angle comparison


Second camera angle from Godflesh’s performance at La Locomotive, Paris FR, 04/04/1990. Amazing soundboard recording, exceptional!

First angle for comparison: link


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Things that get me about this comparison:

  • The angle of Jack’s and Bitty’s heads is so similar, down to the lines of their noses and the droopy slant of Jack’s eyes
  • But Bitty is flushed with a different kind of uncertainty here - with Jack so close to his face, the way he’s been before, but never like this, not alone in Jack’s old room, tears still streaked across Bitty’s cheeks, Jack still out of breath from running across campus to find him
  • The way Jack’s eyes are wide and anxious - but not because he’s afraid of a new teammate dragging him down, of seeing his dreams slip out of his grasp again. No, this time it’s a different kind of dream on Jack’s horizon - a warm, welcoming one; one he can reach out and touch, if he only dares
  • There’s a kindness and willingness in Bitty’s eyes - a desire to not let Jack down, but also a strength and resilience that had always been present, but that it took Jack a while to see
  • The trust that built up between these two, and the gentleness
  • The way Bitty turned and wiped away his tears and asked after Jack with concern, as though his heart wasn’t breaking
  • The fact that Jack didn’t have the words (not in English, anyway), to tell him what he was feeling or why he wasn’t breathing properly when he saw Bitty, when he touched him softly on the back to get his attention, to get him to turn around for that proper goodbye
  • The silent, beautiful communication that happens between them. The flush on Jack’s cheeks as he leans in to meet Bitty’s mouth, to tell him everything he doesn’t know how to say