him personally by assuming like oh okay he’s a “God of lies” or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, this book helps me understand things better from the lore and it’s great because it allows you to read it more clearly. However, there are just some problems regarding respect not just for the gods but the culture it comes from. I don’t think this was ever intentional, I think they were just reciting it as how they saw it, but at the same time…it just bothers me. Either way though, it’s still a good book to read, I’m just expressing my personal opinions about things I dislike. I’ll be posting a more informed opinion about the book once I’m finished reading it.

Teoría (Soul of Gold)

En el episodio de hoy se han dado muchas pistas y puedo deducir que quizá el enemigo final de Soul of Gold sea Loki, el dios de la malicia nórdica… ¿Por qué esta conclusión? Por dos pistas importantes:

1. Lyfia quien parece ser el envase mortal de Hela, personaje que según la mitología nórdica, era uno de los tantos hijos de Loki, Hela es hija Loki y de la giganta hechicera proveniente del Jötunheim, Angrboda, y es Hela la que reina sobre el Helheim, donde vive bajo una de las raíces de Yggdrasil.

2. En una de las escenas aparece un circulo mágico con dos figuras de lobos que en la mitología nórdica pueden interpretarse como Hati y Sköll:

Sköll era el lobo que perseguía a los caballos Arvak y Alsvid, que tiraban del carro de la diosa Sol a través de los cielos todos los días, con el objetivo de devorar a la diosa.

Hati era un lobo que perseguía a Máni (la luna) por el cielo todas las noches. Cada vez que lograba acercarse a su presa se producían eclipses lunares. La gente de la tierra los llama estrellas caídas.

Según la mitología nórdica, se dice que en el tiempo del Ragnarök (el fin del mundo), Hati alcanzará la luna y  Sköll alcanzara al Sol, y los desgarrarán con sus zarpas. 

Esta es solo una humilde opinión… 

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could you ever see Sigyn and Angrboda together, like as a ship?

i can! though it’s mostly a friendship in my headcanon it’s
not hard for me to believe that sigyn and angrboda could
be involved romantically. as it so happens, pekkt has my
angrboda a little crazy about her.  

see, the thing is that sigyn and angrboda are two sides
of the same coin. not entirely different. similar enough
to make have things in common (fierce love and loyalty,
motherhood, maybe same musical tastes (?) and book
genres, etc.). people like this often times make the best
teams. the best friends. and the best lovers. 

long story short: YES.

Current projects aside from devotional artwork are

  • reading the eddas and other norse culture.myth/historical texts.
  • working on grimoire
  • working on deity associations for Wolf, Jorm, Angrboda, and Hel. also perhaps working on epithets/kennings because someone has gotten me really into those. *coughsLuxcoughs*
  • reading up on meanings of snakes and wolves in Iron Age cultures
  • working on my tarot journal so card meanings and spreads i’ve come up with

If anyone has any interest in these things, let me know and I might share some of it if it’s of use to others.

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✘ Any unpopular opinions about your muse?

//I once saw an RP blog playing a genderbent Fenrir. While obviously I’m not going to stop anyone from doing anything, I personally don’t agree with that. I mean I’ll sometimes make Fen randomly turn into a lady for shits and giggles and babies, but at the end of the day he’s male. I really don’t see Fenrir being born and raised female.

I find Fenrir, as a muse and as a deity, to be very, very masculine. I think that’s part of his thing, for lack of better word. Jormungandr I can see being gender-fluid, have seen RPers and worshiper’s UPG saying the same. Loki is a shapeshifter so he’s a fuild-everything. Angrboda seems somewhat masculine as well, but in the powerful badass woman way. But Fenrir has always come off extremely masculine and all around male to me and it just personally does not compute to see him as anything but. 

anonymous asked:

I think your faceclaim choice is great! Especially since she isn't overused. Many people use Katie McGrath, which is fine! but its nice to see something more original who also looks the part!

well, i’m not familiar with the comical hela, other than what wiki has offered + some graphics, but appearance-wise, she is inspired by the marvel cinematic universe, as i wanted a raven-head (which both celina jade and amy bailey are, but in two very different ways). celina, because i use her icons from arrow, has a certain wildness while still believably biracial (i figured that since norse myth has angrboda as jotunn and hel’s mother, it didn’t mean that she was a caucasian female, like kate mcgrath, since the mcu has, say, vanaheim’s residents like hogun portrayed as asian in appearance).

 i was also a matter of being diverse, i guess, and definitely had the lure of not being overused. i don’t know how to icon, so i also had to use a faceclaim where icons existed already. 

in terms of katie mcgrath, whom you say many use (especially as fc for lady lokis, such as the amazing silfgildr (btw, i haven’t seen people use mcgrath as hel fc but i haven’t looked either)), she was too much loki, whose appearance is after all an illusion. although you will have to imagine half of her face being rotten etc (in some verses), celina’s appearance in most of the icons are far from perfect yet dignified (as shado in arrow is a capable young woman). i wanted her to be fierce and dignified and proud but also humbled by having likely been bullied all of her like. i chose not to use an entirely caucasian fc because i saw celina and though: hell yes. 

amy bailey from viking has an older sense of pride with less uncertainty of youth. they don’t look like each other and i’m certainly not trying to pass off one as the older or younger version of the other. however, i also tried to limit my number of fcs and not be “that blog” that has half a dozen faceclaims for different verses.

like i said, most days i’m happy about the choice, but sometimes i feel like celina (and at times amy) doesn’t live up to the par with the mcu roleplayers especially. 

reclaimingsecond replied to your post: “could you ever see Sigyn and Angrboda 
together, like as a ship?”:

I always imagine this intense queerplatonic love tbh. A relationship where the lines boxing in one kind of relationship from another aren’t so much blurred as they are nonexistent because they’re unimportant.