angie kristine miller

K so ;


I’m going to worship you. And I’ll even be your body guard and protect you forever. And we can get married. And you can be only mine. And wake me up with that beautiful voice every morning. No, wake me up whenever you want. I just want your voice forever. And you. You’re cute. Marry me now. I’m coming to Beverly just to find you. Angie Miller playlist is on repeat constantly. Just want the real live voice here. K you’re mine and no one else’s. Just omfg. You make me melt. Your legs. Your voice. Your eyes. Your smile. Your hair. Your hands. I like your hands. Your cuteness. The fact that you’re overly hilarious. Omg it all is such perfection. Mine. Mine. Mine.

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Everyone go check out this cover of “Who You Are” by Jessie J :’) Don’t miss @Angiekmiller on American Idol!! xD