Okay even for the Cotswolds this is ridiculously beautiful. Did you notice there are shutters missing and a windowpane or two, yet the garden is flourishing with attention? A barefoot gypsy lady wearing an orange silk tea-gown lives here, and she has her priorities in order. (photographer Dave Porter)

20 Gorgeous People » Daniel Radcliffe
(in no particular order)

“I’m really happy when I meet a beautiful girl with whom I can have a good conversation. And I can feel attracted to her after a while, but that’s not love! It takes time to develop an intense feeling like love. When you start a relationship with someone, it means you have to work hard. Love is a gift that needs to be looked after and cared for.”

  This most picturesque Dickensian town is Ambleside, county Cumbria, North West England. It lies at the head of Windermere, England’s largest lake. (do you remember England's longest RIVER? see post of pier on 14 August) These is also a Roman fort here, Galava, dating from AD79. (image by Keith Ruffles)



This time last year I was in a near panic trying to finish this book in time for the Senior Thesis Exhibition (and so I would actually get a grade and graduate). It was a fun project, but not one I want to repeat anytime soon!

This is the cover and the two spreads I did on Doctor Who for the britfiction section of the book. My obsession with DW was the reason I came up with this project in the first place, so they seemed the most obvious ones to share with you guys.