Hope you enjoyed this comic about boobs - frequent bane of women everywhere!


For the new year, I’m trying something new - each panel is inked on a 2.5x3.5 sketch card. I’m hoping to put these ‘collectible pieces of original art’ up for sale, with part of the proceeds going to a non-profit like the ACLU. Of course, my audience isn’t all that big yet, so please share and spread the word!

It’s easy to forget how vast and deep the ocean really is. About 60% of it is actually a cold and dark region known as the deep ocean. And it reaches down to 11,000 meters. Yet, this remote zone is also one of the greatest habitats on Earth, harboring a huge diversity of life, from giant squids and goblin sharks to minuscule animals smaller than a millimeter. How do so many species thrive in this underwater world? Over the decades, intrepid scientists have ventured there to find out. Traveling down through the water column, pressure increases and light begins to wane. At 200 meters, photosynthesis stops and temperature decreases from surface temperatures by up to 20 degrees Celsius. By 1000 meters, normal sunlight has disappeared altogether. Without light, life as we know it seems impossible.

But, plunge deep enough and you’ll find fish with cavernous mouths, spiky teeth jutting from their jaws, and lamp-like structures protruding from their heads, like the anglerfish which entices prey with its misleading glow. What else calls the deep ocean home?

Explore more of the deep ocean in the TED-Ed Lesson The otherworldly creatures in the ocean’s deepest depths - Lidia Lins

Animation by Viviane Leezer

I aboslutely love ths little guy´s grumpy face.

Frogfish, a type of anglerfish, yes like a little fisherman they have a lure to attract prey right into their mouths, use their pectoral fins to walk around the reef,

Maybe he is so grumpy because he is tired of having that sandy feeling all over his body.

Hello leetle feeshies….

Working on some last-minute stuff for Otakon this year - and I’ve been meaning to do a piece with this mer-lady for a while now. I have a thing for undersea critters - especially of the deep and horrifying variety. 

Come visit us at our booth - me and lauraillustrates !

Angrella - suggested by @doctorstarky, a water fairy type based on an anglerfish. I think a neat gimmick would be a small chance of her getting a male attachment when you dive on the overworld. Also, yay, another girly fish that’s unrelated to luvdisc. She’s support, her light shines on her so that she’s always the center of attention. 

Cassoarior -  suggested by @offendedbydjinns, a fighting dragon type based on a cassowary. Pretty straight forward, I tried to work in some gladiator elements. Probably a nightmare combination of speed, bulk and physical power, but it would disintegrate if a fairy so much as sneezed on it.

Mesmier - suggested by @monkeysky, a dark type based on a tarsier. It’s basically a dark type special expy of watchog that learns lots of weird status attacks. If it can’t hypnotize enemies with it’s eyes alone, it can uncoil it’s tail and spin it in a spiral to try to trap them. I’m not a huge fan of primates in general, but i tried to make a design I liked based on a sort of victorian mesmerist.

Bufobble - suggested by @bobertlord, a poison water type based on a toad/slug. It’s probably the same playabilty wise as muk. The concept is a toad that was mutated by growing up in pollution that constantly sheds it’s warts as toxic bubbles.

Elphant and Drosolumbo - suggested by @oripoke, grass fairy types based on sundew plants. Bulky annoying stallers. Designwise I was having a lot of trouble with these because I don’t really like just translating something that exists into a pokemon version of said thing so while i was sketching all these pokemon versions of sundew plants, I ended up with this strange silhouette that had the leaf trap sort of looking like a trunk, so I just pushed the concept further. Elphant is inspired by a pistil, while Drosolumbo is the more sundewish one. They’re bulky but light, and float around trapping things on their sticky trunks and eating them. I chose levitate over the flying type, but they’d be far more sturdy than either carnivine or whimsicott.

These are all I’m going to do for this round. If i didn’t do yours I apologize. I got some requests that were either way to specific or just plain vague or so outside of the realm of my concept of pokemon that I wonder if they weren’t just sending a general request. 

Anyway as usual, thanks for playing!