I snapped and painted my headphones red for the left one and green for the right so that I could stop getting confused by the red “R”.

Thank you, Yara, for the green nail polish. Apart from the red I got for my Sailor Moon costume, I would have had no nail polish with which to make this important move to preserve my sanity.

I got tagged by myresin!!!!

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1. What is one thing you feel good about having done today?

well… the day just begun for me… i should be writing my speech… if i get that done today, i’ll feel good about that XD

2. Convince me to like your favorite character.

wait which character?!? there’s to many! um… i’m gonna go with toph from avatar: last airbender because that’s the last show i watched today. 

ok toph is just incredibly badass and your wrong if you disagree. first of all she’s blind but she can “see” by feeling the earth. she learns to earth bend not from from her dimwitted teacher but from the blind badgermoles which, from what i remember, is how earth benders ancestors learned to earth bend in the first place. her parents thought her weak and fragile and practically suffocated her so she she go out and earth battle and show off incredible god like earth bending. when some bandits kidnapped aang her parents were all like"nooooo she’s weak and blind and defenseless" so she practically tells her parents to shut the fuck up and saves the day. she doesn’t baby aang and she teaches him to earth bend. and best of all she practically invents metal bending. which was thought to be impossible but she fucking did it. she’s the reason that there are metal benders in legend of korra. she started that shit.she’s just all around badass because she did not let her “blindness” stop her from being the total badass that she is. 

3. Do you have an OTP? Why do you think the pair work out as a couple?

i guess it depends on the series… some series i have an otp, and some series i have pairing but not necessarily “otp” and even if i do have an otp, i’m not strict with it. i’ll have, say, my favorite character, and, depending on the people that person hangs with, it could range from friends/brotp/friensbian to actual pairing/otp and they sometimes overlap. depends on my mood… god i hope this isn’t as confusing to read as it was to type XD it’s easier to say who’s my notp rather that my otp… i have far fewer notps though… 

4. What do you think is a misconception people may have about you?

i’m not sure…..  i’ve heard people thought i was mean because i’m quiet but other than that, i don’t really hear much… 

5. Have you ever made a promise to someone, knowing you weren’t sincere?

i might have. i try not to because bad juju and all though.

6. What’s a skill that you’re really proud to have?

my music! i’m not good at it though….

7. Do you trust easily, or are you very cautious of others?

not as easily as i used to. i’m more cautious of others and i don’t easily make attachments like i used to. 

8. What is one major warning you’d give to 10-year-old you?

don’t force yourself to go out with someone just because it’s the “norm” it’s ok to be single for as long as you need.

9. Do you ever see yourself acting like your parents sometimes?

my mother in some ways yea. but my father no. not unless i inherited some sort of personality gene from him but i wouldn’t know…. my mom says that there are certain things i do that are like him but i don’t know…

10. Tell the truth: If you could, would you shack up with your favorite character?

that depends on which of my favorite characters you’re talking about. for example, shikamaru from naruto, yea. totally. scar from lion king, no. that would be beastiality…… and he could eat me…..

11. Have you ever written super-indulgent fanfics? Has anyone else ever seen it?

i don’t write fanfic…. i think i wrote i short little something a long time ago about two of my characters and if i don’t think i showed it to anyone. if i did it would have been one person… sorry, i’m not really into fanfic… 

Ok my 11!

1. play any instruments? if so, which one(s)? if not, would want to play any instruments and if so, which one(s)?

2. what’s your favorite song?

3. you just won backstage concert pass! who are you going to see? (the person could be dead or alive)

4. favorite soundtrack?

5. favorite solo singer?

6. favorite band?

7. favorite genre of music?

8. have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

9. do you know why the caged bird sings?

10. oh look. a movie is being made about you. what 10 songs are on your movie soundtrack?

11. did you notice all these questions are music related?

My personal fave from my 2011 “Life with Loki, or Married with Monster Children” drawing series. According to the Eddas (which I that summer read alongside the first decade of Thor comics after the movie got me hooked), when the gods found out about Loki’s monster babies, they sent Thor to capture them. This is how I, as sassy housewife Angrboda, would react to that.


I remember how much my dear mother spoke so fondly of my father. The excuses she made for his actions. He left her in the cold, on the orders of that damned creature he dared call a father!

She waited for him to return. For any of us to return to her. In the end, she found me… here in Varinheim, still clinging to the idea that he loved her. Broken, deluded and unable to free me from my bonds.

I stayed with her until her time came. The power she exhausted to come to her son near destroyed her and she had power. Enough that if she had a mind to - could bring Asgard crashing down upon Odin’s head. I held her as she faded away, a mere shell of what she once was.

Loki will answer for her death. Even if I have to tear the penance out of his entrails.

anonymous asked:

Not gonna lie, it makes me really happy to see POC faceclaims, especially for characters like yours because I always pictured Angrboda as a WOC (were she to take a non-Jotnar form during her marriage to Loki) so their kids poc A+. =)

         LIFELESS.   Same here ! since i´m poc myself i figured out i
           should go on a really extensive search for a poc fc.    Like seriously
           Shay is from pretty little liars yet i´ve not seen many people use her.
          Zhan is not popular but look at her,  she is  a goddess.

                     I would seriously love for people to draw Boda as WOC
      and the babies as poc,    im not a good artist but maybe when i start
       graphic design i´ll perfect my style so there will basically be lots
       of art of them made by me. c:

                      Thank you so much for your nice message !

Got an exam coming up. 

massivejellyfishfury and I are instead discussing what would happen if you put the Norse gods and the Greek gods together (and all their associated acts).

“Someone has a mistaken one night stand with Angrboda and all the Norse gods are like “NO” and the Greeks are like “chill, it’s embarrassing but not the end of the world” and the Norse gods facepalm.”


TITLE: An Old Rite
PAIRINGS: Angrboða/Loki
SUMMARY: Loki needed to escape Útgarðar. He didn’t expect to be found so soon.

A.K.A.: A sort-of sex one-shot that takes place after the events of Casket, because the Angrboða/Loki fandom needs some more love.

The plot bunny bit, and I found this spilling out onto a blank document. Also, I just wanted to revisit this universe because I needed a break from all the angst in Jotunheimr.

And total amount of clothes worn by Loki: 0.


The Ironwood straddled a far flung part of Útgarðar and Gastropnir’s territory. It was something spectacular, unique to Jötunheimr, a child of freak events that would never happen again. A star, the goðar had called it. A star had fallen to the planet thousands upon thousands of years ago, and its impact had destroyed the realm, fusing with what was left to create something lopsided. But the millennia had tamed this star, covering it with rock and ice and snow until the planet had rounded itself, creating something much bigger. All that could now be seen of the meteor was its spikes of towering stjarna-járn, packed dense enough to create a forest of metal with needles of ice. Weak sun nor starlight ever touched the ground.

The wild, black creatures of endless nights hunted these trees, drawn by the dark and the sheer cold of the gorge the Ironwood was settled into.

And Loki too was a wild creature.

It had been four nights since the Æsir had left, and after he couldn’t stand the courts and the pressing mass of Útgarðar for a second longer, Loki had left the capital. He had retreated to the Ironwood, shedding his skin into one of the great direwolves at the castle’s gate and striking east, his black fur bristling with gold flakes. Fárbauti, his begetter, had had the gift of shapeshifting, and Loki his only child to inherit it. It was a disappointment to him surely that his runt son had been the recipient of it. In truth, Loki had never asked Fárbauti — Fárbauti held nothing but disdain for him, and Loki returned it with vicious satisfaction.

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I was researching “breezeblocks” by alt-J, and I found this quote from Joe Newman (the lead singer) who said “The song is about liking someone who you want so much that you want to hurt yourself and them, as well”

And honestly that just sums up how I imagine Loki and Boða’s relationship, and I just love that quote so much, I love the song, and I have so much inspiration to write them now.

hyacinth-halcyon asked:

Do you happen to know of anyone on here who works with Angrboda and/or her children? I'd like to reach out to people but the tags are rather full of Marvel stuff and I am having a difficult time searching for non-Marvel Loki related posts or general information on the mythic figures themselves.

I know I have followers but it’s late and my brain is shutting down for the night. I’m sure they will reply to this.

Iron Wolf: Fenrir Devotional Bracelet

Iron Wolf: Fenrir Devotional Bracelet

Iron Wolf: A bracelet made in honor of Fenrir, the wolf son of Loki and Angrboda: Tibetan silver “howling wolf” bead on hematite. Bracelet measures 6″ and is strung on sturdy elastic. It has a nice solid feel to it and would be excellent for grounding purposes, feeling Fenrir’s protection when you need it.

The bracelet is $50.  I do layaway plans, so if you like this bracelet and want it but…

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Norse Mythology AU: Thor & Loki

Thor is described as Odin’s son, but his name derives from the Germanic term for “thunder.” Like Indra and other Indo-European thunder-gods, he is essentially the champion of the gods, being constantly involved in struggles with the giants. His main weapon is a short-handled hammer, Mjölnir, with which he smashes the skull of his antagonists. One of his best-known adventures describes his pulling the cosmic serpent Jörmungand (Jörmungandr), which surrounds the world, out of the ocean. As he fails to kill the monster then, he will have to face it again in a combat to the finish in which they both die, in the Ragnarök.

Loki is counted among the Aesir but is not one of them. His father was a giant (Fárbauti; “Dangerous Striker”). Loki begat a female, Angrboda (Angrboða; “Boder of Sorrow”), and produced three evil progeny—the goddess of death, Hel, the monstrous serpent surrounding the world, Jörmungand, and the wolf Fenrir (Fenrisúlfr), who lies chained until he will break loose in the Ragnarök. Loki himself lies bound but will break his bonds in the Ragnarök to join the giants in battle against the gods.

royalrageofawakandanheart asked:

I don't know if you have done her already have you done Angrboda ?

No, sorry. Each morning I do a little bibliomancy with my book The Goddess Guide for the posts. I don’t believe I included her in the book, as I’ve never worked/magicked with her.
I’ll check her out and add her to the next edition!

vargrfadir asked:

lokaboda. loda? angoki.

parent meme | accepting

Who cried when they brought their child home for the first time: 

Probably Angrboda because she’s a huge sucker for kids. Her kids especially. Most likely cried when they brought Fenrir home.

Who would wake up in the middle of the night to check on the kid(s): 

I think (as much of a dick as he is) Loki would step up with taking care of the kids for a bit. Y’know, excitement of being a dad and having a little thing he helped make and whatnot.

Who changes the kid(s) diapers: 

Angrboda would do that. Loki would be faaaaar away when diaper changing time comes around.

Who makes the bottles: 

Probably Loki because Boda’s too busy taking care of the bab to do the thing.

Who stays up late at night to rock the kid(s) to sleep and sing them lullabys: 



Who is guilty of spoiling the kid(s): 


Who would give the kid(s) cookies in the middle of the night: 

( fuckin side eyes bad dad )

Who always takes the kid(s) side: 

Depending on the situation, they both would.

Who would wake up early to make breakfast for the kid(s) before school: 

Loki. Angrboda is NOT a morning person at all.

Who gets the kid(s) ready for school in the morning: 

Both Loki and Boda. More Loki than anyone else. 

Who takes the kid(s) to school: 

Boda. She probably takes that time to talk shit about dad to the kids.

Who goes to parent teacher conferences: 

Boda. Loki goes only when his presence is absolutely necessary.

Who will be the first to suggest to have ‘the talk’ with the kid(s): 


Who would choose their child(s) prom outfit: 


Who would cry when the kid(s) go off to college: 

Angrboda. But for like 0.0002 seconds because then she’d remember that she and bad dad can bang without the kids interrupting and so she’d cheer up right away.

hyacinth-halcyon asked:

You said you have worked with Loki and Angrboda's children.I am planning on approaching Angrboda and her brood but since there isn't much in them in the lore, I was hoping to ask around and see what folks associate with them etc. to try and get a feel for what I should offer. I have some ideas already, but figure it couldn't hurt to get others' input too who might have more knowledge. Anything you can share about them would be appreciated!

Sure thing! Just keep in mind this is my own experience and your mileage may vary. :) (I won’t touch on Angrboda, because I’ve only had one interaction with her.) I haven’t given formal offerings to either Fenrir or Jormangandr, so these are just ideas that feel intuitively right to me. Take ‘em or leave ‘em; it’s totally up to you.

Fenrir: For me, Fenrir is a lot like his father–the ‘loudest’ of the three, slightly more mischievous, with a bit of a temper. I kind of associate green stones with him for some reason (especially jade or malachite), and things that make one feel strong. Believing in myself and being aware of my inner strength are definitely things Fenrir has taught me (or tried to, since I’ve been incredibly stubborn on this point), so things that remind you of that might be a great place to start. A lot of people, I think, also do wolf-type offerings–fur, bone, artwork depicting wolves, etc.–which I could see him liking. Unlike Váli, he seems to enjoy his wolf form for the most part.

Jormangandr: Jormangandr always struck me as the quiet, watchful type who loves watching the world and learning. Because I’m a dork and my practice is super informal, I call him my little bookworm hah. For me, things that resonate with Jorm are non-precious stones (like granite or marble or shale or gravel), yellow things, and books. Whereas, in my experience, Odin gained his knowledge and wisdom from traveling and living, Jormangandr prefers to watch and study and read from a distance, so maybe reading a nonfiction book on a topic you find interesting would make a good offering. Jorm is about patience for me, too, so things that help you remember to take time and be satisfied waiting.

Hela: Gods, Hela. She was there for me during some really, really rough times a few years ago. To me, she’s soft-spoken and gentle, but has a very sharp edge that’s never quite fully under the surface. Her piece on my altar is a dia de los muertos figurine box because it had that mix of beauty and death that exemplifies her for me. I think (and this might go against what others would suggest) that flowers are a wonderful offering for Hela–they’re beautiful, but fade quickly, reminding us of both the wonderfulness of life and the fact that it ends. Color-wise, I feel she likes purple or red (red jasper, amethyst, lepidolite, carnelian). Working with Hela has taught me to value myself and my gifts, and that it is necessary to feel compassion for myself as much as I feel for others, so maybe things that remind you of self-love and self-care would make for good time-offerings.  

I hope that helps at least give you something to brainstorm with. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or if something I said doesn’t make sense.