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How would Angie react to Filbrick mocking her husband for taking her name and being a stay-at-home-dad

She’d be pretty pissed.  Like, she knows from Stan that Filbrick is an asshole, and Filbrick mocking Stan for stepping up and being a good father?  Well, that just creams her corn.  If she gets some alone time with Filbrick, she chews him out for being a shitty person, and definitely compares his fathering skills to Stan.  

Angie probably says something along the lines of “Yer not even half the father Stan is.  Heck, yer not even half the man he is.”  And then she just rants for a good few minutes, using all sorts of southern insults.  She ends her lecture with telling Filbrick to never talk to her, to Stan, or her children ever again.  

“If ya even think ‘bout my fam’ly, you’ll regret it.”

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Do you think Peggy knew Tony Stark cause like she is friends with his dad and unless they have a huge falling out I feel like she would've but I can't find much about the two of them knowing each other...

i’m actually sure that peggy knew tony like i can totally imagine peggy watching after baby tony at some point or even being tony’s godmother or something like that

considering that mcu tony is now about 50 years old (i guess?? like ?? rdj is that old so tony supposedly, too) and we know that she was definitely alive while he grew up and we also know how much howard appreciated peggy, and if not howard then jarvis. so i’m very sure that peggy knew (and loved, cared for, looked after) tony 

but hey, let’s have some nice headcanons (including angie, too, fight me)

  • peggy, angie, jarvis and anna looking after tony (jarvis calls him “young stark” while anna calls him anthony most of the times. angie, funny aunt that she is, calls him antonio which he loves tbh bc it makes him feel really cool or tony and only peggy calls him tony. unless she’s mad then of course it’s anthony edward stark! )
  • tony drew something for peggy’s birthday when he was younger. it was some sort of machine and when peggy asked about it he said “it picks up my toys for me” with the brightest and proudest smile on his face and you can hear jarvis saying “so, you’re saying i will be out of a job?” and peggy “or maybe he drew you as a machine, mr jarvis”. it was one of the first things baby tony ever drew for peggy so of course she hang it up and he signed his drawing with “not-jarvis by tony age 4” with like a really babylike handwriting. it ‘outhang’ jarvis, though, and after jarvis had passed away this inspired tony to build J.A.R.V.I.S
  • angie knows how to make costumes. she knows sewing and stitching and together with angie tony made the infamous christmas sock for jarvis
  • they also made one for peggy, that we all need to see, tbh
  • angie taught tony some italian and they used it to discus peggy’s birthday present one year because tony thought peggy wouldn’t know italian anyway so the both of the just talked quitely (or like angie talked quitely, tony basically yelled cause… you know, peggy doesn’t know italian either way?? so why bother??? to whisper???) and peggy had to try really really hard not to laugh aka to play it cool
  • peggy taught tony some italian, too. aka she taught him how to move his hands as much as possible while talking just to mock angie, which, of course, was one of tony’s favorite hobbies anyway.
  • clearly, peggy and jarvis were disappointed in howard and they tried to talk some sense into him which did lead to howard spending some more time with tony but somehow howard always ended up talking about steve and literally never shutting up about him. first tony glorified and idolized steve as well. he had many captain america stickers and he asked peggy if she could tell him stories about him, which she did, of course. but the more howard talked about steve that way, the way as if he was the most important thing in howard’s world anyway, the more jealous he’s become to the point where he’d never ask about him again. he threw away every captain america merch he owned and started building robots and stuff himself.
  • baby tony loved howard’s moustache so angie brought home fake moustaches one day from custume and together they wore those beards. “you don’t need that beard” peggy laughed at angie who then just rised an eyebrow “you already got one” peggy points at baby tony. 
  • baby tony has his own room next to peggy’s and next to angie’s room in the mansion
  • tony is such a drama queen because of angie martinelli, pass it on
  • tony is such a sarcastic idiot bc of peggy carter
  • tony is such a spoiled asshole because of howard stark 

some ideas are from the amazing people from the angiemartinellinetchat

feel free to add more headcanons, though, obvsly

for every kiss, your beauty trumped my heart

This was all Angie’s fault.
Angie and her stupid kiss on the cheek.
Or Five Times Peggy almost kisses Angie and one time she does.

Again, a huge thanks to the cooliest; vintagecartinelli. And shoutout to the best potato in the field of potatoes, abigailstewart
Title was inspired by Mumford & Son’s Winter Winds
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This was all Angie’s fault.

Peggy never backed down from her responsibilities but this… this was all Angie.

Angie and her stupid kiss on the cheek.

It had been two weeks since Angie admitted to being distracted by Peggy and had kissed her goodnight. No, Peggy was not over it. After that small display of affection, she had come to realise that they had never kissed before. Sure, they had hugged, or cuddled after a particularly tiring day, but no kissing.

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Cartinelli 22 (BTW I'm probably going to flood your inbox sry)

[22: “two miserable people meeting at a wedding” au]
I’m sorry this took a little while, I hope it’s okay though!!

The thing is, Angie has always felt that weddings were a little ostentatious.

It was all very well and good wanting to proclaim your undying love for another person, but did it really need to be in front of so many other people?

She’d always felt a little like an intruder sat amongst the crowd of people watching an exchange of vows. It seemed so private, so intimate. Angie always felt as though she should look away.

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