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Hi hello, I’m back with another story already! I’m amazed at how well-received my first story was, so I’m bringing Angie back with an encounter that happened roughly a year after this.

I’ll introduce myself again: tall and dark skinned, curly hair, average build. Tomboy, yadda, yadda. The star of the show is Angie, so I’ll provide a lot more detail about her. Tiny little Hispanic, 5’0”, brown wavy/curly hair that reaches her shoulders, brown eyes, glasses, and a bit of a belly that’s barely noticeable. I remember this day so vividly, it’s insane. She was wearing bright red pajama pants with snowmen on them and a black shirt.

Now, with this story, I’m sure the gamers will enjoy a tad. She had just gotten the Nintendo Switch, and after a week of figuring out when we’re both free we decide that I’m gonna spend the weekend over her house and try out the Switch as well (I’m a sucker for party games and racing games, haha). She just got Splatoon 2 and, being a big, big fan of the first game wants to play the fuck out of it with her friends.

I get to her house about noon, taking my place next to her in the living room on the couch. A bit of info on her house: they all live only on one floor and enter in the back door, since their cars are parked in the driveway near it. When you walk in the door, to the right is the parents room, the left is the kitchen, and the next room after that is the living room, separated into two halves. In the first half there is a small hallway with three doors: Angie’s room, the bathroom, and her brother’s room.

We’re in the first half while her father is in the second half, playing on his own Switch. We play a bit of 1-2-Switch and Breath of the Wild, and Mario Kart 8 before she immerses herself in Splatoon, after a couple of hours. I relax in my spot, playing on my phone while she’s busy.

I glance up at one point and I just catch her eyes flicking from my general direction. She’s sitting to my left, and where I’m sitting I’m about 15 feet from the bathroom, sitting almost directly in front of it. I shrug it off and return to my phone.

“Mind getting me a soda?” she asks me. “I’m a bit busy right now; my friends won’t let me leave the matches because Blob’s team keeps winning.”

Yes, one of her friends went by Blob. I don’t know why, I don’t ask why. Anyway, I grab a few cans, getting one for myself as well. I plop the rest down in front of her, noticing a couple empty cans already…actually, it’s a lot. “How long have you been playing this game?” I ask.

She shrugs. “Before you got here, I was up since 7 just exploring. I didn’t wanna sleep, so I had the soda.”

No wonder a 12 pack was already gone despite her parents just getting it. Nonetheless after one battle she opens a can and chugs it within moments, shifting her weight a bit.

Wait, shifting her weight? Sure enough, I glance up again and she seems a bit tenser now, talking to her friends. “Do you guys mind if I leave for a bit?” she says to her friends.

I hear all of them groan, with one whining, “But they’re still winning and you’re our best line of defense! Can’t you stay for a bit longer?”

Of course, she does. Somehow, this Blob guy has a damn good team, because an hour passes without Angie’s team winning at all. By this point, she’s sitting on her heel and rocking a bit, all but two cans of soda left in front of her.

She tries again, “Guys, I really need to leave…”

“Why? What’s so urgent? I thought you were free this weekend!” one friend complains. “And you promised earlier you’d be here until we win!”

She gives in, “Oh, fine. I…I just might be a bit quiet, okay?”

I perked up hearing that, curious as to why. In between matches, Angie’s hands seem to need to be occupied, going from running over her clothes to fiddling with the controls on the controller.

Now, here where it gets good.

I had a bit to drink all day, so I excuse myself to the bathroom. I hear her whimper as she nods, half-distracted by the game. I get to the bathroom and quickly use it, returning two minutes later to see the match ending, Blob’s team winning again.

As I round the corner of the couch I see Angie rip her hands away from her lap, curling up into herself as a hand rests protectively on her lower stomach. “You okay?”

She nods, almost too quickly. “I’m good. Just a bit tired.” She says this while rocking a bit back and forth and looking guilty.

Nonetheless, I don’t pry. I take my seat again and go back to my cellphone. Her friends start up another battle, and she’s focused yet clearly distracted; halfway into the battle she climbs to her feet, shifting from foot to foot.

I’ll describe the game to those that have no idea what the hell it is: long story short, it’s a world where you’re a humanoid version of a squid, and your enemies are octopuses. You’re given a ride range of weapons, and you’re able to train using them. In battle mode, you’re able to fight against a team, random or otherwise, to see who can cover the most ground (ex: red vs. blue). Also, how they get around quickly is by basically swimming in the trail of ink they leave, which leaves a familiar…sound when they do.

Anyway, she’s on her feet now, fidgeting and whatnot. “Guys, after this match I’m gonna go for two minutes,” she tells them.

Again, they all groan. “But Blob’s gonna win again!” “Come on, Angie! We need you for another round!” “Don’t leave! The match is gonna start up again!”

I can’t even describe the look on her face as she debated skipping this one battle, but eventually she grins and bears it. Each time her character has to move she groans, rubbing her legs together.

Finally, the battle ends. The moment the time runs out she mutes her phone, groaning as loudly as she can with her father being twenty feet away (the TV we were on blocked him from our view and vice versa, but he could still hear everything). Immediately she slips a hand between her legs, squirming and whispering, “Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee!”

I roll my eyes. “Ya know, you could just go to the bathroom. What’s the harm of one battle being missed?”

Apparently, I said something offensive because she looks at me like I told her that her mom just jumped off a cliff. “It’s unfair to them, plus I really wanna beat Blob,” she says. “We’re so close to beating him, I’ll be able to go soon. Besides, it’s not that bad yet.”

I nearly choke on my own spit. “Angie, you’re standing in front of me squirming and holding yourself while the screen loads. Are you sure it’s not that bad?”

She nods. Well, I think, might as well have a bit of fun out of this. “I think it is. Matter of fact, I’ll finish off your soda for you.”

Instantly she stops squirming and moves her hand away, grabbing the soda and inhaling its contents. “Like I said, I’m fine,” she confirms with a smirk, finally sitting down again.

I back off again and pretend to be on my phone, actually watching her over the screen. She struggles again during this battle, barely talking and crossing her legs a lot. There’s times she slips in between English and Spanish or no words at all, and it’s honestly hot.

Of course, in this battle they didn’t beat Blob’s team again. She throws down the controllers in frustration, glancing at the bathroom. She shakes her head and looks at me pleadingly.

I laugh. “What, are you gonna ask for my help again?”

She blushes and nods no. “No! I was just gonna…ask you to get me another soda? Yeah, that’s it. I’m thirsty.”

I know damn well she’s not, but I’m not complaining. I grab a couple more sodas and give them to her. She looks almost pitiful, biting her lip as she opens the can and taking a few sips at it. “Besides,” she continues, “how would you even help me?”

I give her an incredulous look. Did…did she forget the bus ride?

This continues for about another 45 minutes, by the end of it she’s trembling and biting her shirt to keep from making any noise. She’s constantly switching between standing and sitting, as well as having to keep quiet in order to not let her friends onto it. Finally, towards the end of this battle she decides fuck it, she needs to go.

She doesn’t notice her father making his way to the bathroom, however.

He takes forever in there, taking his sweet ass time in the bathroom and whatnot. What would take five minutes takes him about two hours, no joke. As the game ends she drops the controllers and rushes to the bathroom, shoving a hand down her pajama pants. “Oh, Dad, can you hurry?” she begs.

He just got in there, as he says. It’s true. She whines and goes back to the living room, holding herself tightly. I still say nothing as she stares at me, trying to make her mouth work. Finally, she asks, “Um…can you help me?”

“Hm? I thought you didn’t need to go that badly,” I tease.

She whimpers again, shuffling from foot to foot and overall being antsy. “Please! I don’t wanna lose it out here…”

“Well first, be a good girl and finish your soda,” I smirk. After a bit of complaining she does, chugging it. Immediately after she sits in my lap, grinding herself against me. As if I already wasn’t turned on.

Knowing how long her dad would take I slowly plan out my way to “help” her, yet also wanting to explore her body a bit more. I’ve never really taken the time to map her body; I’ve only been intimate with her twice before, and both times it was frantic, in-the-moment. As she plays the game I run my hands over her body, feeling her grow warmer from my touch.

It’s a fantasy of mine to have someone try to play a video game while being played with, so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I slip my hands under her shirt, pleasantly surprised to find no bra. With one hand I take a nipple between my fingers, rolling and pinching it, while the other cups her boob and massages it.

Angie sighs, struggling to not make any noise. I pepper the back of her neck with kisses and, after leaving a mark on her, decide to be a bit eviler. Her legs are wrapped around mine…so I simply open them, also opening her legs.

“Fuck!” she shouts, immediately closing her legs. She can’t pause the game so she can’t say anything, offering a lame excuse for the shout while grinding against me even harder. I leave her chest alone and slip her pants down a bit, tracing circles on her thighs.

I play a heavy game of teasing, circling her clit through her panties and tracing her thighs. He whimpers become full on pants as she starts humping the air, trying to find something to feel friction against.

Por favor, tócame,” she pleads. Please, touch me. I chuckle, bringing my fingers up slowly and simply resting a finger over her clit. Immediately she begins grinding against it, biting down on her shirt to not moan loudly.

Of course, they lose again. She mutes herself to her friends and moans, wanting more. “You’ll have to beg for it,” I smirk.

She groans. “Please, I need it. I really do, I’m so full and I can’t take it, I…” she cuts herself off as she jams a hand there again, rubbing herself through her pants. “Fuck, please!”

I finally rub her clit, at first making prolonged, slow strokes. It has her panting again, silently begging for more. I steadily speed up, rubbing her faster and faster until she gets to the edge. My other hand is feeling her bladder, surprised by how full it truly is.

“You were such a good girl,” I compliment, massaging her pussy and letting the wetness drip off my fingers. “You deserve such a good reward for holding it this long, don’t you?”

Moaning, she nods. “Please…No puedo sostenerlo…”

Did I ever mention how hot it is for her to switch to Spanish? Gets me going every damn time.

I still don’t let her cum, scared of her wetting in my lap. However, it’s getting too tempting to not have that happen; now in between matches she has her head tilted back, rolling her hips into my fingers as she cups her own boobs and plays with them.

“Please,” she begs again. “I can’t…fuck!” She brings a hand down, covering mine with hers as I feel a spurt escape, wetting my fingers.

“Can’t hold it?” I tease. She shakes her head as another spurt escapes. She mutes her friends and lets out another moan, making my hand move faster against her.

“Please,” she begs a third time. “I need it…”

Now, if you think the girl you’ve had a crush on for the longest time and gets desperate while sitting in your lap isn’t hot, I don’t know what is. Bonus points for getting to touch her like this.

She plays another battle and I decide here and then that she’ll cum. I rub her clit hard, hearing her fight to not make any noise. Eventually she can’t hide it completely and whispers little words of encouragement, panting when she climbs the edge. Finally she cums, instantly after releasing her bladder all over me.

I keep rubbing her and find a spot on her neck, biting hard while finding a hardened nipple and twisting it. She cums again, the piss inside of her flowing into my lap and under us on the couch. She finally signs out of the game and sits there, completely spent.

Of course, her father choses that time to emerge from the bathroom. “Feel better?” I smirk.

“I didn’t…I just…” she’s speechless. “…Wow…”

“I know,” I shush her. “Trust me, I know.”

She takes a bit longer to empty than last time, soaking the both of us: her pajama pants are soaked through while my pants are partially wet in the front, my ass sitting in a puddle. We sneakily hide the mess by finding a towel to mop up the puddle and then turning the cushion over.

Don’t think this is the last story: I have a couple more. The next one involves how she found out about my kink…

“Look for the inner ANGEL in yourself. Doing good and spreading JOY can be as natural here on Earth as it is in Heaven. Sharing our LOVE is not only easy to do, it is what we are meant to do. May we take the time today to find the inner angel inside ourselves. I hope that we let that angel out to bless the world with our love and always remember that we don’t need wings to fly!”  
~ Angie Karan

On your birthday, I thought it would be neat to ask Yen Sid to tell us where you’ll be 10 years from today! … He just said “A true master. And doing quite well at perfecting the art of being awesome.” so I asked about Terra too! Ten years from now, he’ll finally get screen time again! =’D

All joking  and excuses to photoshop a bearded Terra and use an old headcannon last name.  aside, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s not too late for that right? Your time zone says it’s still your birthday, right?! *Internally screaming bc this is so laTE* I haven’t been on tumblr in ages, but there’s just no skipping the Alohusky birthday. We gettin’ old brotha’. Aging like Square Enix characters though, so it’s all good B)

I do hope you’re well, and that you’ve had a great birthday / day / week / month / year / LAIFU. Much love and good mojo from the long lost mainland marshmallow. It’s your day, enjoy it to the fullest! ❤


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AU where Miyadera just kinda, possessed Korekiyo in chapter 3 so instead of getting executed it's just Monokuma salting Kork's sister out of him. Her motive for stealing his brother's body and killing off two lovely gals? "Idk it sounded like a cool idea at the time"

“Lmao Kiyo doesn’t do much besides hide and read all day if he ain’t using it then I will. Little bitch”
*cut to post exorcism*
“Hey quick question what tHE F U C K”

  • Shuichi: Kiyo might be a little fragile after this, so let's try to be sensitive.
  • Angie: Believe me, I'm going to be nothing but nice to Kiyo from now on. If he snaps and goes on a rampage, who do you think he's coming for first?
  • Shuichi: He's NOT going on a rampage.
  • Kokichi: I bet he'd let me live. He likes me.
  • Tenko: I'm just going to say it: I never trusted him.
  • Shuichi: Everyone, just be normal. We're going to treat him exactly the way we usually -
  • Korekiyo, walking into the room: Shuichi! Can you hand me a butter knife?
  • Shuichi: NO.

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Angie I'm really out here living a wholesome life. Being alone ≠ loneliness. I have conversations with strangers and we laugh together. I go hiking and ice skating alone and I have a crush on the rink attendant even though he saw me fall three times. I take long walks to the beach to watch the sunset. I cook healthy meals. I read at the library during my lunch break. I'm learning french and how to code. It's my favourite season and I get lost because the leaves distract me. I'm actually happy???

i’m happy for u but this is not relatable

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If River is 17 felled stags. (Felled stags are the Johansen's calendar equivalent to year according to Mr. Bisignano.) I bet that 1 felled stag is equivalent to 2.5. So River is about 42 and a half years old. I bet Moon is the oldest of the present Butterfly and Diaz parents. Moon would probably be somewhere between 43 and 45. River is older than Rafael perhaps. That makes Angie the youngest.

I’m ready to bet that Mr. Bisignano wrote down a random number with a fun way of counting years, but nice analysis.