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communism-kills/anglophonic has taken to making clever macros. I suppose this was to make-up for any lack of an educated argument. They’re certainly very popular with his army of followers. Poor lad must be starved for attention. We’ve been trolled hard.

“Nazi uniforms”, he says? Nein, try again.

Next, he’ll be printing the bloody picture off, so he can stick it on his wall and shout at it, the scamp.

Erik Kolacek

You need to take a long hard look at the way you’ve been acting. You set-up a blog specifically targeting one individual, with a url and layout mimicking their own blog. That wasn’t enough. You then decided it was a stellar idea to use this persons full name in every applicable post, and to publish their location, university and workplace. You’ve never so much as challenged anyone in a civil manner. Not even once. So if you really want to challenge people, try doing it properly in future. Don’t expect people to treat you civilly when your incapable of doing so yourself.

Myself and others are also aware of your more underhand/criminal exploits. I’m not going to mention the details of this, because you know exactly what I'm referring to. Judging from your sudden fit, I’m guessing that you've received a warning from the admins. But hey, this is what happens when you impersonate people in an effort to have their own blog removed. Then you go and get shaky about a few memes? How rich. We all know your kind of a big deal. We all know that your reputation is extremely important to you. So, if you want to build on this, I suggest that you stick to editing your name into articles. Posturing like a internet tough guy isn’t going to get you anywhere. 20 year old girls might seem like an easy target, but just about anything of this nature can come around and bite you on the ass. You wanted your name all over the internet? Looks like you got it.

All your backtracking is bullshit. No, your intentions weren’t as noble as you’ve now been attempting to make out. You attacked people personally and put them at risk, and now you have the gall to play the martyr?

You’re a 40 year old child. Now, waddle off with your tail between your legs like a good boy.

Haters gonna hate

abrokenfishbowl asked: JSYK. dreadfulpenny is a horrible misogynist, anti-choice, and rape apologetic asshole of a woman.

I pretty much figured.  Thanks for the heads up, and cheers! [Source]

Yes, as a survivor, I’m a “rape apologetic asshole”. I think abrokenfishbowl and anglophonic should get together, buy an island, then they can populate it with as many hateful offspring as they want. As for being anti-choice, that’s the abortion-supporting crowd. Afterall, the baby being thrown away doesn’t get a choice. And I’m not surprised a feminasty is calling me a “misogynist”. Ten to one says abrokenfishbowl is one of the haters from my LiveJournal fan club. Muah!

The Hamsa Amulet.

“The hamsa (Arabic: خمسة ‎, also romanized khamsa, meaning lit. five) or hand of Fatima (also called the hand of Miriam) is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The hamsa is often incorporated in jewellery and wall hangings as a superstitious defense against the evil eye. Hamsa, also romanized khamsa, is an Arabic word that literally means "five”, but also the five fingers of the hand.  It is also known as the hand of Fatima, commemorating Fatima Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. This Muslim talisman passed into Jewish tradition and is widely used in North African and Middle Eastern Jewish communities.  Jews retained the name hamsa, but renamed it the hand of Miriam, referencing the sister of the biblical Moses and Aaron, so as not to reference the daughter of the prophet of Islam.“  -wiki

Side note:  as a kid I was taught to actively disrespect non-Christian religions by my Baptist father, and I followed what he told me to do because he was my dad.  When I grew up and learned about my own actual Eastern ethnic and religious background, I discovered that not only was I Jewish - - a race and religion I was taught to discriminate against - - but I had ethnic roots going back to Turkmenistan, a historically Muslim country.  Because of that I have learned that we humans are inextricably linked, as demonstrated by the Hamsa above, and we hate each other at our own peril.  

If a ghostly-pale 2nd-generation hybrid American like me can figure that out, anyone can.


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Tea Party group called "True the Vote" plans on posting white operatives in black voting precincts on election day to challenge those voters’ authenticity.

If you would not like to be approached by a hostile white person

who wants to “see your ID” before you even enter your polling place, you might want to contact these scumbags now and tell them to fuck off. They are planning to be out in full force on election day, mainly in areas which are majority nonwhite, and they plan on doing whatever it takes to keep you from getting into that booth.


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