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A Stucky British Pub AU where Bucky and the rest of the Howling Commandos are waiters at SHIELD, a british-styled pub owned by Peggy Carter and her wife Angie Martinelli. One day Steve hears about SHIELD from his friend Sam who works at the VA, who tells Steve about how a few of the people he’s helped works at SHIELD, since SHIELD is known for hiring veterans to their staff, and helps them to be able re-adjust back into civilian life. Intrigued, Steve goes to check it out one night, and is immediately swept off his feet by his attractive waiter, Bucky Barnes.

(I went to a british-styled pub last night and all I could think of was this AU okay. I just had to draw it!)


1940s beach babes

  • <p> <b>peggy:</b> [in a crowd and can't find angie]<p/><b>peggy:</b> [using hands as a megaphone] PEGGY CARTER SUCKS<p/><b>angie:</b> [running in her direction] EXCUSE ME BUT HOW DARE YOU<p/><b>steve:</b> [unfreezing] FIGHT THE SHIT OUT OF ME<p/><b>howard and jarvis:</b> [screaming]<p/><b>peggy:</b> what the holy fuck<p/></p>

Ok so yes Steve at Peggy’s funeral will no doubt be heartbreaking and sad but imagine at the reception he gets seated next to this eccentric 95 year old lady who starts telling all of these crazy stories about the shenanigans she and Peggy got up to in New York and Steve despite being really torn up can’t help but laugh cause he gets a glimpse of the Peggy he used to know, and when she’s done she turns to Steve and asks “So how did you know English?”


Vintage Squad  - Elements Aesthetics

Steve Rogers - Earth = the element of substance.

Bucky Barnes - Water = the element of change.

Peggy Carter - Fire = the element of power.

Angie Martinelli - Earth = the element of substance.

I like to believe that no one in the avengers is 100% straight

After re-watching Natasha and Steve’s hug scene in CACW, I saw so many things I missed the first time ‘round and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys! This can be taken platonically or romantically, at this point I don’t really care. It’s my favorite relationship, regardless of what kind of relationship it is in canon.

Minor spoilers (not much the teasers and tv-spots haven’t showed us. Just extra dialog from the actual movie.) under the cut! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya

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So to recap, Peggy turned down a date with Generic McLoveinterest to tOUR HER AND ANGIE’S NEW HOUSE. WITH. ANGIE. (WHICH WAS A GIFT FROM THE VERY BI-FOR-STEVE-ROGERS HOWARD STARK)



Because she was kicking ass and taking names and saving the Earth/Universe before most of the Avengers were born.
Because most of the MCU wouldn’t exist without her work, and she may know her value, but ABC doesn’t.
Because we need more women, people of color, and LGBT representation, whether the writers see it or not.
Because the second season was a bit of a mess, but there’s still so much promise, so many stories yet to be told!
Because if Phil Coulson can come back from the dead, this show can come back too!
Because Dubsmash War for Charity with Agents of SHIELD!
Because just because Supergirl can carry so much doesn’t mean she should have to.
Because girls need role-models. Give us more Peggy Carters, not Betty Carvers!
Because there are so many more stories to be told. How SHIELD started up, why Tony didn’t know her, what happens to Angie.
Because I do not want her funeral being used to advance Sharon’s relationship with Cap to be the last we see of her.
Because she deserves more than this and her fans deserve more than this.