Hello to my followers all!!

Today I will show all what Keroro’s stuff that I got from this Japan trip. :)

Firstly, Piggy Bank of Kero&Giro 

(I guess they might be  piggy bank cause they had coin hole at the back)

Next one is Bubble head Keroro.

(It can’t shake head now, But He still cute XD )

The next one are Giro&Doro Doll.

(when you squeeze these it will make quite sharp sound XD)

The next cool one is Giroro with His Big gun

(This is quite hard to balance to stand cause the weight of his gun… )

The next couple is Pururu&Garuru with their vehicle.

(I think they are complimentary from McDonald meal because they have “M” symbol on their back. )

The next Mystery one is….

(It still don’t what does this plastic use for, Maybe a cardboard or something like that….)

I think This may be quite a long post. So, I will end the Part One here.

And I will end this Part one with this….

Keroro & Angol Mois!