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What rivalry?


Some don’t starve snippets from over the months. Trying to figure out how to draw characters other than Wilson! :o Webber is my fave precious child. Craft him some toys to play with during downtime please.

The Great Hand Discourse: All Angles

So okay, part of why this is getting so hard is because we’re seeing only two pics of this scene. Here on tumblr I see the angle that seems more like Bellamy’s hand and on twitter, the angle that seems more like Abby’s hand.

Either way I decided to screen cap that thing and post all angles here. Have fun;

So, basically, on pics 1-2 it seems like Bellamy’s hand but from 3 foward it seems like Abby’s hand

Delilah: I thought you of all people would understand. Those nights as a girl in the Hound Pits Pub, didn’t you dream of getting this crown back? It was stolen from me first, even before you came into the world.

Emily: There’s suffering across the face of the world, but I was born under rare stars. I know I’m far luckier than most, Delilah. None of that excuses the destruction in your wake.


hey this is 2016 me (in chronological order even!!) anyways all i really realized this year is that i only have one angle. here’s 2 hoping 2017 is full of more angles + looks but we’ll see… thank u to all my babies who tagged me: @necromancerbarbie @chashaobao @internet3 @yokimmi @wateringmyplants @skhaan @beefpattygyal @033195 @decalf @cheonjiwang @brianflavortownmassacre @bethnya @higgzorz i love y’all sm!!!!

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