There are strong men…

…and there are weak men.

There are good women…

…and there are evil women whose hearts are black and riddled with hatred.

There are cishets who are entitled and insufferable…

and cishets who are abused, neglected, and downtrodden.

There are queer people who radiate goodness and light…

and queer people who harbor sickness in their souls.

What there is not is one identity with a monopoly on all the positive things about humanity.

What there is not is one identity that exemplifies all the bad.

Identities comprise of humans. Humans—all humans—comprise of flaws. We humans are not clear-cut, not back-and-white. We are wonderfully, chaotically greyscale.

Rejoice in it.


#StayStrongParkJungsoo #staystrongleeteuk Our deepest condolences for Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Our beloved Oppa~~“PARK JUNG SOO” ~

Sign: - Please don’t post pic & The letters of leeteuk’s father, to “ his Twitter Acc” …This will not help him..

 -As a person We respect and love him~~Understand his feelings at this moment, please~!

-Please,Please,Please…Again…Stop sending photos of his father to his account in Twitter~

-Our role in this difficult moment it’s only support and give him our Love ♥~ Because….No words can make him feeling any better at the moment, let's  pray for his family~

-Let him and his family quietly bid farewell to the deceased.~They need this now strongly...

SJ members with& Comforting and support Him at this moment~~

- Support Leeteuk by putting the picture above as DP on Twitter.

I think the other terrible thing about the MRA/Occidental College rape form thing is that they automatically jump to thinking about worries of women reporting false rape claims.

At no point does it seem to occur to them that this form would be a really useful way for male rape victims to talk about their own experiences. They don’t care about male rape victims, no matter how much they point it out as “proof” feminists are oppressing them.

They just want to silence women.

I feel like the problem with the “romanticising mental illness” thing might be that a lot tumblr sj-ers don’t actually consult crazy/disabled people about what they think or inform themselves about contemporary activism/thought in this area. 

So… they’re still working from a “medical model” approach to atypical neurologies- ie these things as illness/disease, something innately tragic to be taken very seriously at all times and cured/recovered  from. Rather than as an equal oppressed identity in need of acceptance. 

The handful of friends I truly love- all have rare, uncommon brains and it causes them all a hell of a lot of trouble and pain. However none of that pain seems to be in anyway innate or inevitable. It’s social intolerance and rigidity that seems to be most responsible.

I don’t apologise for thinking my friends brains are astonishingly beautiful and precious to me- yes, partly because they’re uncommon and if singing that from the rooftops is “romanticising mental illness” then so be it.

What am I most proud of

I’m proud of my fandom

  • We’ve gone through the addition of a member
  • We’ve gone through the hate of adding two Chinese members
  • We’ve gone through car accidents
  • We’ve gone through 4 military enlisting
  • We lost a member ( who is even leaving earth now for the moon )
  • We lost a member to acting
  • We’ve gone though countless scandals
  • We’ve gone through the death of Donghae’s father
  • Now we’re going through Leeteuks father and Grandparents
  • We’ve made them cry
  • They made us cry

But no matter what happens Elf and Super Junior are always there. We are not a fandom. We are a family that as gone through the good and bad. Even though Super Junior had it’s down we never left. Super Junior will be the last man standing, because elf will help it survive. Super Junior is always there for elf and elf is always there for Super junior this isn’t a bond that can be compared or replaced, the pearl sapphire blue ocean is a home.