angles for talia

[Superman: Last Son of Krypton – Action Comics (1938-2011) #844]

[Batman and Robin: Born to Kill Batman and Robin (2011-2015) #1]

I’m rereading my comics for nostalgic purposes and also to find trashy parallels because that’s what I do with my life.

It’s just interesting. I can’t end my fixation on Chris Kent and Damian Wayne’s curious parallels or how they deal with incredible changes to their environments at around the same age.

Chris has just escaped an incredibly abusive background and finds the first person he’s met with to be warm, inviting, and nurturing. Chris clings to Clark, and will come to cling more and more to Clark and Lois as he is accepted into their family.

Damian (going strictly by New52 canon for this parallel since that’s the example I found here) likewise is met with a change of environments that is mostly out of his control, but he meets signs of nurturing and acceptance with rejection and anger. He grew up in an environment where affection and respect were earned, and he expects to have to prove himself. Unwarranted affection is found almost unacceptable.

It’s two interesting takes on children coming from horrific circumstances that will be met with very opposing arcs. Even though their fates are both tragic and something I disagree with entirely.