Kalandula Falls, Angola.

Kalandula Falls are waterfalls in the municipality of Kalandula, Malanje Province, Angola. On the Lucala River, the falls are 105 meters high and 400 meters wide.They are one of the largest waterfalls by volume in Africa.The distance from Luanda is 360 km.

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Welwitschia mirabilis (commonly known as Welwitschia or tree tumbo) is a monotypic gymnosperm native to the Namib desert in Namibia and Angola. An adult welwitschia consists of roots, a stem base, and only two leaves (the same two leaves from when the plant was a seedling). The two leaves, which can grow to over 26 feet in diameter, lie on the ground becoming torn to ribbons and tattered with age. Their estimated lifespan, using carbon dating, is 400-1500 years with the oldest being over 2000 years.