[ENG SUB] 150726 Chinese TV Show: Fangirl fought with boyfriend over Kpop idol Kim JaeJoong

Note: Chinese TV show 大声说出来 “Say It Out Loud”
A girl in china breaks up with boyfriend because of obsession over Kpop idol Kim Jaejoong
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[Eng Sub] Fangirl fought with boyfriend over Kpop idol Kim JaeJoong

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“Girl crazy over star [Jaejoong], makes boyfriend emotional”

[Rough translations]

BF: You’re ashamed? (Do you understand) how ashamed am I? You toyed with my pride until it’s all gone!

G: You know? You still have the intention to say you’re ashamed? You made me lose my pride several times!

BF: After getting together with you, when it was your birthday on October, did you let me keep any pride( of myself)? We went to a bar, I accompanied friends( of yours), giving service and serving them alcohol as a boyfriend. When they mentioned about the topic of you getting a boyfriend recently, (they said)”Who is it?please introduce a bit (about him)”.(She said) “My Husband is Kim Jaejoong.”, what were you talking about??I asked you a few times about……

G: You were wearing sandals, wide trousers, with a buzz cut hairstyle,dressed like a fisherman. How would I introduce( you) to my friends this way?

BF: I don’t look like a fisherman!!

G: Which aspect of you doesn’t look like a fisherman? Say about it!!

H: In real life, when Kim Jaejoong attends friend’s gathering, how he dress normally?

G: How you compare them, right? No matter how our Kim Jaejoong dress ……(T/N: It’s similar how korean use ‘uri’)

BF: Our? Don’t say your Kim Jae joong!!

H: She loves Kim Jae joong till death.

BF: I’m talking to you, how many times did you say your boyfriend is Kim Jaejoong. Where is my pride? If there’s a hole there, I would have hide inside it.

G: Actually, everybody knows I’m joking. Why are you so serious? You’re like an elementary student you know?

BF: I’m not elementary student!! I was staring at you waiting for you to introduce me!! You didn’t say about anything, the topic about me never comes. When I don’t know where you went because you didn’t say where you are, I just went to search for you.

G: I want to be quiet alone.

BF: Something’s wrong with you! After going back…

*This part is interrupted so I couldn’t translate*

BF: She just jumped up and hit me.

G: You said you tore up my posters, aren’t you too much??

BF: It’s ok if you just hit me, but you want me to apologize to the posters. A poster’s length is about more than a meter, you made me apologized to it. My height is 1.8 meter, I had to bow 90 degrees to apologize, literally looks like I’m worshiping him!!

G: What did you say?

BF: *Step backwards*

H: He stepped backwards, haha. Look at this amount of people, you can tell he had the experience of being hit.

G: I’m telling you……

BF: Okay, let’s just talk, JUST TALK.

G: You should apologize if you did wrong.

BF: I’m not wrong!

H: What was his mistake?

BF: Who’s your boyfriend?

G: Kim Jaejoong is (my) boyfriend, so what?

*Audience laugh*

BF: See? Am I wrong? Am I innocent?

H: Then, Qien Qien(G’s name), is your house is full of your idol (merchandise)?

G: My bed, wall, book rack……

H: Pasted the posters?

G: Those posters, I bought some of those and some of those were made by myself. When i have nothing to do, I’ll stare at the posters, appreciating it and took photos with a camera.

H: Then do you have those printed bedsheets or blankets?. I noticed some of the youngsters nowadays have their bedsheets and pillow sheets printed with their idols.

G: I originally had a pillow for hugging at house.

BF: I threw it away.

G: He threw a lot of my stuffs away.

H: Why did you throw that pillow away?

BF: I was angry.Why would you sleep while hugging that?

G: You said you also hug a pillow while sleeping. It’s just a pillow,and I hugged it while sleeping, Why are you so childish?

BF: I don’t mind if you just hug a pillow, but a guy is printed on it.

H: Let me ask you guys, did she love Kim Jaejoong first, then she met you and became close or ……

BF: I know she likes( him), but I didn’t know she likes him until this extent. This year, during 20th of May, she was just too much. Do you know what she said to me? You tell them, what did you say that time! We went to beach to play, I wanted to take photo with you, you were not willing to right? She posted the photo at night, and I was grumbling she’s not willing to take photo with me! In her photos, all people beside her shoulders is Kim Jaejoong!

H: Did Kim Jaejoong go there too?

BF: She photoshopped all of them!!

G: I post whatever I want on Weibo. What i feel happy and entertaining( I post it).

BF: You’re happy? You told me there should not be third party on valentine’s day.I sent Weibo message to you, and you sent Weibo message to him! The one together with you is not me, it’s Kim Jaejoong, isn’t it??

H: I would like to ask something. G, what do you like about Kim Jaejoong?

G: I like his voice, his singing is specially good.

H: During DBSK.

G: Yes.I also specially like his looks.* fangirl pose*

H: Kawaii(cute).Let me ask G, if you like Kim Jaejoong so much, he’s the most perfect man in your heart, why did you find a boyfriend?

G: How do i say about this? In real life, I need a boyfriend too, because Kim Jaejoong is my…

H: Why do you need a boyfriend in real life?

G: I think it’s to take care of my life and shelter.Because he…

H: Which means your love is psychological. Mentally, you’re dating with Kim Jaejoong.But in real life, your life is taken care by him(BF). Is it what you mean?

G: You can’t say it in that way, I think…

H: Then did you have experience of dating him before?

G: We did. We were…

H: But from what i heard from him, you don’t have any feeling of love with him.

Source: 中国重庆卫视官方频道 China ChongQingTV Official Channel
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