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so about last night’s rizzoli and isles episodes..

okay so i don’t do this often -i never do this- but i needed to post my opinion somewhere.

I don’t understand. I don’t understand why Maura is treated like this. First, this case about Jane’s stalker has taken weeks, months to finally find a closure. I get it, it was an important thing to deal with, but still. Maura has been abducted, injured, and yet we still focus on Jane no matter what. In the end, it all comes down to her, as always. Maura has barely been in 7x02, and may I remind you, this show is called Rizzoli AND Isles.

Then, we lost Maura. I’m sorry but we did. It seems that the only way the writers include her in the episodes is by making her lose who she is. They attack her in every way possible. We don’t see her most of the episodes, and when we do she’s either here because Jane is here or because something bad is happening. Maura used to be such a fun character, with plenty of colorful patterns to exploit. I would understand if she wasn’t one of the two main characters of this show. But as a matter of fact, she is. It feels like she only exists in Jane’s world, and not outside of that. And it makes me sad because the show is coming to an end and this situation is not what the characters deserve.

Let’s talk about Rizzles now. I used to have hopes about this. Now I don’t. I just want Maura to be happy, with or without Jane as her love interest. I hope the writers have been intelligent enough not to rush the relationship status of the two women by providing them a lover at the last minute. Because we all know Jane and Maura have trouble finding the right person, and they couldn’t do that in the very few episodes we have left.

I’m just really disappointed in the writing of this show and it’s sad because I don’t want it to end even tho I’m not happy with it anymore.


In case you guys missed the highlights from Angie’s Curves. Poor Billy Bones :c