angie sullivan


“We caught the Hillary campaign cheating, we caught the Nevada Democratic Party secretary cheating,” said Angie Sullivan, another member of the credentials committee for the Clark County Democratic Convention. “When it was apparent Bernie started winning, they really turned up the heat.”

Turns out there were some shenanigans with the Nevada Democratic Primary, mostly on the Clinton side, and the results have since been reversed from a Clinton win to a Sanders win.

Apparently, the Clinton campaign tried to have Bernie credentialed delegates arrested for “trespassing” at the Caucus, including the Delegate Credentials Committee Chair, Christine Kramar, and then tried to replace them with Clinton supporters as the Caucus itself was happening.

The Clark County Democratic Party also violated the rules when it shared critical information with Clinton, but not with Sanders. Kramar then sent that information to the Sanders campaign, which caused Mark Elias, Clinton’s campaign attorney to call for her to be removed and then later attempted to have her arrested.