a detailed analysis of why this is the worst picture i’ve ever seen in my life:

  • auston matthews has been taken over by a demon
  • his eyes are dark and empty, because they are not eyes, but rather pools of despair, entrances into the void 
  • he has seen everything, he has seen nothing, he has not yet begun to see yet he has been seeing since the dawn of time
  • Bad Hat
  • zip up over polo
  • like i still think he looks good? even though his zipper is Doing That and i feel like he’s about to guide me across the river styx i still want to look at it? his face is good?
  • the blatant display of the nike checks on both of them. i know it shouldn’t bother me, but it does. 
  • mitchell marner is wearing a bucket hat. 
  • bro, you just– it’s a bucket hat. 
  • a bucket hat. 
  • it’s a ¾ face selfie. not a half face selfie, no no no. three quarters. you can see half of one of his eyes.  
  • bad angle
  • is mitch smiling? is he trying to? is he about to? why is it so ambiguous. clearly his mouth is gesturing towards a smile but it’s not a smile. what’s going on. 
  • the emoji is so large
  • also mitch’s eyes look so nice it’s annoying me 

in conclusion i hate this photo but also love it and want it to win several photography awards. 

Oushitsu Weekly Review!


Okay so like I didnt know Square Enix did this anime.. They’re the ones who do FF right? Yeah. I know I’m right on this one (Noctis and Prompto bbys)

Everyone is really upset… Like me


He’s going around telling them all nice things about themselves

AHHH the tears

Poor Licht is genuinely crying his eyes out the poor boy

And Leonhard

They all are (Licht and Leonhard are more dramatic)

“I am no longer your highness’ professor. Goodbye” - Heine

Side note: I only just realised there was no intro - Shoppai Namida

Still really attracted to him

Great angle

I was interested missed a load of screenshots but it’s fine







Theyre all shouting

They said inspirational things and were like “We started thinking like this because of Heine!”

Payback for making them cry



Finished ahhhhhh (Not crying)

I deserve a rewatch of Phantasy Star Online 2 just to sing… even though I could probably just put Shoutan on… Oh well (I really love his music). SHIN SEKAI E TO NOKKU WO SHITE I WILL TAKE MY CHANCE HANTEN NO SKY BLUE KONO TE NO SAKI BRAND NEW…. GAAAAATTTTEEEEEEE

Gymnast: 'It was my leg or my life'

Kate Foster started gymnastics when she was 6 years old.

“I tried soccer, I did karate and then I started gymnastics and that really clicked with me. I loved it,” she said.

“You know you’ve got the right sport for your kid when they don’t complain about having to go – they really want to go,” said her mom, Barb Foster.By the time she was 11, Kate was practicing for 25 hours a week at the gym.

But then she started feeling sick off and on for several months – and the symptoms wouldn’t go away.“I just felt terrible all the time. I was tired, and I got a bunch of bruises. Then I started getting staph infections. That’s when we were like, ‘Something’s wrong here,’” Kate said.A blood test revealed she had acute myeloid leukemia.

The doctor broke the news to her parents.“We packed our bags and her bag. Kate was still at the gym,” her mom said. “We drove directly to the children’s hospital. They had a room waiting for us."Kate started chemotherapy immediately, and it wiped out her immune system."One of the reasons why my hospital stays were so long was because of my complications. My first hospital stay, I got a gangrene infection,” she said.

“All of a sudden, we went from cancer patient to she was on life support for three days,” her mom said.During her second hospital stay, Kate got another infection in the same leg and ended up in the intensive care unit. By her third round of chemo, before her bone marrow transplant, doctors found an infection in her knee joint.“That’s when they finally said, 'We have to amputate,’” Kate recalled. “I was devastated. I actually told them no. They were not going to take off my leg. … Then I came to my senses. I knew, and my family knew, that it was my leg or my life."At that point, said her dad, Lynn Foster, "She started crying, and she said, 'What about gymnastics?’”

Then Kate’s coach said something to her that really changed her mindset.“She said, 'I’ve never taught a one-legged gymnast before, but I’m willing to try if you are,’” Kate said.That motivated her to get back to the sport she loved.“Kate is all driven from the inside,” said her coach, Denise Cooper. “I think that’s what made her such a great fighter against leukemia.”

Kate went back to the gym for the first time on her 13th birthday. She started out conditioning and regaining her strength. Once she got her prosthetic, she began working on her events and getting her skills back.“I wasn’t going to let cancer change what I did and what I was going to do,” she said.Now she competes against able-bodied gymnasts in two events on bars and beam.“They do not change the rules for her, which is fine with her,” her dad said. “She doesn’t want the rules to be changed.”                                              

“She’s the epitome of 'It doesn’t matter what bump in the road you hit, you can still make things work,’” he said.Now a senior in high school, Kate has been cancer-free for more than three years.“I would like to be a doctor when I grow up,” she said. “With all my experiences and the doctors who helped me and saved my life, I can’t think of a better way to repay them than helping other people and possibly saving another person’s life.”

Being Dean’s girlfriend means
  • part time power couple part time chill best friends
  • because one night you’ll go out to dinner in a fancy restaurant all dressed up and decked out, taking a million insta pictures
  • then the next night you’ll be in your pajamas watching 90s r&b music videos on youtube and talking about how your left big toe nail is growing at a weird angle
  • i feel like he would really encourage you sleeping in as little clothes as possible so he would sleep in as little clothes as possible as an incentive for you
  • so he would come to bed in boxers and nothing else
  • and then you come to bed in one of his oversized t-shirts and your underwear 
  • or a satin tank top and shorts and he’s completely thrilled
  • your texts to each other aren’t even fully formed thoughts half the time like you’ll tell him something weird happened to you
  • and he’ll text you a question mark
  • and you know he wants you to talk about it
  • or you’ll text him a heart
  • and he’ll text you back “love you too”
  • and it’s just because you two know each other so well like you just communicate really easily
  • you get to listen to him work on songs and you love it because his voice is so soothing for you
  • and it’s even more soothing when he sings just to you when you’re alone 
  • he is actually such a sweetheart with you like he loves to snuggle and hold you and he thinks you’re adorable
  • but he also knows how capable you are and how well you take care of yourself
  • and it’s exactly why he loves you because he can depend on you as much as you depend on him

Living with PTSD is like living in a house with paper thin walls

with your memories shouting in every room

I remember when my mom gave me her cell phone

and told me to call 911 if he hit her

I remember being trapped in the backseat of the car

as he wrapped is hungry hands around her throat

it was the first time i saw him choke her

from that angle

I remember my little sister screams

as they rumbled up the roof of the car and into my ears

I remember my trembling fingers unable to move

sometimes when I look at her i still see the disgrace in my betrayal

because i never had the courage to dial

Living with PTSD is like giving someone else the remote control to your life

and they just won’t stop pressing rewind

you abuse is their highlight reel

and it never stops being just as real

as the first time your no became a yes

and your questions

they remain answerless

because your mom doesn’t believe in therapy

that’s for the crazy people

she pulled me out as soon as the diagnosis

ripped the blindfold from her eyes

how could she have been the one

to make her straight A student fail

how could her love for him

have made me the crazy one

I was always the one that helped her cope

I always gave her hope

she thought she took the brunt of the abuse

“how could i know, shani if you never told me?”

how do you look her in the eyes and say

“mom i thought you were in on it too”

the thing about PTSD is people reserve it’s seat for battlefield trauma

but they forget that sometimes

the war can be at home

i remember the times i came home relieved to find my mother alive

how can a child thrive

when it’s almost impossible to survive at home

i thank god for my friends that make sure no one burns incense

when i’m around

my father always burned them after a binge

and sometimes just the smell of them…

sometimes i remember the sound of breaking glass

sometimes i remember the feeling of unwanted hands

sometimes i remember the the smell of blood

sometimes i cringe at the color red

sometimes i’m not sure why i’m crying

it’s probably just another repressed memory clawing it’s way to surface

but remember the next time you call someone crazy

that you’re lucky to have nothing to forget

remember not to make fun of the kid that wets the bed

because sometimes your head causes dread and your body doesn’t know what to do

remember, that i’m just trying to remember to forget

Sarada’s Outfit


Since I have already read and understand the side of the people who are upset about Sarada’s outfit, I decided to voice out my side too. This is my opinion. It’s fine by me if you don’t agree. If your opinion is different than mine then we’re cool, there’s no need for you to shove it into my face.  I respect your opinion so please respect mine. If you’re not open-minded enough, then please just ignore this post. Thank you.


Everything I have to say about this issue is already here so after this post, I won’t be talking about anything regarding this matter.

When I first saw the poster, I was really happy because finally the next gen will now have a continuation. Sarada caught my attention first and when I saw her new dress, I really find it cute to be honest. [I want to draw her so bad but I cant right now!!!]  The idea of Sarada being sexualized didn’t cross my mind that time not until I went to Tumblr and learned that most of the people that I follow here thought of that way. I also checked on the tags and saw that other people were also thinking that the dress was inappropriate and she was being too sexualized. 

I agree that a character, especially a kid, should not be sexualized. However, in my point of view, Sarada is not being sexualized here. As I see it, they just gave her a new outfit that’s all. 

I just want to remind you guys that in Gaiden and Boruto the movie, which were made by Kishimoto himself, Chouchou Akimichi was already wearing a dress just like Sarada in the new poster.

It’s short right? Especially on the 3rd one, you can see that the length of her dress finishes at the end of of her butt.

The reason I am not alarmed with Sarada’s new outfit is because I am very sure that underneath that dress, she is wearing a shorts. Why I think so? Chouchou is wearing a short dress right? Look at this:

Chouchou is actually wearing a shorts underneath. It’s just not noticeable because of the angles in which she was drawn. In the angle above, the shorts were visible however in other angles they weren’t, like you will almost think that she isn’t wearing any. 

Therefore I strongly believe that Sarada is wearing shorts underneath

The reason why it’s not visible is just because of the angle

I believe it’s like this:

She’s a ninja. Ninjas do all these crazy movements in the air so don’t think they would let her wear just her panties/underwear. The illustrator, Ikemoto Mikio is one of Kishi’s assistants and I don’t think he’s that dumb to do something like that.

As for the sandals, I only see it like this:

Also, I don’t think the sandals were that high. I believe that the perspective is the reason why they appear higher than they should be.

There is also a possibility that these are just Sarada’s casual footwear and not for training/missions since Boruto is also wearing his casual sandals

Boruto’s footwear for training/missions:

And besides, this is just the first poster. There can still be changes in the future who knows. 

The writer and illustrator of the new Boruto manga have both worked under Kishimoto. I doubt that they will do something that will destroy the reputation of the manga. Lastly, Kishimoto is still the general supervisor of this new series so technically, things will still go through him. Thus if he finds something’s off, I don’t think he’ll just sit there quietly.

So this is my side about the issue. I am sorry if it doesn’t match yours. Everyone has a different point of view after all.

Sorry for the long post.

  • Merlin in season 1: actual tiny fetus
  • Merlin in season 2: precious muffin
  • Merlin in season 3: angley gangly cupcake
  • Merlin in season 4: oh no he's a hot angley gangly cupcake
  • Merlin in season 5: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

anonymous asked:

I'm supposed to finish a book for English but I can't Bc your blog is amazing. if it's not annoying you can we please have some h. jordo HCs... maybe interaction w/ civilians/people he saves??? ty!

I FEEL U ANON, im finishing up my revision for a test… im so Tired

also i cannot express how happy i am that other people use the phrase ‘h. jordo’ it makes me so haPPY im cyrin… ok ok but check this out

  • you want a selfie with gl?? HES ALWAYS HAPPY TO DO THAT!! he will even make a construct selfie stick for that optimal angle
  • i feel like hal rly misses patrolling just coast city… he’s stuck in space most of the time, so whenever he gets a chance to just fly around his fav place hes !! so happy
  • hal meeting up with children is like “WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE MOON!!!!!” and then he’s always met with a resounding CHEER and he has to go “–ask ur parents for permission first tho… THEN WE CAN GO TO THE MOON” in a huge green bubble… sniff
  • i feel like mothers would be kinda wary of him bc he tends to swear a lot, even when he’s around children, it’s essentially like ‘fuck– i mean– sh– i mean– DONT SWEAR KIDS’
  • people in coast city can always tweet at hal and be like ‘@OfficialGL we’re throwing a party u should drop by’ and hal will be there?? in his goddamn glowing uniform… everybody is his dude, it’s SO EASY to encounter gl in coast city… assuming he’s on earth
  • flirts with almost every reporter, nobody is safe… i have a hc that there’s one lesbian reporter working for coast city news station and she’s like hal’s lois lane… if lois lane was Tired of superman 24/7… hal hits on her all the time and she just cannot stand his fuckboyish ways… but they keep sending her to interview him because she’s the only one who can resist his charm. she knows hes a good guy BUT GOOD LORD CAN HE CHILL FOR A SEC
    • “so haha have u seen me pummel that loser?? what are you doing later”
    • “gl can you please answer the question about the collateral damage”
    • “send the bill to batman. so friday evening??”
    • “can you go back to space already”
  • but yeah most people love hal because he has this way about himself, he’s confident but smooth, does a lot of show-offy things but gets the job done…. he’s not as serious about being a superhero as others are, he has no qualms about just chilling with some civilians in the park etc
  • people in gotham think hes WEIRD. hal thinks the same about gothamites.
  • but people in central city like him!!! same with star city!!! he’s their pal too
  • JL often delegate hal to address civilians once everything is under control because they know that hal handles crowds rly well, he loves being the center of attention

this is dedicated to the anon who literally sent me the quickest message ever….. i just started today omg but this one is for u ((( i apologize if its hella crappy cmon its 1 am already )))

  • okay being bffs with this guy would be fun lbr but hes gonna be 100% annoyin at the same time
  • lets just say u guys been best friends since u were very tiny and smol yknow playing around in the playground
  • “hey ______! i bet u cant catch me” ok kid!seungcheol Be Quiet
  • anyways 
  • you guys basically grew up with each other and ur pretty comfortable w/ each other
  • moving on to the middle school days ((( yikes puberty days )))
  • u would definitely make fun of him when his voice cracks
  • his voice would be cracking every time i swear
  • but yknow its part of life THE CYCLE OF LIFE
  • speaking of Puberty, this would be the awkward phase in ur lives
  • yknow when u upgrade from an a to a b and seungcheol would be like “hey….. u kinda got….. bigger”
  • yikes…. these teens….. teens these days…. what even…..
  • moving on to our high school days 
  • ah yes hs
  • the best time of our lives…. ((( u wish )))
  • “so are u guys dating” 
  • “we are not dating”
  • “yeah we’re not…. or maybe we are”
  • “seungcheol shut up”
  • u would always have to correct people that you guys are bestfriends and nothing more
  • but this little shit would joke around that u guys are and this leaves the whole school going ????????????
  • thanks alot seungcheol u had one Job
  • hes a gentlemen of course so hes gonna treat u with much respect
  • my type of dude 
  • he would always lend u his jacket like always even if u werent cold
  • “seung im not COLD”
  • “either way ur gonna wear this bc i dont want u to get sick”
  • “bUT-”
  • in the end he wins and u lose the end
  • he would open the door for u everywhere u guys go
  • restaurants, his car, etc etc
  • how cute am i right ladies ??? *crickets in the bg* nvm
  • he loves skinship and this is why 90% of the time people think u guys are dating
  • he would put his arm around ur shoulder and have this bright smile on his face and he just looks like an angle
  • i meant angel
  • he would give u piggyback rides i mean no ones too old to do this still!!! well maybe old people cant do it but hey u get what i mean
  • “am i heavy?”
  • “yeah ur super heavy im getting tired”
  • “ur such an ass just put me down”
  • “im just kidding just hold onto me before i drop u”
  • and there goes u, holding onto him for ur dear life bc u dont know what this kid is gonna Do
  • u guys are the type to bicker and this is another 5% why people think u guys are dating
  • “i hate u seungcheol”
  • “u mean love”
  • “im tired of u” basically u guys in a nutshell 
  • in the end u guys really care for each other… its endearing
  • u would lie to urself if u said u didnt see him as a man at least ONCE
  • ur his go to his right hand okay im quoting drake not what ur dirty mind is Thinking the ride or die
  • he would be also the type to show u off and protect u at the same time yknow ????
  • “my bestfriend is _____ and shes amazing so dont mess with her or else ill mess with u >:(” prob him
  • he sounds like a bf gtggtgtgt
  • when guys look at u weirdly, protective!cheol ACTIVATED 
  • just the simple things he does…. it just makes u feel like wow im so blessed with a dude like him
  • even tho he annoyin and irritating at times
  • would get jealous if u talk to the members more than him
  • “fine pick joshua as ur bestfriend and not ME”
  • “seung…… stop acting like ur five……″
  • he really is 5 tho
  • another 5% of people thinkin u guys are dating due to the fact u wear his clothes ((( its bc he usually leaves it at ur place or he lends it to u but u never give it back )))
  • at the end of the day thats when everything gets all ugly
  • “im glad to have u in my life”
  • “_____ is that rly u what happened to the real _____ did they steal her and bring her off to space what is Happening”
  • “god if u dont want my appreciation the door is to ur left”
  • #BYE
  • u saw him at his highest and his lowest and this makes u wanna protect him
  • “even tho im smol im gonna protect my Best Friend!!!!”
  • the type to annoy u just for fun
  • “this makes u 100% extra” u @ him everyday
  • he’s the dude u go to if u need the “goods” the goods aka the period pack
  • pads, ice cream, and a bunch of movies!!! or netflix wtv u prefer
  • but he would always forget what brand u get so he would spam u 
  • im so done already

Hello. i’m tumblr user president prince.
and today at 9:00pm. i lost a very important friend.
but before i launch into my tale
i’d like to offer caution to my readers who are sensitive and/or now “topless”.
thank you.

it all began at 9:00pm March 31stwhere a blue button beckons my attention

“ Become a Pro [Free]”
i clicked the button
and that’s where my world turned upside

it descended upon my head gently, a tophat that sat on my head at a cute tilted angle
i smiled at it
and before i knew it there was a legion of pros on my screen
i would scroll on and on and more of them would appear
and then it hit me
i was now part of something bigger then just tumblr
i was now a pro

for the next 24 hours we were inseperatable
we blogged together
we laughed together
when i clicked him he would do this cute little tilt that just whispered “pro” to me

every worry i ever had was gone to the wind
for i was no longer a simple jane from Arizona
i was a pro

the laughter
the politics
the army of pros that built within my dashboard
i was a pro

and then
the next day
spent writing my “pro"fessional english 102 essay
gazing fondly upon my tophat
i refreshed my screen
and quick as can be
it was gone

no more laughs to share with my dapper companion
no cute little tilts as i click upon its head
for more pro is no more

darkness descends upon us
as we all mourn the loss of our hats






but we

will always and forever

be pros

rest in peace my dearest dapper companion
i will forever treasure this image
and your memory

if you have your own heartshattering tale to share about the loss of your own "pro” lifestyle please spread this post and let us help eachother
to learn that even without our dear hats
the pro empire
shall rise again