so this is my end of the year follow forever and it’s p much just all of my mutuals… i can’t believe i’ve been on this site for 3 years now.. i love all of u, especially the mutuals that have stayed even after i stopped being a vampire weekend blog and became a 1d blog. i hope all of u had a great holiday!!

ultimate faves-

@cool-kiids alex….. u ditch me all the time in environmental but you’re still suffering with me on most days

@harrylouisandthemoon oh wow irene… i do really love your blog tbh and you’re my bff. thank u for dragging me into this mess of h&l

@markusrotkovich @onedirectionarthistory fay!! you’re so funny and i love how u just became a 1d fan and have just dived right into this entire mess… also your side blog is a masterpiece and i hope u fulfill my request

@jasthetic u were almost never online this year up until this month but i still staid true and followed ur inactive ass 

(faves are bolded)


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