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Guys help. I’m already in love with my Nanowrimo OCs but it’s so hard to outline when I’m so focused on how CUTE they’re going to be together. Ian is ten pounds of “fight me” in a five pound bag (bless her) and Angie is the butch lesbian sci-fi hero I’ve always wanted (to be) and they’re going to fall so in love with each other. 😭 😭 💖 💖

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Hey, could you continue that one about marco's family adopting tom? But like, their reaction when meeting tom again as a teenager after all those years and finding out he's dating Marco

Awwwww! Of course I can! I really enjoyed writing this and I hope it turned out good! I think I did alright!

Read the last one here!

Marco laughed and texted Tom back. Angie looked up and smiled at seeing her son so excited. “Who have you been talking to so much, Marco?” She asked. Marco blushed a little and put his phone on the coffee table. “Oh, come on now! Tell me, I’m your mother.” Angie told him. Marco smiled and laughed a little.

“It’s just a boy.” He assured her. Angie perked up and slid closer.

“I see… is he cute?” She asked. Marco blushed deeply and picked his phone up. “Oh you have a picture of him on your phone!?” Angie cried. Marco shook his head but his mother reached for his phone. “Let me see! I am your mother!” She told him.

“Mom! Cut it out!” Marco complained.

“Marco Diaz if you do not show me a picture of your boyfriend then you are grounded for a million years.” She told him. Marco rolled his eyes and pulled the picture up.

“Star introduced us, he’s from the underworld.” Marco told her. Angie smiled and Marco handed her the phone, as soon as she saw the image Angie froze. “Yeah he’s pretty cute and… mom, are you okay?” Marco asked, seeing her face.

“Marco… where did you meet this boy?” She asked quietly.

“Uh… through Star, he showed up at the school one day. We didn’t always like each other.” Marco admitted. “Is-is there a problem with him? Because he’s a demon maybe? Mom I promise he’s super nice and-”

“Of course not, Marco!” Angie exclaimed. She threw her arms around Marco. “No, not at all. I’m just… thrilled you met somebody! Bring him over for dinner, tonight!” Angie told him.

“Tonight? That’s a little short-notice.” Marco told her.

“I want to see him- meet him! I want to see him again… no, I want to meet him for the first time.” Angie’s words were becoming all jumbled and it was hard to follow. Marco shrugged and texted his boyfriend. Angie got up and ran into the kitchen to find Rafael. “Rafael, Marco has a boyfriend!” She exclaimed.

“Oh that’s good, I’d love to meet-”

“It’s Tom.” She interrupted. Rafael jumped in shock and Angie nodded, unable to hide her smile. “They met each other, through Star, and they like each other! He’s coming over for dinner tonight and-”

“Angie wait.” Rafael stopped her. “We haven’t seen that kid in almost eight years.” He reminded. “He was taken from us by his real parents, he’s not ours anymore. Do you really think having him over is a good idea? What if he remembers us?” Rafael asked.

“I don’t care! I have to see my son again.” She was near tears and her husband gave her a hug. “I don’t care if he’s not biologically mine, I loved him more than the man who took him from us ever could. We all know King Lucifer is a bad man, we’ve all heard the stories. And now through fate, he and Marco found each other! And not only that, they like each other! Maybe this is so he can become our son-in-law!” She grinned.

“You are jumping to conclusions.” Rafael told her.

“Tom is coming for dinner.” She told him. “I am seeing that boy again, I am going to find out if he’s treated right, and if he’s not, he’s not going back home.”

“What will you do?” Rafael asked. “Kidnap him!?” He cried.

“I’ll tell him! I’ll tell him and Marco everything! They were eight, they remember what happened, that Tom was with us. Marco told me before, he remembers Tom, it’s just his face that gets blurred. So they don’t recognize each other.” Angie explained. “When we took that boy in we promised to keep him safe, and just because he’s not here anymore doesn’t mean I will stop that.” She declared. Rafael nodded.

“Okay, I’m right here with you, Angie.” He told her. “But I’m not going to assume Tom is being abused, I need some sort of proof before we drop this bombshell on him.”

“Okay.” Angie agreed. “That’s fair.”


Angie and Rafael jumped up when they heard another voice other than Marco in the living room. The parents darted in and almost dropped dead when they saw the pink-haired demon standing and laughing with Marco. “I didn’t think you’d be able to come on such short-notice. But my mom just really wanted to meet you.” Marco told Tom.

“I was actually really happy you asked me over.” Tom grinned. “It just gets a little lonely at the castle.” He explained a little quieter. Marco held his hand and then the two kids noticed Angie and Rafael staring at them. Tom blushed deeply and pulled his hand away. “Oh! Sorry we were just uh…”

“No dear, no, it’s okay.” Angie assured. They walked over to Tom and she brushed his hair out of his face. “Oh my god… you’re so beautiful.” She whispered. Tom looked confused.

“Uh… what?” He asked. Angie shook herself out of it.

“No, no, it’s just, you’re so wonderful! I’m happy Marco picked a good young man.” She explained. Tom laughed a little and blushed deeper.

“Oh.” He smiled and Marco led him into the kitchen where dinner was set out. Tom looked surprised when he saw the kitchen table set out with four seats. “Woah, is it a special occasion?” Tom asked, whirling around.

“No, it’s just… dinner.” Angie told him. Tom looked at the kitchen again with a confused look. “Have a seat.” She told him, sitting across from the demon.

“You guys eat dinner together?” Tom asked. Angie nodded. “Like… all the time?” He asked.

“Well, not all the time. But as much as we can.” Rafael told him. “And of course we would when we have a guest.” He laughed and reached over to pat the demon on the head. When he did Tom flinched away and gasped.

“Please don’t!” He cried. The entire table fell silent and Tom looked around. “I… I’m so sorry I…” Tom looked down and sort of shrunk in. Marco offered im a warm smile from across the table, enough to make Tom feel a little better. Angie put her fork down on the table and looked over at her husband.

“Is that enough proof for you?” Angie asked. Rafael sighed and looked at the boy sitting next to him, and nodded.

“More than enough.” He sighed. Tom and Marco were now looking at the parents confused and Rafael turned to them. “Boys we have something important to tell you.”

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The Merguckets meeting Filbrick

 Out of nowhere, I was inspired to write this, so.  Here you go!  A chance meeting when Stan and Angie take their first clutch on their first trip to a human town.

               “Stan, where’s Daisy?” Angie asked.  Stan looked around.  He caught a glimpse of a brown head bobbing through the full market.  

               “Over there,” he replied.  Angie sighed.

               “Mom, look!” Molly said eagerly, pointing at a book store the next street over. Danny oohed, catching sight of what Molly was gesturing to.  “Can we go there?”

               “Can we?” Danny repeated.  Angie looked back in the direction Daisy had gone in, worry lines etching on her face.

               “Sweetling, I’d love to take y’all there, but yer sister went off and-”

               “I’ll go get Daisy,” Stan said immediately.  “You girls go to the book store.”  Angie smiled at him.

               “Thank you, darlin’.”

               “No prob.”  He kissed her on the forehead.  “Still think the girls’ first trip on land ‘ll be easy.”

               “Better ‘n mine was,” Angie retorted.  “Go get yer daughter.  Molly, Danny, and I will be at the book store.”  Stan set off in the direction he had seen Daisy headed.  He caught a glimpse of the bright blue shirt she was wearing.

               “Daisy!” Stan shouted.  His daughter turned around.  She grinned mischievously.  “No,” Stan said warningly.  He recognized the look on her face.  “Junebug, this ain’t a game, get back here!”  Daisy shook her head, making her twin braids bounce.  She took off, running as fast as her brand-new legs could take her.

               Shit!  Stan followed her through the market, apologizing to the people he shoved out of the way in his attempts to reach Daisy.  The chase came to a sudden stop when Daisy collided with someone and fell down.  Stan finally caught up and pulled his troublesome daughter to her feet.

               “Sorry, sir,” Stan said, brushing dirt off Daisy’s blouse.  “She doesn’t always look where she’s goin’, and she’s kinda clumsy.”

               “Dad!” Daisy protested.  

               “Stanley.”  Stan’s heart stopped.  He slowly looked up at the person his daughter had run into, dreading the face he would see.  

               “Pops,” Stan said, carefully keeping his voice neutral.  Filbrick Pines looked his son up and down, taking in Stan’s slightly more streamlined figure from years of swimming.  His gaze drifted over to Daisy.  

               “Did this girl call you ‘Dad’?” Filbrick asked.  Stan nodded.  “You’re a father.”


               “Dad!”  Stan was suddenly tackled with hugs from his two other daughters.  Molly and Danny laughed happily as they embraced him.  “We didn’t expect ya to meet us here so soon!” Danny said. Stan frowned.  He looked around.  Sure enough, his chase with Daisy had ended right in front of the book store Molly and Danny had wanted to go to.

               “Howdy there, darlin’,” Angie said, walking over to Stan and giving him a kiss on the cheek.  “I see ya found our wayward charge.”

               “Y-yeah,” Stan said.  He swallowed nervously.

               Pops can’t see my family.  He can’t.  But he is. Motherfucker!  Angie looked at Filbrick with interest.

               “Hello, sir,” she said cautiously.  

               “You’re the mother of my son’s children then, huh?” Filbrick rumbled. Angie’s eyes widened.  She looked at Stan.  Stan nodded.

               “Angie, this is my Pops, Filbrick Pines.”

               “…Oh.  It’s nice to meet you, Filbrick,” Angie said with a careful smile.  

               “Stan, you married this girl after you knocked her up with triplets, right?” Filbrick asked.  Molly opened her mouth to argue that they weren’t triplets.

               “Sweetling, why don’t ya take yer sisters into the book store,” Angie said quickly.  “Since yer the oldest, I’ll trust ya with supervision.”

               “‘Kay, Mom.”  Molly took off, followed by her younger sisters.  

               “And don’t take nothin’ from the store without consultin’ me or yer Dad!” Angie shouted after them.

               “Of course we’re married,” Stan said to Filbrick.

               “Then where’s her ring?” Filbrick asked, crossing his arms.  

               “I keep it on a chain ‘round my neck,” Angie said, showing Filbrick.  “Easier to keep track of that way.”  Neither she or Stan said the actual reason she didn’t wear the ring on her finger.

               It would get caught in her webbing.

               “So, your wife is too embarrassed to show that she’s married to you,” Filbrick said, “and you can’t control your kids.  Heh.  Knew you’d screw up.”

               “What?” Angie asked shortly.  Stan held her arm firmly, to keep her from acting on any violent urges.

               “My kids are kids, Pops!” Stan protested.  “They’re a bit wild, yeah, but all kids are.”

               “That’s why you control them!” Filbrick barked.  “They’re runnin’ around, bumping into strangers, and are barefoot!  What, can’t you afford to buy them shoes?”

               “I can buy them whatever they damn well want,” Stan snapped.  “They choose not to wear shoes.”

               “Again, Stanley, control your damn kids!  Sweet Moses, you’re a worse father than I thought you’d be.”

               “Excuse me?”

               “I’m not impressed with your parenting skills, Stan.  And I’m not impressed with your…feral daughters!” Filbrick said fiercely.  Angie gasped.

               “You piece of-” she started.  Stan spoke over her, before she used her siren’s call to command Filbrick to jump off a cliff.

               “Fuck you,” Stan snarled.  Filbrick glowered.

               “What did you just say to me, you punk?”

               “Fuck you,” Stan repeated.  He relished the shade of red Filbrick’s face turned.  “I can handle you degrading me in front of the woman I love.  But I won’t let you insult my kids.  My kids are the best thing in this entire world.  They’re beautiful and smart and gonna grow up in a house where their parents actually love each other.  And Pops, I’m a damn sight better at being a father than you ever were.  My kids don’t have to worry about a belt, or going to bed without dinner, or being kicked out.”  Stan eyed his father with disgust.  “You’re a piece of shit and an even shittier dad.  I’m glad Mom finally divorced your abusive ass.”  Filbrick opened his mouth.  “Leave, Pops.  Get goin’, before I let Angie go and she does to you what I always wanted to, but never had the guts to do.”  Angie emitted a low snarl.  Stan glanced at her.  She was baring her teeth aggressively.  Stan felt his heart swell with pride.

               God, I love her.  He looked back at Filbrick.  Filbrick stared at Angie with a mixture of revulsion and fear. After a few moments, he turned around and walked away.  Angie collapsed against him.

               “Oh, heavens,” she whispered.  “What an absolutely despicable person.”

               “Yeah.  Now you know why Ford and I had to leave so bad,” Stan said in a low voice.  Angie nodded slowly.

               “We don’t have to see him at any gatherin’s with yer fam’ly, do we?” she asked.

               “Oh, hell no.  And if he’s there for some reason?  You can go full siren on his nasty ass.”

NDRV3 Girls Reacting to their S/O’s Death

After I did the guys reaction to their S/O’s death, I got a lot of requests to do the girls as well! So, here you go! ;)

Under the cut  ↓↓↓

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Let's start with some more of Tom being raised by the Diaz family. As someone who is adopted I love seeing it be portrayed positively.

Aww! Of course I can! I can’t wait to adopt children of my own! I want to adopt a whole house full! I see myself adopting older kids, I don’t know, I’m not very good with babies and little little kids. But I definitely will! Anyway, enjoy the story!!!!!

“Tom, let it go.” Angie commanded. Tom shook his head and kept his mouth shut tight. “Tom, open your mouth.” She demanded. Tom just shut his mouth tighter and shook his head. Angie narrowed her eyes and took Tom by the jaw. She tried to pry open his mouth before Rafael came into the room.

“Angie! What on earth are you doing to our son!?” He cried. Angie looked up, Tom still held his mouth shut.

“He has my jade bracelet in his mouth. The expensive one your parents got me for our wedding day.” She told him. Angie then looked back down at Tom. “And he won’t OPEN UP!” She hissed, squishing his cheeks. Tom shut his mouth tighter and made a little noise, shaking his head. “Tom! It’s not candy! Give it up!” She yelled at the six-year-old. Rafael took her by the shoulder and led her away.

“Dear please, let me try.” He offered. He looked over at Tom and smiled. “Tom, can you open your mouth for papa?” He asked. Tom shook his head. “I’ll make you a deal, if you open your mouth, I won’t yell at you the next time you set the couch on fire.” He agreed. Tom thought for a moment but shook his head.

“Tom, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” Angie screamed.

“He won’t if you keep yelling at him.” Rafael rolled his eyes. “He’s six, kids his age think everything is a game… or candy… or both.” He narrowed his eyes at the demon and thought for a long moment. “Tom, darling, you know that is a bracelet? Not candy?” He asked. Tom nodded. “Great! Then give it to me and I will get you some real candy.” He offered. Tom shook his head and Rafael groaned, falling back in the seat.

“I tried that! He doesn’t want candy, he just wants to chew on that bracelet.” She told him.

“He chews on it? Oh come on, his teeth are so sharp he’ll scratch up the beads! Tom, that bracelet was three hundred dollars!” Rafael cried. “That was my parents gift to Angie on our wedding day, cough it up!” He begged.

“Mommy, can we go to the park?” Marco asked, toddling into the room. Angie ran her fingers through her hair and shook her head.

“Maybe later dear, we’re a little busy right now.” She told her son. Marco looked over and saw Tom with his mouth sealed shut.

“Did Tom eat super glue again?” Marco asked.

“No- wait does Tom eat glue?” She asked. “Tom, do you eat glue?” She looked at the demon, who nodded. “Oh my god, Tom! No more eating glue! No more eating anything that’s not food!” She cried.

“Can we go to the park now?” Marco asked again.

“Marco no.” Rafael told him. “We aren’t going anywhere until we get Tom to cough up this dumb bracelet!” He shouted. Tom narrowed his eyes and shut his mouth tighter still.

“So if Tom gives you the bracelet… we can go to the park?” Marco asked.

“Sure, Marco.” Angie dismissed him and Marco beamed.

“Great!” He chirped. He walked over to Tom and tugged his sleeve. “Tom, if we go to the park we can get ice cream from the truck… and you can eat wood chips, you like wood chips.” Marco reminded. Tom’s face lit up and he spit the bracelet out on the floor.

“Can we go to the park now, please?” Tom asked. Angie stood there with a blank look and picked the drool covered bracelet off the floor. “Marco told me I could eat woodchips.” Tom pointed at Marco, who smiled big. Angie wiped her bracelet off and looked at her husband, who was shaking his head.

“Yeah… fine let’s go to the park.” Rafael agreed. The kids laughed and ran out of the room, smiling and tripping over each other.

“Tom wait! No more wood chips!” Angie yelled after him. Tom kept running to the door and Angie took off towards him. “Tom! I know you heard me young man! Get back here!” She called. “If I catch you with a single woodchip in your mouth I am not feeding you for a year!”

Rafael shook his head and followed his wife and kids to the park. The boys were running ahead so they didn’t miss the ice cream truck. When they got to the park they started playing on the swingset. Tom took a handful of dirt but then heard a harsh voice. “Tom if you eat that dirt I will put spiders in your bed!” She yelled.

“I wasn’t!” He defended himself.

“Then drop that dirt or no ice cream!” She threatened. Tom looked at the dirt for a while like he was deciding between dirt of ice cream. He bit his lip and with much difficulty he dropped the dirt down on the ground. Tom put his head in his hands and then Marco put his arms around him, in a comforting manner.

“It’s okay, Tom.” He soothed. He then looked behind him to make sure Angie was not looking and could not hear. “She’s not looking, here you go.” Marco whispered and handed Tom a wood chip. Tom’s face lit up and he ate it.


What did I miss- hamiltots


“Thomas said he’d be gone for two weeks, but it’s been ages!” James cried out, as he snuggled into his blanket. Thomas left to take a vacation to Paris and to say James missed him was an understatement. He was miserable and his cold seemed to be getting worse without his best friend.
“Cheer up James mon ami! It’s only been a few days, Thomas will be back before you know it,” Lafayette said, as he looked up from his crayon drawing of the Eiffel tower. Lafayette missed Thomas too, but at least he had other friends to keep him company, James was all alone without Thomas.
“He can stay in Paris, I don’t want him back!” Alex shouted as he wrote a letter to his mother about how much more he liked school without Thomas.
“Alexander, what did I tell you?” Mr. Washington scolded. Alex looked down and mumbled, “inside voices, sir.”
Mr. Washington nodded, “very good son, now why don’t you help Eliza with Philip, it looks like she could use another hand counting in French.”
Alex pouted and whispered, “I’m not your son,” before sulking over to the toy piano to sign the numbers song in French. Philip was getting very good at French; he could count all the way to nine.
John was feeding his turtle, Rebel, and glared at the piano. Ever since Eliza given Alexander Philip as a gift for “being my first boy friend”, Alex and Eliza had been playing a lot and it made John really sad because Alex was supposed to be his best boy friend; not Eliza’s. He dumped the rest of the lettuce in Rebel’s tank, closed the lid and pulled out his coloring book. He’s been coloring a lot since Alex is always with the Schuyler sisters.
Across the classroom, Hercules was sewing up Aaron’s stuffed cat Theo on a table. The king had taken it from him during lineup this morning because he thought it was ugly and James Reynolds ripped a leg off because “stuffed animals are for girls.” Aaron cried after he got it back, but when Theodosia found out, she hugged him and said it would be okay, and that made Aaron feel better. So after lineup, he went to Hercules and asked him to fix it; which Hercules gladly said he would.
“Careful Hercules… Don’t hurt yourself or Theo.” Aaron whispered, looking anxiously at Hercules while he worked. Hercules chuckled and continued pressing stuffing back into the cat as he worked, humming as he did so. His mom was a seamstress and his dad was a tailor and all his older siblings worked with them at Mulligan Materials- the best tailor shop in the area- so Hercules was kind of an expert; if he did say so himself
“Don’t worry Aaron, Theo is all fixed!” Hercules said proudly as he tied the final knot to secure her arm. Aaron beamed and took Theo gently into his arms before retreating to his corner to read her a book, but when he saw Angelica by herself at the “big kid table” he went there instead.
Charlie Lee had gotten sent home because he talked back to Mr. Washington, so Angelica was at the table by herself. When Aaron sat next to her and asked what she was doing, she blushed, covered her paper and said it was a letter to Thomas about how girls don’t have cooties, and he needs to stop bullying them. “He says we all need to be good to each other but he needs to include girls in that because we are equal too!” She said, signing her name at the bottom in shaky writing as she tried to make it look like her mom’s signature. “Why are you here Aaron?” She asked.
Aaron sighed, “come on Angelica, I can help you with your letter. I am a boy after all.”
Angelica wrinkled her nose. “This is why I’m writing this letter. You disgust me.”
“Come on Angie! You can trust me,” Aaron smiled as Angelica huffed, put the letter in Thomas’s cubby and went over to talk to Alex and Eliza. Aaron shrugged and went to his corner and pulled out a picture book from the little library.
“Hey Eliza! Can I play with Alex now? You’ve had him all day.” Angelica whined as Alex and Eliza brushed Philip’s fur.
“No! Alex is my friend and we are taking care of Philip.” Eliza said as she put a bow on Philip’s left ear.
“But Alex needs a break! Come on Alex, take a break! Come with me so we can practice French with Lafayette!”
“He wants to play with me now. Not any of those dumb boys!” Eliza sniffed. “Right Alex?” Alex bit his lip and thought about what to say. He saw John coloring alone and felt really sad. He missed his other friends; he missed John the most. John looked at the girls, then at Alex. Alex waved and smiled, but John shook his head and buried his face back into his book. Alex felt his eyes prickle with tears.
Alex payed no attention to the argument until he heard Eliza scream. “We don’t want you here! Go away Angie!” Angelica and Alex gasped.
“If you really loved me, you would share him.” Angelica whispered, tears welling in her eyes as she looked down. Eliza huffed, then grabbed Philip and Alex’s arm roughly. He pulled away and muttered, “bathroom” as he left Eliza to walk to Lafayette and James’ table with Philip dangling along.
“John what’s wrong?” Alex whispered as he sat down next to his best friend. John scooched away and Alex followed him until John was pressed against a wall. “John, please talk to me, I miss you.” Alex begged, as tears slowly dripped down his cheeks. John looked up from his book, his eyes widened at the sight of Alexander’s tears and his previous anger was forgotten. He pushed away his crayons and wrapped his small arms around Alexander. Alexander’s crying turned into sloppy babbling as John let his own meltdown voice his frustration. Through their tears, cracking voices and tiny limbs clinging like lifelines, they forgave each other.
“You were always with Eliza and not with Laf, Herc and I. Even Aaron missed you! I missed you most, though.” John said as he wiped away his tears with clenched fists.
Alexander grabbed John’s hand and kissed it. John’s cheeks turned pink and he placed his hand over his tummy; he suddenly got a bad case of butterflies. “I’m sorry John. Eliza wanted me to help take care of Philip and didn’t want me playing with all of you. I really missed you; you are my best friend. I promise.” Alex said, ignoring the fresh stream of tears on his cheeks. John wiped them away and Alex blushed a little.
“I don’t want you to forget. We need to seal the deal.” John said eagerly. Alex cocked his head to the side. “How do we do that?” John looked at the floor, stumped, but then clapped his hands together. “I got it! When my dad makes a deal at work, he shakes hands. Let’s do that.”
“But… It’s not a deal at work, so It won’t be the same.” Alex said as he thought about what his own parents did. “Before my dad leaves, my mom makes him promise to be home by 7 every night so he can tuck me in.”
John looked confused, “I’m not tucking you in at nap time.”
“No! She makes him promise with a kiss! We should kiss!” Alex exclaimed.
“Wh-what?” John paled. Wasn’t kissing an adult thing? Didn’t only parents do that? “But… Don’t only parents do that?”
“No silly, friends do it too! It’s how we will keep our promise.” Alex clapped as he leaned to John.
“Okay Alex, I guess.” John said as he leaned to Alex. They’re lips barely touched before John pulled back.
“That wasn’t a kiss John!” Alex pouted, crossing his arms angrily.
“Yeah it was! Our lips touched.” John rebutted. “But I didn’t feel anything!” Alex looked defeated. “Do you not want to kiss me John?”
John looked at Alex’s crushed expression. “No, no it’s not that!” Alex shook his head and sniffed, “it’s okay I get it.” John grabbed Alex’s shoulder and made them lock eye contact. “John wh-” John screwed up his eyes and pressed his lips on Alex’s. Alex pressed back and then they pulled apart. “Promise sealed.” John whispered; Alex nodded. “Best friends still?” He asked. “Best friends.” John replied with a smile.
“Attention class, please gather your things for lunch, we are leaving in 5 minutes.” Mr. Washington announced, standing from his seat. Everyone scrambled to their cubbies and Mr. Washington pulled James aside. “Mrs. Jefferson called, she wanted me to tell you that Thomas will be coming to class after lunch and he is very excited to see you.”
James practically glowed at the praise, “really?” Mr. Washington nodded and James ran out to catch up with Lafayette to tell him the good news. Thomas Jefferson’s coming home.

Lunch went by in a blur, John and Alex skipped to their seats with Lafayette and Hercules in tow. James and Lafayette talked in hushed voices about Thomas so Alexander wouldn’t hear. Not that he was listening; he, John and Hercules were making raspberry noises and laughing when someone made a really loud one.
Angelica and Aaron were eating in silence and Eliza was playing with Philip, and glaring at John. “Boys are gross Philip, never play with them. Except for Alex; he’s your papa. You can play with him. But not John or Charlie or anyone else.” Eliza sighed and finished her lunch, and opened a letter Alex wrote her from her birthday. It said how much he liked the party and how nice everyone was. Whenever Eliza reads it, she smiles and feels very happy. “Alex and I are gonna get married Philip. Then you will be our son.”
“That’s stupid. Alex won’t want to marry you when you get old and ugly.”Angelica shot back. The girls glared at each other until recess was called and Eliza ran out to play with Maria. She would be nice to her.
“You like Alex too!” Eliza shouted as Maria giggled. “He’s so nice to me and kissed my boo boo when James pushed me.” Eliza and Maria spent the rest of recess talking about Alexander.
When the kids were sitting at their seats after recess, James could hardly hold still. Thomas would be here any minute! He missed Thomas so much, he couldn’t wait another second!
Moments later, the door opened and Thomas stepped in the room with a wide smile on his face.
“What did I miss?” He asked as James jumped from his seat and bolted to his best friend. “Thomas! I missed you!” He shouted, before undergoing a coughing fit.
“James! How are you?” Thomas laughed as he hugged his best friend tightly.
“I’m okay! Never go on vacation again unless I go too.” James declared, wiping his nose.
“Mr. Jefferson welcome home! How was Paris?” Mr. Washington asked as he shut the door behind them.
“Magnifique!” Thomas giggled as the others surrounded him to ask about Paris.
“Thomas Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton, nice to meet you.” Alex said once the crowd had cleared up.
“Uhhh… Alex you know me, dummy.” Thomas said confused.
“Oh no, I don’t think we’ve met before. I’ve never heard of you.” Alex shook his head and John stifled his laughter.
“Alex stop it, you’re annoying me.” Thomas huffed.
“Oh I hate annoying new people in my life! I’m sorry.” Alex mumbled looking sad.
“Whatever Hamilton.” Thomas scowled as he sat down next to James and told him all about Paris.
Alex pretended not to know Jefferson all week until Mr. Washington made him write an apology note. It said:
Dear Thomas,
I’m sorry for being mean to you all week. I shouldn’t have been pretending I didn’t know you. But it’s not my fault that you aren’t important to me. You should work on making a name for yourself so you don’t get forgotten for real. I hope you had fun in Paris but I wish you spent all year there so I wouldn’t have to see you ever again.
-A. Ham
(PS macaroni and cheese is gross!)

That did not go over well with Thomas or Mr. Washington so Alex wasn’t able to go outside for two weeks and a phone call home. Needless to say, he always remembered Thomas after that.

A really cheesy and fluffy drabble yells

Word count: 1,075

Ship: Yonaga Angie x Korekiyo Shinguuji

Sort of warnings: Kinda canon divirgent, and super cheesy and sappy

This is like a personal apology for @hajimeme-hinatiddies for making him go through all the stupid Yonaga, Shinguuji, Shoukichi and Saihara pain that I throw at him.


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Modern Cartinelli Au

  1. angie works at this little hole-in-the-wall diner that’s only managed to survive the growth of starbucks by having the best iced tea in all of nyc. which, by extension means they have the best tea, period and that attracts peggy which is how they first meet (angie keeps trying to talk her into actually trying an iced tea, but peggy is utterly appalled)
  2. peggy is not at all a fan of new york weather. it gets significantly hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than england does, so in the summer, angie hears little but peggy complaining about the heat, but in the wintertime it means a lot of snuggles on the couch to keep peggy warm while watching tv 
  3. speaking of tv shows, angie is into almost anything cult or paranormal. the x files is her favorite and she makes peggy watch every single episode with her. she’s also really big into those ghost hunting shows. peggy, on the other hand, catches one episode of ghosthunters and she makes excuses for three whole days as to why she has to sleep with her bedside lamp on.
  4. also, movie marathons. there are a lot. peggy’s into lord of the rings and the hobbit while angie’s a fan of star wars and disney musicals, most of which she can sing in their entirity. every once in a while, though, they agree on a harry potter marathon. (angie knows how to crochet and she made them both house scarves, hufflepuff for herself and slytherin for peggy. peggy wears hers literally all the time.)
  5. two words: mario kart. they’re both super competitive, but angie’s been playing for years, so she’s just kind of better at it and it doesn’t help that she’s not exactly the most gracious winner. they don’t play mario kart against each other anymore
  6. angie loves taking pictures and videos of peggy doing even the most mundane things. she never posts anything on her (many) social media accounts without getting peggy’s ok, but she loves having them on her phone so that when peggy’s away and she can’t call or anything, she still has a little bit of peggy with her
  7. peggy sends angie workout selfies almost on a daily basis, so naturally angie gets her revenge by sending peggy some pictures of her own when she knows peggy’s in the middle of something important
  8. peggy in flannel. i rest my case

i could literally keep going forever, but i think this is enough for now.

send me a ship and an AU and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons

Angie - James Rodriguez

“Qadir, come back here baby,” I laughed, “where are you going?”

“Daddy,” he cooed and pointed at James who was running back and forth across the field. I scooped him up in my arms and sat him on my lap.

“Yeah, daddy,” I said, “and Uncle Randy too, look.” Qadir’s eyes lit up upon seeing his fun uncle who always brought him little gifts when he came around. Excited, the little boy once again tried to escape.

“No, no, no,” I urged, “we have to wait until after the game, okay? Don’t you want to watch the game?”

He giggled and nodded excitedly. “Who do you want to win? Daddy or Uncle Randy?” I asked him.

Qadir considered the question seriously and took his time before answering. “Uncle Randy,” he replied with a mischievous smile on his face.  

“What about Daddy?” I teased.

“But Uncle Randy brings me chocolates when he’s happy,” Qadir squealed, delighted at the idea of treats.

“So it’s all about you, huh little prince?” I joked, pecking my little boy on the head and pinching his cheeks. He burst into a fit of giggles and wriggled about in my lap.

As the game went on, there were many moments of suspense and excitement, but ultimately, the game ended in a draw, 1-1. Qadir and I fought our way through the crowd of fans and made our way back to the car, patiently waiting for James and Randy.

Qadir passed the time by playing with his small football while I sat on the hood of the car, keeping an eye on him.

 “Hey, you keep playing like that and you’ll end up like your daddy,” Randy’s teasing voice shouted from across the parking lot. James walked beside him and playfully smacked his arm.

“His daddy’s not so bad,” I retorted, winking at James, causing him to laugh. Qadir abandoned his ball and raced towards the two men, jumping into Randy’s arms first. James rolled his eyes and shook his head, “traitor,” he joked, sending Qadir and Randy into an attack of laughter.

“Hi, baby,” he said, kissing me quickly.

“Hi,” I cooed, “I’m sorry you didn’t win.” He shrugged and smiled.

“It’s okay, it was a good game. If only my son loved me enough to give me a little hug,” he said dramatically.

“Daddyyyyy,” Qadir laughed, jumping from Randy’s escape. He ran to James and sat on his foot, wrapping his tiny arms and legs around James’ leg.

“No,” James said, “it’s too late, I don’t want you anymore,” he jeered, much to the delight of Qadir. The two played like that for a moment while I went to embrace Randy.

“Oh, Angie, my favorite sister,” he sighed while hugging me.

“Oh Randy, I’m your only sister,” I answered.

“Well yeah,” he said casually, “but if I had any others, you’d still be my favorite.” I shook my head at his silliness and laughed.

“Whatever you say,” I said. He hung an arm around my neck as we walked back to James and a shrieking Qadir.

“Mommy, mommy help me,” he screamed, tears of laughter streaming down his face as James relentlessly twirled him about in the air.

“I’ll save you,” Randy bellowed, snatching Qadir from James’ arms.

“Hey, give me my kid,” James laughed. I walked past the cohort of screaming and laughing, bringing my palm to my forehead.

I can’t believe this is my life, I thought, laughing softly to myself. I got in the driver’s seat of the car and turned on the engine.

“I’m leaving in 30 seconds, whoever isn’t in the car can walk home,” I shouted, attempting to wrangle them all up. They dashed to the car, with James strapping Qadir in his car seat before sitting beside me in the front. Randy hopped in the back, giving Qadir a fist bump as he buckled his seat belt.

“Alright Mommy,” Qadir began, “let’s go get me some chocolate.”

Cartinelli AU: Homicide cop Peggy Carter is called into a murder/missing persons case that was closed two years ago.  An unidentifiable corpse, and a woman who is most likely the killer who’s only known feature is a distinctive butterfly tattoo, the case was impossible to solve until Peggy was called in.  Peggy must juggle a case that leads no where, and the only leads she has point to this mystery woman who disappeared without a trace, and her friend Howard the mortician trying to set her up on a blind date.  The case goes south, but the date goes well, and Peggy finds herself falling for the sweet Angie Martinelli.  That is until she sleeps with her and she recognizes the tattoo on the back of her lovers neck from the case file.  The next day Peggy is taken off the case, but the cops get they’re too late.  All they find is a pool of blood and the echoes of gun shots, and Peggy receives a heartbreaking voice mail.  One year of mourning later she receives a letter.  Maybe Angie isn’t dead after all.  

Here you go guys!  I lulled you into a false sense of security didn’t I?  I’m sorry.  I cried while writing this ficlet.  Someone take photoshop away.  

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obligatory Angie finding out Peggy is a superspy au?

She had gotten careless. Stupid, careless, stupid, all her fault, all her fault, and she didn’t deserve to come home. She should’ve died on the street for her mistake, not led potential assassins to home, to Angie–

Peggy leans against her door and groans. Blood continues to leak from her wound as she probes it; not a stomach shot, thank god, and she can breathe, so it isn’t a collapsed lung, either. She’s got plenty of time to think about how damn stupid she’s been tonight. 

She goes for the doorknob only to find it already twisting underneath her grip. Peggy’s hand goes slack as the door swings open and she staggers, sways, and stumbles.

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These 3 asks kind of go hand in hand so answering them together!

1.They do! Depending on the world they’re in they either look like the Fates dragon or the big kitty dragon. The Kanas are able to do it from a very early age which makes for some fun problems for their parents. The Morgans haven’t been born in the current timeline yet but I’m sure it’ll be the same.

2.It doesn’t! Angie is still missing her leg and still has the same scars in her other form. I figure if she actually planned on staying in the other form for an extended period of time she would probably get one made, but since she doesn’t she just tends to rely on the wings a little extra for movement.

3.Here you go!

Peggy frantically searches the mansion, only to find Angie's room empty. She hears a noise outside. Goes out to find Angie loading various suitcases, bags, and even household appliances into a brand new car.
  • Peggy: Angie, oh thank heavens, there you are. Wait, what are you doing?
  • Angie: Oh hey, sleepyhead. I'm just getting ready for our trip out to the west.
  • Peggy: Oh, Angie, it's not just as simple as a vacation, I might have to actually stay there for a while. My work's going to keep me...
  • Angie: Yeah, yeah, English, your super secret job, I know.
  • Peggy: It's just that, I think it might be safer for you here.
  • Angie: Uh uhh, no deal. I'm going with you. Somebody's got to keep an eye out for you out there.
  • Peggy: It's too dangerous, Angie. Who knows what it will be like when I get there.
  • Angie: Well lucky you'll have me to keep you company then, huh?
  • Peggy: Angie...
  • Angie: ...
  • Angie: I'm. Going. With. You.
  • Peggy: I'm not going to change your mind, am I?
  • Angie: Not a chance, Pegs.
  • Peggy: Very well, when do we leave?
  • Angie: Right now.
  • Peggy: Wait, now?!? Can I least get dressed properly? And my stuff, I need to pack.
  • Angie: Nope. And I already packed everything.
  • Peggy: You were never going to stay, were you?
  • Angie: *smiles* Where you go, I go.
  • *Angie pushes Peggy into the front seat, and starts the engine.*

some cartinelli fans are becoming just as bothersome as some olicity fans

as in - ferociously want their fantasies to become to tv show and become really agressive when someone doesn’t agree. also, make you really, really dislike the character you liked just fine before they poped up and started surrounding you with their agression

guys, how do i put this? right now you are making me want Angie NOT TO RETURN so that this bullshit can be over: peggy can’t be flirting, peggy can’t have (male) love interest, peggy can’t have male co-workers, peggy’s male co-workers can’t have their own storylines, peggy’s friendship with jarvis isn’t nearly as important, peggy’s upcoming friendship with ana won’t be nearly as important….


Angie wasn’t a main character even the last season. Reccuring characters get written out of the shows all the time. Heck, sometimes we’re told one character is the best friend of another - and they’re just guest stars for one episode. The truth is? Angie is a big part of Peggy’s life but Peggy’s got other big things and people that mean much in her life too. They’re not attached to the hip, they’re not seamese twins and THEY’RE NOT GIRLDFRIENDS.

Also, you’re getting annoying with all the “but they’re queerbaiting!!” thing. Peggy being a BI is a nice headcanon… but that is all that is - a headcanon. Marvel had no plans for Peggy to be queer in Captain America movie and I’m pretty sure they don’t plan to make her queer now. Peggy and Angie were good friends… are you saying that now shows simply shouldn’t have friendships on them because it’s automatically queerbaiting? The most that comes to mind in this direction is the actresses reacting to the fanbase and saying they have nothing against it. They didn’t promise anything. What should have they said for it not to be queerbaiting “no, i don’t want that, i don’t want peggy/angie gay?” Than you bet your asses they would be accused of homophoia right next minute.

So, cartinelli fans, GET OVER YOUR FUCKING SELVES and stop complaining that people running the show don’t want to make your fanfics and headcanons canon.

Like, I know I’m most likely never getting Peggy x Gabe Jones even though I’ve got their canon 616 relationship on my side - but I don’t go around complaining about it all the time, do I? Get a grip people and stop being annoying little shits with stupid complaints that have no basis in real iife - if Marvel wanted to campaign against fans of fanon gay relationships - I’m pretty sure Stony and Stucky would be first to disappear from screens, not a minor friendship storyline on the show that is up at this point they’re least popular content (unfortunatelly. because it totally deserves to be at least more popular than agents of boredome).

Tagging this because writing this post has no meaning if the people it’s directed at won’t see it. If you want to send hatemale and complaints - my askbox is open. If you want to have a nice discussion - then my askbox is open and it has a red carpet for you to walk to it.

In the end - thanks cartinelli fans, you’ve officially become the second most annoying fanbase after olicity. You had to work reallt hard to get here.