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NDRV3 Girls Reacting to their S/O’s Death

After I did the guys reaction to their S/O’s death, I got a lot of requests to do the girls as well! So, here you go! ;)

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A really cheesy and fluffy drabble yells

Word count: 1,075

Ship: Yonaga Angie x Korekiyo Shinguuji

Sort of warnings: Kinda canon divirgent, and super cheesy and sappy

This is like a personal apology for @hajimeme-hinatiddies for making him go through all the stupid Yonaga, Shinguuji, Shoukichi and Saihara pain that I throw at him.


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Peggy frantically searches the mansion, only to find Angie's room empty. She hears a noise outside. Goes out to find Angie loading various suitcases, bags, and even household appliances into a brand new car.
  • Peggy: Angie, oh thank heavens, there you are. Wait, what are you doing?
  • Angie: Oh hey, sleepyhead. I'm just getting ready for our trip out to the west.
  • Peggy: Oh, Angie, it's not just as simple as a vacation, I might have to actually stay there for a while. My work's going to keep me...
  • Angie: Yeah, yeah, English, your super secret job, I know.
  • Peggy: It's just that, I think it might be safer for you here.
  • Angie: Uh uhh, no deal. I'm going with you. Somebody's got to keep an eye out for you out there.
  • Peggy: It's too dangerous, Angie. Who knows what it will be like when I get there.
  • Angie: Well lucky you'll have me to keep you company then, huh?
  • Peggy: Angie...
  • Angie: ...
  • Angie: I'm. Going. With. You.
  • Peggy: I'm not going to change your mind, am I?
  • Angie: Not a chance, Pegs.
  • Peggy: Very well, when do we leave?
  • Angie: Right now.
  • Peggy: Wait, now?!? Can I least get dressed properly? And my stuff, I need to pack.
  • Angie: Nope. And I already packed everything.
  • Peggy: You were never going to stay, were you?
  • Angie: *smiles* Where you go, I go.
  • *Angie pushes Peggy into the front seat, and starts the engine.*

some cartinelli fans are becoming just as bothersome as some olicity fans

as in - ferociously want their fantasies to become to tv show and become really agressive when someone doesn’t agree. also, make you really, really dislike the character you liked just fine before they poped up and started surrounding you with their agression

guys, how do i put this? right now you are making me want Angie NOT TO RETURN so that this bullshit can be over: peggy can’t be flirting, peggy can’t have (male) love interest, peggy can’t have male co-workers, peggy’s male co-workers can’t have their own storylines, peggy’s friendship with jarvis isn’t nearly as important, peggy’s upcoming friendship with ana won’t be nearly as important….


Angie wasn’t a main character even the last season. Reccuring characters get written out of the shows all the time. Heck, sometimes we’re told one character is the best friend of another - and they’re just guest stars for one episode. The truth is? Angie is a big part of Peggy’s life but Peggy’s got other big things and people that mean much in her life too. They’re not attached to the hip, they’re not seamese twins and THEY’RE NOT GIRLDFRIENDS.

Also, you’re getting annoying with all the “but they’re queerbaiting!!” thing. Peggy being a BI is a nice headcanon… but that is all that is - a headcanon. Marvel had no plans for Peggy to be queer in Captain America movie and I’m pretty sure they don’t plan to make her queer now. Peggy and Angie were good friends… are you saying that now shows simply shouldn’t have friendships on them because it’s automatically queerbaiting? The most that comes to mind in this direction is the actresses reacting to the fanbase and saying they have nothing against it. They didn’t promise anything. What should have they said for it not to be queerbaiting “no, i don’t want that, i don’t want peggy/angie gay?” Than you bet your asses they would be accused of homophoia right next minute.

So, cartinelli fans, GET OVER YOUR FUCKING SELVES and stop complaining that people running the show don’t want to make your fanfics and headcanons canon.

Like, I know I’m most likely never getting Peggy x Gabe Jones even though I’ve got their canon 616 relationship on my side - but I don’t go around complaining about it all the time, do I? Get a grip people and stop being annoying little shits with stupid complaints that have no basis in real iife - if Marvel wanted to campaign against fans of fanon gay relationships - I’m pretty sure Stony and Stucky would be first to disappear from screens, not a minor friendship storyline on the show that is up at this point they’re least popular content (unfortunatelly. because it totally deserves to be at least more popular than agents of boredome).

Tagging this because writing this post has no meaning if the people it’s directed at won’t see it. If you want to send hatemale and complaints - my askbox is open. If you want to have a nice discussion - then my askbox is open and it has a red carpet for you to walk to it.

In the end - thanks cartinelli fans, you’ve officially become the second most annoying fanbase after olicity. You had to work reallt hard to get here.

A quick chibi comic to warm up before work! If you’ve ever wondered about what Angie’s average day is like, here you go! The grilled cheese line was obviously inspired by Archer. I’m not sure how Lucina puts up with her family being so sleepy all the time. (make sure to click on the comic to see the version that isn’t resized all to hell)