Meet the Character: Angora Khilo

➥ What is your character’s full name?: Angora Khilo
➥ Do they have any brothers or sisters?:  No biological siblings, but she does have Tiergan and Lurial as her older adoptive siblings.
➥ What kind of eyes do they have?:  Bright yellow with the usual Seeker slitted pupils.

➥ What kind of hair do they have?: The color is a mix of pure white and some lighter gray. length and style depends on what’s going on in her life. As a slave, her hair grew out fairly long and would get full of dirt and tangles. The “wardens” of the mine she was in would just go around chopping off most of their hair instead of giving small trims. Now that she’s free, it mostly depends on if she can afford to take care of it. If she’s constantly hiding and on the run, she keeps it cropped short. If she’s able to settle down for a while in her apartment, she will usually grow it out and keep it pulled back in a braid of some form. Another reason it’d be short is if her health is poor. 
➥ What is their complexion like?:  Angora is surprisingly pale for a Seeker thanks to having spent her childhood stuck underground. Over the years that she’s been free she has managed to become a bit tanner. She still remains a stark contrast when next to Tiergan and Lurial. 
➥ What body type are they?: Short as hell. Angora is a whopping 4′ 11″. Despite her height though, she is in very good shape and can take down people twice her size. Most of her muscle is lean due to her habit of climbing trees but also being quick on her feet. Her years of primarily using a bow and arrows have given her lots of arm strength as well. 
What is listening to their voice like? Calm and tone wise is about in the middle. (I actually use Amalee as her voice claim since she just matches her so well: )
➥ What do they hate most about themselves?: Her scars
➥ Do they have a favorite quote?: Not that I can think of lol
➥ What sort of music do they enjoy?:  Anything calm that will help her relax or fall asleep
➥ Have/would they ever cheat(ed) on a partner?: It was a complicated mess, but she once.
➥ Have they been cheated on by a partner?: Yes.
➥ Have they ever lost someone close to them?:  She’s lost a few friends, but the hardest and most recent was her fiance.
➥ What is their favorite sound?: The sound of birds in the Shroud 
➥ Are they judgmental of others?: She tries her best not to be and keeps an open mind when meeting people…unless they are Garlean. Or make a horrible first impression. 
➥ Have they ever been drunk?: Yeeep.
➥ What are they like when they stay up all night?: Angora has actually gotten used to running on no/little sleep so she’s usually not too spacey. She’s terrible at getting out of bed in the morning though if she’s home. 
➥ Have they ever been arrested?: Only once or twice…which is surprising considering what she does for a living. 
➥ What evokes strong memories for them?:  The sounds of battle, sounds/seeing Magitek, caves, being trapped in a small space 
➥ What do they do on rainy days?: If she’s not having to run or hide from something, she’ll like to just sit and watch/listen to the rain. 
➥ What religion are they?: Angora believes in the Twelve, but doesn’t actively practice any sort of religion. 
➥ What word do they overuse the most?:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
➥ What do they wear to bed?: If she’s at home, she’ll change into some old pajamas she has. If she’s anywhere else, she’ll just sleep in whatever she’d been wearing during the day. 
➥ Do they have any tattoos or piercings?: Both of her ears used to have earrings in them, but she ripped out a chunk of one ear on accident, so now she only wears one if she wears them at all. No tattoos…yet. 
➥ What type of clothing are they most comfortable in?: Anything light that lets her move freely. 
➥ What is their most disliked food?: Vegetables  >:V
➥ Do they have any enemies?: Anything and everything Garlean….anyone she gets hired to take out or if they threaten her loved ones. No one specific, though. 
➥ What does their writing look like?: Angora has very neat, cursive writing that she worked day and night to learn how to do once she was free. 
➥ What disgusts them?: Anyone who thinks they are above others, M o r b o l s

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I’ll probably do one for Toto too lol 


commission wig da SophyMolly
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grey and green colors, side braids with 6 metal buttons, possibility to tie the hair back into ponytail, wavy, long lenght, size 8-9,