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Walter sitting in the rain as a prompt!

(Dude. It’s rain. I had to.)

The last thing he remembers is his Receiver of Wisdom standing over him with a pistol pointing straight between his eyes. Henry had surprised him with a burst of will, unrelenting determination, as he skewered God and destroyed all hope that Walter had of returning to his mother. His receiver was powerful, more powerful than Walter could have anticipated from the quiet and unassuming man.

It’s the memory of the quiet fire burning from the inside out of Henry’s soul that finally wakes Walter. He’s lying on a bench out in open air and it’s cold. Very cold. He blinks his eyes and sits up, gripping the back of the seat for support as the world swims into view around him. He thinks he’s in Silent Hill, but can’t place where.

The distant sound of grunts and the unnatural shuffles tell him he’s in the Other World, but where abouts, he cannot say.

When the rain starts, it startles him. A crash of lightning and the sky darkens immediately, the very colors around him change into more vivid versions of themselves and instantly, he’s drenched.

He’s sitting in the rain, on an unknown street in the middle of Silent Hill, but the strangest thing to him… was that he was completely unharmed. Free from any pain, any stab (chop) wounds, any gun shots or other bruises and cuts. His hair is matted down onto his face and neck and he feels… nothing. Nothing at all.

Not even angry.

There’s a large corpse-like monster that walks by him. It’s tall and its gaping mouth makes choking noises when it sees him. He stares at it, unmoved. The thing seems to decide that Walter isn’t a problem it should have to deal with and begins to walk again, away from him. The sound of the rain pounding against the buildings, ground and trees, along with the shuffle of the monster’s feet, hide the sound of the axe wielding prisoner that tip toes towards the creature quick enough to catch it off guard and hit it once in the leg to make it kneel.

Then three times in the head, to ensure the creature dies.

When it finally does, it dissolves, the edges a burning cinder as it ceases to exist.

The man looks over to Walter, who is watching him back through the hair that has partially obscured his eyes now. They’re both soaked to the bone and the man is trembling as he looks him over and says something that Walter doesn’t quite catch.

He closes his eyes and gives a small smile to the sky, thanking The Mother for his new Receiver.

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If child!Walter and Walter could live in the same universe, do you think they'd get along?

It depends on what context it would be in. Are they both literally a Walter Sullivan? Like, did Wish House just name all unnamed kids Walter Sullivan like some people with name unknowns as John Doe? First of all, that’s kinda weird. Secondly: I don’t think so.

Maybe, MAYBE!! They could exist in a world where somehow, they are blood relatives. Literally brothers, let’s say, but had both been abandoned by parents at VASTLY different times. Walter is a grown adult, abandoned by teen parents who couldn’t care for him, dropped off at the shitty orphanage when he was very little, but legally, not actually abandoned, but given up.  LITTLE Walter is abandoned by the same parents later on, but more carelessly. They are older and care very little and somehow (because they know that other-walter grew up to be obsessive and scary) abandon accident #2.

Let’s say that’s the set up and Walter sees little Walter and someone for some terrible reason decides ‘Hey! Maybe having a brother will help Walter out a bit with his issues.’  And tells him about it.

First of all, I think Walter MIGHT kill his living parents (I can’t remember if he’s willing to kill outside the sacraments rn, its very late and I have no internet), denying that they are his real parents, because Dahlia had told him about his TRUE mother and decides to take little Walter under his wing and teach him about how to complete the 21 sacraments.

Let’s say in THAT situation, that Walter doesn’t use little Walter as one of the sacraments. Okay. Maybe he actually cares for his little brother (despite being REALLY OBVIOUSLY terrible with kids… *picks up little walter by the middle and carries him hanging over his hip without explaining wtf he’s talking about in canon*)   He promises his brother that he’s gonna complete the 21 sacraments and they’ll be a family, a real family inside 302 and the way his brother just gets oh-so-excited warms his really really cold and scary heart a little and yeah… In that context…. Maybe they COULD get along? Maybe, dudes. Maybe. 


“We caught the Hillary campaign cheating, we caught the Nevada Democratic Party secretary cheating,” said Angie Sullivan, another member of the credentials committee for the Clark County Democratic Convention. “When it was apparent Bernie started winning, they really turned up the heat.”

Turns out there were some shenanigans with the Nevada Democratic Primary, mostly on the Clinton side, and the results have since been reversed from a Clinton win to a Sanders win.

Apparently, the Clinton campaign tried to have Bernie credentialed delegates arrested for “trespassing” at the Caucus, including the Delegate Credentials Committee Chair, Christine Kramar, and then tried to replace them with Clinton supporters as the Caucus itself was happening.

The Clark County Democratic Party also violated the rules when it shared critical information with Clinton, but not with Sanders. Kramar then sent that information to the Sanders campaign, which caused Mark Elias, Clinton’s campaign attorney to call for her to be removed and then later attempted to have her arrested.