Loki’s Children

Daughter to Loki and Glut, fire spirit
Black, flaming skin; wild, black hair; pale green eyes glowing in the flame
Even the All-father cannot claim fire
Fire spirit dancing in the night

Daughter to Loki and Glut of the forest
Ivory skin dampened by flames, straight red hair, eyes the color of her coals
Odin burnt himself on her fire
Fire witch of the forest

Mothered by Loki, Prince of Asgard, Odin’s own son
Coal black hair, dark green eyes, father’s kind smile
Eight-legged steed with magic enough to travel between worlds
Favored as a common steed

Son of Angrboda of the Jötunn and Loki called Odinson
Sleek brown hair, sea green eyes, father’s quick intuition
Monstrous serpent cast into the sea
Loki’s blood knew, if his mind did not

Mothered by Loki, younger Prince
Wild golden hair, strong muscles, amber eyes
Giant wolf feared by all warriors
Odin hated him most of all

Mothered by Loki, sired by the heart of Angrboda
Blue skin, white hair, father’s smile
Abandoned to die
Queen of the Dead

Son of Innocent Sigyn and Loki Mother-of-Monsters
Red hair, green eyes, son of the Aesir
Murdered by Odin All-father
An innocent child

Birthed by Sigyn and loved by Loki
Black hair, quick mind, kind hazel eyes
He reminded Odin too much of clever Loki
His punishment was to be made a murderer

I got tagged by myresin!!!!

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1. What is one thing you feel good about having done today?

well… the day just begun for me… i should be writing my speech… if i get that done today, i’ll feel good about that XD

2. Convince me to like your favorite character.

wait which character?!? there’s to many! um… i’m gonna go with toph from avatar: last airbender because that’s the last show i watched today. 

ok toph is just incredibly badass and your wrong if you disagree. first of all she’s blind but she can “see” by feeling the earth. she learns to earth bend not from from her dimwitted teacher but from the blind badgermoles which, from what i remember, is how earth benders ancestors learned to earth bend in the first place. her parents thought her weak and fragile and practically suffocated her so she she go out and earth battle and show off incredible god like earth bending. when some bandits kidnapped aang her parents were all like"nooooo she’s weak and blind and defenseless" so she practically tells her parents to shut the fuck up and saves the day. she doesn’t baby aang and she teaches him to earth bend. and best of all she practically invents metal bending. which was thought to be impossible but she fucking did it. she’s the reason that there are metal benders in legend of korra. she started that shit.she’s just all around badass because she did not let her “blindness” stop her from being the total badass that she is. 

3. Do you have an OTP? Why do you think the pair work out as a couple?

i guess it depends on the series… some series i have an otp, and some series i have pairing but not necessarily “otp” and even if i do have an otp, i’m not strict with it. i’ll have, say, my favorite character, and, depending on the people that person hangs with, it could range from friends/brotp/friensbian to actual pairing/otp and they sometimes overlap. depends on my mood… god i hope this isn’t as confusing to read as it was to type XD it’s easier to say who’s my notp rather that my otp… i have far fewer notps though… 

4. What do you think is a misconception people may have about you?

i’m not sure…..  i’ve heard people thought i was mean because i’m quiet but other than that, i don’t really hear much… 

5. Have you ever made a promise to someone, knowing you weren’t sincere?

i might have. i try not to because bad juju and all though.

6. What’s a skill that you’re really proud to have?

my music! i’m not good at it though….

7. Do you trust easily, or are you very cautious of others?

not as easily as i used to. i’m more cautious of others and i don’t easily make attachments like i used to. 

8. What is one major warning you’d give to 10-year-old you?

don’t force yourself to go out with someone just because it’s the “norm” it’s ok to be single for as long as you need.

9. Do you ever see yourself acting like your parents sometimes?

my mother in some ways yea. but my father no. not unless i inherited some sort of personality gene from him but i wouldn’t know…. my mom says that there are certain things i do that are like him but i don’t know…

10. Tell the truth: If you could, would you shack up with your favorite character?

that depends on which of my favorite characters you’re talking about. for example, shikamaru from naruto, yea. totally. scar from lion king, no. that would be beastiality…… and he could eat me…..

11. Have you ever written super-indulgent fanfics? Has anyone else ever seen it?

i don’t write fanfic…. i think i wrote i short little something a long time ago about two of my characters and if i don’t think i showed it to anyone. if i did it would have been one person… sorry, i’m not really into fanfic… 

Ok my 11!

1. play any instruments? if so, which one(s)? if not, would want to play any instruments and if so, which one(s)?

2. what’s your favorite song?

3. you just won backstage concert pass! who are you going to see? (the person could be dead or alive)

4. favorite soundtrack?

5. favorite solo singer?

6. favorite band?

7. favorite genre of music?

8. have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

9. do you know why the caged bird sings?

10. oh look. a movie is being made about you. what 10 songs are on your movie soundtrack?

11. did you notice all these questions are music related?

jarnvidrvolva asked:

Angrboda carefully passed a small kitten to her daughter, "A gift."

Hel cradled the kitten carefully, holding it close to her body. It was very tiny ad very cute. “I can’t keep it, Mama,” the little girl said even as she stroked the kitten’s fur. “He’s too small. Jotunheim is too cold for a tiny kitty like this. Kitties like this belong in Asgard.”

pragmaticgryffindor asked:

i just finished the one you sent me so -2, 8, 9, 10, 19!!!!!!!!!

2. What five fiction books would you use to describe your practice?

Hoo boy uh… My practice??? Uh….

Please insert books about being lost in the wilderness because that’s honestly where I’m at right now. 

Pffft, maybe Julie of the Wolves since I’m stuck in wolf hell. :p

8, 9, and 10 have been answered!

19. Do you wear any symbols of your path? (Tattoos count.)

Yes actually. I made myself a vegvisir pendant that I dedicated to Angrboda. Vegvisir is a stave meant to help guide one through storms. On the sides of the pendant I have the runes Thurisaz and Wunjo; asking her to guide me through hardship to joy and to guide me when joy turns to ashes. As of right now that’s the only thing I have to wear for my faith.

thetrickstersmadwife asked:

I'm curious about your connection of Tyr and Fenrir, as I was under the impression that Fenrir was the son of Loki and Angrabora.

Hello :) Yes, Loki and Angrboda are the parents of Fenrir. I see Tyr as the “caretaker” of Fenrir (Since Tyr was the only god brave enough to feed Fenrir while the other gods kept a watchful eye on him). I hope this makes sense! (And I can elaborate further if you want).

anonymous asked:

what kind of work do you do for angrboda? im thinking about forming a relationship with her but i dont know what im getting myself into

My relationship with Angrboda is based around shadow work and bettering myself and learning my own potential. I spend a lot of time meditating and improving my divination technique. Everyone’s relationship with her will be slightly different and focus on different things. 

 If you’re interested in working with a deity your best bet is to thoroughly research them. Read the lore, read UPG, read everything you can get your hands on. I have my angrboda tag and also an e-shrine for her. There’s also the angrboda* tag to look through. 

As always, you can message me off anon and we can have a proper conversation about it, if you like. 

Headcanons: god

We here on this blog tend to use the word god very loosely. What does one consider a god? A demi-god? Some other being that wouldn’t be classified as a god?

I don’t fucking know. Loki is a god. A lot of people consider Angrboda a goddess. So I can tell you that Fenrir is not a demi-god. (Whatever Marvel is saying just to lessen the whole god vs God thing: demi-god implies that it is a child of a god and something else, usually human. Fenrir is the child of two gods.)

Some people consider Fenrir a god (note, you don’t have to be a god to be worshiped). Sometimes he likes flinging the word around to be impressive or scary. But more than not, he seems uncomfortable with calling himself a god. Don’t ask me why. It’s just always been that way. He makes a face whenever I write it. I think, technically, it’s safe to call him one regardless, and generally he won’t correct people if they call him one.

When asked, Fenrir prefers to be called a Son of Iron Wood. He’s also technically a Jotun (on both sides), but since so many people consider that being a blue giant, he doesn’t like using that term either. 

k-scanine asked:

12 15 20

12. Are there any altar pieces you’re looking for but haven’t found? Anything you’ve found, covet, and can’t afford? - Still need to work out proper offering utensils for the gods. I like nice bowls and goblets. Need to find some good ones.

As for things I’ve found but cannot afford…

I found a wet specimen of a ball python I’d love for Jorm’s shrine. 

A candle holder with multiple wolves I’d love for a family shrine for Angrboda and her kin.

Er, I don’t tend to go looking really because I’m so poor, why torture myself you know?

15. How many shrines/altars do you have, if any?

4. one for Angrboda, one for Jorm, one for Hel and Garmr, and on for Wolf and Hati and Skoll. I want to set up a general communal shrine to all the jotnar but I lack supplies.

20. Talk about whatever else catches your fancy.


sorry i am bad at unprompted things

Hmmmmm I really want to redo the Loki animation (I liked it for two seconds after posting then decided it is a shame upon me and all those who know me./h). I was thinking of maybe doing something like this animation: Better than that one, obviously, because I did that in a day or so. 

Still, think that would work? Right after he appears in a shot with Angrboda so it can work as a little gag as well as a scene. Opinions? Feelings? 

anonymous asked:

♡ - romantic headcanon ♥ - family headcanon † - religion headcanon ☠ - death headcanon

♡ - romantic headcanon 

There is no genuine romantic fiber in Loki at all. When he is romantic, it’s because he needs something, he needs to charm, it’s all just representation. He does not know how to connect with another being on such a superficial level. 

His relationship with the women in his life are not really easy to describe. While Angrboda was a thing of passion and a need to create something, Sigyn is something else entirely and probably the only woman to ever get Loki to a somewhat “gentle” level of tenderness display. He has never offered her anything just out of the blue , like flowers or made her dinner or anything. He likes meaningful gifts, and the way he is connected to her is on a very deep level where he does not even need to display his affection or love for her to know he is bound to her.

♥ - family headcanon

Family is something very very complicated for Loki. His biological family he does not know. He killed his father, he knows he has a brother, but has not tried to contact him. Being  a frost giant has been a source of shame for the god of mischief, he hates himself almost as much as he hates those that have brought him to this world and then left him to die. 

For a very long time Loki tried to please, this starting with the very moment Odin picked him up. Instinctively going for a “human” look instead of the red eyes and blue scarred face. As far as his adoptive family goes,  Loki always felt second best, always felt like he did not belong and worked even harder to fit in, to be the son of Odin. 

He always was Frigga’s favorite, she taught him his arts, and gave him means to exist other than lying and deceiving. For a very long time, she was the one that gave him strength, courage, kept him kind and loving. The only pure love Loki ever received and felt in return, the love you have for your mother.  His relationship with Odin has always been tense, conflicting and deteriorating after every crime Loki did. He despises his father, not because of his actions, because he never admitted just how unfair his fatherly love was. Never apologized, and even now , Loki cannot have his revenge, because killing Odin is not that easy. 

As far as his brother and sisters go. Loki tolerated Saga, mostly because she was not existing at all. Balder and him were never close, he hates Tyr with passion and keeps mocking him for losing his hand to Fenrir. The one he felt closest to has always been Thor. As much as he liked to be have what he had, be the prodigy son, he also lived in a brotherly fondness and love that over the centuries turned sour. Loki needs Thor, as much as Thor needs Loki. Rage is something that is most associated with Thor. Loki wants him to suffer, to make him pay for not being what he needed him to be in the past.  Long time ago, Thor used to be his big brother and were they maybe not Asgardians , would they have a shorter lifespan, maybe their relationship wouldn’t have lived to turn so sour. 

† - religion headcanon 

Being a deity who was prayed for quite some time , Loki has  like any other god like figure a very historical and critical approach towards Religion. Himself, does not believe in anyone but himself. He does not worship Odin, nor any God. Being as old as he is, he did meet other deity like Hadès, Seth, Zeus, Venus etc.  But also others unknown to mankind.  All in all he considers religion to be something like a way to keep people in line, the perfect mix between fear and respect. 

He knows about the celestial Entities, about what they created , how order and chaos were made, how life was created, yet as many other advanced being he is not really willing to share the secrets of the universe with lower life forms.

He is quite interested in seeing ho mankind decided to worship one and only God, yet rejected him as ruler of the Earth.  They bow and pray and ask for miracles to an invisible force that does not exist, yet they refuse to bow to some benevolent god, now that is just rude. 

Loki as god of mischief, has been often associated with the Devil, hence the horns or even the red hair. He has never done anything to proof them wrong, and does like to play the true Devil in a church. That was mostly fun during the middle ages where he would whispers things in certain people’s ear. Cautious though,  the rumours that he started the Inquisition are only rumours…or maybe he did…one of those satanic witches really pissed him off. 

☠ - death headcanon

Asgardians do not die. Their soul is eternal. their body has a lifespan of 5000 years, which they cheat on by eating the golden apples. Loki’s relationship to death is not one of a human. He knows that when he truly will die Valhalla will not be an option. He does fear Nilfhiem, he knows Hela would cherish to have him there for as long as she pleases. 

Is he afraid to not exist at all anymore ? No. It would be true freedom, not to have to feel the burden of his existence, of what he was made to do. Watching the world burn and burn it in it. Hence why he is the bringer of Ragnarok, the end of everything. Eventually Chaos swallows everything, even death.

upon-the-waters-of-the-heart asked:

8. Give me five songs which remind you of your deities.

Hooboy where do we begin. I’m just going to list songs for Angrboda since songs for her tend to give me feels about her kids too.

For Angrboda we have

And since @pragmaticgryffindor asked for 8 as well, here’s some more that give me A feels because of my relationship with her. :p