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No matter what happens on your journey, don’t try to do anything… out of your league. Please. Just come home safely. 

Fanfic Friday #31

My Booth Buddy by potato8kitten
Legend of Korra - Korrasami -  Rated: Teen

Prompt: “There’s only one plug in this entire coffee shop and you’re sitting right in front of it and you’re not even using it, and my laptop is about to die in the middle of this online exam I’m taking, so whatever I don’t care how intimidatingly attractive you are I’m sitting down at your table to plug my shit in.” AU


Happy WWE Anniversary John Cena (June 27 2002)

15 years ago today John Cena made his TV debut on Smackdown. 15 years ago he stood toe to toe with wrestling legend, Kurt Angle. Little did he know, he’d be inducting Kurt into the hall of fame 15 years later. Cena made an impact the moment he stepped foot into that ring. Who knew this 25 year old nobody in biker shorts would later become the WWE’s top star. Many, including Vince McMahon himself, doubted him. They didn’t think he’d be anyone special, but damn did he prove them wrong. Having been a fan of his for over 10 years I can not believe it’s already been so long. He’s done so much over the past 15 years it’s kind of hard to count his accomplishments. I would like to thank Cena for all that he’s done. Not only for the WWE, but for his fans. Thank you for giving us 15 years. He is the reason why I have a passion for wrestling. I started watching because of him and continue to do so thanks to Cena. Hopefully when his career is all said and done, fans will look back and realize how much he has given us. I truly hope they will appreciate him more and give him the credit he deserves. Happy anniversary future Hall of Famer.


Legends of Tomorrow | 1.12 | Canaryhawk



Anyone else notice Korra’s eyes?

The color change from season one is major…

Like the stress of being the avatar literally drained all the color from them, just as it drained her mentally.

These photos also show her personality change , she’s no longer that naïve girl she used to be …

She no longer feels complete safety .

It’s actually kinda sad……