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feltknickers  asked:

(see previous ask) Summarize (or plagiarize) the submissions from any or all the following people: Jan Nash, Sasha Alexander, Angie Harmon, Susie Chang, Charles Hoyt, Janet Tamaro, Shonda Rhimes, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Aaron Sorkin, Joss Whedon, Wes Anderson, John Hughes, David Lynch, anyone else you can think of.

Shonda Rhimes series finale: Jane dies is a horrific shoot out. Maura cleans out Jane’s apartment and reminisces of their time together over the years. She takes a few sentimental items with her, looks around Jane’s apartment for the final time and close the door.

Charles Hoyt series finale: Hoyt lives on as the final season revolves around multiple apprentices coming after Jane. Both Korsak and Frankie have been injured and taken hostage trying to find Jane by a roaming hoard of apprentices. Finally, Nina and Maura join forces with their smarts (and some guns) to find Jane and co. Fire fight ensues. Maura saves Jane in the most kick ass fashion ever. Afterwards at the hospital, Maura sneaks in after visiting hours and lies next to Jane in her bed. Jane pretends to be asleep, but her pulse jumps and Maura notices it on her monitor. They both fall asleep smiling.

Susie Chang series finale: Susie pacing heaven, sighing loudly and throwing her hands up in the air while watching Jane and Maura never get together on a magical, closed circuit angel cloud TV. Finally, shes asks God for a 24 hour pass to go back to Earth. Susie begins to plant evidence at a crime scene that carries heavy emotional baggage for both Jane and Maura. The finale is told through flashbacks that help solve the case and bring Jane and Maura closer together. Susie is happy with her work, returns to heaven and watches Jane and Maura’s first date on magical, closed circuit angel cloud TV and high fives Frost.

John Hughes series finale: Crime solving montage set against a nostalgic 80′s soundtrack. Jane gets the girl.

Sasha Alexander series finale: Ties up JNash, TNT execs and co in a broom closet. Writes, directs, produces, edits and allows both her and and Angie the freedom showcase their full range of acting abilities. Morphs Jane and Maura into three dimensional characters with hardships and faults. The season revolves around serial killings in Boston and the strength and endurance of Jane and Maura’s relationship that is now maintext. The series finale ends with a suspense filled ‘will they or won’t they’ catch the killer and ‘will they or won’t they’ consummate their relationship. Series finale gets a TV-MA rating for both sexual content and graphic violence.