myhusbandmothman  asked:

for mermay, maybe a mermaid based off of an angler fish? i love the way you do colors btw <3

thanks very much : ] have a fanfin angler merm

Hello leetle feeshies….

Working on some last-minute stuff for Otakon this year - and I’ve been meaning to do a piece with this mer-lady for a while now. I have a thing for undersea critters - especially of the deep and horrifying variety. 

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1) Shallow water Lanturns are popular with trainers do to their friendly nature and train ability, they also are easy on the eyes.

2) angler the most common of the deepsea Lanturn, easy to train if you have food, though do to them being pretty gluttonous trainers want to make sure to being snacks. much better fighters them the shallow water lanturn.

3) DragonFish anglers a rare kind of angler, their the strongest in battle but hard to train. like anglers they are gluttons but unlike anglers ones that are underfed will eat their trainers limbs.

4) Frogfish lanturn lazy and violet, these common lanturn are impossible to train.

5) barreleyed lanturn, very weak and frail lanturns their transparent heads and top facing eyes make them popular as exotic pets