angora kei

Reblog and fill in:
  • First JROCK song you ever heard: Invisible Wall- GazettE
  • First JROCK group you liked: GazettE
  • Current bias(es): Aoi, Takeru, Saga, Tora, Gackt, Miyavi, Ko-Ki and many more ;)
  • Song you know all the words to: Not one
  • How many albums (physical): Nightmare- World Ruler, Hide- Singles Collection
  • The merch you own (if you have any): Two shoxx magazines, alice nine poster, hide cd, nightmare poster and cd
  • Favourite girl group: none
  • Favourite boy group: GazettE, Alice Nine, SuG, MUCC, X Japan
  • Favourite solo artist: Miyavi, Gackt
  • How long you've been a JROCK fan: 2 years!