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mangoverde-conchile  asked:

Father Angel, just wondering can Pope Francis somehow change the vow of chastity that priests take on their ordination day and allow them to get married?? Or is this something that cannot be changed? God Bless!!


Chastity=the virtue of keeping human sexuality in proper and healthy perspective according to human nature and God’s commands. Even married couples can exercise the “virtue of chastity.”

Celibacy=giving up marriage and being single. This is the promise that priests take. It is not a “vow of chastity.”

Pope Francis does not need to change any vows. The Catholic Church ALREADY has married priests.

The Catholic priests of the Anglican Ordinariate, as well as of the Byzantine, Ruthenian, Coptic, Armenian, Melkite, Chaldean, Maronite and other eastern rites already have a married priesthood, and have always had married priests.

The only Catholic priests who do not get married are the priests of the Roman or Latin rite. You are more familiar with the Latin rite priests, because of where you live in the world. Therefore, you think incorrectly that ALL Catholic priests take a promise of celibacy, which is not true.

To the question of whether Pope Francis could also allow the Latin-rite priests to get married, the answer is yes, he can. Now, in the modern mind, this sounds like a cute or nice idea, but it would be a disaster. 

This would be a very unwise and impractical decision, because Latin-rite Catholics have had an unmarried clergy for over 1,000 years. Latin rite Catholics DO NOT know the dynamics, economics, or spirituality of supporting a married priest, and his wife and children. They can talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk of doing for married priests what Eastern Catholics do for their priests.

God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

Well hello there!

It has been 84 years.

No really, it has been a while since I posted something personal on here.

In the grand puzzle my life has been thus far, and in the midst of all the changes I have undergone in a span of just 4 years, I am happy to introduce the next piece.

My fiance and I have discerned that we should join an Anglican Ordinariate parish here in Omaha. This group, having been in the wave of entire groups and congregations of Anglicans returning to Rome and being extended the fatherly invitation of Pope Benedict XVI, Anglicanorum Coetibus, is a group that has experienced a rare and unique conversion.

Ryan and I have also had very… interesting, often painstaking and difficult conversions. We feel so at home there, and for the first time since we got engaged, we are excited and energized about planning our wedding and going through preparation for the sacrament we desire to approach together. This seems to be an answer to our prayers, and we are proceeding prayerfully. So far, all lights are green. :)

The liturgy this parish celebrates is beautiful, based on the ancient Sarum rite. It is reverent, beautiful, and written in the most beautiful, precise English. It is a perfect blend of all the values Ryan and I have absorbed over the years, and we each also happen to be Anglophiles… So that’s cool!

I am excited for this.
I am ready for a new chapter.
I am ready to find where I really belong beneath Holy Mother Church’s mantle, and I am thankful for all the places I have been so far. I have had an interesting glimpse into the struggles, the needs, the values of all different kinds of Catholics. I have experienced the deep pain that exists in Mother Church’s members, and I have faith that all will be healed in time.

As I await that healing on a global scale, I embrace the healing Our Lord has brought to my heart personally and will enjoy being married, raising my family, and living the Catholic life in this beautiful way.