angle skirt


     You straightened the belt accentuating your waist and pulled a fuzzy Santa hat over your head, turning in the mirror to see your outfit from all angles. The skirt was full, the hem lined with soft white fur, your arms were bare, and the fabric was just short enough to show the garter holding up the tops of your black stockings.

     It was perfect.

     Your cherry-red heels clicked on the floor as you made your way to the bedroom you and Dean shared, your confidence growing with each echoing step. You opened the door and put your hand on your hip, Dean’s gaze immediately flicking up to you.

     His eyes widened and he dropped the dismantled gun he was cleaning on the desk.

     “What’s this?” Dean asked as he walked towards you, his voice already low with lust.

     You grabbed Dean’s hands and guided them around your waist, his breath catching when his fingers brushed the corset-style back of the dress. His eyes moved up and down your body greedily.

     “Remember when I said if you went with me to take a picture with Santa I would make it up to you?”

     Dean mumbled something unintelligible as his gaze drifted down to your low neckline. You rolled your eyes and smiled.

     “Well, this is me making to up to you.”

     Dean looked up and let loose what could only be described as a growl, winding his arms around your waist and connecting his lips to your neck faster than you could blink. He left open-mouthed kisses all along your shoulder and chest, making his way up your throat and to your lips with a primal fervor. It took all your remaining good sense and focus to think to shut the bedroom door.

     Then every thought flew out of your head when he pressed you up against it.

     Your back slid against the painted wood of the door as Dean held you in place, his big hands on your hips the only thing keeping you steady on already-wobbly feet. And then he went lower.

     Dean slid his hands down your sides and sank to the floor, dragging his fingers along your body as he went. You tangled your fingers in his hair and tilted your head back as he unclipped the garter belt holding your stocking in place, then pulled the thin fabric down your leg, following his rough fingers with possessive kisses. You drew in a shuddering breath and pulled him to his feet, crashing your lips to his once again.

      Skilled fingers began toying with the lacing on the back of your dress - how he knew what to do you had no idea – and after a few more breathless kisses the sexy Santa outfit was loose enough to slide off your body. But he made no move to do so. Instead, Dean put his hand under your thigh and lifted you off the ground, making you moan against his lips as you wrapped your legs around his muscled torso.

     When your back hit the mattress and Dean stood up to remove his shirt, the view of his chest making your breath come that much faster, you finally managed to say, “See, wasn’t taking that picture worth it?” now that your mouth was momentarily unoccupied.

     Dean was on top of you in a second - his body hovering just enough to keep his full weight off of you, but not so much that you couldn’t feel his bare chest pressing against yours – and he connected his lips with yours in a bruising kiss, his voice rumbling through your body when he finally said, “So worth it.”

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Ootd. I went shopping today at the thrift stores. So much fun. ^_^ I actually did wear a mini skirt today (which of course, I was made to wear with leggings and a long jacket that covers my bottom). I included another picture so anon-chan can see what a change in angle can do about my skirt lengths. ;) Keep in mind, I am really tall, so the camera at my face is going to make my skirts look longer. There’s a lot of distance to create an angle with.
On another note, the illusive dimple has been captured on camera! XD
Skirt~ Kawaii Machine
Hoodie vest~ Walmart
Shoes~ Vans x Hello Kitty
Stockings~ Sock Dreams
Leggings~ Nouvelle
Longer necklace~ Cute Can Kill
Sailor Moon bracelet~ Hot Topic
Bow bracelet~ The Children’s Place
Everything else~ off brand/etc.