Suck it, ya filthy, fake Redcoat!

LTL, FTP and all that Jazz. Compared to some of the stories here mine is fairly tame, but considering my age at the time, the effort I had put into the whole affair and the resulting payoff, I would consider this pro enough to fit in here.

I’ve lived in Germany almost my entire life, yet through a twist of fate, I grew up learning the English language as a native speaker, since my father emigrated to Germany from the USA. As such, I’ve always had an American accent when speaking English and I’ve never met anyone who thought they felt the need to complain about it. Every time a teacher asked why I spoke English so well I replied that I am a US National by birth because my Father is from the US. All my teachers seemed quite impressed, except this one Hag, half a lifetime ago… If there ever was an award for creepy Anglophilia, she’d be neck deep in honors and certificates. Instead of encouraging me to speak more so that the other students could learn proper pronunciation from an actual native speaker, like many other English teachers at my school back then did, this woman thought it necessary to berate me for “speaking in such a horrible and filthy manner” and “cure [me] of that insufferable atrocity of an accent.” Mind you, these were actual quotes from this woman. My dad was no help at all. He was fairly ignorant about me being bullied by one of my own teachers, and even went so far as to yell at me to “suck it up and respect my elders”. So, yeah, I stuck it up. It didn’t help that I also wrote in American English (you know, color instead of color, tire instead of tyre, cookie instead of biscuit, that sort of thing) and the Hag had the audacity to write these “mistakes” up as double errors, meaning I got twice points deducted for spelling errors that weren’t even actual errors! I was so fed up with this woman and it wasn’t even two months into the school year.

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Hello! I made youtube channel where I’ll be exploring British history and culture and it would be really cool if you could check it out 😊 I’ve been making youtube videos for 2+ years but recently stopped to focus entirely on this new project! Weather you’re British yourself and looking to laugh at yourself or get a better understanding of your own heritage or you’re an anglophile who wants a down to earth and engaging way to enjoy all things UK, everyone is welcome so long as they agree to be respectful of eachother ❤

I think that self-described anglophiles often have a very limited view of England. They see certain TV shows that are imported into the US and declare that British TV is superior to American TV because they don’t know about Coronation Street or Hollyoaks or East Enders (lol apologies to any followers who may love those soaps. I just wanted to point out that not everything in the UK is super high quality dramas.) They don’t know that Big Brother is pretty huge over there (lol or maybe that was just my group of friends? But like everyone talked about it). They don’t know that I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is in its TWELVETH SERIES.

So they call themselves anglophiles but they have a very limited picture of what England is ACTUALLY like. It’d be like if people just saw Mad Men and Homeland and a few others of our best dramas and then just assumed that American TV was AMAZING.

No. Stop. It’s not. Both American and British TV have their great shows and their shitty shows. Stop pretending that one is better than the other.

The other issue I have with anglophiles is that they tend to have a very rich, white view of England. And it seems to be pretty London focused. I mean,  I’m one to talk because I love London and both times I lived in the UK, I rarely left London. But London is only a part of the UK. A lot of Anglophiles ignore northern England or the more rural parts of the South. So it’s odd to call yourself an anglophile when you only love a small part of England.

And then even within London itself, all the anglophiles that I’ve encountered seem to ignore the diversity in London. Their view of England and London seems to be very white when in reality there are large communities of different cultures from around the world. And it really bothers me that most people’s anglophilia is SO white when England itself isn’t. Same goes for class, tbh. You don’t really see people super intersted in the council estates of London or the working class members of society.

So I guess, the shorter version is that it is weird to me that someone wold call themselves an anglophile (implying that they love England as a whole) when they have such SMALL picture of the kind of place that England actually is and they don’t seem to care about the other parts. It’s like calling yourself and America-phile when really you just mean that you watch Gossip Girl and The Hills and love New York and LA.

Just as some women are inexplicably attracted to prison inmates, so others yearn above all for Englishmen, with their thrilling accents, rumpled boyish hair, and ability to make even pointless banalities sound like brilliant repartee. Find one of those, you think, and you will never be lost for conversation.
—  Sarah Lyall, The Anglo Files


This time last year I was in a near panic trying to finish this book in time for the Senior Thesis Exhibition (and so I would actually get a grade and graduate). It was a fun project, but not one I want to repeat anytime soon!

This is the cover and the two spreads I did on Doctor Who for the britfiction section of the book. My obsession with DW was the reason I came up with this project in the first place, so they seemed the most obvious ones to share with you guys.