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Pruk week Day 2&3 - Fever and Pride

The 7 Years War had ended just a few decades ago. Great Britain had come out of this all-continent explosion not only barely scathed, but also the owner of a mighty colonial empire.In addition, Prussia, Britain’s greatest remaining ally, was furious. He had nearly destroyed himself fighting in the Seven Years War, and halfway through Great Britain had demanded he sue for peace, despite knowing that this would lead to the carving up of the state. Most Prussians had viewed this as an act of betrayal, and refused to fight with Britain in the American Revolutionary War.

The evil twins, Wren, Mona, Charlotte's lies and everything in between!

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The story of the twins always had me wondering because it was a story that Alison told. I believe that neither twin was particularly good I think they made each other worst people. There sister rivalry had a more twisted aspect to especially after Jessica got her sent to Radley.

After we found out the twins were Jessica and Mary who was this ghost twin? I think that it could have been foreshadowing telling us that one of the twins would die. We didn’t know who the twins were at this point but the little girl said something interesting  to Ashley. She said my sister is always lying on me. 

Did Jessica set up Mary by stabbing herself with a knife and getting Mary finally sent away? Is this what furthered the hatred between the two sisters? There had to be something that caused such animosity between them.

So when the girls first met Cece Drake she knew about them already and later she said it was because of Mona. But we all know a lot of what Cece said doesn’t add up. I think Mary visited Mona and I think that at one  point Cece didn’t know her mom was alive.

When she revealed herself as Charlotte she told Alison how she found out. She said she saw a blonde standing across the street and she thought she had lost her mind. Now switch the story to Charlotte sneaking around Rosewood and seeing Mary Drake in a red coat? What if that is how Charlotte found out her mother was alive. And what if that is what made them take over the game in the first place. 

Going all the way back to the mini web series I had pointed out this clue before wondering why it was important. When Marlene said that the person on the computer was Charlotte it had me more confused. This coat doesn’t even look like the coats that we have seen RC wear it long and there is no belt on it.

When Charlotte admitted she talked to Mona to get answers that seemed off to me too. She said that Mona gave her a way in and out of Radley but we know that isn’t true.  

Now knowing what we know about Charlotte and Mary it really could have been Mary who visited her. For Mona to mention the devil and us see it pop up again seems like more then a coincidence.

Five years later and A signs with a devil emoji why? 

Bethany didn’t push Marin it was Mary who was up on the roof with Bethany. They sat on the roof thinking of an elaborate story that could explain there absence for so long. They planned on how they would get out and live outside the hospital walls. I think Mary pushed Marin and Bethany was the one hiding in the corner and she seen it all.  It would explain why Jessica wanted to cover it up. It also could explain her buying Bethany a horse to keep her quiet.

Why did Charlotte need this pass and why did Wren risk his job to make her one at all? If she was really in radley why would she need a pass to visit? It doesn’t add up and makes me think she was never in radley.

Toby was being used by A and he had passes as well to get in and out of Radley.  Did Wren make this pass as well?

When Spencer found Mona’s stash in Radley Wren admitted he made the passes and almost lost his job. So why did he give Mona the name Ali Dee of all the names why that one?

Eddie seems to think Wren is hella shady and then the poor guy goes missing.

I’m starting to believe Mary was RC at one point the parallels between Alison seeing the face through the jewelry box mirror just like RC in the mirror when Hanna was in Alison’s room.

I find it interesting that as Mary Drake ethnicity she put Anglo which is a prefix for the Angles, England. Is that just another coincidence? and if  Charles was born 25 years ago how could Charlotte really have been Charles? Is Charlotte the older sister of Charles? 

So Mary didn’t even speak when she first got to Radley and she also had violent outburst . When I read the read the part about throwing objects it made me think of what Wren said to Hanna. 

Now Wren and Charlotte could be half siblings and Wren’s father could have had him grow up in England. Remember Spencer did mention pen pals when they were in the dollhouse. Maybe that is how he first communicated with his sister. I feel like the lies they tell are always true with a twist. Instead of it being his mom he changed it to his dad and he actually witnessed the soup being thrown.

Again this line makes me think of Mary because she didn’t speak to anyone when she got into Radley. 

I searched each item in the Campbell farm sign to try and figure out what it could mean.  The red apples in the sign means a few things but the two that stood out to me was temptation and the fall of man to sin. Because we have no clue who Charlotte father is it could mean he was married. Which has me thinking about Peter who wanted to cover up Marin’s death just as bad as Jessica. Is that because he knew Mary and is possibly Charlotte's father? 

Searching for the compass I found out it is call the eight point rose compass and it’s common on what are called Hex signs. The birds could be what is called distelfink which are found on barns in PA. It it said to mean good luck so two birds would mean double the fortune or luck. So I’m guessing that was a clue to A having a lot of wealth. I can’t see it standing for luck because that is far from what has happened. 

Why was the farm so important the Hastings and Dilaurentis both visited with there families. It seems like there is more to the Campbell farm then we known. Why did A choose that place to set up her screens to watch the dollhouse? I think that this was set up so Uber A could watch as well.