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  • Antisepticeye: I̺͙͓̣͟ w͕̺̥O͕͚n͚̹̥͇̟͎͈D̸̞E̡͚̠͕̤̝r̨͔̤̲̹̗͔͚ ̜̰w̨̝̝͖̰H̫a̮̻̘͠ͅT̘ ͍w̦͉̘͕i̷̬̞L̜͚͘l ̬h̨̯̫̜A͓̰͜ͅp̩̙̥̬P̬͈̘̻̞̀E̵̯͉̲̬̘͍̠n̙̲̣̼̣̳ ̵͚̙̦̙̩t͖̲̕O͚͙͞ ̴̬̝͍͎͇̯͎Y̪̫̺͉͇͝o̵̳͖͇̻̳̺͉U̲͡ŕ̥̩̪̟͔͈ ̴F͔̹͖̩̱A҉̟͕V̀O̹̭͕̳̯R͇͇I̩T̴̜̰̰̫͖̲ͅE̳͉͚͔͚͙̘ ̥̲͓̝B͎̩͙o̰͔̣̮̱̠̰͡Y̨͖͓
  • Me: *looks down at the pile of Jack and all his egos in my arms then looks at Anti* Listen... Anti, my dude, you're gonna need to be more specific here.

Shut up Thompson, this is totally how season 2 is gonna start.

(”inspiration”: those damn spoilers)





-it might have taken place in the FUTURE and it’s not DYSTOPIAN
-literally everything is a character
-including the coffee pot
-Marcia freaking Overstrand
-pointy purple python shoes
-time traveling
-Jenna ‘I don’t give a fuck’ Heap
-Sleuth??? Literally world’s most helpful tennis ball
-also Dark! Simon
-also Light! Simon
- “Don’t go to the circus”
-It’s seven books and the second series is amazing incredible 10/10 recommend
-the epilogue is the best part
-no I swear Angie Sage is the best thing to happen to anything ever
-Jenna literally eats her way to freedom
-Nicko Heap omfg ♡♡♡
-Ullr?? A shape-shifting cat? Who wouldn’t want him as a pet?
m̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶h̶e̶ ̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶
-literally there’s a dragon boat. You’ve seen them in real life? Great. This one’s better
-pink paddle boat to the rescue!
-basically all the female characters are sassy and strong and the males just better run
-like even Septimus Heap, most powerful boy wizard ever, seventh son of a seventh son, ExtraOrdinary Apprentice, master of the Dragon boat, this mother fucker literally saved the castle from a dragon that was too bad ass to even exist in this dimension, yeah, he’s terrified of Jenna Heap w̶h̶o̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶m̶a̶g̶i̶c̶a̶l̶ ̶p̶o̶w̶e̶r̶s̶ so if you’re missing Donna Temple, guess what
-Aunt Zelda
-Aunt Zelda giving no fucks about gender roles
-also basically a giant walking tent?
-they literally flushed Septimus down a river toilet so he could go to the ghost land???
-also Alther being petty af
-no he legit follows the Bad Guy around all day just enlarging his hat to piss him off.
-guys I just really love this book please read it
-also ice tunnels
-anthropomorphic ice sleds
-you need this book
-also the covers are aesthetic like they’ll make your home 93% prettier just by being there
-also elevators are literally the Wizarding kryptonite I don’t know why


anonymous asked:

Can you write a hercgelica [hercules X Angelica] one shot, with some fluff please

If I do like, two of these a day I’ll be done soon! Remember - requests are open and I’m no Lin with words or Van Gogh with art but I will try!


Hercules was a big man. Standing at roughly 6 feet 3, broad shoulders, muscles - he enjoyed a good work out and run. He intimidated people, which came in handy when needing to defend his friends.

Mainly Alex. The Caribbean was a small man, who got himself into trouble a lot. And while he was quick and strong with words, he wasn’t with fists.

Hercules liked to say he wasn’t afraid of much. Except maybe his girlfriend when she was mad.

As she was now.

So here he was, all 221 pounds of him, hunched in on himself on their mini couch as she paced in front of him, hands flying as she ranted.

She was talking faster than Alex did during his debates - words flying at least 200 mph. He wasn’t sure exactly what she was saying, though he was sure Jefferson and Burr were hitting on her again - Burr more respectable but still. Jefferson brought up women’s rights and how a woman like her shouldn’t have to work and instead be allowed to stay home.

HA. Big mistake on his part. After kicking him in the nuts and giving Burr a warning she stomped off, storming into their apartment, scaring him half to death has he held a mug of coffee in his hands, eyes widening as she began venting.

That was about half an hour ago and he wasn’t sure if she was breathing anymore.

He hoped she was, that’d be an awful way to go.

“ - what kind of asshole tells a women who he’s been hitting on - and he knows I have a boyfriend! Who I am happily living with and dating and having amazing sex with - “ His face flushed but she took no notice, “And he still thinks he has some kind of chance?! What kind of pompous ass - no wonder Alex hates him so much!”


“God I swear next time I see that massive floof ball I swear I’m going to sheer him like a sheep and gut him like a fish - “


“And I swear if I hear him say anything towards Alex about his ethnicity and his mother I’ll do worse than - “

“Angie!” She paused, turning to face him, having stood up, placing his mug on the side table.

“Baby, you need to breath.”

She huffed. “I don’t need to breath I need to kick his ass.”

He laughed, pulling her against his chest. “You’ve been spending far too much time with Alex.”

“Well I mean,” Her voice was muffled against his chest, “Yeah, but that’s besides the point.”

“I understand. He’s an asshole - all of us know that. But we also know he has a lot of deep issues and you know he doesn’t view women that way. Who helped you get the Women’s march here?”

“Thomas and James…”

“Uh huh. He and Alex are political nemisises. Or, whatever. And whenever Jefferson shits on Alex’s home and family you can tell he feels bad, and he won’t admit it, but he apologizes to Alex in private.”

“I still don’t get why he has to act like this.”

Herc sighed. “His family is very religious, and if you can’t tell, he’s been in love with James for quite a while.”

She pulled her head back, curls hitting him in the chin, “Really?”

He laughed, deep and full, “Yes baby. He has been. So kicking him in the nuts was probably a good thing.”

She grumbled, a pout forming. “I hurt my foot.”

He grinned, kissing her slowly. “Well, I guess tonight I have to pamper you.”

She smiled, eyes half shut as she leaned forward. “That’d be nice.”


Sure enough, the next day as school Thomas was walking funny, shooting a glare at Angelica as he passed her. She smiled as he walked to James, who sighed, sending a small smile to her, before pulling Thomas in for a hug.

She pretended not to see as James kissed Thomas’ cheek.

A Wedding

Angelica Schuyler can’t help but worry about her sister, knowing she’s off travelling all by herself, on her own, without Angelica to keep an eye on her. Anything could happen to her while she’s so far away from her family. 

But she wasn’t prepared for this.

This is an AU of @lookatvanessasface‘s and I just had to write it up because it was just so lovely. And she’s been so supportive and lovely recently that goddamnit she deserves a million fics.

Enjoy some fluff!

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hello ! im angie and i swear im not trash (hA PSH who am i kidding, ofc i am)

okay, so this is a studyblr, studypo, and langblr. 

a few facts about me: 

  • my name is angie (i already said that i know)
  • i’m currently 12 this year, 13 this year
  • i am attempting to do calligraphy and creating a (bullet) journal
  • i’m taiwanese but i live in thailand 
  • i am very depressing and is 100% trash
  • i NEED FRIENDS (whoops exposed)

more facts here

i hope to make friends with other fellow studyblr so yeah, feel free to message me

social medias:

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The Singer & The Assistant

Based Off of the Request:can you write one where Patrick gets a Personal Assistant on tour & he ends up falling in love with her but is too shy to ask her out even though everyone (but the reader) can tell he likes her??

Author’s Note: This one is a bit long, also it’s my first time writing from Patrick’s POV, so let me know what you guys think! <3

And thanks for 600 followers, I love you all <3


(Y/N)’s POV

“So how is it?” Angie asks eagerly, leaning toward the camera

“It’s actually amazing, I’m having so much fun!” I say excitedly, “ And it’s not hard at all. Like I don’t even think Patrick wanted an assistant in the first place”

“What do you mean?” she asks, scrunching her eyebrows together

“I don’t know he just like hardly ever asks me to do anything for him, even when he’s busy. It took him two whole days just to ask me to grab him a coffee”

“Hmm well he’s always called the polite one right? I guess there’s a reason. Oh speaking of, how are all of the guys, in real life? Do they live up to their reputations?”

“I mean yes, but they are so much more too” I say almost immediately

“What do you mean?” she asks, confused.

“Like the reputations stand but that’s not the only part of their personality. Joe for example, is definitely funny, and um, laid back a lot of the time, but he’s also super competitive. The guys were playing MarioKart one night and oh my god he was completely energized, screaming and yelling every time something happened. Pete, on the other hand is crazy and fun,but also incredibly smart. I was reading for that online philosophy class, he noticed and we had an entire discussion about Marxism. Andy is quiet and usually in the background, but insanely protective of everyone- some paparazzi person grabbed my arm to ask about Patrick and he was livid, yelling at the guy and telling him to back off, before turning to make sure I’m okay. And, Patrick, I mean I’ve obviously been pretty much by his side non stop for three weeks now, so I’ve definitely learned the most about him.”

“And?” she interrupts me, impatiently, “What’s he like? Is he polite and shy like everyone says? Or completely different?

“He’s definitely, like, the nicest person I’ve ever met, and he blushes at the blink of an eye. He knows so much about music, and always helps everyone else before helping himself.  All in all he’s pretty amazing, and he also has an amazing sense of humor,” I practically gush, “ I think he’s dropped the best comebacks that I’ve seen, especially compared to-” I end mid sentence as I see Angie’s face change, she moves from rapt attention to my words, to staring over my shoulder, eyes and mouth wide open. “And from that,” I continue” I’m guessing he’s also right behind me”

“Guilty, sorry- I didn’t mean to eavesdrop” Patrick says as he walks up to my side, standing next to the couch I’m sitting on.

“No problem. This is my friend Angie, she’s, uh, a huge fan of the band and of you, if you hadn’t noticed” I tell him, trying not to laugh at Angie’s expression. On the screen, she blushes and looks away.

“Nice to meet you Angie, I’m Patrick” Patrick says, smiling at the screen. Angie continues blushing, but says hello.

“Hey, if you want, you could come and hang out with (Y/N) one day on tour, meet the rest of the guys, if we’re going to be around where you live, that is.” Patrick offers, and I swear Angie is about to faint. Laughing, I tell Angie I have to go and shut the laptop.


My heart’s still pounding from what (Y/N) said about me. Truthfully, I probably shouldn’t have been listening to her conversation. But once I heard her talking about the guys, I couldn’t help it, the flare of jealousy that flamed up wouldnt let me walk away. I know she only sees me as a boss, or hopefully her friend, but what she said about me still gives me hope.

Hearing her laugh and seeing her smile has the ridiculous power of making me forget all of my worries. I originally came to find her so she could grab me a coffee or an energy drink so I can stay up all night, but all I want now is to sit and talk to her for hours, just like we did the first week she was here.  So I sit on the couch and ask her more about her life.          

“So who’s Angie? Is she from your hometown?” I ask.

“Yeah actually, we’ve been friends since middle school believe it or not- we came from a pretty small town” she explains, “ We keep in touch as much as possible, but today was the first time I’d talked to her in at least a month. I’ve grown apart from most of my other friends already” she finishes, sadly.

The twinge of sadness in her voice makes me want to wrap my arms around her, and reassure her, but I remind myself I can’t do that, so instead I just say seated.

“Well you know, I was going to work on writing, but the guys are all heading to the after party at that club down the street, we could join them, if you want” I offer, relieved when she smiles.

“Really? Do you think they’ll mind If I come?” She asks, nervously

“(Y/N) We’ve told you time and time again we actually like hanging out with you - we see you as a friend, not an assistant” I reassure her, placing my hands on her shoulder.

She beams up at me, “ In that case, yes, I would love to go! Let me just go change”

I chuckle at her excitement and watches as she races to get ready, and decide I should probably do the same.

Fifteen minutes later, I’m dressed in my favorite black skinny jeans, a blue button up,and my black fedora, as I stand waiting for (Y/N) to finish her hair or makeup or something.

After a few more minutes, she enters the room- and I’m speechless. She wears a shimmery blue dress that falls to her mid thigh, with black heels that make her legs look endless- even though she’s shorter than I am. I gape at her for a few seconds, unable to form and coherent thoughts, let alone words.

She blushes, but lets out a nervous laugh, “So, are you ready to go?” she asks.

“Uh, yeah, right after you” I say, holding open the door and mentally kicking myself for stuttering.

(Y/N)’s POV

I rub my arms as we walk along the sidewalk- I really should have brought a jacket. It isn’t that far, I can see the lit up sign fro the club at the end of the street, but i’m shivering. Patrick glances at me worriedly

“Oh no, are you cold?” he asks, concerned.

“A little but I’m alright” I answer.

“I would give you my jacket, but I didn’t bring one either, I’m sorry” he says apologetically

“You don’t have to apologize for something that isn’t your fault, and don’t worry I’ll be fine”

“I could, uh, put my arm around you” He says quietly, “I mean only if that’s okay with you of course” he finishes quickly.

I giggle at his politeness, “ That sound perfect actually, thank you”

Patrick smiles, and tucks me under his arm. As we finish the walk to the club entrance, I can’t help but hope that Patrick leaves his arm there, preferably forever, but as soon as the thought escapes I crush it back down. I’ve had to remind myself almost everyday since I got this job, that Patrick is a celebrity, a rock star, and I’m his assistant, nothing more, no matter how much I wish I could change it. Yet when he pulls his arm away as we reach the door, I still feel the disappointment that follows.

We slip into the club, skipping the line, and go and find the other guys. As we walk up to their table, Pete whistles and raises his eyebrows at me, and I can’t help but blush. We sit down around their booth, but then Joe announces he’s grabbing drinks, and invites me with him. I agree and ask Patrick and Pete if they want anything. They both say yes, but Pete is sharing a mischievous look with Joe, and also smirking at Patrick, and I’m so distracted I hardly hear as Joe calls my name. I look between Joe, Pete, and a very confused looking Patrick before giving up trying to figure out what Pete is up to, and following Joe. As we walk toward the bar, Joe starts talking.

“So, how do you like Patrick?” he asks

“Um, he’s great, actually. A good guy and definitely the best boss I’ve ever had.” I respond, warily.

“Oh,” Joe says, “so you don’t see him as anything more than a friend?”

“I-uh. what do you mean?” I respond, too quickly, eliciting a grin from Joe.

“I knew it!” he cheers, “You do like him!”

“Okay, yes I do,” I admit, “but you can’t tell anyone, especially not him, alright?”

“Why not? You know he likes you too, right?” he responds, dropping that bomb like it’s basic knowledge.

I drop my mouth open in shock, before letting out a laugh, “Yeah right, you’re funny,like Patrick would ever like me”

Joe looks at me seriously, almost confused “ I’m not kidding, (Y/N). He basically worships your every step, haven’t you noticed?”

“No, you must be wrong” I respond, now irritated,  “And I don’t appreciate you messing with me like that” I finish angrily, grabbing mine and Patrick’s drink and leaving Joe at the bar. I hear him call my name, but I ignore it.


As I watch (Y/N) walk away with Joe, I can practically hear Pete’s grin growing beside me.

“What?” I say, turning and raising my eyebrows at him,

“I saw your arm around her, does that mean you told her?” he asks eagerly, and Andy leans toward us to listen too.
I know exactly what he’s talking about, but I decide playing stupid might be for the better, “Tell her what?”

“You know…” Pete says with a smirk, “that you are totally and completely in love with her”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about” I lie again,”I’ve barely known her for three weeks” I’m panicking slightly. I love Pete obviously but he gets a little tooinvolved in my life sometimes

“And you had a crush on her from the first moment you talked to her” Andy throws in. I let out an exasperated sigh.

“We know you like her,” Pete starts, “the question is, what are you going to do about it?”

“Okay fine, i’ll admit it, I like her, but I’m not going to do anything about it! She doesn’t like me, she just sees me as her boss okay?” I give in

“If she saw you as only her boss she wouldn’t be walking around in that dress looking drop dead gorgeous. Now,” he practically yells at me, “she likes you, you like her now GO ASK HER OUT”

This time he does yell, all but shoving me to the floor. I stand up from the booth and glare at him and Andy, just as (Y/N) comes up behind me.

“Here Patrick, I got your drink” she says, handing me a glass. I throw a glare over my shoulder as Pete and Andy snicker.

I can feel myself blushing as I try and force myself to ask her,

“So, (Y/N), would you-” I’m cut off of my awkward stumbling phrase when the DJ starts talking, cutting through the music.

“We’re going to slow it down for just a minute here, so ladies grab your man and head to the floor” the DJ yells out. The opening notes from Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud starts, and (Y/N) gasps

“Oh my god! This is one of my favorite songs, can we dance, please Patrick?” she asks me excitedly

I agree, grabbing our drinks and setting them on the table, flipping off Andy, Pete and now Joe who are all throwing thumbs up to me. As I turn back around, (Y/N) grabs my hand and pulls me to the floor.

(Y/N)’s POV

I’m such an idiot. I dragged Patrick onto the dance floor with the same excitement level of a six year old going to Disneyland, and now, four inches away from Patrick’s face, I’m reminded of how awkward I am.

“Sorry I dragged you out here,” I say to him, “ I just absolutely love this song,”

“It’s okay,” he replies smiling, “I love this one too”

I smile back at him, and for a moment it’s just us and the music, swaying.

“You look beautiful tonight (Y/N)” Patrick says, staring into my eyes, immediately eliciting a blush from me.

“Thank you, Trick, you look great too” I respond, biting my lip.

“So, uh, the guys seem to have and idea” he starts.

“Oh yea, and what’s that” I ask suspiciously.

“They seem to think you might like me - as more than just a friend that is” he says, searching my eyes for a reaction.

“Oh, really?” I reply, trying to cover my internal panic and inevitable embarrassment, “ and, uh, what do you think about that?”

“Well I was thinking it would be really convenient,” he answers, hand readjusting his fedora on his head, nervously,”because it happens that I like you too”

“Really?” I respond, a smile growing on my face, I can’t believe it, Joe was actually telling the truth.

“Really” Patrick says grinning, “ So, um now that that is established, would you like to officially go out with me?” he asks hopefully.

I can’t believe what’s happening, “Of course Patrick, I’d love to!” I respond ecstatically.

Relief washes over Patrick’s face, “ Awesome, because I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I met you” he says.

Before I have time to overthink it, he leans forward, and presses his lips to mine.

As I kiss back, I decide that I definitely have the best job ever

Mind at Work - (Angelica Schuyler x Reader)

A/N: This one is for @estelle-princess-of-gondor who asked for female character x female reader with Angelica. I’ve wanted to write females because let’s be real here I’m bi as all heck and love the Schuyler Sisters and Maria Reynolds. So if you have any requests for them, please send them in!

I promise that I haven’t forgotten any of the other requests that have been sent in, I just tend to write when inspiration strikes because I want to give you the best possible product. They’re coming though.

Also, I have to say that I am so so so sorry for not writing anything lately. School has started again and my program is pretty demanding. I want to write more because you all deserve that and so much more from me, but I can’t guarantee how often that’ll be. Thank you for sticking around with me this long. I hope you all enjoy it!

Word Count: 1,563

Triggers: The patriarchy, if you can count that


She was always at the library at half past two.

You had first noticed her the second week after university started. You were in your freshman year of university, taking a degree that would put you closer to accomplishing your dreams. You didn’t know many people, but you were okay with that. You were still finding your bearings, after all, and you were never the type to be overly social. You were content simply reading and doing work, as you found the greatest satisfaction in literature. It could open up worlds, and more importantly, minds. Books were a powerful tool for changing the world. The fact that the library was a sanctuary of them was just one of the many things you had grown to love about this particular location.

It had been a couple of days before you had found the perfect spot for reading and doing your assignments, but once you discovered it, you had claimed it as your own. It was close to a window, and it was one of the least populated areas of the library, which made it an idyllic scene for your purposes.

She appeared not even ten minutes later.

The most beautiful woman you had ever seen took a seat at a table that was in close proximity to yours, which just so happened to give you a great view of her. While you tried to refocus on your studies, you had ended up spending more time studying her. Every day she came with a new book to read, most of the time halfway done already. These books were not ones of fiction, either. Their contents were clearly of varying subjects, and you admired her obvious intelligence, and clear determination to educate herself.

You couldn’t help but take note of the manner in which her fingers turned the pages, her warm brown eyes roaming the words quickly in a hungry way, as if she couldn’t get through the books fast enough. Though in the next couple of days you were able to concentrate more on your own work, your eyes couldn’t help but occasionally roam to where the beautiful woman sat so close to you, yet not close enough. It was sad, you thought to yourself, that even though it had only been a few days, you had begun to unintentionally memorize her little mannerisms, such as how she would tuck her hair behind her ear, even if it wasn’t in her face, or the way she would smirk to herself when reading something that was clearly satisfying. On some level you felt silly, even. You had realized that you were falling for someone you didn’t even know. You had made all of these deductions from your observations of her, but you had to remind yourself that this was in no way realistic.

But it wouldn’t hurt to indulge in a small fantasy, right?

Occasionally, library girl was accompanied by two others, who you learned through unintentional eavesdropping (the tables were pretty close to each other, okay?) were her sisters. Through their time there you also learned that your crush’s name was Angelica, which you deemed to be fitting, as she was clearly an angel in her own right. Her sister’s names were Eliza and Peggy, and it seemed that they were all very close, even if Angelica was the quieter one of the three. You loved watching them all interact with each other, even if you were mostly paying attention to Angelica, of course.

“Come on Angelica tell us!” Peggy asked one day, a few weeks later.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Angelica replied.

“You don’t come to the library this often even during finals,” the youngest Schuyler noted.

“Peggy, I’m graduating this year, I have a lot more courses and a lot more readings to do.”

Angelica never looked up at them as she continued with her book, though she was clearly becoming irritated with her sister.

“Angie I swear there’s something going on with you,” Peggy persisted.

When Angelica did not reply, Eliza stepped in.

“While Peggy is in no means tactful, I would have to agree with her,” she said in a careful voice.

“Eliza, not you too…” Angelica sighed.

“Okay, we’ll stop-” Eliza said, and put her hand on Peggy’s shoulder when she protested. “-but just so you know, Peggy and I just have your best interests at heart. Nothing less,” Eliza said in a gentle tone.

Angelica seemed to ponder those words before looking up at you. You shared a brief moment of awkward eye contact before you looked away quickly, hoping that she didn’t notice how your cheeks were burning.

You tried to focus on your textbook again, but couldn’t help but ponder the sisters’ conversation. What could it have meant? You tried to shrug it off, though. You were already in deep, there was no sense in digging the hole further in the futile hope that Angelica had noticed you as you noticed her.

The next day you arrived at the library right on schedule, though much to your surprise, Angelica was already sitting at her usual table. She normally arrived ten minutes (to the minute) after you did. Your heart skipped a beat but you remained as composed as you could while you walked to your usual spot. As you approached the table you realized that there was a note sitting on top of it. Your eyes widened slightly and you picked it up.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face.

You knew that your cheeks were blushing and your heart began racing. You hoped that it was from who you thought it was… but what if it wasn’t?

You looked up at Angelica, who had been watching you the entire time. When your eyes met she gave you a small smile. That was all the answer you needed. You walked over to her.

“Um… Hi…,” you said hopefully.

“Hi,” she replied in the same tone.

A few moments of silence passed, in which neither of you really knew what to say. You eventually gestured to the note you still held in your hand.

“I… You… Really?”

Nice one, Y/N, you thought. You’re really the picture of eloquence.

“I have never been the same,” Angelica admitted.

Your smile grew into a grin at her words.

“Y/N L/N,” you said as you sat down across from her.

“My name is Angelica Schuyler. Though I have a feeling you already know that,” she said insightfully.

“Peggy really doesn’t know what an indoor voice is.”

Your statement made Angelica laugh, causing your heart to flutter.

Before you realized it, you had been talking for hours. Talking with Angelica felt like reuniting with an old friend. There was a connection between you two that you had never experienced with anyone else. She matched you on every subject, and conversation flowed easily between you.

“I’ve actually also been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine!” you exclaimed excitedly when Angelica showed you the book she was reading.

“I think it’s fantastic so far,” Angelica replied. “It’s so interesting to read a feminist work written by one of the earliest feminists.”

“Even if he himself didn’t really consider himself a feminist,” you added.

“That’s what gives it layers! Although it makes most men say that I’m intense or I’m insane,” she said with a roll of her eyes.

“Ugh. Men. Sometimes it seems like all they want is a revolution. You know what I want?”

“A revelation!” Angelica finished for you.

You grinned widely at her and nodded vigorously, not being able to believe that she had read your mind.

“Wow… So this is what it feels like to match wits with someone at your level,” Angelica said softly.

“Yeah… what the hell is the catch?” You asked in the same tone of voice.

“You’re clearly a catch, so there’s that,” Angelica replied with a smirk.

You couldn’t help but giggle and blush at her words.

“Go on a date with me,” she said suddenly, but with determination.

Your eyes widened, though your grin never faltered.

“You’re being serious?”

“Yes. Y/N, I will proudly admit that I do not truly know anything about the universe-”

“They say that’s a sign of intelligence,” you interrupted. Angelica simply smirked at you before continuing.

“-but I do know if that I want to take you far away from this place.”

“There’s a cute little diner a few blocks down where we could grab dinner,” you supplied.

“Good enough,” Angelica said with a wink.

You laughed and grabbed your backpack, taking Angelica’s hand when she offered it to you. You couldn’t help but think that your fingers were always meant to be laced together. Angelica talked animately about her other thoughts on Common Sense as you both walked quickly, eager to start your first official date. Her enlightened speech, however, was interrupted by Aaron Burr, who you knew from one of your classes. By the way he looked at Angelica, it looked like he knew her as well.

“Oooo someone’s in a rush, and someone’s looking pretty. Or should I say two someone’s?” he said with a smirk.

You and Angelica both looked at each other and rolled your eyes at Aaron Burr’s comment and proceeded to pass him. You replied at the same time.

“Burr, you disgust me.”


So I was telling weissrabbit about this Punana Punch dream I had last night with Yin being a dragon shapeshifter yet still getting her ass kicked a lot, and it was actually a really cute scene. This, however, was not part of it, but would TOTALLY happen.

Overwatch: Festive

Because @overblotch said I should so you damn right I’m gonna fuckin do it. 

Read on Ao3 here

Also in honor of all the gays that died after the highlight intro was released. 

RIP us. 

“Oh wow…I’ve never snowfall in London before…it’s quite romantic”

“Yes, quite. Are we done here?” Pharah grumbled lightly, making quick strides past the doctor in a sad attempt to keep herself warm. Sandstorms and temperatures reaching triple digits were easy, but her suit was not built for the cold let alone snow and neither was she.

Mercy pouted, just for a moment but followed her regardless. They had to catch up to Tracer who was far too excited to be home and during her favorite time of year. Running down the street with her arms outstretched, giggling and eyes twinkling like a child.

The mission was simple, transport some supplies, a few Talon enemies that attempted to intercept but didn’t stand a single chance and it was over before they knew it. Most assignments in London usually went this way, Tracer had an extreme home field advantage, knowing the layout like the back of her hand and the obscene need to make her country proud in wrecking the bad guys on her home turf.

“Isn’t this great!? Can we stick around now that we’re done!? We can visit the pub and and-”

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