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my thing about agent carter/cartinelli/the no homo-ing of season 2 is that in season 1 these people basically wrote a gay storyline without even realizing it. they genuinely believed that they were writing two gal pals, who just happen to gaze longingly at one another while literal romantic ballads play in the background. and also move in together. they wrote this friendship so romantically that if angie had been a man there would be no fucking question that they were hardcore crushing on each other.

like. objectively. the most meaningful relationship that developed that season was peggy and angie. compare the screen time with the the other characters, esp fucking sousa, compare the number of lines they exchange, compare the meaningful conversations they have and there is a clear fucking difference.

the last things that happen in the finale are as follows, in this order: sousa asks peggy out for a drink. peggy rejects sousa. peggy moves in with angie. are you kidding?

what is the point of all of that then? like even friendship wise, why end on such a clearly delineated note of who is more of a priority in peggy’s life and then fucking backtrack into this heteronormative hellscape where peggy barely has female friends and is constantly surrounded by men? these people were writing the gayest shit and they were the only ones who didn’t know it and i want to be mad but it’s mostly just? hilarious? that people can be so clueless and predictable???

The Redhead in the Middle

Peggy loves Angie

That was never in question. It was the hours and hours she was away. The days and days that Angie spent waiting. The months and months that neither could see each other. The years and years finally working their way into both of their skin (into their bones and joints especially on wet days).

Angie loves Peggy

The day Peggy, now hair streaked with white (far earlier than her age should allow) and skin etched with both laugh and worry lines, walked through their door and declared herself a desk worker (for good this time my darling, I am much too old for this), a weight Angie had grown too used to carrying finally fell from her shoulders.

The red-headed teen that followed Peggy inside (with eyes like diamonds, cutting and cold) kept Angie from wrapping her lightened arms aroung her lover’s waist. Angie’d seen kids like that. Hunted or hunters it didn’t matter, they were all breaking inside.

So she didn’t ask when Peggy smiled and pulled an extra plate from the pantry. She didn’t ask when Peggy didn’t dish them up in the kitchen, when she placed the pot in the middle of the table and served them all at the same time. She didn’t ask when the girl watched as they each took their first few bites.

She didn’t cry when the girl’s eyes widened at the rather poor excuse for true spaghetti pomodoro and reached for another helping.

It wasn’t until the girl was in her room (a locking door and we’re right across the hall if you need anything at all) that Angie asked.

Peggy only smiled the saddest of smiles and kissed Angie on the cheek, “She’s going to be my replacement in the field.”

Angie would never tell a soul, but she was so relieved that this girl (with shoulders so thin for the weight that would rest on them) had walked into their life.

A new weight settled on her back only three weeks later when the redhead (a common sight in their home) walked in with reddened knucles and a purpling cheek.

Natasha Romanov had never trusted anyone, had never known the love of a mother, but that day she trusted Angie (Angie and her bickering about fixing up two operatives, her gentle touches, her shockingly worried glances to Peggy who leaned against the bathroom doorframe and chuckled softly) and gained the love of two would-be mothers.

Imagine Angie telling little Tony Stark that the Tony’s are in his honour. Imagine 5 year old Tony sitting on Angie’s lap being all happy because Auntie Angie made this party just for me. Imagine Peggy telling Angie you need to stop this child is spoiled enough, but still taking pictures for Angie. Imagine Tony falling asleep on Angie’s lap but as her category draws closer she gets more anxious and Peggy grabs Tony so she can continue fidgeting without waking him up.