These are soft custom plushies that resemble the famous Hanklerfish art as drawn by Hank Green. They are adorable and squishie and I love them. I want a whole school of them.

A shout-out to Hank for coming up with this beast and writing it a wonderful song, and to Kristen, our project manager, for working with the manufacturer to get these lookin’ just right.

They are available now from DFTBA as a pre-order, shipping mid-February. And they won’t be the last plushies coming this year. =)

[Plushie designed by radtastical/Chelsea Suarez]

I am actually very inspired by this but probably not in the intended way? because like. Shine your own light. Live in the darkness in the most extreme depths of the ocean. Become bio-luminescent in order to lure in your prey, the only other creatures foolish enough to attempt to survive this hellhole. Shine your own light. Be female. Force all males of your species to be dependent on you for life, absorb them into your body so that their only use is reproduction. Shine your own light. Grow enormous teeth with which to devour anything that comes near you. Shine your own light.


Found at depths of up to 3,300 feet (1,000 m) deep, anglerfish are one of the weirdest (and ugliest) fishes of the deep. Most angerlfish have a fishing pole luminous lure that helps attract prey. Some have mouths so big, they can swallow prey that is up to twice their size. 

Male anglerfish are 10 times smaller than female angerlfish. Males seek out the females and attach themselves onto them, eventually fusing into the female’s skin. Females can carry up to 6 males on her body, allowing her to attain the sperm from the males and reproduce whenever she pleases. 

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Spooky Spirit

Aquarium staff members created some fun (and slightly spooky) jack o’lanterns for our Halloween member night – everything from an octopus to a smack of jellies, from a glow-in-the-dark anglerfish to a friendly penguin, a whale, a sea turtle – even Ariel & Flounder from Little Mermaid. Special thanks to Allen Protasio, Derek Hunziker, Andrea McCann, Renee Chaney, Caitlin Bonura and Sharon Coggin whose creations are featured here.

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