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if it’s not too much trouble, can i get an amami/kiyo/angie trio? i see these three as a very Interesting trio ^^

sure!! I lost the other ask with these three so you get a ‘suspicious kids in suspicious outfits’ one as well ♪



Monday, April 3rd: Bad Boy x Princess AU - Total opposites of how they appear and act in the show, so how well do they maintain this wild relationship of theirs? (AU created by fullertoons)


I’m doing starcoweek3 with trans Marco!! (Marcia?)

(Me seeing that I’m not the only one VVV)

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+bonus doodle of Marcia and my oc, Angelica under the cut

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Angie x Rantarou kid! Her name is Konama (Kona being a Hawaiian name and コ天 having the kanji for heaven (nama)) SHSL Potter, simply because everytime I look at her design I can’t help but get a Greek vibe. Especially with those sandals- Thoughts aside! I think I did pretty well!

It's Not Destiny Who Chooses

Wrote this last week, and I thought I might share it here too, so ~ 

Long post. 3k, just below the ‘red more’, so I’m adding the Ao3 link in case someone wants it!  Ao3 clicky me

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Lance squeals when strong arms wrap themselves around his small waist and then he’s laughing as his brother hold him way up above his head.

“Tony! Tony, no! No helicopter!” Lance shouts, giggles escaping his mouth as his older brother continues to spin him around.

“But Lance! Our audience demanded a maiden in distress, didn’t you, guys?” The seventeen years old turns to the small audience a few feet from them, all of their big eyes wide and entranced in curiosity, nodding their small heads at the question, some of them even cheering for the teen.

“Sorry, hermanito, the audience has the last word.” Tony smirks and tickles Lance on the side, earning a loud laugh from the seven-year-old.

“Angie!” Lance shouts in distress, laughing bubbling, making him shake, “Angie, help!”

The twenty-year-old rolls her eyes but smiles softly at her brothers as she makes her way towards the pair. “Okay, alright, Tony, stop tormenting him. It’s almost time for dinner, anyways. Come and help before you continue playing, deal?” She asks, looking down at her brothers before turning towards the small children, “Who is ready for a warm Christmas Dinner, guys?”

The small children cheer louder at her words, most of them raising their hands enthusiastically as some of them stumbled on their own steps to stand up.

Angie giggles fondly at them before she raises her head and her eyes meet a small body on the other end of the room, face hidden from her as he looks down on the ground and rubs his arm nervously, almost as if hugging himself.

It’s not the first time that one of the kids in the orphanage they volunteer at is closed off or distant. Christmas is always a hard time for orphanages, especially for the kids. Angie understands that, she’s been volunteering along with her family most of her life, and she had been so good to befriend and include every single kid back when she was their age.

Now, at age of twenty, it’s difficult for kids to confide in her easily. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just a clear line between adult and kid and sometimes it’s difficult to find a common ground.

Angie purses her lips, deep in thought, before a body crashes into her middle. She huffs out of surprise before she looks down and the bulb inside her head lights up as soon as her little brother’s blue eyes look up at her.

“Ups, sorry!” Lance says, rubbing the back of his neck.

Angie waves him off and she kneels down quick to grab her little brother’s arm as he was about to follow the small crowd behind her.

“No, wait, Lance,” She calls, moving her head around until she caught her brother’s eyes. Angie nods once she decides he’s paying attention to her before she continues, “Do me a favor? You see that kid over there?”

She points with her head subtly and she wants to facepalm herself when her brother turns around abruptly towards the direction and screams his concerns.

“Angie, why is that kid all alone? Is he sad? Why is he sad? It’s Christmas! Does he know it’s Christmas?” He questions with a small pout, not pleased that someone wasn’t having fun like the rest of the party.

Angie hushes him quietly. “Well, I don’t really know, buddy. Maybe he doesn’t like partying?”

“But why is he alone?” He asks, tilting his head to the side in confusion and Angie pushes his bangs out of his face.

“Maybe because he needs a friend?” She suggests, shrugging her arms and giving him a small push with a smile, “Are you up on being a friend, buddy?”

Lance blinks before he beams and nods his head. Angie laughs at her brother’s enthusiasm and drops a quick kiss to his temple.

“That’s my Lance.” She praises softly before she pushes him gently towards the kid, “Now go. Please tell him dinner is almost done and then it’s time for gifts, alright?”

“‘Kay!” Lance shouts back over his shoulder, making his way. He dodges and avoid the big bodies around the room, mumbling and shouting at the same time quick ‘sorry’s’ when he’s not quick enough.

“Huh,” Lance says out loud as soon as he arrives, standing behind the kid, “You have a mullet! Cool!”

The kid stiffens and he’s quick to turn around, meeting Lance’s eyes for the first time and the brunet doesn’t hesitate to wave at him innocently, offering a big smile.

“Hi! Sorry, I just looking at your hair and it reminded me of my Tio’s hair. He says it’s a mullet with style, and that only cool guys like him have one, but my mama says it’s something only old guys wear. She says my Tio is still living in the eighties, even though he lives like five houses away from us, and there are no streets named like that, but that’s okay! As long as he visits during the weekend, of course! Yours look like a mini mullet though and you are not old –”

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Yeah you’re right Shinnaga really seems like its a friend turned best friend turned boy/girlfriend relationship. Like the transitions between the three stages would be so subtle that even they wouldn’t notice.

!!! CUTE

Both of them would always end up feeling left out by their peers because of their oddness, and naturally, they’d get to know each other just from being the outcasts. Initially they’d both be very confused as to why the other isn’t repelled. Angie is very pleased that she isn’t dismissed every time she opens her mouth about Atua and the details of her sacrificial rituals. Finally, someone listens to her, and is genuinely intrigued as well! Korekiyo’s rather surprised that Angie doesn’t avoid him. Most people tend to give him weird looks at the least. 

“Yonaga-san, do you find my appearance… discomforting at all? Do you think I should I stop wearing my mask, get a hair cut?”

“Nope! Why would you do that? Hmm… Angie doesn’t get why anyone would think you’re creepy. Angie doesn’t get it at all!” 

Most of their time would probably be spent on the most unconventional of activities - seances, sacrifices and ceremonies. Angie would often give Korekiyo gifts of burned effigies or blood as tokens of affection. He loves them, treats them as ancient artefacts. 

“Oh yes, that is indeed a model of a severed head, but don’t you dare lay your hands on it - it’s an irreplacable cherished gift from one of my dear friends. She has quite a good taste, don’t you think? You know, she’s an artist and…”

And so he goes on a tangent praising her abilities. 

He’d feel inclined to reciprocate her gifts somehow, but he’d know better than to ask outright for “donations”. He breaks into a blood bank.

“No, officer, you see, I was just trying to obtain some blood. A friend recently gave me some and I thought it would be a nice gesture to return the favour…”

No one understands what’s going on, but at least they’re not lonely. 


The children-and a few of the adults-spent most of the party throwing it down on the dance floor. Brooke promptly claimed the first place title, though Skylar’s classmate Isaac gave her a run for her money.

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Heinous is my least favorite and it's only worth watching once. I lost respect for the Diazes in this episode. Would it mean that Marco's been hiding and forgetting to tell where he and Star go when they're off at work making art and teaching poetry. Maybe Star drags Marco along with no time to tell them. Ok it sounds boring but like you said, plots are difficult to do with adults around. It's common in cartoons. At least maybe Star and Marco can add them to their team to battle/travel together.

Unfortunately, in a way to justify the Diazes never limiting the kids liberty -something very common in cartoons, they ended up being portrayed as bad parents. But, after all, it’s not something that was completely out of the blue: Marco already lamented their “immaturity” in Goblin Dogs

and, in Deep Trouble, he talked about how absent they’ve been during his childhood (might be for work related reasons, it’s not like they are bad parents)

So, while I can understand why you are disappointed, we can also consider Heinous as the episode that literally calls them out on having been so absent (arguably something that they had already realized in Storm the Castle, without things really changing in season 2, though)

and, if a little late, having spent most of the episode siding with Heinous, they see their errors and try to change

And I don’t know if this is done on purpose, to show that something changed, but in Starcrushed Rafael does talk to Marco, giving him good advices, and both him and Angie seem to be concerned by the reveal of Star’s crush, likely thinking something about the implications of having a lovestruck teen living under the same roof as the object of her interests.

Things could have been handled a bit better, maybe, even in gag form (like, I don’t know, Angie scolding the kids fighting the monsters for being too noisy, something actually mentioned in the Guide book), but at least the show addressed this shortcoming: hopefully the development isn’t going to be soon lost in future episodes.