Beauty and the Beast

A/n: First of all, I am well aware this song did not exist in Hamiltime, but I write so many modern AUs, I thought I would try a Hamiltime fic. I just took a few creative liberties, but so did Lin-Manuel Miranda so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Second of all, this request was just for the song, but I kind of used the plotline to give the fic some depth.

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

Warning: awkward French

Requested: Yes, @kate-lionheart requested a songfic with Beauty and the Beast. (I hope this is close to what you wanted) 

Requests are super open and appreciated. 

Word Count: 1143



Y/n thought New York City was a beautiful place to live, even in the middle of a revolution. It was far more liberal than any other cities when it came to women’s rights. This was especially important to Y/n, who came from the ever so respected and prominent Y/l/n family. Her closest friend, Angleica Schuyler, and herself would often go around town, passing out pamphlets urging a revolution, but also a revelation. They advocated strongly for rights of man to be extended to women, particularly the right to knowledge.

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