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So for my editing class I had to make the Opening Credits for any show I wanted, and I chose Agent Carter since is one of my favorite shows and it doesn’t have opening credits. It had to last 30 seconds, which made it harder, since the show has a lot of characters that should be on the opening. There are some mistakes, and some things that I didn’t loved, but you know how finals are.

Hope you like it! :)

Important Take Aways from the Agent Carter Finale

Edwin Jarvis continues to be amazing and adorable

Howard loved Steve Rogers, like a lot

Agent Chad Michael Murray still sucks

Peggy rejected Sousa in order to show Angie their hot new living space, which they will be living in, at the same time, together

Peggy poured Steve’s magic superhero blood into the water which could cause super powered fish (season 2 plot???)

Zola also still sucks but at least we have a possibility of some winter soldier plot next season (CAUSE THERE HAS TO BE A 2ND SEASON)

Peggy Carter continues to be the most bad ass woman

Did I mention that Agent Chad Michael Murray sucks? Cause he does


So, remember that time we thought we won Save One Show? Well… E! decided to screw us over and call what they originally called the finals, a semi final round when their pick, Hart of Dixie didn’t win…. 

So, please please please got to save this wonderful show! I know you love it as much as i do and we have to make sure it wins! Vote MULTIPLE TIMES! We can’t be too safe! Remember, they like to try and keep us from winning!


We did it! After voting countless times we actually did it! Please reblog! We need to keep this circulating. Because I can see E! screwing with the votes to help Hart of Dixie… So please please please share! We did it guys!


Agent Carter season 2 “New Year” promo